Today in History - December 2

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1170        Dec 2, Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury, returned to Canterbury from France.
    (ON, 8/20/11, p.3)

1515        Dec 2, Gonzalo de Cordoba, Spanish general, strategist, viceroy of Naples, died.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1594        Dec 2, Gerardus Mercator (82), Flemish philosopher and cartographer, died. Mercator's dream was to publish a volume of maps, which would also give a history of the world since creation. Called the 'Atlas', the first section came out in 1569. It contained a chronology from creation to 1568.

1620        Dec 2, An English newspaper headline read: “The new tidings out of Italie are not yet come." In 2006 this was reported to be the world’s oldest headline.
    (Econ, 12/23/06, p.103)

1697        Dec 2, St. Paul's Cathedral opened in London.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1719        Dec 2, Pasquier Quesnel (85), French theologian (La Foi), died.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1763        Dec 2, Touro Shul, the oldest existing US synagogue, was dedicated in Newport, RI.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1774        Dec 2, Johann Friedrich Agricola (54), German court composer and organist, died.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1776        Dec 2, George Washington's army began retreating across the Delaware River from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. In 2004 David Hackett Fischer authