Today in History - April 21

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For Asia History:

753BC    Apr 21, Rome was founded. The traditional date for founding by Romulus as a refuge for runaway slaves and murderers who captured the neighboring Sabine women for wives. Archeological evidence indicates that the founders of Rome were Italic people who occupied the area south of the Tiber River.
    (HFA, '96, p.28)(V.D.-H.K.p.61)(, p.7)(HN, 4/21/98)

43 BC    Apr 21, Marcus Antonius was defeated by Octavian near Modena, Italy.
    (HN, 4/21/99)

953        Apr 21, Otto I, the Great, granted Utrecht fishing rights.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1073        Apr 21, Pope Alexander II, born as Anselmo da Baggio, died. He had begun serving as Pope in 1061.

1109        Apr 21, Anselmus, philosopher, archbishop of Canterbury, died.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1142        Apr 21, Pierre Abelard (62), French philosopher (priestly lover of Heloise), died.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1509        Apr 21, Henry VII (b.1457), 1st Tudor king of England (1485-1509), died. In 2011 Allen Lane authored “Winter King: The Dawn of Tudor England."
    (, 9/24/11, p.107)

1526        Apr 21, Mongol Emperor Zahir-ud-din Babur annihilated Indian Army of Ibrahim Lodi at the Battle of Panipat. Babar, King of Kabul, established in this year the Mughal dynasty at Delhi.
    (TL-MB, 1988, p.13)(SFEC, 5/21/00, p.T8)(WSJ, 3/31/07, p.P10)

1574        Apr 21, Cosimo d' Medici (~54), Italian duke of Toscane, died.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1649        Apr 21, The Maryland Toleration Act, which provided for freedom of worship for all Christians, was passed by the Maryland assembly.
    (AP, 4/21/97)(HN, 4/21/98)

1689        Apr 21, (NS) William III and Mary II were crowned joint king and queen of England, Scotland and Ireland.
    (HN, 4/21/98)(HNQ, 12/28/00)

1699        Apr 21, Jean Racine (59), French playwright (Phèdre), died.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1713        Apr 21, Louis Duke de Noailles, marshal of France, was born.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1729        Apr 21, Catharina II, the Great, writer, empress of Russia (1762-96), was born. [see May 2]
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1782        Apr 21, Friedrich Froebel, German educator and founder of kindergarten, was born.
    (HN, 4/21/98)(MC, 4/21/02)

1785        Apr 21, Russian Tsarina Catharina II ended nobility privileges.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1789        Apr 21, John Adams was sworn in as the first vice president of the United States.
    (AP, 4/21/97)(HN, 4/21/98)

1792        Apr 21, Jose da Silva Xavier, aka Tiradentes (teeth puller), considered by many to be Brazil's George Washington, was drawn and quartered by the Portuguese. He was hung in Rio de Janeiro. His body was broken to pieces. A document was written With his blood declaring his memory infamous. His head was exposed in Vila Rica. Pieces of his body were exposed in the cities between Vila Rica and Rio, in an attempt to scare the people who had listened to his independence ideas.
    (AP, 4/19/03)(

1795        Apr 21, Vincenzo Pallotti, Italian saint, was born.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1801        Apr 21, Saudi Arabs led Sunni raids into Karbala, Iraq, killing about 5,000 people.
    (Econ, 10/11/08, p.65)(

1816        Apr 21, Charlotte Bronte (d.1855), English novelist, writer of "Jane Eyre," was born in Thornton, England. Her sister Emily wrote “Wuthering Heights": "Better to be without logic than without feeling."
    (WP, 1952, p.37)(AP, 9/13/99)(HN, 4/21/98)

1828        Apr 21, Hippolyte Taine, French philosopher, historian (Voyage in Italy), was born.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1832        Apr 21, Abraham Lincoln (23) assembled with his New Salem neighbors for the Black Hawk War on the Western frontier. Illinois Governor John Reynolds had called for volunteers to beat back a new Indian threat. Black Hawk, chief of the Sac and Fox Indians, had returned to his homeland at the head of a band of 450 warriors, intent on forcibly reversing the treaty he had signed 28 years earlier that ceded control of the tribe’s ancestral home in northwestern Illinois to the U.S.  government.
    (HNQ, 7/21/00)

1836        Apr 21, Some 910 Texians led by Sam Houston, the former governor of Tennessee, defeated the Mexican army under Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at San Jacinto. The victory in the 18 minute battle sealed Texan independence from Mexico. Houston counted 9 fatalities. 630 Mexicans were killed out of some 1,250 troops. Some 700 were taken prisoner.
    (AP, 4/21/97)(HN, 4/21/98)(AH, 2/03, p.22)(ON, 8/10, p.3)

1838        Apr 21, John Muir (d.1914), naturalist, was born in Dunbar, Scotland. He discovered glaciers in the High Sierras of California.
    (HN, 4/21/98)(SFEC, 1/2/00, DB p.23)(SFC, 2/2/00, p.A21)

1849        Apr 21, Oskar Hertwig, embryologist, discovered fertilization, was born.
    (HN, 4/21/98)

1855        Apr 21, The 1st train crossed the Mississippi River's 1st bridge.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1857        Apr 21, Alexander Douglas patented the bustle.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1861        Apr 21, The Gosport Navy Yard on the Elizabeth River near Norfolk, Va., was burned and U.S. Navy ships destroyed by Federal troops carrying out the orders of Commodore Hiram Paulding. With the Confederate noose tightening around Gosport following Virginia‘s secession, and Union defenders dispatched by Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles unable to reach the yard, Paulding determined he must destroy and abandon the installation. Considered the most extensive and valuable naval shipyard in the Union, the loss of Gosport and 10 ships docked there, including the Merrimack—later refitted by the rebels and known as the CSS Virginia—was called by Horace Greeley as "The most shameful, cowardly, disastrous performance that stains the annals of the American Navy."
    (HNQ, 2/16/01)
1861        Apr 21, In Australia the Burke party of 3 reached Cooper’s Creek and found a message that the 4-man depot party under William Brahe had left earlier the same day for Darling with 6 camels and 12 horses. The Burke party departed Cooper’s Creek for the police station at Mount Hopeless, 150 miles away.
    (ON, 12/01, p.3)

1862        Apr 21, Ellen Price Wood's "East Lynne," premiered in Boston.
    (MC, 4/21/02)
1862        Apr 21, Congress established the U.S. Mint.
    (HN, 4/21/98)

1864        Apr 21, Max Weber (d.1920), German sociologist and political economist, was born. Weber drew strong connection between Protestantism and the rise of capitalism in “The Protestant and the Spirit of Capitalism" (1904). “He was the first sociologist to grasp that the universe has no true meaning." In 1996 “Max Weber: Politics and the Spirit of Tragedy" by John Patrick Diggins was published.
    (V.D.-H.K.p.167)(WSJ, 9/3/98, p.A1)(HN, 4/21/01)

1865        Apr 21, Abraham Lincoln's funeral train left Washington.
    (HN, 4/21/98)

1866        Apr 21, Jane Walsh Carlyle (b.1801), the wife of Scottish essayist Thomas Carlyle, died.

1871        Apr 21, Leo Blech, composer, conductor, was born.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1878        Apr 21, Ship Azor left Charleston with 206 blacks for Liberia.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1884        Apr 21, Potters Field reopened as Madison Square Park in NYC.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1894        Apr 21, George Bernard Shaw's "Arms & the Man," premiered in London.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1898        Apr 21, The Spanish-American War began. The U.S. North Atlantic Fleet, under the command of Rear Admiral William T. Sampson, was ordered to begin the blockade of Cuba on April 21, 1898. The fleet with the armored cruiser New York steamed out of Key West, Fla., at 6:30 a.m. the next morning. The fleet had hardly left port when it pursued and captured a Spanish merchant vessel, Buenaventura. The Spanish-American War had begun. In 1998 David Traxel published “1898: The Birth of the American Century," a history of the Spanish-American War.
    (HN, 4/21/98)(SFEC, 7/5/98, BR p.6)(HNPD, 4/25/99)

1899        Apr 21, Randall Thompson, composer, was born.
    (MC, 4/21/02)
1899        Apr 21, American Tobacco, Standard Rope & Twine and Laclede Gas Light Co. were removed as components of the Dow Jones. General Electric was re-instated and Continental Tobacco, American Steel & Wire and Federal Steel were added.
    (WSJ, 5/28/96, p.R-45,46)

1900        Apr 21, Heinrich Vogl (55), composer, died.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1905        Apr 21, Edmund G "Pat" Brown, (Gov-D-Calif), was born.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1908        Apr 21, Arctic explorer Frederick A. Cook claimed to have discovered the North Pole a year ahead of Peary. Many historians suspect that neither explorer succeeded. The term “Dr. Cook weather" refers to an incident where Dr. Cook once left a chilly New York baseball game after which the city papers trumpeted; “Game called, even too cold for Dr. Cook." Cook's assertion was later proved false. In 2005 Bruce Henderson authored “True North: Peary, Cook, and the Race to the Pole." [see Apr 6, 1909]
    (SFC, 8/18/96, p.B8)(SFC, 10/2/99, p.A20)(SSFC, 4/17/05, p.C1)

1909        Apr 21, Rollo May, psychologist, was born.
    (HN, 4/21/01)

1910        Apr 21, Author Mark Twain (b.1835), born as Samuel Langhorne Clemens, died in Redding, Conn. His work included "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court," "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," and "More Tramps Abroad." His short story "The War Prayer" was published after his death. In 1912 Albert Bigelow Paine authored "Mark Twain: A Biography." In 1959 Charles Neider authored "The Autobiography of Mark Twain." In 1966 Justin Kaplan authored "Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain: A Biography." In 1997 Andrew Hoffman authored "Inventing Mark Twain, The Lives of Samuel Langhorn Clemens. In 2005 Ron Powers authored “Mark Twain: A Life." In 2007 Peter Krass authored “Ignorance, Confidence, and Filthy Rich Friends: The Business Adventures of Mark Twain." In 2010 Jerome Loving authored “Mark Twain: The Adventures of Samuel L. Clemens." In 2010 Volume I of Twain’s dictated autobiography was published. In 2013 Volume II was published.
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1910        Apr 21, Halley’s Comet was visible in the night sky. Entrepreneurs peddled "comet gas masks" for people worried about the Earth's passage through poisonous cyanogen gas in the comet's tail.
    (AP, 4/21/97)(SFEC, 10/3/99, p.B10)

1911        Apr 21, Leonard Warren, baritone, Met 1939-60, was born in NYC.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1912        Apr 21, Marcel Camus, French film director (Black Orpheus), was born.
    (HN, 4/21/01)

1913        Apr 21, Gideon Sundback of Sweden patented the zipper. [see Apr 29]
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1914        Apr 21, U.S. marines occupied Vera Cruz, Mexico. They stayed for six months.
    (HN, 4/21/98)

1915        Apr 21, Anthony Quinn (d.2001), film star, was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, to Frank Quinn and Manuella Oaxaca.
    (HN, 4/21/98)(SFC, 6/4/01, p.A17)

1916        Apr 21, Bill Carlisle, the infamous ‘last train robber,’ robbed a train in Hanna, Wyoming.
    (HN, 4/21/99)

1918        Apr 21, In California's SF Bay Area 148 women raced seven miles from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach in what was called the "Dipsea Hike," to get around a ban on female participation in footraces. Women were not allowed to run in any race approved by the Amateur Athletic Union until 1971.
    (SFC, 4/21/18, p.A1)
1918        Apr 21, Baron Manfred von Richthofen (25), the cousin of Frieda Lawrence and the highest-scoring German ace of World War I with 80 victories, was killed in a dogfight over France's Somme Valley over Amiens. As he pursued a Canadian pilot with jammed guns, von Richthofen, flying a red Fokker triplane, broke one of his own flying rules by following his prey too long, too far and too low. Two miles behind Allied lines, Richthofen was mortally wounded when he was fired upon simultaneously by another Canadian pilot and Australian ground troops. The following day, the Red Baron was buried by his enemies with full military honors. He was replaced with Hermann Goering.
    (WSJ, 5/15/95, p. A-16)(AP, 4/21/97)(HNPD, 4/21/99)

1920        Apr 21, Bruno Maderna, conductor, composer, Hyperion), was born in Venice, Italy.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1923        Apr 21, John Mortimor, British barrister and playwright, was born. He created Rumpole of the Bailey.
    (HN, 4/21/99)

1924        Apr 21, Eleanora Duse (b.1858), Italian actress (La Gioconda, La Locandiera), died in Pittsburgh at age 64. In 2003 Helen Sheehy authored "Eleonora Duse: A Biography."
    (WSJ, 8/22/03, p.W10)(

1926        Apr 21, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor II (Elizabeth II), queen of England (1952-), was born.
    (HN, 4/21/98)

1927        Apr 21, Robert Brustein, dean, Yale School of Drama, was born in NYC.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1930        Apr 21, Margaret Rose, Princess of York, was born in London, England.
    (MC, 4/21/02)
1930        Apr 21, Silvana Mangano, actress (Death in Venice, Barabbas), was born in Rome, Italy.
    (MC, 4/21/02)
1930        Apr 21, In Columbus, Ohio, 322 people were killed at the Ohio Penitentiary after a fire started on scaffolding. Most died of smoke inhalation when breakdown in command kept guards from unlocking cell doors. This was the worst prison fire in US history.
    (AP, 2/16/12)
1930        Apr 21, Robert S. Bridges (85), poet laureate (Testament of beauty), died.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1932        Apr 21, Elaine May, comedy writer, was born.
    (HN, 4/21/01)

1934        Apr 21, Moe Berg, Senators catcher (and later US spy), played an AL record 117th consecutive, errorless game.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1935        Apr 21, Charles Grodin, actor, Woman in Red, Lonely Guy, Heartbreak Kid), was born in Pittsburgh.
    (MC, 4/21/02)
1935        Apr 21, King Boris of Bulgaria forbade all political parties.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1936        Apr 21, James Clayton Dobson, Christian conservative leader, was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. He became an American psychologist and chairman of the board of Focus on the Family, a nonprofit organization founded in 1977 and based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2007 his radio show pulled in 6 million listeners a week.
    (, 3/3/07, p.40)

1939        Apr 21, In Texas the new San Jacinto Monument was dedicated following 3 years of construction. It stood over 14 feet taller than the Washington Monument. The monument is topped with a 220-ton star that commemorates the site of the Battle of San Jacinto, the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution.
    (, 2/03, p.24)

1940        Apr 21, The quiz show that asked the "$64 question," "Take It or Leave It," premiered on CBS Radio.
    (AP, 4/21/97)

1941        Apr 21, Greece surrendered to Nazi Germany.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1943        Apr 21, President Roosevelt announced that several Doolittle pilots were executed by Japanese.
    (HN, 4/21/98)

1945        Apr 21, Allied troops occupied a German nuclear laboratory.
    (MC, 4/21/02)
1945        Apr 21, German Field Marshal Walther Model, known as the “Fuhrer‘s Fireman," shot himself near Dusseldorf. Hitler, who called Model “the Savior of the Eastern Front," sent him to shore up the perceived failings of others and to faithfully carry out his most ignorant and impossible orders. A sycophant to the end, Model sent Hitler a note commending his survival of the July bomb plot. Model‘s army was eventually enveloped in the Ruhr in 1945 and, although offered terms for surrender, Model chose to commit suicide.
    (HNQ, 2/25/00)
1945        Apr 21, He Shima, Okinawa, was conquered in 5 days with 5,000 dead.
    (MC, 4/21/02)
1945        Apr 21, Russian army arrived at outskirts of Berlin.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1946        Apr 21, John M. Keynes (62), English economist, died. He had recently negotiated a  loan from the US to keep Britain afloat. One condition of the $5 billion loan was that Britain make sterling fully convertible into dollars. In 1983 Robert Skidelsky authored "John Maynard Keynes: Hopes Betrayed, 1883–1920," the first of a 3-volume biography. Volume II "The Economist as Savior, 1920–1937" came out in 1992. Vol. III "Fighting for Britain, 1937–1946" came out in 2000. In 2009 Peter Clarke authored “Keynes: The Twentieth Century’s Most Influential Economist."  In 2015 Richard Davenport-Hines authored “Universal Man: The Lives of John Maynard Keynes." In 2020 Zachary Carter authored "The Price of Peace," focusing on the development of Keynes' ideas following his death. 
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1948        Apr 21, The 1st Polaroid camera was sold in US.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1949        Apr 21, Patti LuPone, actress, singer (Evita, Life Goes On), was born in Northport, NY.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1952        Apr 21, BOAC began 1st passenger service with jets from London to Rome.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1954        Apr 21, USAF flew a French battalion to Vietnam.
    (MC, 4/21/02)
1954        Apr 21, Gyorgy Malenkov became premier of USSR.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1955        Apr 21, The Jerome Lawrence-Robert Lee play "Inherit the Wind," loosely based on the Scopes trial of 1925, opened at the National Theatre in New York.
    (AP, 4/21/99)

1956        Apr 21, Elvis Presley's 1st hit record, "Heartbreak Hotel," became #1. [see Apr 25]
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1957        Apr 21, In the 11th Tony Awards: Long Day's Journey into Night and My Fair Lady won. Edie Adams won a Tony award for supporting actress as Daisy Mae in “Li’l Abner."
    (, 10/17/08, p.A2)

1960        Apr 21, Brazil inaugurated its new capital, Brasilia, transferring the seat of national government from Rio de Janeiro. Brazil’s National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), founded in 1952, helped fund its development.
    (USA Today, OW, 4/22/96, p.3)(AP, 4/21/97)(HN, 4/21/98)(Econ, 4/18/09, p.81)

1961        Apr 21, The French army revolted in Algeria.
    (HN, 4/21/98)
1961        Apr 21, James Melton (57), opera tenor died.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1965        Apr 21, New York World's Fair reopened for a 2nd and final season.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1966        Apr 21, Pfc. Milton Lee Oliver was awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously, for bravery during the Vietnam War.
    (HN, 4/21/00)
1966        Apr 21, Emperor Haile Selassie (Ethiopia) visited Kingston, Jamaica.
    (MC, 4/21/02)

1967        Apr 21, Northern Illinois was struck by 17 tornadoes, including several in the Chicago metropolitan area. One violent tornado moved through Belvidere (east of Rockford), killing 24 people and injuring another 450, including 13 deaths at the local high school. Damage to Belvidere totaled about $20 million, including destruction of 400 cars at the local Chrysler plant.  A second violent tornado touched down in Elgin and moved northeast to Lake Zurich, causing $10 million damage. A third violent tornado touched down near Palos Hills and moved across the south side of Chicago to Lake Michigan. This tornado struck during Friday rush hour, and many of the 33 deaths and 500 injuries occurred in vehicles stopped at traffic lights. Over $50 million damage was reported from the tornado outbreak.
1967        Apr 21, In Greece "The Colonels" led by Colonel George Papadopoulos (1919-1999) took power in a bloodless military coup. Papadopoulos, Stylianos Pattakos, and Nikolaos Makarezos (1919-2009) imposed martial law and cracked down heavily on political opponents, imprisoning or exiling thousands of mostly left-wing supporters, many of whom were tortured by military police.
    (SFC, 4/23/98, p.B4)(SFC, 6/28/99, p.A19)(AP, 8/6/09)

1968        Apr 21, In the 22nd Tony Awards: “Rosencranz & Guildenstern" and “Hallelujah Baby" won.
    (MC, 4/21/02)
1968        Apr 21, The First Baptist Church of Oxford Mississippi voted to exclude black people from their congregation.
    (Econ, 10/24/15, p.29)

1970        Apr 21, Bruno Kreisky (1911-1990) became the 1st socialist chancellor of Austria.

1971        Apr 21, In SF the 710-ton Vaillancourt Fountain, sculpted by French-Canadian artist Armand Vaillancourt, was unveiled on Justin Herman Plaza. The fountain put out 30,000 gallons of water per minute.
    (SFC, 3/17/04, p.B4)(SFC, 8/5/17, p.A8)
1971        Apr 21, In Haiti Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier (b.1907) died. He was succeeded by his teenage son Jean-Claude "Baby-Doc" Duvalier (19), under the guidance of Simone Duvalier, aka "Mama Doc."
    (SFC,12/31/97, p.A9)(

1972        Apr 21, Apollo 16 astronauts John Young and Charles Duke explored the surface of the moon with Boeing Lunar Rover #2.
    (AP, 4/21/97)

1973        Apr 21, The song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree" by Dawn featuring Tony Orlando reached the top of the charts.
1973        Apr 21, Merian C. Cooper b.1893), film producer, died in San Diego, Ca. His films included “King Kong" (1933). In 2005 Mark Cotta Vaz authored “Living Dangerously: The Adventures of Merian C. Cooper.
    (, 8/12/05, p.W4)

1975        Apr 21, Bill Rodgers won the Boston Marathon, the 1st local winner in 30 years.
    (WSJ, 9/30/02, p.R3)(
1975        Apr 21, Members of the SLA robbed the Carmichael Bank in suburban Sacramento, Ca. Myrna Opsahl, a mother (42) of four, was shot dead. Patty Hearst drove the getaway car. Emily Harris shot Opsahl with a 12-gauge shotgun. 4 SLA members were arrested for the murder of Opsahl in 2002. Michael Bortin, William Harris, Sara Jane Olson and Emily Montague all pleaded guilty. Fugitive James Kilgore was arrested in South Africa Nov 8, 2002. In 2003 Montague was sentenced to 8 years, Harris to 7 years, Olson and Bortin to 6 years. In 2004 Kilgore was sentenced to 4 ½ years. Kilgore was paroled in 2009.
    (SFC, 2/4/99, p.A8)(SFC, 1/23/01, p.A13)(SFC, 1/18/02, p.A22)(SFC, 1/19/02, p.A1)(SFC, 11/8/02, p.A1)(SFC, 11/9/02, p.A1)(SFC, 2/15/03, p.A3)(SFC, 4/27/04, p.B1)(SFC, 5/11/09, p.B2)
1975        Apr 21, Nguyen Van Thieu, the last South Vietnamese President, resigned after 10 years in office condemning the United States.
    (AP, 4/21/97)(HN, 4/21/99)

1976        Apr 21, Full-scale testing of the swine flu vaccine began in Washington, D.C.
    (AP, 4/21/06)

1977        Apr 21, The musical play "Annie" opened on Broadway, the 1st of 2,377 performances. Laurie Beechman (d.1998) made her debut in the show based on the “Little Orphan Annie" comic strip. Beechman later played Grizabella for 5 years in “Cats."
    (SFC, 3/10/98, p.A17)(AP, 4/21/08)

1980        Apr 21, At the Boston Marathon, Rosie Ruiz was the first woman to cross the finish line; but she was disqualified as a fraud when officials discovered she had jumped into the race about a mile from the finish.
    (AP, 4/21/00)

1981        Apr 21, Pres. Reagan called for support for the sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia. The proposed AWACS sale was just the beginning of a secret $50 billion plan to build surrogate military bases in Saudi Arabia.

1983        Apr 21, Walter Slezak (b.1902), Austrian-born actor (Bedtime For Bonzo), committed suicide in NY.

1985        Apr 21, The Public Theater staged Larry Kramer’s play about AIDS: “The Normal Heart." In 2011 the show made its debut on Broadway.
    (Econ, 5/7/11, p.92)(
1985        Apr 21, Rudi Gernreich (b.1922), US designer (miniskirt), died.
1985        Apr 21, Tancredo Neves, elected president of Brazil on Jan 15, died. José Sarney became president.

1986        Apr 21, A vault in Chicago's Lexington Hotel that was linked to Al Capone was opened during a live TV special hosted by Geraldo Rivera; aside from a few bottles and a sign, the vault was empty.
    (AP, 4/21/97)

1987        Apr 21, The Senate panel investigating the Iran-Contra affair voted to grant limited immunity to President Reagan's former national security adviser, Rear Adm. John M. Poindexter.
    (AP, 4/21/97)
1987        Apr 21, In Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers exploded a car bomb at the Colombo central bus stand and 113 people were killed.
    (SFC, 7/24/96, p.A9)(

1988        Apr 21, Tennessee Sen. Al Gore gave up his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, assuring supporters that "there will be other days for me and for the causes that matter to us."
    (AP, 4/21/98)

1989        Apr 21, Tens of thousands of people crowded into Beijing's Tiananmen Square, cheering students who waved banners demanding greater political freedoms.
    (AP, 4/21/99)
1989        Apr 21, In the Philippines there was a communist guerrilla ambush on Col. James Nicolas Rowe. His car was raked with bullets near his office in the Manila suburb of Quezon City, killing him and wounding his driver. Donato Continente and co-defendant Juanito Itaas, who admitted being a member of the communist New People's Army, were convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 1991. The Supreme Court later affirmed Itaas' sentence and reduced Continente's to 14 years after establishing he was an accomplice. Continente was released in 2005.
    (AP, 6/28/05)

1990        Apr 21, Bob Engel, a National League umpire was arrested in Bakersfield, Ca., for stealing baseball cards.
1990        Apr 21, Pope John Paul II was greeted by hundreds of thousands of people as he visited Czechoslovakia to help celebrate the nation's peaceful overthrow of communist rule.
    (AP, 4/21/00)

1991        Apr 21, US Marines in northern Iraq began building the first safe-haven settlement for Kurdish refugees. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf arrived at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida to a hero’s welcome.
    (AP, 4/21/01)
1991        Apr 21, Willi Boskovsky (81), Vienna Philharmonic conductor (New Year's concerts), died.

1992        Apr 21, Robert Alton Harris became the first person executed at San Quentin by the state of California in 25 years as he was put to death in the gas chamber for the 1978 murder of two San Diego teen-age boys. Harris left some art that was later put on sale at Expressions Art Gallery in Oakland.
    (SFEC, 11/17/96, p.C17)(AP, 4/21/97)(SFC, 2/6/99, p.A13)

1993        Apr 21, An 11-day siege at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility near Lucasville, Ohio, ended after rioting inmates reached an agreement with prison officials. One guard and nine inmates were killed during the siege.
    (AP, 4/11/98)(AP, 4/21/98)
1993        Apr 21, Brazil voted against a monarchy.

1994        Apr 21, The U.S. House of Representatives passed a $28 billion get-tough-on-crime bill.
    (AP, 4/21/99)

1995        Apr 21, The FBI arrested former soldier Timothy McVeigh at an Oklahoma jail where he had spent two days on minor traffic and weapons charges; he was charged in connection with the Oklahoma City bombing two days earlier in which over 200 people were killed by a truck bomb that exploded in front of a Federal building.
    (AP, 4/21/00)(HN, 4/21/99)

1996        Apr 21, President Clinton and Boris Yeltsin traded warm compliments and played down nagging differences, insisting their election-year summit in Moscow was not being influenced by presidential politics.
    (AP, 4/21/97)
1996        Apr 21, Odds maker Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder died at age 76.
    (AP, 4/21/97)

1997        Apr 21, Pres. Clinton approved a ban on new American investment in Burma due to human rights abuses. It also banned visas for senior Burmese government officials.
    (SFC, 4/22/97, p.A6)(WSJ, 3/25/04, p.A15)
1997        Apr 21, Police in Franklin, N.J., arrested 2 teen-agers they say lured two pizza deliverymen on April 19 to an abandoned house before opening fire, killing both men. Thomas Koskovich and Jayson Vreeland were convicted in 1999 of murdering Jeremy Giordano and Giorgio Gallara. Thomas Koskovich and Jayson Vreeland were later convicted of murdering Jeremy Giordano and Giorgio Gallara and sentenced to life in prison.
    (AP, 4/21/07)
1997        Apr 21, A federal court blocked Oregon’s 1994 approved law on doctor assisted suicide.
    (SFC, 4/22/97, p.A15)
1997        Apr 21, A report on the new Digital Versatile Disks indicated a price of $19.99 for the disks and a DVD player for as low as $500.
    (WSJ, 4/21/97, p.A16)
1997        Apr 21, Some 12,500 workers for Goodyear Tire went on strike.
    (WSJ, 4/21/97, p.A1)
1997        Apr 21, The swollen Red River, which had flooded 75 percent of Grand Forks, N.D., reached a projected crest of 54 feet -- or 26 feet above flood stage.
    (AP, 4/21/98)
1997        Apr 21, The ashes of Timothy Leary, Gene Roddenberry and 22 others were fired into space aboard a rocket that carried the first Spanish satellite, MINI-SAT-01, into orbit. This marked the beginning of the space funeral industry.
    (SFC, 4/22/97, p.A3)
1997        Apr 21, In Algeria rebels butchered 93 people including 43 women and girls in the Baouch Boukhelef-Khemisti farming community.
    (SFC, 4/23/97, p.A5)
1997        Apr 21, In Japan drilling on the world’s longest stretch of undersea highway (about 6 miles) was completed across Tokyo Bay to link the cities of Kawasaki and Kisarazu.
    (SFC, 4/22/97, p.A8)
1997        Apr 21, Andres Rodriguez (b.1923), Paraguayan president (1989-93), died.

1998        Apr 21, It was reported that Microsoft planned its first retail store, an 8,500-sq. foot site, in the Yerba Buena Gardens complex of SF with plans to open in spring, 1999.
    (SFC, 4/21/98, p.A1)
1998        Apr 21, It was reported that the US and Britain had begun a secretive removal of nuclear materials near Tbilisi. Britain volunteered to accept the material and had already taken 270 pounds. The unused highly enriched uranium was to be processed by a Scottish plant.
    (SFC, 4/21/98, p.A18)(SFC, 4/23/98, p.A16)
1998        Apr 21, Astronomers announced in Washington they had discovered possible signs of a new family of planets orbiting a star 220 light-years away, the clearest evidence yet of worlds forming beyond our solar system. The dust structures were thought to be new solar systems forming around 3 sun-like stars.
    (SFC, 4/22/98, p.A1)(AP, 4/21/99)
1998        Apr 21, French and New Caledonian rival factions agreed to hold a referendum in Dec. on whether the territory should move to independence. The territory holds about 30% of the world’s nickel reserves.
    (SFC, 4/22/98, p.A9)
1998        Apr 21, Khmer Rouge rebels drove a large government force back in 2 days of fighting along the Thai-Cambodian border.
    (SFC, 4/22/98, p.A9)
1998        Apr 21, Skydivers from Malaysia parachuted the national car, the Proton Wira sedan, onto the North Pole this week.
    (SFC, 4/23/98, p.A13)
1998        Apr 21, A special court sentenced Recep Erdogan, the mayor of Istanbul, to 10 months in prison for a 1997 speech that the military said incited hatred of the secularist army.
    (WSJ, 4/22/98, p.A1)(Econ, 7/19/08, p.33)

1999        Apr 21, The National Rifle Association scaled back its annual meeting in Denver from 3 days to one in response to the Littleton killings.
    (SFC, 4/22/99, p.A6)
1999        Apr 21, Vice Pres. Al Gore announced that 20,000 Kosovo refugees would be brought to the US mainland rather than the Guantanamo base in Cuba.
    (SFC, 4/22/99, p.A12)
1999        Apr 21, A day after the mass killing at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., investigators continued their work, while memorial services were held across the city and dozens of counselors offered support to grieving students, parents, friends and family.
    (AP, 4/21/00)
1999        Apr 21, Actor and bandleader Charles "Buddy" Rogers died in Rancho Mirage, Calif., at age 94.
    (AP, 4/21/00)
1999        Apr 21, NATO and the US agreed to renew planning for ground troops in Kosovo as leaders converged on Washington to begin summit talks.
    (SFC, 4/22/99, p.A1)
1999        Apr 21, The EU prepared an oil embargo against Yugoslavia.
    (WSJ, 4/22/99, A1)
1999        Apr 21, NATO warplanes hit a Serbian refugee camp near Djakovica. 4 Serbs were reported killed in the camp where 200-300 Serb refugees from the Krajina region lived. A NATO spokesman said NATO planes were not operating in that area. NATO bombs hit transmitters for radio and TV along with other business and party offices of people close to Milosevic.
    (SFC, 4/22/99, p.A14)
1999        Apr 21, In Benin police arrested Yacoubou Adam Fassassi, the Benin ambassador to the UN, for alleged involvement in drug trafficking.
    (SFC, 4/22/99, p.A15)
1999        Apr 21, In Colombia retired Col. Bernardo Ruiz was arrested for arranging the 1995 murder of opposition politician Alvaro Gomez.
    (SFC, 4/22/99, p.D12)(WSJ, 4/22/99, A1)
1999        Apr 21, In Jamaica at least 6 people were killed and 2 dozen injured in Kingston during protests against new tax increases.
    (SFC, 4/22/99, p.D12)(WSJ, 4/22/99, A1)
1999        Apr 21, Macedonia allowed another 3,000 Kosovo refugees to enter from the frontier.
    (SFC, 4/22/99, p.A14)
1999        Apr 21, Romania and the IMF reached a preliminary agreement for a $500 million loan.
    (SFC, 4/22/99, p.A15)
1999        Apr 21, In East Timor the warring factions signed an agreement to end violence.
    (SFC, 4/22/99, p.D3)

2000        Apr 21, Scientists reported that the 66 million-year-old plant-eating dinosaur, Thescelosaurus, had a 4-chambered heart and was likely warm-blooded.
    (SFC, 4/21/00, p.A1)
2000        Apr 21, Jerry Andrew Amaro III (36) of Oakland, Ca., died of pneumonia due to fractured ribs. He had been beaten kicked on March 23 in the chest by Capt. Ed Poulson following his arrest by undercover cops for buying drugs. In 2009 the FBI opened in inquiry in the case. In 2011 Amaro’s family brought legal action against Oakland.
    (SFC, 1/24/09, p.B3)(SSFC, 5/10/09, p.A1)(SFC, 7/29/11, p.C1)
2000        Apr 21, In Bosnia NATO troops arrested Dragan Nikolic (42) for war crimes at the Susica detention camp in 1992.
    (SFEC, 4/23/00, p.C17)
2000        Apr 21, In Russia the lower house of parliament ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which the US Senate rejected in 1999. It would oblige Russia to end all nuclear test explosions.
    (SFC, 4/22/00, p.A1)(AP, 4/21/01)
2000        Apr 21, The Russian Coast Guard fired on a Japanese fishing boat near the disputed Kuril Islands and took it back to Yuzhno-Kurilsk island.
    (SFC, 4/22/00, p.A8)
2000        Apr 21, Zimbabwe Pres. Mugabe met with Presidents Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, Joaquim Chissano of Mozambique and Sam Nujoma of Namibia at Victoria Falls concerning the crises in Zimbabwe.
    (SFEC, 4/23/00, p.C12)

2001        Apr 21, The Los Angeles Xtreme beat the San Francisco Demons 38-to-6 in the first and last XFL championship game.
    (AP, 4/21/02)
2001        Apr 21, In Hoisington, Kansas, a tornado killed 1 person and injured 28.
    (SFC, 4/23/01, p.A1)
2001        Apr 21, Claude Clark (b.1915), African American painter and printmaker, died in Oakland, Ca., following a long illness. He was a nationally renowned artist and teacher. Clark wrote the first curriculum for African and African American art, shortly after he began a 13-year stint at Merritt College in Oakland.
    (SFC, 2/4/08, p.D1)(
2001        Apr 21, Western hemisphere leaders meeting in Quebec ratified a plan barring undemocratic nations from a massive free trade zone they hoped would expand prosperity across their 34 nations. For a second day, protesters clashed with nightstick-wielding police who fired water cannons and rubber bullets.
    (AP, 4/21/02)
2001        Apr 21, Luiz Fernando da Costa (33), a Brazilian drug lord, was arrested in Colombia after his plane was forced down by the Colombian air force. He was accused of selling arms to FARC in exchange for cocaine.
    (SFC, 4/23/01, p.A12)

2002        Apr 21, The annual environmentalist Goldman Prize winners included: Gwich’in natives Jonathan Solomon, Sarah James and Norman Kassi for their work to prevent oil drilling in the Arctic Nat’l. Wildlife Refuge; Fatima Jibrell of Somalia for her resistance to the charcoal trade threatening the local rain forests; Psit Charnsnoh of Thailand for helping to restore coastal ecosystems; Jean La Rose of Guyana for organizing resistance to mining and logging on native Arawak lands; Alexis Massol-Gonzalez of Puerto Rico for converting a mining zone to a forest reserve; and Jadwiga Lopata of Poland for promoting eco-farming.
    (SFC, 4/22/02, p.A3)
2002        Apr 21, In France the 1st round of presidential elections put Jean-Marie Le Pen, a right wing extremist, into a runoff with Pres. Jacques Chirac. Le Pen took 17% of the vote vs. 16% for PM Lionel Jospin. Chirac ended up winning.
    (SFC, 4/22/02, p.A1)(AP, 4/21/03)
2002        Apr 21, In Germany opposition conservatives won elections in the Saxony-Anhalt. The Christian Democrats 15% gain was a boost to Edmund Stoiber, the Bavarian governor seeking to beat Schroeder Sep 22.
    (SFC, 4/22/02, p.A5)
2002        Apr 21, In Hungary the Socialists and allies won elections over the governing center-right coalition, the Fidesz-Hungarian Civic Party (188 seats), with 198 of 386 seats in parliament. Peter Medgyessey became prime minister.
    (SFC, 4/22/02, p.A5)
2002        Apr 21, In the Philippines 3 explosions killed at least 14 people in General Santos. Abu Sayyaf rebels claimed responsibility.
    (SFC, 4/22/02, p.A1)

2003        Apr 21, The Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) was established as the temporary governing body of Iraq. Retired Lt. Gen. Jay Garner, Pres. Bush’s appointed post-war administrator, arrived in Baghdad. His priority was to restore basic services such as water and electricity.
    (AP, 4/21/03)(WSJ, 4/19/04, p.A14)
2003        Apr 21, In San Francisco charges were filed against Marcus Armstrong, former information systems manager for the Dept. of Building Inspection, for bribes of close to $450,000. City attorney Dennis Herrera had filed fraud and kickback charges against Government Computer Sales and Armstrong in February. Cobra Solutions and TeleCon were added to the suit in April. On Feb 15, 2012, a SF jury awarded the city $24,000 in damages against Cobra Solutions and TeleCon.
    (SFC, 4/22/03)(SFC, 2/14/12, p.A7)(SFC, 2/16/12, p.C6)
2003        Apr 21, In the Boston marathon Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya won for the men (2:10:11) and Svetlana Zakharova of Russia won for the women (2:25:20).
    (WSJ, 4/22/03, A1)
2003        Apr 21, In Cleveland Amanda Berry (16) went missing. In 2013 she and two other kidnapped women were found alive in a residential area just south of downtown. 3 brothers were arrested.
    (AP, 5/7/13)
2003        Apr 21, AOL Time Warner sold its 50% stake in Comedy Central to Viacom for about $1.2 bil.
    (WSJ, 1/2/04, p.R9)
2003        Apr 21, Ninone Simone (b.1933), dubbed the high priestess of soul, died in France. She was born as Eunice Waymon in Tryon, NC., and had her 1st hit in 1959 with "I Loves You, Porgy." In 1992 Simone had authored her own memoir: “I Put a Spell on You." In 2010 Nadine Cohodas authored “Princess Noire: The Tumultuous Reign of Nina Simone."
    (SFC, 4/22/03, A21)(AP, 4/21/08)(SSFC, 2/14/10, p.F1)
2003        Apr 21, Luis Moreno Ocampo of Argentina, currently a visiting professor at Harvard Law School, was elected as the chief prosecutor of the world's first permanent war crimes tribunal, headquartered in The Hague.
    (AP, 4/22/03)
2003        Apr 21, In Bangladesh two ferry boats capsized during tropical storms on different rivers, and hundreds of people were missing. MV Mitali, went down in the Buriganga River, and the ML Majlishpur ferry, carrying about 90 members of a wedding party, capsized in the Meghna River.
    (AP, 4/22/03)
2003        Apr 21, State-run media in China reported the government had dismissed Beijing's mayor following the disclosure of a steep increase in SARS cases in the Chinese capital.
    (AP, 4/21/04)
2003        Apr 21, China (13) and Hong Kong (6) reported 19 new deaths from SARS.
    (SFC, 4/22/03, A3)
2003        Apr 21, Estonia was reported to rank No. 2 in Internet banking and 3rd in e-government.
    (SFC, 4/21/03, p.E3)
2003        Apr 21, Muhammad Hamza al-Zubaydi (queen of spades), was captured by the Iraqi opposition. He was known as Saddam's "Shiite Thug" for his role in Iraq's bloody suppression of the Shiite Muslim uprising of 1991.
    (AP, 4/22/03)(SFC, 4/26/03, A14)
2003        Apr 21, In Uruapan, western Mexico, gunmen disguised as police killed six members of a family in a suspected drug gang dispute.
    (AP, 4/21/03)

2004        Apr 21, Alan Greenspan, US Federal Reserve Chairman, set the stage for an interest rate increase in congressional testimony.
    (SFC, 4/22/04, p.A1)
2004        Apr 21, In California Scott Peterson pleaded innocent in the deaths of his pregnant wife and unborn son.
    (AP, 4/21/04)
2004        Apr 21, Mary McGrory (85), Washington Post columnist, died.
    (AP, 4/21/05)
2004        Apr 21, U.S. forces battled Taliban holdouts in a forbidding mountain range in southern Afghanistan, killing two fighters and arresting two others.
    (AP, 4/22/04)
2004        Apr 21, Chile said it would begin negotiating a free-trade pact with India beginning in August. It would at first be limited to commerce in goods.
    (WSJ, 4/22/04, p.A17)
2004        Apr 21, Two German fighter jets collided and crashed in the country's north, police said. The two-person crew of one plane died and the other crew parachuted to safety.
    (AP, 4/21/04)
2004        Apr 21, The Iranian film “Marmulak" (Lizard) premiered. It was a comedy about a fugitive criminal disguised as a mullah.
    (Econ, 5/8/04, p.45)
2004        Apr 21, In Basra, Iraq, 5 suicide attackers detonated simultaneous car bombs against 3 police buildings during rush hour, killing at least 74 people, including 23 children.
    (AP, 4/21/04)(SFC, 4/22/04, p.A1)(AP, 4/21/05)
2004        Apr 21, U.S Marines backed by tanks and helicopter gunships battled insurgents in northern Fallujah, killing nine.
    (AP, 4/21/04)
2004        Apr 21, In Israel Mordechai Vanunu walked out of prison after serving 18 years for spilling Israel's nuclear secrets. He was later indicted on charges of violating the terms of his release.
    (AP, 4/21/04)(AP, 4/21/05)
2004        Apr 21, Israeli troops killed 9 Palestinians after rocket attacks were fired at Israel for a 2nd day.
    (WSJ, 4/22/04, p.A1)
2004        Apr 21,     Karl Hass (92), a former Nazi officer convicted of the wartime massacre of 335 Italian civilians, died in a rest home near Rome, where he had been serving a life sentence under house arrest.
    (AP, 4/21/05)
2004        Apr 21, Otto Herrera (39), a Guatemalan man described by U.S. authorities as Central America's most-wanted drug smuggler, was captured by Mexican agents at Mexico City's Juarez Int'l. Airport. Mexico made the arrest at the request of U.S. authorities who had offered a $5 million reward for his capture.
    (AP, 4/22/04)
2004        Apr 21, President Sam Nujoma assured Namibians that a land expropriation program would be conducted in a legal and orderly manner.
    (AP, 4/21/04)
2004        Apr 21, Two car bombs blasted the Saudi security headquarters, killing at least 4 people and wounding 148.
    (AP, 4/21/04)(SFC, 4/22/04, p.A16)
2004        Apr 21, Refugees in Chad reported that Sudanese and Arab militias were conducting a "reign of terror" to push blacks out of western Sudan.
    (WSJ, 4/22/04, p.A1)

2005        Apr 21, Army Sgt. Hasan Akbar was convicted by a military jury at Fort Bragg, N.C., of premeditated murder and attempted murder in an attack that killed two of his comrades and wounded 14 others in Kuwait.
    (AP, 4/21/06)
2005        Apr 21, Anna Ayala, the woman who claimed she found a finger in her bowl of Wendy's chili on Mar 22 in San Jose, Ca., was arrested at her home in Las Vegas.
    (AP, 4/22/05)(SFC, 4/22/05, p.A1)
2005        Apr 21, US and Afghan soldiers backed by warplanes and artillery battled suspected insurgents in clashes near the border with Pakistan. 4 fighters and 1 Afghan soldier were killed.
    (AP, 4/24/05)
2005        Apr 21, Police in Melbourne seized 18 million dollars (14 million US) worth of the party drug ecstasy a week after announcing a world-record haul of the substance.
    (AFP, 4/22/05)
2005        Apr 21, Canada’s PM Paul Martin apologized to the nation for a corruption scandal that has shaken his Liberal Party, delivering a rare televised address aimed at rescuing his minority government.
    (AP, 4/21/05)
2005        Apr 21, Tradeable shares on China’s 2 stock exchanges were reportedly worth $150 billion, about the same as Denmark’s stock exchange.
    (WSJ, 4/21/05, p.A1)
2005        Apr 21, In China a chemical plant blast in Chongqing left 19 people missing.
    (WSJ, 4/22/05, p.A1)
2005        Apr 21, Zhang Chunqiao (88), a member of The Gang of Four, died. Beginning around 1965 the Gang of Four were able to manipulate the Chinese media and youth to leverage their positions over party moderates, such as Deng Xiaoping. Mao’s death in 1976 ended their influence and led to their imprisonment and trial in 1980-81 for their role in the Cultural Revolution, during which some 34,800 people died.
    (SFC, 5/11/05, p.B7)(Econ, 5/21/05, p.90)
2005        Apr 21, Haiti's Supreme Court overturned the convictions of 38 army and paramilitary leaders who were sentenced for their roles in a mass slaying a decade ago. The men had been sentenced in 2000 in connection with a 1994 raid on the seaside shantytown of Raboteau.
    (AP, 5/10/05)
2005        Apr 21, It was reported that the US has quietly given thousands of guns to the Haitian National Police and was moving to approve the sale of thousands more despite a 14-year arms embargo and allegations the force is corrupt, brutal and responsible for unjustified killings.
    (AP, 4/21/05)
2005        Apr 21, In western India a passenger train departing from a pilgrimage site slammed into a parked cargo train, throwing cars off the tracks and killing at least 24 people.
    (AP, 4/21/05)
2005        Apr 21, A commercial helicopter contracted by the US Defense Department was shot down by missile fire north of Baghdad. 11 people aboard, including 6 American bodyguards, were killed. A roadside bomb exploded on the highway leading to Baghdad's airport morning, heavily damaging 3 SUVs carrying civilians. Police said 2 foreigners were killed and 3 others wounded.
    (WSJ, 4/22/05, p.A1)(AP, 4/21/06)
2005        Apr 21, Saudi authorities extended their limited experiment in democracy to the holiest cities of Islam with elections for some local council seats in Mecca and Medina, in the third and final round of the kingdom's first nationwide vote.
    (AP, 4/21/05)
2005        Apr 21, Islamic militants clashed with Saudi security forces in Islam's holiest city of Mecca and nearby Jiddah, killing two militants and two policemen.
    (AP, 4/21/05)
2005        Apr 21, In western Turkey a gas explosion caused a coal mine to collapse, killing at least 17 workers deep underground.
    (AP, 4/22/05)
2005        Apr 21, Health officials said a polio outbreak in Yemen may be due to pilgrims returning from Mecca.
    (AP, 4/22/05)
2005        Apr 21, In Vietnam 31 war veterans including 14 women and a driver were killed in a bus crash while en route to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War.
    (AP, 4/21/05)(WSJ, 4/22/05, p.A1)
2005        Apr 21, In Zambia at least 51 people were killed in a blast at a Chinese-owned mining-explosives factory in Chambisi.
    (WSJ, 4/22/05, p.A1)(WSJ, 2/2/07, p.A1)

2006        Apr 21, Pres. Bush began a 4-day visit to California. He denied Gov. Schwarzenegger’s request for federal funds to repair Bay Area levees.
    (SFC, 4/22/06, p.A1)
2006        Apr 21, Chinese President Hu Jintao wrapped up his US tour with a visit to Yale University in New Haven, Conn.
    (AP, 4/21/07)
2006        Apr 21, Crude oil futures closed at $75.17 a barrel in New York for the first time, amid increasing concerns about the Iranian nuclear crisis and a US gasoline supply crunch.
    (AP, 4/22/06)(WSJ, 4/22/06, p.A1)
2006        Apr 21, G-7 ministers met in Washington DC. They said the world economy remains buoyant but cited threats from oil market developments, global imbalances and growing protectionism.
    (WSJ, 4/22/06, p.A4)
2006        Apr 21, The US Justice Dept. gave assent to a Georgia law requiring photo IDs to vote.
    (WSJ, 4/22/06, p.A1)
2006        Apr 21, Miss Kentucky was crowned Miss USA in the 55th annual pageant. Tara Elizabeth Conner (20) of Russell Springs, was crowned by Chelsea Cooley of North Carolina, who is Miss USA 2005.
    (AP, 4/21/06)
2006        Apr 21, In western Bangladesh dozens of people were feared to have drowned when a bus packed with about 50 wedding guests plunged into a river.
    (AP, 4/21/06)
2006        Apr 21, The Cambodian PM Hun Sen ruled out sending troops to Iraq, rejecting a request by the US for non-combat forces to assist with humanitarian work.
    (AP, 4/21/06)
2006        Apr 21, Canada said 2 RCMP members are heading to Sudan to assist the UN mission there in training and supporting Sudanese police and, where possible, advising them on policing methods.
    (CP, 4/21/06)
2006        Apr 21, A bomb exploded on a roadside in Chechnya where schoolchildren were cleaning up trash, killing a boy and wounding five other children.
    (AP, 4/22/06)
2006        Apr 21, In China Tong Daning, an official from the social security fund, was executed on charges of spying for rival Taiwan. Government employees were then required to watch a video about the case. Tong had passed information to the island's leaders about China's currency regime, allowing them to avoid massive losses due to exchange rate changes.
    (AP, 8/8/06)(AP, 8/29/11)(
2006        Apr 21, In Haiti polling stations were nearly empty in a crucial legislative runoff. Hundreds of candidates from more than a dozen parties sought 127 legislative seats.
    (AP, 4/21/06)
2006        Apr 21, Shiite politicians nominated Nouri al-Maliki as Iraq's prime minister after outgoing PM Ibrahim al-Jaafari gave up his bid for another term. 6 off-duty Iraqi soldiers were captured and shot execution-style outside a restaurant in Beiji in northern Iraq. In Baghdad, a Shiite baker was killed in a drive-by shooting as he headed to work, and the bullet-riddled bodies of four other Iraqis were found in the capital. A senior UN official said some 15,000 detainees are being held in Iraq by government ministries in violation of Iraqi law, and nearly as many are being held by US-led multinational forces.
    (AP, 4/21/06)(AP, 4/22/06)
2006        Apr 21, A senior military commander said Israel is actively preparing to reoccupy the Gaza Strip and a powerful lawmaker said the entire Palestinian Cabinet could be targeted for assassination after the appointment of a wanted militant to head a new security force.
    (AP, 4/21/06)
2006        Apr 21, Nepal's king vowed to return power to the people of this Himalayan kingdom after weeks of massive protests and increasing international pressure. King Gyanendra called on the seven main political parties to name a prime minister as soon as possible.
    (AP, 4/21/06)
2006        Apr 21, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas blocked Hamas' plans to set up a shadow security force, which was to be made up of militants and to be headed by the No. 2 on Israel's wanted list.
    (AP, 4/21/06)
2006        Apr 21, Russia began delivering advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Belarus.
    (AP, 4/22/06)
2006        Apr 21, US aviation authorities upgraded Venezuela's safety ranking, averting a ban that would have blocked most US airlines from flying to the country.
    (AP, 4/22/06)

2007        Apr 21, A US Navy Blue Angel jet went down during an air show in South Carolina, plunging into a neighborhood of small homes and trailers and killing the pilot.
    (AP, 4/22/07)
2007        Apr 21, Police in Las Vegas raided illegal brothels as part of “Operation Dollhouse," a sting aimed at prostitution and human trafficking with suspected links to Asia. Prostitution is legal in most counties of Nevada, but not in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas.
    (SFC, 4/25/07, p.B5)
2007        Apr 21, Reid Stowe (55) and his girlfriend, Soanya Ahmad (23), set off from Hoboken, NJ, on a sailing voyage planned to last 1,000 days and nights with no port calls for supplies. Ahmad abandoned the cruise in February 2008, citing seasickness.
    (SSFC, 4/22/07, p.A9)(AP, 4/21/08)
2007        Apr 21, Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald (b.1938), a 7-term congressman from Southern California, died of cancer.
    (SFC, 4/23/07, p.A2)
2007        Apr 21, Taliban insurgents vowed a new round of attacks against Afghan and foreign troops in the war-torn country, promising to focus more attention on the relatively-peaceful north. Suspected Taliban militants ambushed a police patrol in eastern Afghanistan in a clash that left five militants and one police officer dead. NATO-led troops shot and killed a suspected militant and wounded another in the south. In Nangarhar province US and Afghan troops killed one person and detained nine others during a raid on a compound.
    (AFP, 4/21/07)(AP, 4/21/07)(AP, 4/22/07)
2007        Apr 21, An earthquake in remote southern Chile shook free a landslide of rocks, sending them smashing into a narrow fjord and causing massive 25-foot waves that swept away 10 beachgoers. Three bodies were recovered the next day.
    (AP, 4/22/07)
2007        Apr 21, In Cairo an Egyptian-Canadian man was convicted of spying for Israel and sentenced to 15 years in prison by a special security court.
    (AP, 4/21/07)
2007        Apr 21, Eritrean President Issaias Afeworki arrived in Sudan determined to kick-start talks to end the violence in Darfur.
    (AFP, 4/21/07)
2007        Apr 21, Iran signed a major gas development and production agreement with Austrian energy group OMV.
    (Reuters, 4/21/07)
2007        Apr 21, A wall US troops are building around a Sunni enclave in Baghdad came under increasing criticism, with residents calling it "collective punishment" and a local leader saying construction began without the neighborhood council's approval. A bomb left on a bus exploded in Baghdad's Sadr City neighborhood, killing at least three people. A roadside bomb killed the mayor of Musayyib. 2 bullet-riddled dead bodies were discovered in Musayyib. Gunmen stormed a house in Kirkuk killing a mother, father and their two teenage daughters. One American soldier was killed and two were wounded by a roadside bomb southwest of Baghdad. Sami Abdul-Amir al-Jumaili, the chairman of Fallujah's city council, an outspoken critic of al-Qaida who took the job in the former Sunni insurgent stronghold after his three predecessors were assassinated, was killed in a drive-by shooting.
    (AP, 4/21/07)
2007        Apr 21, Israeli troops killed four Palestinians in clashes in the West Bank, including three militants who died when troops opened fire at their vehicle. A Palestinian policeman was killed when he climbed on the roof of his home during an Israeli arrest operation in the village of Kafr Dan. Palestinian officials said a 17-year-old girl, identified as Bushra Wahash, was shot by Israeli gunfire as she peered out the window of her home in the Jenin refugee camp. Palestinian militants in Gaza fired three homemade rockets into southern Israel. One of the rockets scored a direct hit on a house in the Israeli border town of Sderot, causing no injuries. Minutes later, an Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a Palestinian car near the rocket launch site. A 37-year-old man in the car was killed and a second occupant was wounded.
    (AP, 4/21/07)
2007        Apr 21, In Indian-held Kashmir police found the bodies of 2 Hindus with their throats slit, as hundreds protested the killing of a Muslim woman.
    (AFP, 4/22/07)
2007        Apr 21, Charles Simonyi, an American billionaire who paid $25 million for a 13-day trip to outer space, returned to Earth in a space capsule that also carried a cosmonaut and an American astronaut, making a soft landing on the Kazakh steppe.
    (AP, 4/21/07)
2007        Apr 21, In Mexico a Durango state police commander was kidnapped and killed and two other officers were shot dead in a gun battle with his abductors.
    (AP, 4/22/07)
2007        Apr 21, A truck bomb aimed at Nigeria's electoral commission headquarters ran into barriers and failed to explode. Polls opened despite the attack for a presidential vote already shadowed by charges of fraud and a last-minute ballot hitch. Voting in Nigeria's parliamentary elections was suspended in most of central Lagos, the economic capital, because of errors on the ballot papers.
    (AP, 4/21/07)(AFP, 4/21/07)
2007        Apr 21, In Somalia heavy fighting between Islamic insurgents and Ethiopian troops backing the government left at least 52 civilians dead in Mogadishu.
    (AP, 4/21/07)
2007        Apr 21, In Sri Lanka suspected Tamil Tiger rebels set off a landmine targeting troops on patrol in Batticaloa. A civilian was killed and three others injured.
    (AP, 4/21/07)
2007        Apr 21, Venezuelans marched amid heavy security in the opposition's largest show of support yet for a television station targeted by President Hugo Chavez, whom they accuse of suppressing freedom of speech and democratic rights.
    (AP, 4/21/07)
2007        Apr 21, A Zimbabwe cabinet minister said the Chinese government has given Zimbabwe a 58 million dollars financing facility that will be used to purchase farming equipment, implements and tools.
    (AP, 4/22/07)

2008        Apr 21, A US judge in California sentenced Tai Mak (58) to 10 years in federal prison for attempting to take unclassified but sensitive information about US naval technology to China in 2005.
    (SFC, 4/22/08, p.A3)
2008        Apr 21,     It was reported that the 4th generation Oqo Model 02 personal computer, which weighed one pound and clipped onto a belt, was available for a starting price of $1,300. It had been developed over the last 8 years in SF in a venture begun by former Apple and IBM engineers.
    (SFC, 4/21/08, p.D1)
2008        Apr 21, Crude oil futures settled at a record $117.48 per barrel.
    (WSJ, 4/21/08, p.A1)
2008        Apr 21,     Resources Minister Martin Ferguson announced that Australia has extended control of its continental shelf by nearly 1 million square miles under an agreement with the UN.
    (AP, 4/21/08)
2008        Apr 21, The 6-member Gulf Cooperation Council met in Bahrain, along with representatives from Egypt, Jordan and Condoleezza Rice for the US, to discuss diplomatic support for Iraq as well as other issues. Rice failed to secure firm commitments on debt relief for Iraq.
    (SFC, 4/22/08, p.A10)(WSJ, 4/22/08, p.A10)
2008        Apr 21,     The Bank of England announced a 50-billion-pound plan, the special Liquidity Scheme, to free up Britain's home loan market in one of the biggest moves by a major central bank to combat the global credit crunch.
    (AFP, 4/21/08)(Econ, 4/26/08, p.96)
2008        Apr 21,     The Ethiopian government announced it was severing diplomatic relations with Qatar, accusing the Gulf Arab state of destabilizing the Horn of Africa region.
    (AFP, 4/21/08)
2008        Apr 21, The Paris city council bestowed the title of "honorary citizen" on the Dalai Lama.
    (AP, 4/21/08)
2008        Apr 21,     In Indonesia Self-proclaimed Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) leaders Abu Dujana and Zarkasih, blamed for the 2002 Bali bombings, were sentenced to 15 years each at separate trials in the South Jakarta district court.
    (AFP, 4/21/08)
2008        Apr 21, Iraq’s PM Nouri al-Maliki urged other Arab countries to reopen their embassies in the capital as a show of support for his government as it cracks down on Shiite militias in Iraq. 6 people died in clashes in Baghdad's embattled Shiite enclave of Sadr City. They included 3 policemen and 3 civilians. In Baqouba a woman wearing an explosive vest blew herself up at the headquarters of group of US-allied Sunni fighters. The blast killed 3 people and wounded 4. An unmanned drone killed two gunmen in Baghdad's embattled Sadr City district. US troops were hit by a roadside bomb and then attacked with small-arms fire. They returned fire and killed 3 attackers. 2 US soldiers were killed by a bomb in Salahuddin province. A US Marine was killed by a roadside bomb in Basra.
    (AP, 4/21/08)(AP, 4/22/08)(SFC, 4/22/08, p.A10)(SFC, 4/23/08, p.A2)
2008        Apr 21, Israeli military forces killed three Palestinian militants who were trying to infiltrate into Israel from Gaza. Former President Carter said that Hamas, the Islamic militant group that has called for the destruction of Israel, is prepared to accept the right of the Jewish state to "live as a neighbor next door in peace." Hamas said it would accept a Palestinian state with pre-1967 borders.
    (AP, 4/21/08)(WSJ, 4/21/08, p.A1)
2008        Apr 21, In Japan PM Yasuo Fukuda met with South Korea’s Pres. Lee Myung-bak and both declared a new era of closer cooperation.
    (WSJ, 4/22/08, p.A10)
2008        Apr 21, Pirates in the Gulf of Aden fired on a Japanese oil tanker, unleashing hundreds of gallons of fuel into the sea. The attack took place 170 miles off the coast of Yemen while the 150,000-ton tanker was heading to Saudi Arabia.
    (AP, 4/21/08)
2008        Apr 21, Malaysia's leg of the Olympic torch relay passed off largely without incident with a heavy police presence netting just five protesters and thousands of well-wishers braving torrential rain.
    (AP, 4/21/08)
2008        Apr 21, A rebel group from Nigeria's oil producing Niger Delta said it attacked two major oil pipelines there in what it called a message to the United States to stop supporting "injustice" in the troubled region.
    (AP, 4/21/08)
2008        Apr 21, A prison official says Pakistan has ordered the release of Sufi Muhammad, a pro-Taliban leader who sent thousands of fighters against the US-led invasion of Afghanistan.
    (AP, 4/21/08)
2008        Apr 21, In South Korea an Agriculture Ministry official said at least 5.3 million birds will be slaughtered to contain its latest outbreak of bird flu.
    (WSJ, 4/22/08, p.A10)
2008        Apr 21, In Sudan gunmen killed a second driver delivering food aid for the UN's World Food Program in the Darfur region, where banditry has forced vital rations to be halved.
    (AFP, 4/24/08)
2008        Apr 21, Thailand’s government said more than 10 million people in parts of its rice bowl region have been hit by drought causing further concerns as prices of the staple grain soared.
    (AP, 4/21/08)

2009        Apr 21, President Barack Obama signed a $5.7 billion national service bill to foster and fulfill people's desire to make a difference, such as by mentoring children, cleaning up parks or building and weatherizing homes for the poor. Under the bill the AmeriCorps program started by President Bill Clinton will triple in size over the next eight years.
    (AP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, Daniel Andreas San Diego (31), a computer specialist from Berkeley, Ca., was added to the FBI's list of "Most Wanted" terror suspects. Authorities described him as an animal rights activist who had turned to bomb attacks. San Diego became the 24th person on the list, and the only domestic terror suspect.
    (AP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, In a New York court Somali pirate Abduwali Abdukhadir Muse (18) was charged with piracy and other crimes relating to the Apr 8-Apr 12 siege of the Maersk Alabama.
    (WSJ, 4/22/09, p.A3)
2009        Apr 21, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom formally declared his 2010 campaign for California governor.
    (SFC, 4/22/09, p.A1)
2009        Apr 21, In NYC real estate baroness Leona Helmsley's estate gave away $136 million to hospitals, foundations and the homeless and left $1 million to animal charities, prompting one advocate to accuse the estate of failing to honor the hotel tycoon's wishes.
    (AP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, The Boston Marathon was won by Ethiopia’s Deriba Merga for the men and Salina Kosgei of Kenya for the women.
    (WSJ, 4/21/09, p.A1)
2009        Apr 21, National libraries and the UN education agency put some of humanity's earliest written works online, from ancient Chinese oracle bones to the first European map of the New World. The World Digital Library project is modeled on the Library of Congress' American Memory project, which debuted in the 1990s.
    (AP, 4/21/09)(
2009        Apr 21, In Afghanistan police in southern Uruzgan province clashed with militants in the Khas Uruzgan district, killing seven suspected insurgents.
    (AP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, Scientists attending a conference in England said that a planet named Gliese 581 e, has been located in a galaxy outside our solar system. The new planet is probably too hot for human life because it sits very close to the sun-like star it orbits. A 2nd planet, Gliese 581 d found in 2007, was said to be in a zone habitable for potential life.
    (AP, 4/21/09)(SFC, 4/22/09, p.A10)
2009        Apr 21, Jack Jones (96), Britain union leader, died. He became a household name in Britain through his battles to secure better rights for workers.
    (AP, 4/22/09)
2009        Apr 21, The Bank of Canada cut its benchmark interest rate to an historic low of 0.25% and made no explicit commitment on taking nonconventional measures to spur the economy even as it predicted a deeper-than-expected recession.
    (Reuters, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, In China three people were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for deadly arson attacks during last year's rioting in the Tibetan capital.
    (AP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, French police detained around 200 undocumented migrants in a major operation in the Channel port of Calais.
    (AP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, Egyptian antiquities authorities announced that archaeologists exploring the "Way of Horus," an old military road in the Sinai, have unearthed four new temples amidst the 3,000-year-old remains of an ancient fortified city that could have been used to impress foreign delegations visiting Egypt. Early studies suggested the fortified city had been Egypt's military headquarters from the New Kingdom (1569-1081 BC) until the Ptolemaic era, a period lasting about 1500 years.
    (AP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, India's central bank cut two key short-term interest rates by 25 basis points each, in a bid to kickstart the Asian giant's slowing economy. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) lowered the repo, the rate at which it lends to commercial banks, to a record low of 4.75%, from a peak of 9.0% last year. It also reduced the reverse repo, the rate at which it borrows from banks, to 3.25%.
    (AFP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, In Iran Roxana Saberi (31), dual American-Iranian citizen convicted on April 13 of spying for the United States, went on a hunger strike. She was sentenced to eight years in prison after a swift, closed door trial. Saberi ended her hunger strike on April 5 and waited for her appeal process to move forward.
    (AP, 4/25/09)(AP, 5/6/09)
2009        Apr 21, Japan's highest court upheld the death sentence of a woman convicted of murdering four neighbors and sickening dozens more with arsenic-laced curry more than a decade ago. A district court had convicted Masumi Hayashi (47) in 2002 of deliberately lacing a pot of curry with arsenic and serving it to neighbors at a festival in July 1998 in Wakayama city.
    (AP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, In central Kenya villagers clashed overnight with an outlawed criminal gang using machetes, axes and clubs, killing about 40 people. Residents near the town of Karatina fought Mungiki members because the gang had been extorting money from them.
    (AP, 4/21/09)(Econ, 4/25/09, p.53)
2009        Apr 21, Madagascar’s military-backed Pres. Andry Rajoelina banned demonstrations one day after a policeman was killed.
    (SFC, 4/25/09, p.A2)
2009        Apr 21, In Mexico soldiers captured Isaac Manuel Godoy Castro, an alleged top member of the Arellano Felix cartel, along with six other alleged members of his cell.
    (AP, 4/23/09)
2009        Apr 21, In Myanmar authorities arrested Chit Pe, the pro-democracy deputy chairman, and party member Aung Saw Wei in Twante township. Both took part in a prayer service for the release of political prisoners which was held at a pagoda, about 20 miles south of Yangon. The two were charged with insulting religion, which carries a possible two-year jail sentence.
    (AP, 4/24/09)
2009        Apr 21, In Nigeria officials said a strike by petrol truck drivers has caused a scarcity of fuel in the commercial capital Lagos, leading to long queues at petrol stations. The strike began at the weekend following a dispute between the tanker drivers and officials of the Lagos state traffic management authority LASMA. Gunmen in Nigeria attacked an oil tanker off the coast of the Niger Delta, kidnapping the ship's captain and an engineer. The Turkish vessel Ilena Mercan, chartered by French oil company Total, was attacked on its way to Onne port in Nigeria's southeastern Rivers state.
    (AFP, 4/21/09)(Reuters, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, North and South Korea held their first formal talks for more than a year but discussions ended without agreement after just 22 minutes.
    (AFP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, Sierra Leone sent three men convicted of drug smuggling to the US, where they are wanted on similar charges, shortly after they were sentenced to five-year prison terms along with five other foreign nationals.
    (AP, 4/22/09)
2009        Apr 21, Somali pirates freed a chemical tanker and its 23 Filipino crew members after holding them hostage in the Gulf of Aden for more than five months. The MT Stolt Strength was seized Nov. 10, 2008.
    (AP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, Sri Lanka’s military said 52,000 had escaped the war zone.
    (AP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir arrived in Ethiopia, on his sixth foreign trip since an international arrest warrant for alleged war crimes was issued against him.
    (AFP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, In Geneva over 100 countries agreed on a declaration to combat racism and related forms of intolerance worldwide. The US was not among them, prompting sharp criticism from African-American groups participating in the UN's second global conference on racism.
    (AP, 4/21/09)
2009        Apr 21, Turkish anti-terror police detained 37 suspects accused of links to the al-Qaida terror network.
    (AP, 4/21/09)(WSJ, 4/22/09, p.A10)

2010        Apr 21, US Treasury officials unveiled a new $100 bill at a news conference.
2010        Apr 21, In Arizona the Havasupai Indian tribe ended a 7-year legal fight with Arizona State Univ. over blood samples members gave to university researchers for diabetes research that were also used to study schizophrenia, inbreeding and ancient population migration. Tribal members called it a case of genetic piracy.
    (SFC, 4/22/10, p.A6)
2010        Apr 21, In Florida Nevin Shapiro (41), a leading Univ. of Miami athletics patron, was put under federal custody on charges of running a $900 million Ponzi scheme in which he duped investors into thinking they were paying into a successful grocery brokerage business.
    (SFC, 4/22/10, p.A6)
2010        Apr 21, In Mississippi Richard Barrett (67), a white supremacist lawyer, was fatally stabbed and beaten at his home in Pearl. The next morning the house was set on fire and Vincent McGee (22), a black neighbor, was charged with murder. On April 23 three others were charged with accessories after the fact and arson. In 1966 Barrett had founded a supremacist group called the Nationalist Movement, but it never amounted to much.
    (SFC, 4/24/10, p.A7)
2010        Apr 21, Afghan and NATO officials announced that authorities captured a local Taliban commander, Mullah Faqir, earlier this month after a gunbattle in Uruzgan province.
    (AP, 4/21/10)
2010        Apr 21, The Algerian Defense Ministry said Algeria, Mauritania, Mali and Niger are opening a joint military headquarters in the Algerian city Tamanrasset, in a united effort to combat terrorism and kidnapping in northwestern Africa. The Committee of Joint Chiefs (CEMOC) was based in Tamanrasset.
    (AP, 4/21/10)(AP, 12/20/11)
2010        Apr 21, In Bosnia war veterans protested proposed cuts in state benefits and set fire to a regional government building before being dispersed by riot police.
    (SFC, 4/22/10, p.A2)
2010        Apr 21, Egypt charged five leading members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, including a Saudi, Awadh al-Qarani, with money laundering and raising funds abroad, in the latest government effort targeting the country's largest opposition movement.
    (AP, 4/21/10)(AP, 4/26/10)
2010        Apr 21, Germany recognized 14 US soldiers serving in Afghanistan for risking their lives to help German soldiers in a firefight on April 2, Good Friday, awarding them the country's Gold Cross medal.
    (AP, 4/21/10)
2010        Apr 21, In Iraq US diplomats visited a Baghdad prison that PM al-Maliki has ordered closed. The prison on the grounds of the Old Muthanna military airfield had been undisclosed and held hundreds of detainees from northern Iraq.
    (SFC, 4/22/10, p.A5)
2010        Apr 21, In Mexico police found the bound bodies of two men in Cuernavaca, alongside a banner that threatened to kill 25 more drug cartel members. The message said 25 of Beltran Leyva's henchmen are being held and interrogated in the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco and would be executed soon. Dozens of gunmen burst into a Holiday Inn and another hotel in the northern city of Monterrey, searching from room-to-room and abducting at least six people. Troops battled a suspected drug gang in a wealthy neighborhood on the outskirts of Mexico City and captured Jose Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez, an alleged major trafficker with a $2 million US bounty on his head. 14 other suspected drug traffickers were arrested in the shootout that left 3 people dead and two alleged traffickers wounded.
    (AP, 4/21/10)(AP, 4/22/10)
2010        Apr 21, In Paraguay an attack by suspected leftist guerrillas killed a police officer and three laborers at a farm. Deputy Interior Minister Carmelo Caballero blamed the attack on the Paraguayan People's Army, a leftist group that has been linked to bank robberies and kidnappings in the past decade. He said guerrillas apparently were trying to steal animals.
    (AP, 4/21/10)
2010        Apr 21, In the Philippines an electrical fire forced a cargo plane's pilots to attempt an emergency landing in a Philippine rice field when the Russian-made Antonov-12 aircraft burst into flames, killing three of its six crew. The dead included two Russian ground engineers and a Bulgarian.
    (AP, 4/22/10)
2010        Apr 21, Rwandan opposition leader and presidential hopeful Victoire Ingabire was arrested on charges of denying the 1994 genocide and "collaborating with a terrorist organization." Ingabire was handed conditional freedom the next day, but was barred from travelling out of the capital city, Kigali.
    (AP, 4/21/10)(AFP, 4/22/10)
2010        Apr 21, In Somalia residents said 5 headless bodies have been found in a rebel-held area of Mogadishu. They suspected the Islamist militant group al-Shabab killed the men because they had helped construct the parliament building. The men had been missing for the last five days. Residents said clashes in central Somalia killed 12 people, mostly combatants.
    (AP, 4/21/10)
2010        Apr 21, Four suspected Somali pirates carrying AK-47s and a rocket-propelled grenade seized the Panamanian-flagged, Liberian-owned Voc Daisy, a bulk carrier with 21 crew on board, the fourth ship pirates have seized in less than a week.
    (AP, 4/21/10)
2010        Apr 21, A South African luxury train carrying foreign tourists, most of them Americans, sped out of control downhill and derailed near Pretoria, killing two Rovos Rail crew members as coaches flipped and crumpled against one another. A 3rd crew member soon died from injuries in a hospital. 
    (AP, 4/21/10)(AP, 4/22/10)
2010        Apr 21, In Sri Lanka veteran politician Dissanayake Mudiyansalage Jayaratne took the oath of office as the country’s 20th prime minister.
    (AP, 4/21/10) 
2010        Apr 21, In Syria a smoking ban that few are expected to abide by went into effect. The law, which also forbids the sale of cigarettes to minors, was approved six months ago by President Bashar Assad, a British-trained eye doctor. A 1996 decree issued by Assad's late father, President Hafez Assad, had banned smoking in government offices, hospitals and the airport. A 2004 law banned smoking in internet cafes and another law in 2006 made buses, railway stations, movie theaters, parks and cultural centers smoke-free, with violators facing a fine of about $10 and three months in jail. But the bans were often flouted and not strictly enforced.
    (AP, 4/21/10)
2010        Apr 21, The presidents of Ukraine and Russia agreed to extend the stay of Russia's Black Sea Fleet in the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol to 2042 after the existing lease expires in 2017. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that Kiev will receive large discounts on gas shipments in return for certainty over the base's future, $100 for every 1,000 cubic meters of gas or 30 percent if the benchmark price falls below $330.
    (AP, 4/21/10)(SFC, 4/22/10, p.A2)

2011        Apr 21, The US Justice Department indicted 3 US citizens and their two companies for illegally exporting millions of dollars worth of computers to Iran via Dubai.
    (Reuters, 4/22/11)
2011        Apr 21, The United States started flying armed drones to bolster NATO firepower and try to break a battlefield stalemate with Moammar Gadhafi's forces.
    (AP, 4/22/11)
2011        Apr 21, Mattel Inc, after waging a seven-year legal war against a tiny California company, suffered a surprise defeat after a US jury decided that MGA Entertainment Inc is the rightful owner of the once-billion dollar line of pouty-lipped Bratz dolls.
    (AP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, US helicopter maker Sikorsky Aircraft won a Turkish contract worth $3.5 billion (2.4 billion euros).
    (AP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, San Francisco-based PG&E CEO Peter Darby (58) said he would retire at the end of the month in a bid to give his embattled business a fresh start.
    (SFC, 4/22/11, p.A1)
2011        Apr 21, Nevada Sen. John Ensign (52) announced that he will resign amid an ethics investigation revolving around and extramarital affair with Cynthia Hampton, a member of his campaign staff and providing lobbying work to her husband. In April, 2008, Ensign’s parents had paid Douglas and Cynthia Hampton $96,000. In 2009 Douglas Hampton said it was severance pay.
    (SFC, 4/22/11, p.A6)(SFC, 4/23/11, p.A4)
2011        Apr 21, Jess Stonestreet Jackson (81), lawyer turned winemaker, died in Geyserville, Ca. He and his first wife, Jane Kendall, produced their first wine under the Kendall-Jackson label in 1982. His brand soon became synonymous with Chardonnay, the nation’s most favored grape.
    (SFC, 4/22/11, p.A1)
2011        Apr 21, In Afghanistan a bomb blast killed three Afghan policemen on a bus in Nangarhar province. The nephew of a militant network run by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was killed in fighting in Wardak province. In Khost province 3 Afghan men, who were part of a civilian police force guarding a road construction project, were killed by coalition forces in Spera district.
    (AP, 4/21/11)(AP, 4/22/11)
2011        Apr 21, In Brazil a small plane crashed in the Amazon soon after taking off from Manaus, killing seven people. 8 others on the air taxi survived.
    (AP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, The African Union lifted sanctions on Ivory Coast, ending four months of diplomatic isolation, but fighting between armed groups underscored the challenges facing the new president.
    (Reuters, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, In eastern Bangladesh a crowded ferry carrying about 100 passengers capsized in a river, leaving at least 28 people dead and more feared missing.
    (AP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaore announced he will remain president and named himself as defense minister, becoming a member of his 29-member cabinet.
    (AP, 4/22/11)
2011        Apr 21, Chinese police raided the Kirti monastery, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery where tensions have run high over the March 17 death of a monk named Phuntsog. Police took 300 monks to an unknown location and two villagers trying to block the monks' removal were killed.
    (AP, 4/23/11)
2011        Apr 21, French President Nicolas Sarkozy hosted Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas in Paris as Europe reflects more and more openly on the prospect of recognizing an independent Palestine.
    (AFP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, French police began exhuming five bodies from a freshly dug grave at a house in the northwestern city of Nantes. They are believed to be those of Agnes Dupont de Ligonnes (49), and her four children, aged 13-21. The family went missing almost three weeks ago. The father, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes, remained unaccounted for.
    (AP, 4/22/11)
2011        Apr 21, Haiti's president-elect Michel Martelly urged the international community to "not recognize the results of legislative elections" tainted by fraud to benefit the ruling party.
    (AP, 4/22/11)
2011        Apr 21, In Indonesia police arrested 19 terror suspects who then led them to five massive bombs buried beneath a gas pipeline near a church just outside the capital. The explosives had been set to detonate by cell phone at around 9 a.m. on Good Friday.
    (AP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, Iranian security forces killed four members of "extreme religious groups" who were behind deadly attacks in the western province of Kurdistan. The four belonged to a Wahhabi group. Wahhabism is the austere form of Sunni Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia.
    (Reuters, 4/22/11)
2011        Apr 21, An Iraqi court sentenced three members of Saddam Hussein's regime to death for their involvement in the assassination of a Saddam opponent, Shiite dissident Talib al-Suhail, in 1994. The court acquitted Tariq Aziz, who has already been sentenced to death for persecuting members of Shiite religious parties under the former regime.
    (AP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, Italian automaker Fiat, closing in on its goal of taking a majority stake and full control of Chrysler LLC by the end of the year, announced a deal to buy another 16 percent share sooner than expected at a price of $1.3 billion.
    (AP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, A group of Japanese internet service providers started blocking access to child porn websites as part of efforts to crack down on the spread of sexually explicit images of children.
    (AFP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, Libyan government troops pounded the rebel-held city of Misrata overnight, undeterred by Western threats to step up military action against Muammar Gaddafi's forces. Mortar fire killed at least three rebels and wounded 17 in attacks on Tripoli Street. State television said NATO forces had struck the Khallat al-Farjan area of the capital Tripoli, killing seven people and wounding 18 others. Rebels overran a post on the Tunisian border, marking their first advance in weeks against Moamer Kadhafi's forces.
    (Reuters, 4/21/11)(AFP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, In Mexico prosecutors reported that further excavations at a vacant lot in the state capital of Durango yielded 11 more bodies, 10 men and one woman, in addition to 26 badly decomposed bodies found a day earlier.
    (AP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, Somali pirates captured an Italian cargo ship headed for Iran with 21 crew members on board, including 6 Italians and 15 Filipinos, in the Arabian Sea near Oman. The Rosalia D'Amato was released on Nov 25 after a ransom was dropped onto the ship.
    (AFP, 7/24/11)(AFP, 11/26/11)
2011        Apr 21, Sri Lankan authorities repudiated a UN report that said as many as 40,000 civilians were killed in the 2008-2009 military offensive against the Tamil Tigers, and that most of them were killed by indiscriminate shelling.
    (SFC, 4/22/11, p.A2)
2011        Apr 21, Rebels in south Sudan's oil-rich Unity state continued for a third day to attack southern army positions.
    (AP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, Syria's President Bashar Assad ratified an end to the country's 50-year-old state of emergency. The move was a formality after the government abolished the emergency laws two days ago.
    (AP, 4/21/11)
2011        Apr 21, Ugandan opposition leader Kizza Besigye was detained on charges relating to a fourth round of protests against high prices that left two police officers and one child dead. A Ugandan court on Aug. 9 dropped two cases against Besigye for his anti-government protests.
    (Reuters, 4/21/11)(AFP, 8/9/11)

2012        Apr 21, US DEA agents in San Diego raided a house for drugs and detained 9 people including engineering student Daniel Chong (23). The DEA forgot about Chong and left him in a holding cell for 4 days with no food or water. Chong planned to seek damages. On July 30, 2013, his attorney said Chong had agreed to settle claims for $4.1 million.
    (SFC, 5/3/12, p.A9)(SFC, 7/31/13, p.A6)
2012        Apr 21, The New York Times reported that Wal-Mart (Walmart) failed to notify law enforcement officials even after its own investigators found evidence of millions of dollars in bribes by top executives of its Mexican subsidiary carried out to build stores across that country. The payments were said to be made in 2005.
    (AP, 4/21/12)(Econ, 4/28/12, p.71)
2012        Apr 21, Charles "Chuck" Colson (b.1931), described as the "evil genius" of the Nixon administration, died. Colson had pleaded guilty in 1974 to obstruction of justice in connection with attempts to discredit Daniel Ellsberg. He served 7 months in prison. Royalties from all his books have gone to his ministry program, as did the $1 million Templeton prize, which he won in 1993.
    (AP, 4/22/12)(SSFC, 4/22/12, p.A8)(Econ, 4/28/12, p.98)
2012        Apr 21, An Afghan official said security forces arrested five militants on April 13 with 10,000 kilograms (22,000 pounds) of explosives that they smuggled in from Pakistan to carry out a massive attack in Kabul, as well as another three suspects, arrested on April 15, allegedly planning to assassinate the vice president.
    (AP, 4/21/12)(AFP, 4/21/12)
2012        Apr 21, In Australia 2 Aboriginal teenagers were shot by police in central Sydney after mounting a crowded footpath in a stolen car and hitting a bystander.
    (AFP, 4/21/12)
2012        Apr 21, Bahrain's opposition reported the first death in protests timed for this weekend's controversial Grand Prix as rising fears prompted tighter security around the Formula One race circuit. The body of Salah Abbas Habib (36) was found in Shakhura village, where security forces overnight had "attacked peaceful protesters.
    (AFP, 4/21/12)
2012        Apr 21, The EU missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah condemned the recent eviction of a Palestinian family from its east Jerusalem home, ahead of its inhabitation by Jewish settlers.
    (AFP, 4/21/12)
2012        Apr 21, Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh warned foreign diplomats his country would not be "bribed" with aid to accept homosexuality.
    (AFP, 4/22/12)
2012        Apr 21, In India Maoist guerrillas shot the two guards dead and captured Alex Paul Menon (32), a district collector, as he toured a village in Sukma district, 320 km (200 miles) from the state capital Raipur. Menon was freed on May 3.
    (AFP, 4/22/12)(AFP, 5/3/12)
2012        Apr 21, In India 10 French nationals, including 6 women were thrown out of the Indian state of Bihar after they were alleged to be working with a charity linked to Maoist rebel fighters.
    (AFP, 4/23/12)
2012        Apr 21, Indonesian authorities questioned more than 70 mostly Afghan asylum seekers bound for Australia after their boat was hit by a powerful wave, forcing them to swim to shore. There were between 83 and 100 people on the boat. Police made no connection between this case and another reported on April 14.
    (AFP, 4/21/12)
2012        Apr 21, In Iraq bombs exploded in two minibuses in Baghdad, killing three people and wounding at least 12, while a bomb attack on a governor's convoy wounded two guards.
    (AFP, 4/21/12)
2012        Apr 21, Japan said it will take steps to forgive about 300 billion yen ($3.7 billion) of Myanmar's debt and resume full-fledged development aid as a way to support the country's democratic and economic reforms.
    (AP, 4/21/12)
2012        Apr 21, Kenyan rangers shot dead five suspected elephant poachers overnight in a firefight at Chepareria in West Pokot County.
    (AFP, 4/21/12)
2012        Apr 21, In Libya fresh fighting flared in the desert town of Kufra overnight leaving three people dead and 17 others wounded. The fighting erupted after Zwai tribesman shot dead a Toubu man.
    (AFP, 4/21/12)
2012        Apr 21, In the Netherlands two trains in Amsterdam were involved in a head-on collision that seriously wounded 42 people. One passenger died the next day.
    (AFP, 4/22/12)
2012        Apr 21, In northern Nigeria 5 suspected Islamist militants were killed when bombs they were assembling exploded during a shootout with government troops.
    (AFP, 4/23/12)
2012        Apr 21, Philippine army troops killed 6 communist guerrillas near the village of Bayawel.
    (SFC, 4/23/12, p.A2)
2012        Apr 21, The third World Investment Forum opened in Doha, Qatar. Leaders and officials attending called for channeling more investments to poor nations and for introducing regulatory guidelines to help foster investments.
    (AFP, 4/21/12)
2012        Apr 21, In Sudan a Muslim mob has set ablaze a Catholic church frequented by Southern Sudanese in the capital Khartoum.
    (AP, 4/22/12)
2012        Apr 21, In Syria a group of UN cease-fire observers toured a rebel-held neighborhood in the central city of Homs as residents chanted loudly for a military intervention to protect them from President Bashar Assad's regime forces. State media said Syria has released 30 people who were detained for their alleged role in an anti-regime uprising, but who have "no blood on their hands." Fighting and government shelling stopped in Homs and troops hid tanks in advance of the visit by the UN observers. A huge explosion rocked a Syrian military airport on the outskirts of the capital.
    (AP, 4/21/12)(AFP, 4/21/12)
2012        Apr 21, In Yemen Benjamin Malbrancke (28), a French staff member of the international Red Cross, was kidnapped in the coastal province of Hudayda. He was freed on July 13.
    (AP, 7/15/12)

2013        Apr 21, The US said that it will double its non-lethal assistance to Syria's opposition as the rebels' top supporters vowed to enhance and expand their backing of the 2-year battle to oust President Assad's regime.
    (AP, 4/21/13)
2013        Apr 21, Stephen A. Schwarzman, founder of the private equity firm Blackstone, said he would give $100 million as a personal gift and raise another $200 million to endow the Schwarzman Scholars program at Beijing's Tsinghua University.
    (AP, 4/21/13)
2013        Apr 21, In Federal Way, Washington, Dennis Clark III (28) killed his live-in girlfriend at an apartment complex and then fatally shot 3 other men. Clark was shot by police and died at the scene.
    (SFC, 4/23/13, p.A3)
2013        Apr 21, In Afghanistan insurgents shot 6 police officers dead at a checkpoint in Ghazni province. A suicide bomber killed 3 civilians at a shopping bazaar in Paktika province. Among the dead was Asanullah Sadat, who stepped down as the district's governor two years ago.
    (AP, 4/21/13)
2013        Apr 21, In eastern Afghanistan a Turkish civilian helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in a Taliban-controlled area of Logar province. Insurgents took all 11 people aboard the aircraft hostage, including 8 Turks, one Afghan translator and 2 foreign pilots. Four of the Turks were freed on May 12.
    (AP, 4/22/13)(AP, 5/13/13)
2013        Apr 21, China slammed the human rights record of the US in response to Washington's April 19 report on rights around the world, saying that US military operations have infringed on rights abroad and that political donations at home have thwarted the country's democracy.
    (AP, 4/21/13)
2013        Apr 21, The Chinese factory fishing ship Kai Xin, that burned last week off Antarctica, sank without anyone on board.
    (AP, 4/23/13)
2013        Apr 21, Egypt's state news agency says that a government legal agency representing President Mohammed Morsi has lost an appeal to reverse a court-ordered suspension of parliamentary elections. Justice Minister Ahmed Mekki submitted his resignation, in a move that signaled strong disapproval of the president's handling of a prolonged showdown with the country's judiciary.
    (AP, 4/21/13)
2013        Apr 21, In Egypt a provincial prosecutor ordered a man flogged 80 times for public drunkenness. Police officers in the southern province of Minya refused to carry out the order. The country's top attorney soon ordered Hussein Anani's decision cancelled and referred him to a judicial investigation.
    (AP, 4/22/13)
2013        Apr 21, In France tens of thousands of demonstrators took to sunny Paris boulevards to protest the expected passage this week of a bill legalizing gay marriage.
    (AP, 4/21/13)
2013        Apr 21, Iraqi election monitors reported multiple irregularities in the country's first provincial vote since US troops left, but were unclear as to whether results would be affected. A bomb went off in a popular kebab shop in Fallujah, killing eight and wounding 25.
    (AP, 4/21/13)
2013        Apr 21, A Jordanian security official said police have arrested eight Syrians on suspicion of inciting riots at a refugee camp near the Jordan-Syria border.
    (AP, 4/21/13)
2013        Apr 21, Libyan military officers demanded the dismissal of Maj. Gen. Youssef al-Mangoush, the army chief of staff, pledging to go on strike if he is not replaced. They gave the government 10 days to comply with their demands, threatening to walk away from their posts.
    (AP, 4/22/13)
2013        Apr 21, Nigerian officials said fighting between the military and Boko Haram Islamic extremists killed at least 185 people in Baga, a fishing community in the nation's far northeast. An attack that began April 19 saw insurgents fire rocket-propelled grenades and soldiers spray machine-gun fire into neighborhoods filled with civilians. A day later the Red Cross said 187 people had been killed.
    (AP, 4/21/13)(AP, 4/22/13)
2013        Apr 21, In Pakistan a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a meeting of the ANP in the northwestern city of Peshawar, killing 16 people.
    (AP, 4/28/13)
2013        Apr 21, Paraguay held presidential elections to replace Federico Franco, who served out Fernando Lugo's term and is not eligible to seek a new one. Tobacco magnate Horacio Cartes of the Colorado Party was elected with 46% of the vote, returning the conservative Colorado Party to the presidency. Sen. Efrain Alegre of Franco's Liberal Party won 37%.
    (AP, 4/21/13)   
2013        Apr 21, A South Korean news agency reported that North Korea has moved two short-range missile launchers to its east coast, apparently indicating it is pushing ahead with preparations for a test launch.
    (Reuters, 4/21/13)
2013        Apr 21, Syrian troops backed by pro-government gunmen pounded rebel-held areas near the Lebanese border. In Idlib province at least 5 people, including children, were killed in an airstrike on a village school.
    (AP, 4/21/13)
2013        Apr 21, In Syria over 1,000 people were killed by sarin gas in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta. The government denied responsibility.
    (Econ, 4/26/14, p.46)
2013        Apr 21, In Yemen  a US drone strike killed two suspected al-Qaida militants east of Sanaa. A few hours later al-Qaida fighters attacked a military checkpoint in the same area, killing two soldiers. A militant was killed in the shootout.
    (AP, 4/21/13)

2014        Apr 21, In Massachusetts more than 32,000 hit the streets in the first Boston Marathon since last year’s deadly bombing.
    (SFC, 4/22/14, p.A6)
2014        Apr 21, In Afghanistan Esmatullah, a prominent campaign worker in the presidential election, was shot dead outside his home in Logar province. He had worked as an election observer for presidential candidate Abdul Rab Rassoul Sayya.
    (AP, 4/22/14)
2014        Apr 21, In India-controlled Kashmir suspected rebels gunned down two village elders and one victim's son in attacks that police said were aimed at scaring off voters in the country's general election.
    (AP, 4/22/14)
2014        Apr 21, In Iraq suicide bombings and other attacks across the country killed at least 19 people and wounded 36.
    (AP, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe sent a religious offering to a Tokyo shrine that honors the dead, including executed war criminals — long a source of tension with Japan's neighbors China and South Korea.
    (AP, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, Seven rockets fired from the Gaza Strip landed in southern Israel during the Jewish Passover holiday, drawing retaliatory air strikes from the Israeli army.
    (Reuters, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, In Myanmar Win Tin (84), one of the founders of Myanmar's pro-democracy opposition and its longest-serving political prisoner (1989-2008), died. He strove for decades to bring freedom to a nation under military dictatorship.
    (AFP, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, In Nigeria parents of kidnapped girls told the governor of Borno state that officials would not listen to them when they drew up their list of names of missing children and that the total reached 234.
    (AP, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, In the Philippines Gonzaga town Mayor Carlito Pentecostes Jr. and his bodyguards died following an attack by at least 15 suspected communist rebels disguised as police. A firefight ensued but the gunmen escaped in a commandeered police car. The attackers scattered leaflets denouncing mining in northern Cagayan province.
    (AP, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, Romanian authorities said 3 people have died and 250 were evacuated after heavy rain and flooding hit over the weekend. Worst affected were three southern counties that lie along the River Vedea.
    (AP, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to rehabilitate Crimea's Tatars and other minorities who suffered under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, courting a group that largely opposed Moscow's annexation of the region from Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, Saudi media reported that a court has sentenced to death five people over deadly 2003 attacks that marked the start of a wave of Al-Qaeda violence.
    (AFP, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, Saudi Arabia announced 17 new cases of MERS, bring the total number of Saudi infections to 261, of whom 81 have died. King Abdullah fired health minister Abdullah al-Rabiah.
    (SFC, 4/22/14, p.A2)(Reuters, 4/22/14)
2014        Apr 21, In Somalia Isaq Mohamed Rino, a legislator in parliament, was killed after a bomb planted under his car exploded in Mogadishu.
    (AP, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, In Sri Lanka Naomi Coleman, a British tourist, was detained at Colombo's airport after she arrived from India when authorities spotted the tattoo of Buddha seated on a lotus flower. She was sent before a magistrate, who ordered her deportation.
    (AP, 4/23/14)
2014        Apr 21, Syria’s parliament speaker announced that presidential elections will be held on June 3. Five people were reported killed when two mortar shells struck central Damascus.
    (AP, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, Turkey's energy minister said an oil pipeline carrying crude from Iraq's Kirkuk oil fields to Turkey's Mediterranean port of Ceyhan is unusable because of persistent militant attacks.
    (Reuters, 4/21/14)
2014        Apr 21, In southern Yemen 3 militants, one of whom may have been a senior commander, were killed in a drone strike. Fares al-Suwaydi, who worked in security at Sanaa airport, was shot dead in front of the terminal by gunmen on a motorbike. An intelligence officer died of wounds he sustained in an attack that killed a colleague earlier today.
    (AFP, 4/21/14)(AP, 4/22/14)

2015        Apr 21, The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) said they are now aware of ten cases of listeria linked to ice cream and other products produced by Blue Bell Creameries of Texas since 2010. The outbreak killed three people. Blue Bell has recalled all of its products. In 2020 Blue Bell pleased guilty to distributing contaminated goods. Former CEO Paul Kruse was charged with conspiracy and attempted wire fraud.
    (SFC, 4/22/15, p.A9)(SSFC, 5/3/20, p.A4)
2015        Apr 21, The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists issued its annual list of the world's top 10 most censored countries: Eritrea tope the list followed by North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Iran, China, Myanmar and Cuba.
    (AP, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, In Hayward, Ca., former police sergeant Michael Scott Beal was charged with nine felony accounts for victimizing a mentally ill woman he once arrested for prostitution. He reportedly stole over $450,000 from her while promising to jointly invest in a house with promises of marriage.
    (SFC, 4/22/15, p.D3)
2015        Apr 21, In southern Afghanistan a bomb blast near a police station in Kandahar city killed 3 people and wounded 17. In the north a bomb killed one person and wounded five in Kunduz.
    (AP, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, Greenpeace East Asia released a report saying that Chinese government data shows that 90% of Chinese cities have failed to meet national air quality standards for the first three months of this year.
    (SFC, 4/22/15, p.A5)
2015        Apr 21, Danish lawmakers in a 91-75 vote approved banning sex with animals.
    (AP, 4/22/15)
2015        Apr 21, In Egypt Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Mursi was sentenced to 20 years in prison without parole on charges arising from the killing of protesters, nearly three years after he became the country’s first freely elected president. 12 other Brotherhood members were also sentenced to 20 years on charges of violence, kidnapping and torture stemming from the killing of protesters in 2012.
    (Reuters, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, In Guinea eleven people were sentenced to life in prison for murdering eight Ebola workers in Womey last September. Another 15 were acquitted.
    (AFP, 4/22/15)
2015        Apr 21, India said it has intercepted a Pakistani boat with what appeared to be 500 pounds of heroin valued at some $100 million. Eight Pakistanis were arrested.
    (SFC, 4/22/15, p.A2)
2015        Apr 21, In India a fire engulfed a public bus killing 7 people and burning another 16 passengers in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh state.
    (AP, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, In India a storm struck Bihar state late on today, uprooting trees and electricity poles, ripping through farmland and destroying over 25,000 mud-and-thatch homes. The storm killed at least 48 people and left thousands more homeless.
    (Reuters, 4/23/15)
2015        Apr 21, An Indonesian court found an American couple guilty of premeditated murder on the resort island of Bali. The Denpasar District Court sentenced Tommy Schaefer (21) to 18 years in prison and Heather Mack (19) to 10 years for intentionally killing Sheila von Wiese-Mack while vacationing last August.
    (AP, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, In Iran Hamid Reza Kamali, a one-time national racing champion, and two of his friends died at high speed accident in a BMW. A second deadly crash, also early this morning, saw a young girl killed when she lost control of a Porsche Boxster sports car and smashed into trees lining Shariati Avenue in northern Tehran.
    (AFP, 4/26/15)
2015        Apr 21, An Israeli court sentenced an Iranian-born Belgian to seven years in prison after convicting him of spying for Tehran posing as a businessman. Ali Mansouri (56) was arrested at Ben Gurion airport in 2013 as he attempted to leave the country carrying photographs of the US embassy in Tel Aviv and other sites.
    (AFP, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, Japan’s maglev train set a world speed record during a test run near Mount Fuji, clocking 375 mph.
    (SSFC, 4/26/15, p.A4)
2015        Apr 21, In Macedonia a group of about 40 people wearing uniforms of the disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army, or UCK, attacked a police watchtower in Gosince on the country's northern border with Kosovo. Four police officers were released after 30 minutes.
    (AP, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, In New Zealand AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd (60) pleaded guilty in court to a charge of threatening in 2014 to kill a man who used to work for him. He also pleaded guilty to possessing methamphetamine and marijuana.
    (AP, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, In Norway five wolf hunters were sentenced to jail in an unprecedented environmental crackdown to protect a tiny stock of about 35 of the predators living in eastern pine forests despite widespread local opposition.
    (Reuters, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, Puerto Rican officials said they have arrested two firefighters, Aneudy Colon Dominguez (35) T Jose Manuel Fajar Marrero (40), on charges of smuggling heroin and cocaine into a prison near the San Juan.
    (AP, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, Saudi Arabia announced that it would end almost a month of air strikes against the Iranian-allied Houthis. Hours later Houthi fighters captured an army brigade base loyal to the government in Yemen's central city of Taiz following heavy fighting. A Saudi air strike hit the brigade headquarters shortly afterwards.
    (Reuters, 4/22/15)
2015        Apr 21, In Somalia at least 10 people were killed and over a dozen wounded in a car bomb blast outside a popular restaurant in the center of Mogadishu.
    (Reuters, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, South Africa deployed the army in "volatile areas" to curb a wave of anti-immigrant violence that has killed at least seven people this month.
    (Reuters, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, One Ukrainian serviceman was reported killed and one wounded in attacks by pro-Russian separatists in the east of Ukraine in the past 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 4/21/15)
2015        Apr 21, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of US Bishop Robert Finn (62), who pleaded guilty in 2012 to failing to report a suspected child abuser, answering calls by victims to take action against bishops who cover up for pedophile priests.
    (AP, 4/21/15)

2016        Apr 21, The White House said the US and Gulf Arab allies have agreed to various security initiatives designed to defeat the Islamic State group as well as to counter Iran's actions in the region as Pres. Obama continued meeting with top officials from six Arab nations in Saudi Arabia.
    (AP, 4/21/16)
2016        Apr 21, In San Francisco sex trafficker Jamar Geeter (29) was sentenced to 97 years to life in prison for sexually trafficking two girls ages 14 and 16.
    (SFC, 4/22/16, p.D1)
2016        Apr 21, Ride-hailing app Uber settled two class-action lawsuits by drivers in California, and Massachusetts. The drivers remained as independent contractors but would be able to form a “driver’s association" to air concerns.
    (Econ, 4/30/16, p.61)
2016        Apr 21, The Swiss-made Solar Impulse took off from Hawaii on course to land in Mountain View, Ca. in about 3 days on the 9th leg of its circumnavigation.
    (SFC, 4/22/16, p.A8)
2016        Apr 21, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker unveiled a plan to offer rebates to qualifying students who begin their studies at a community college and go on to earn a bachelor’s degree at a state university.
    (SFC, 4/22/16, p.A6)
2016        Apr 21, Prince Rogers Nelson (57), singer, songwriter, arranger and instrumentalist, died at his home in  Minnesota. His records sold more than 100 million copies and earned him Grammys and an Academy Award.
    (AP, 4/22/16)
2016        Apr 21, Former Albanian PM Sali Berisha called on citizens to arm themselves, saying the government is failing to confront crime.
    (AP, 4/21/16)
2016        Apr 21, In Brazil a new elevated bike path collapsed in Rio de Janeiro killing at least 2 people.
    (SFC, 4/22/16, p.A2)
2016        Apr 21, China’s ruling Communist Party's anti-graft watchdog said Gong Qinggai, a former deputy head of China's Taiwan Affairs Office, will be prosecuted for "serious discipline violations".
    (Reuters, 4/21/16)
2016        Apr 21, Egyptian security forces rounded up dozens of activists, journalists, and lawyers ahead of demonstrations called for April 25 against President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi's policies, including the transfer of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia.
    (AP, 4/22/16)
2016        Apr 21, The militant Hamas group deployed forces along the Egypt-Gaza border to counter Cairo's concerns that it is aiding Islamic State extremists in Egypt's lawless Sinai Peninsula.
    (AP, 4/21/16)
2016        Apr 21, Ethiopian troops were operating in South Sudan after crossing the border to rescue some 125 Ethiopian children who were kidnapped during a bloody cattle raid. Top officials from both countries sought to coordinate their efforts.
    (AP, 4/21/16)
2016        Apr 21, European Union Commissioner Johannes Hahn said on a visit to Kiev that the new Ukrainian government must use its first 100 days in office to implement reforms needed to secure 600 million euros in new aid.
    (Reuters, 4/21/16)
2016        Apr 21, In Greece two men who were among 41 people picked up over the weekend from a boat found adrift in the Mediterranean Sea described surviving what they say was a shipwreck last week that might have killed up to 500 people.
    (AP, 4/21/16)
2016        Apr 21, In Libya military forces loyal to the eastern government said they had carried out air strikes overnight against Islamist fighters in Derna after Islamic State militants retreated from positions close to the city.
    (Reuters, 4/21/16)
2016        Apr 21, Malian security arrested Mauritanian man in Bamako suspected of planning and carrying out deadly attacks on popular tourist venues in Mali last year.
    (AFP, 4/22/16)
2016        Apr 21, Pakistan arrested al Qaeda operative Abdur Rehman Sindhi in a joint operation between police and intelligence agencies in Karachi.
    (AP, 4/22/16)(AP, 4/25/16)
2016        Apr 21, In Syria at least 40 pro-Syrian government fighters surrendered to Kurdish forces in the city of Qamishli in mostly Kurdish-controlled Hasaka province.
    (Reuters, 4/21/16)
2016        Apr 21, Turkey's supreme court of appeals overturned the convictions of 275 people, including a former military chief, who allegedly plotted to overthrow the country's Islamist-leaning government. The decision opens the way for a re-trial and their possible acquittal.
    (AP, 4/21/16)
2016        Apr 21, Turkish warplanes struck militant Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) targets in southeastern Turkey.
    (Reuters, 4/21/16)
2016        Apr 21, Vietnam said it was investigating whether pollution is to blame for a spate of mysterious mass fish deaths along the country's central coast after huge amounts of marine life washed ashore in recent days.
    (AFP, 4/21/16)

2017        Apr 21, A federal judge in Detroit sentenced Volkswagen AG to three years' probation over the German automaker's diesel emissions scandal as part of a $4.3 billion settlement announced in January. US District Judge Sean Cox ordered Volkswagen to pay a $2.8 billion criminal penalty for cheating on diesel emissions tests.
    (Reuters, 4/21/17)(SFC, 4/22/17, p.D1)
2017        Apr 21, A US federal judge in Seattle handed down the longest sentence ever imposed in the US for a cybercrime case to the son of a member of the Russian Parliament convicted of hacking into more than 500 US businesses and stealing millions of credit card numbers, which he then sold on special websites. Roman Seleznev was sentenced to 27 years in prison and ordered to pay nearly $170 million in restitution. Seleznev's parents divorced when he was 2; his alcoholic mother died when he was 17; he suffered a severe head injury in a terrorist bombing in Morocco in 2011; and his wife divorced him while he was in a coma.
    (AP, 4/22/17)
2017        Apr 21, The new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone started shipping for about $750 — $100 more than the iPhone 7 and last year's Galaxy S7 when it launched. A larger sibling, the S8 Plus, goes for about $850.
    (AP, 4/18/17)
2017        Apr 21, It was reported that a fungus that causes “vomitoxin" has been found in some US corn harvested last year, forcing poultry and pork farmers to test their grain, and giving headaches to grain growers already wrestling with massive supplies and low prices.
    (Reuters, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, In northern Afghanistan at least eight army soldiers were killed and several wounded when 10 Taliban gunmen, dressed as Afghan soldiers, attacked a military headquarters in Mazar-i-Sharif, Balkh province. The toll soon rose to some 170 recruits killed and at least 80 others wounded.
    (AP, 4/21/17)(AP, 4/22/17)(CSM, 4/26/17)
2017        Apr 21, In Albania the Tirana Court of Serious Crimes sentenced Mark Frroku (44) to 7½ years in prison for money laundry, illegal construction and hiding property. The court rejected a murder charge against Frroku related to a 1999 killing in Belgium.
    (AP, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, In Cambodia Evrard Nicolas Sarot (53) of the Netherlands was formally charged for taking nude photos of boys and possessing at least 1,300 pornographic pictures. Sarot was arrested April 18 while photographing naked boys aged 11-15.
    (AP, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, Police in Ontario, Canada, said more than 100 men have been arrested for allegedly trying to buy sex from underage girls following an investigation and sting operation that took place over four years.
    (SFC, 4/22/17, p.A2)
2017        Apr 21, In China a woman, surnamed Ma, died in a traffic accident in the city of Zhumadian. Two drivers who hit her were held under investigation. A video later emerged showing a speeding taxi knocking the pedestrian off her feet and sending her hurtling through the air. Dozens of people stand gawking or walk past. A full minute passes, and another speeding vehicle, this time an SUV, trampled the prone woman.
    (AP, 6/11/17)
2017        Apr 21, German police arrested a man suspected of detonating three bombs that targeted the Borussia Dortmund soccer team bus on April 11. The dual German and Russian national identified as Sergei V., had bought options on Borussia Dortmund's stock before the attack.
    (Reuters, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, In southern India at least 20 people were killed and several others seriously injured after a truck driver lost control and plowed into a group of protesting farmers. The farmers were gathered outside the main police station in the town of Yerpedu protesting against illegal sand mining in their area.
    (AP, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, Iraq released 26 hostages, including members of Qatar's ruling family. The group was kidnapped December 16, 2015, from a desert camp for falcon hunters in southern Iraq. They apparently had permits to hunt in that area inside Muthanna province. Qatar reportedly paid a billion dollars to Iran and to the al-Qaida-linked Levant Liberation Committee and Ahrar al-Sham, which are involved in the evacuation and transfer of detainees.
    (AP, 4/21/17)(Econ 6/10/17, p.14)
2017        Apr 21, Italy handed the Libyan coast guard the first two of 10 boats to rescue migrants from foundering smugglers' boats, as part of a strategy Rome hopes will reduce the huge numbers of the rescued from reaching Italian shores.
    (AP, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, A Japanese government panel endorsed Emperor Akihito's apparent desire to abdicate as an exception, but avoided a key question of succession amid a declining royal population.
    (AP, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, Kenyan troops killed 52 al Shabaab fighters in an attack on the militants' camp in southern Somalia.
    (Reuters, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, Kuwait's most prominent opposition figure, Musallam al-Barrak (61), was released after serving a two-year prison sentence for insulting the ruler in a speech critical of the country's sheikh.
    (AP, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, Dutch timber trader Guus Kouwenhoven (74) was convicted as an accessory to war crimes for selling weapons to Liberia's then-President Charles Taylor between 2000 and 2003 in violation of a UN embargo. He was sentenced to 19 years in prison. Kouwenhoven was initially sentenced to eight years by the Dutch district court for Den Bosch in 2008 on weapons smuggling charges, but was acquitted on appeal.
    (Reuters, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, In North Korea car users in Pyongyang scrambled to fill up their tanks as gas stations began limiting services or even closing amid concerns of a spreading shortage. Beijing has reportedly been tightening its enforcement of international sanctions aimed at getting Pyongyang to abandon its development of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.
    (AP, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, Magdalena Abakanowicz (86), Poland's leading visual artist, renowned sculptor and fiber artist, died.
    (AP, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, PEN, a Norwegian press advocacy group, finally gave an award to Edward Snowden in Moscow after several failed attempts to win a legal guarantee in Norway that the former National Security Agency contractor could travel freely without risk of being extradited to the United States.
    (AP, 5/3/17)
2017        Apr 21, In far eastern Russia an armed man killed two people and injured another before he was shot dead at the office of the FSB intelligence agency in Khabarovsk.
    (AP, 4/21/17)   
2017        Apr 21, In Russia the leader of an Islamic State "sleeper cell" and one of the cell's members was killed late today in a shootout with police in the Stavropol region.
    (AP, 4/22/17)
2017        Apr 21, In South Africa a driver and 19 school children were killed when the minibus they were travelling in collided with a truck and exploded in a ball of fire in Mpumalanga province.
    (Reuters, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, The Military Human Rights Center for Korea said South Korea's army is hunting down and prosecuting gay servicemen after a video of two male soldiers having sex was posted on the internet earlier this year.
    (AP, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, Turkey’s main opposition party took its petition to annul the referendum on boosting the president's powers to the nation's highest administrative court.
    (AP, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, Two Turkish soldiers died and two more were wounded in a clash with Kurdish militants in a rural area of southeast Turkey near the Iraqi border. The military said six militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) had been "neutralized" in the ensuing operation in Sirnak province.
    (Reuters, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, Ukrainian authorities detained former lawmaker Mykola Martynenko and Sergiy Pereloma, the deputy chief of state energy firm Naftogaz, in a case related to the embezzlement of $17.3 million through selling uranium concentrate at inflated prices.
    (Reuters, 4/21/17)
2017        Apr 21, Venezuela was rocked by a night of fresh violence during anti-government protests. A man was shot and killed during one protest. The death toll in three weeks of violence at anti-government protests jumped to 20 people after a night of clashes and pillaging left 12 people dead in Caracas.
    (AFP, 4/21/17)

2018        Apr 21, In Armenia thousands of demonstrators closed off streets in Yerevan during a march pressing demands for the prime minister to resign. At least 70 demonstrators were detained, including two people suspected of building bombs.
    (AP, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, The Azeri parliament appointed Novruz Mamedov as the country's new prime minister. He has been a foreign policy assistant to Pres. Ilham Aliyev since last year.
    (Reuters, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, China's state news agency Xinhua cited comments from President Xi Jinping underlining a hardening attitude towards online content in comments made at a cyber security conference in Beijing.
    (Reuters, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, In southern China five people were killed and multiple others were missing after two dragon boats capsized, causing 60 people to fall into Taohua River in the city of Guilin.
    (AP, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, In El Salvador the body of journalist Karla Lisseth Turcios (33) was found on a highway northeast of San Salvador. Her domestic partner Mario Huezo Portillo was soon arrested for the killing. Cameras had traced Portillo when he went to dump the woman's body.
    (AP, 4/24/18)
2018        Apr 21, The EU agreed to a sweeping new trade deal with Mexico. The preliminary deal, to be finalized later this year, removes tariffs on cheese, chocolate, pasta and other foods. It updates and expands a two-decade-old agreement to include financial services and online commerce, among other sectors.
    (AP, 4/23/18)
2018        Apr 21, India's government prescribed the death penalty for people convicted of raping children under 12 to help combat an increase in violent crime against women. The ordinance will require the approval of Parliament within six months in order to become law. In the meantime, suspects can be prosecuted using the ordinance.
    (AP, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, It was reported that Ireland-based Smyths Toys has reached a deal to take over more than 90 Toys R Us stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
    (AP, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, In southern Japan Nabi Tajima (117), the world's oldest person, died in the town of Kikai.
    (AP, 4/22/18)
2018        Apr 21, Libya's foreign ministry said Tunisia has reopened its consulate, the latest mission to return to Tripoli.
    (Reuters, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, In Libya three airstrikes by the self-styled Libyan National Army targeted an al-Qaida-linked group and destroyed dozens of weapons and vehicles in the town of Sadada, some 76 km (47 miles) east of Misrata.
    (AP, 4/22/18)
2018        Apr 21, In Madagascar at least 16 were wounded after clashes between thousands of opposition activists and security forces in a public square in Antananarivo. Police fired teargas at an opposition demonstration held in protest against new electoral laws, where one person died. A 2nd person died the next day from injuries during the unrest. Demonstrators claimed new electoral laws could stop some candidates from standing in upcoming presidential elections.
    (AFP, 4/22/18)(Reuters, 4/23/18)
2018        Apr 21, In Malaysia two unidentified men shot dead a Palestinian man in Kuala Lumpur. The victim was soon identified as Palestinian engineer Fadi al-Batsh (35), a "loyal" member and a "scientist of Palestine's youth scholars" and a member of Hamas.
    (Reuters, 4/21/18)(AP, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, Myanmar police evicted the family of a police officer who had testified a day earlier that he and others were ordered to entrap two Reuters news agency reporters facing charges that could get them up to 14 years in prison.
    (AP, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, In Nicaragua two university student protesters were killed in clashes over a social security reform pushed by President Daniel Ortega's government. Journalist Angel Gahona was shot dead while filming a confrontation between demonstrators and the police, amid a wave of protests against the government which have left at least 25 people dead over the last four days.
    (AP, 4/21/18)(AFP, 4/22/18)(AP, 4/22/18)
2018        Apr 21, North Korea said it has suspended nuclear and long-range missile tests and plans to close its nuclear test site.
    (AP, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, In Poland several thousand teachers rallied in Warsaw demanding wage hikes a week after the right-wing government announced a raft of generous spending measures in other sectors ahead of local elections this fall.
    (AFP, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, Russia said the United States was trying to fence off Russians with a "visa wall" after two Bolshoi ballet dancers were refused visas to perform in New York.
    (Reuters, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, In Syria International experts from the global agency for the monitoring of chemical weapons (OPCW) set off to the site in Douma of a suspected April 7 gas attack.
    (AP, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, In Syria heavy regime bombardment pounded a southern district of Damascus. The Islamic State still held large parts of the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk and the adjacent Hajar al-Aswad and Tadamun districts on the southern edge of Damascus. A family of three was killed late today in a wave of regime shelling on Yarmuk. Rebels began evacuating three towns in the eastern Qalamoun region in the Damascus countryside.
    (AFP, 4/21/18)(AP, 4/21/18)(AFP, 4/22/18)
2018        Apr 21, In Yemen Hanna Lahoud of Lebanon was killed in the southwestern province of Taiz when gunmen shot at a vehicle carrying ICRC staff members.
    (AP, 4/21/18)
2018        Apr 21, In Yemen the Saudi-led coalition reportedly detained without charge Mohsen Saleh Saadoun Al-Karbi of Qatar as he visited relatives. Yemeni security sources said Yemen's own forces arrested the Qatari man on the border with Oman, on suspicion he was an intelligence officer working with the Houthis.
    (Reuters, 5/3/18)

2019        Apr 21, The Arab League pledged to pay $100 million a month to the Palestinian Authority to plug the gap left when Israel blocked tax transfers earlier in the year.
    (AFP, 4/22/19)
2019        Apr 21, Two rescuers drowned off the coast of Australia's Victoria state when their boat flipped over during an attempt to help a man who was swept into the ocean from a rock ledge.
    (Reuters, 4/21/19)
2019        Apr 21, Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa reinstated the citizenship of 551 people convicted and stripped of their nationality amid a series of mass trials conducted during the island nation's years long crackdown on dissent.
    (AP, 4/21/19)
2019        Apr 21, In China a fire erupted in a Tesla car in an underground garage in Shanghai. Tesla later said the fire was caused by the failure of a single battery module and investigators found no defects in the car's systems.
    (AP, 6/28/19)
2019        Apr 21, Georgian police used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a protest by residents of a mountainous region against the construction of a hydropower plant.
    (Reuters, 4/21/19)
2019        Apr 21, An Iraqi court sentenced four people to death by hanging for belonging to the Islamic State militant group and committing terrorist crimes in Iraq and Syria.
    (AP, 4/21/19)
2019        Apr 21, Macedonians vote in a presidential election. The ruling Social Democrat party's favored candidate Stevo Pendarovski garnered 42.85 percent of the votes and the opposition-backed Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova 42.24 percent. Only 41.8 percent of the state's 1.8-million registered voters cast ballots, barely passing the 40-percent threshold that will also be required to make the runoff on May 5 valid.
    (Reuters, 4/21/19)(AFP, 4/22/19)
2019        Apr 21, In central Mali suspected jihadists killed at least 12 soldiers in an attack on a military outpost at Guire.
    (AFP, 4/21/19)
2019        Apr 21, Pakistani PM Imran Khan began his first official visit to Iran for talks set to focus on strengthening ties and countering terrorism.
    (AFP, 4/21/19)
2019        Apr 21, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates announced three billion dollars (2.7 billion euros) in financial support for Sudan following the overthrow of longtime leader Omar al-Bashir.
    (AFP, 4/21/19)
2019        Apr 21, In Saudi Arabia four gunmen were killed and three security officers were wounded in an attack on a security building in Zulfi north of Riyadh. The assault was soon claimed by the jihadist Islamic State group. Saudi authorities arrested 13 "terrorist" suspects the next day.
    (AP, 4/21/19)(AFP, 4/23/19)
2019        Apr 21, In Sri Lanka at least 257 people were killed and hundreds more wounded in bomb blasts that rocked 3 churches and 3 luxury hotels in or near Colombo on Easter Sunday. The bombings were carried out by seven suicide bombers from a militant group named National Thowfeek Jamaath. Two bomb experts were among the suicide attackers. The government declared a curfew with immediate effect. Major social media networks and messaging apps were blocked inside the country to prevent misinformation and rumors. The dead included 39 foreigners from 9 countries. Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen lost three of his four children in the attacks. The number killed was later set at 269.
    (AP, 4/21/19)(Reuters, 4/21/19)(AP, 4/22/19)(AFP, 4/22/19)(AP, 5/07/19)(Econ., 8/15/20, p.36)
2019        Apr 21, Sudan's military leader vowed the army was committed to handing power to the people, as a protesters' deadline for unveiling a rival civilian council loomed. General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan pledged to respond to demonstrators' demands within a week.
    (AFP, 4/21/19)
2019        Apr 21, Ukrainians cast ballots in a presidential runoff. Opinion surveys ahead of the election showed President Petro Poroshenko (53) trailing far behind comic actor Volodymyr Zelenskiy (41). Zelenskiy won 73% of the vote compared to incumbent President Petro Poroshenko's 24%. Zelenskiy, a Russian speaker from central Ukraine, vowed to step up efforts to bring the east back under Kiev's wing, but offered no details on what that entailed.
    (AP, 4/21/19)(AP, 4/22/19)
2019        Apr 21, It was reported that the price of bread almost doubled for Zimbabweans last week, as the inflation nightmare that marked the rule of long-time authoritarian leader Robert Mugabe returns to haunt his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa.
    (AFP, 4/21/19)

2020        Apr 21, President Trump provided details on a tweet in which he vowed to "suspend immigration," saying that he would order a 60-day halt in issuing green cards to keep people seeking permanent residency from immigrating to the United States during the coronavirus crisis.
    (The Week, 4/22/20)
2020        Apr 21, The Trump administration barred most international students and all students who entered the US illegally from receiving emergency college grants approved by Congress as part of nearly $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos issued the restriction in new guidelines telling colleges how to distribute more than $6 billion in grants meant to help students cover unexpected costs triggered by the pandemic.
    (AP, 4/22/20)
2020        Apr 21, The Trump administration ordered Chevron Corp. to "wind down" operations in Venezuela by Dec. 1, barring the California-based oil giant in the meantime from drilling or exporting. Chevron's investments in Venezuela were estimated at $2.6 billion.
    (SFC, 4/22/20, p.A2)
2020        Apr 21, The US Congress approved the spending of $25bn on testing for COVID-19.
    (Econ, 4/25/20, p.72)
2020        Apr 21, The US Senate Intelligence Committee released a bipartisan report confirming its conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election aiming to help Donald Trump win the presidency.
    (The Week, 4/22/20)
2020        Apr 21, Deutsche Bank in a letter declined a request by prominent US senators to provide information about the German lender's recent business dealings with President Donald Trump and his family. Deutsche's counsel rejected the senators' request on privacy grounds.
    (Reuters, 4/25/20)
2020        Apr 21, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield warned that a second coronavirus wave in winter could be "even more difficult than the one we just went through".
    (The Week, 4/22/20)
2020        Apr 21, California to date had 35,450 cases of coronavirus and 1,280 deaths. The SF Bay Area had 6,715 cases and 211 deaths. The US coronavirus cases rose to 788,920.
    (, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, US federal prosecutors in Boston said Jorge Salcedo (47), a former UCLA men's soccer coach, has pleaded guilty to taking $200,000 in bribes as part of a college admissions cheating scheme.
    (SFC, 4/22/20, p.A4)
2020        Apr 21, In Michigan a judge tossed the conviction of Kevin Harrington (37) and threw out his life sentence after prosecutors determined the lead detective coerced a key witness into implicating him and a second man. Harrington had spent 17 years behind bars for a murder he had always insisted he did not commit.
    (NBC News, 4/26/20)
2020        Apr 21, Missouri's top state prosecutor announced a lawsuit, which alleges that Chinese officials are to blame for the pandemic that has sickened around 2.5 million worldwide, thrown tens of millions out of work and devastated local economies, including in China. US law generally prohibits such suits. The number of Missouri deaths from the coronavirus rose by 16 to 215.
    (AP, 4/22/20)
2020        Apr 21, It was reported that spike in prison coronavirus infections sent Ohio's broader tally of cases to nearly 14,000, including more than 550 deaths and over 2,600 hospitalizations.
    (AP, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, Milwaukee's top public health officials said that at least seven people appear to have been infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus during activities associated with Wisconsin's April 7 election.
    (The Week, 4/22/20)
2020        Apr 21, Hundreds of Amazon and Target workers started a nationwide wave of sickouts to call attention to what they described as inadequate efforts to protect employees from the coronavirus pandemic.
    (The Week, 4/22/20)
2020        Apr 21, Microsoft joined a fledgling movement to liberate the world's data. Microsoft planned to launch 20 data-sharing groups by 2022 and give away some of its digital information, including data it has gathered on COVID-19.
    (Econ, 4/25/20, p.57)
2020        Apr 21, Global stocks fell, a day after US crude oil prices turned negative for the first time ever, as dismal corporate earnings underlined worries about economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic. Reported cases of the coronavirus have crossed 2.46 million globally and 169,863 people have died.
    (Reuters, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, Police in Bosnia began moving hundreds of migrants and refugees off the streets of the northwestern city of Bihac and transferring them into a nearby emergency tent camp set up amid the coronavirus pandemic.
    (AP, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, Britain's health ministry data a total of 17,337 people who tested positive for coronavirus have died in hospitals in Britain, an increase of 828 on the figure published 24 hours earlier. The number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus has risen to 129,044.
    (Reuters, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, In Cameroon a statement broadcast on state radio said soldiers and vigilantes stormed the rebel base in February and then discovered "that three women and 10 children were killed" in the gun battle in Ntumbo. A tally by Human Rights Watch (HRW) said 21 civilians were killed, including 13 children and a pregnant woman, and blamed the attack on at least 10 troops from an elite army unit who were backed by "at least 30 armed Fulani" militiamen.
    (BBC, 4/22/20)
2020        Apr 21, China's agriculture ministry said it had detected the deadly African swine fever virus in pigs transported to the southwestern province of Sichuan, the latest in a dozen such cases in the last two months.
    (Reuters, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, France expanded its list of drugs that face export restrictions through the coronavirus crisis despite repeated calls from the European Union to lift curbs that could cause shortages in other countries. The European Commission sent a letter on April 7 to the French government urging it to lift export restrictions on dozens of vital medicines to treat coronavirus patients. Manufacturers are exempted from the export curbs.
    (Reuters, 4/23/20)
2020        Apr 21, In Greece dozens of migrants in a hostel tested positive for the novel coronavirus, hours after the government said it would open some public services on April 27 as part of a gradual easing of the nation's coronavirus lockdown. Greece has registered 2,245 infections since its first case surfaced in late February. The death toll is 116.
    (Reuters, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, Indian authorities said they have arrested 29 people who participated in an Islamic missionary meeting last month in New Delhi that resulted in a large cluster of coronavirus cases. India has 18,601 confirmed cases of the virus. More than 4,200 cases were linked to the meeting.
    (SFC, 4/22/20, p.A6)
2020        Apr 21, Indian government forces killed four rebels late today in a gun battle in the southern Shopian district of disputed Kashmir.
    (SFC, 4/23/20, p.A2)
2020        Apr 21, Indonesia's Pres. Joko Widodo announced a national ban on mudik, the return home of vast numbers of migrants for the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. The ban went into effect three days later, by which time many were already on the move.
    (Econ., 5/2/20, p.29)
2020        Apr 21, Iran announced 88 new deaths from the novel coronavirus as the country said it had released more than 1,000 foreign prisoners over the outbreak. The latest fatalities brought the country's total to 5,297. An additional 1,297 cases of COVID-19 infection detected in the past 24 hours brought the overall total to 84,802.
    (AP, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, Kenya has confirmed almost 300 cases of COVID-19. It was reported that village chiefs in Kenya will make house-to-house checks after reports some rural communities were taking advantage of school closures due to the coronavirus to perform female genital mutilation (FGM) on girls.
    (Reuters, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, In Kenya as many as 50 people escaped a quarantine area as a meal was being served at the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC). Kenya has recorded 296 cases of Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by coronavirus, including 14 deaths.
    (BBC, 4/22/20)
2020        Apr 21, In Lebanon the bodies of seven persons, including five Syrians, were found shot dead in three separate locations in the mountain village of Baakline.
    (AP, 4/21/20)(SFC, 4/22/20, p.A2)
2020        Apr 21, Mexico registered a jump of more than 700 confirmed cases, to reach a total of 9,501.
    (Reuters, 4/22/20)
2020        Apr 21, Montenegrin health authorities said they would shorten a curfew and allow shops to work longer hours. The country has reported 313 infections among a population of 630,000. Five people have died and 90 recovered so far.
    (Reuters, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, Moroccan prison authorities said 68 people, mostly staff, have come down with the coronavirus at a prison in the southern city of Ouarzazate. Morocco has confirmed 3,186 cases of the COVID-19 lung disease including 144 deaths.
    (AP, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, The Netherlands's Supreme Court ruled that doctors can carry out ehthanasia in patients with advanced dementia if the patient had earlier made a written directive. The ruling solidified a law already in practice.
    (SFC, 4/22/20, p.A2)
2020        Apr 21, Nigeria's Daily Trust newspaper reported the recent deaths of around 150 people in the northern commercial city of Kano, prompting investigations to determine if they were related to the coronavirus pandemic. The state government acknowledged the deaths but said they were caused by complications from hypertension, diabetes, meningitis and acute malaria and not the COVID-19 pandemic. Nigeria has 1,182 coronavirus cases and a national death toll of 35.
    (Reuters, 4/26/20)
2020        Apr 21, Reports surfaced that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was in fragile condition following heart surgery.
    (SFC, 4/21/20, p.A2)
2020        Apr 21, Singapore has reported 9,125 coronavirus cases, a tenfold increase in just three weeks, though it has reported just 11 fatalities.
    (Bloomberg, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, Spain unveiled a series of measures aimed at helping prostitutes and victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation survive the country's coronavirus lockdown. Under the new measures, victims will be able to access improved support services.
    (Reuters, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, Sri Lanka ordered all liquor stores to close indefinitely as part of its measures aimed at containing the spread of the coronavirus. Liquor stores and bars were opened April 20 in some parts of the country, after the government partially lifted a monthlong curfew during which all liquor shops remained close.
    (, 4/22/20, p.A6)
2020        Apr 21, Thailand stepped up efforts to tackle sexual harassment, pledging to protect victims who come forward and to investigate complaints of abuse experienced by one in five Thais.
    (Reuters, 4/21/20)
2020        Apr 21, Yemeni medical and security officials reported that rain and flooding killed more than 35 people in northern, central and western provinces over the last 10 days, and sent 10,000 people fleeing flooded refugee camps. Officials and tribal leaders said heavy fighting between pro-government forces and Houthi rebels has killed hundreds of people this month in several parts of the country.
    (AP, 4/21/20)

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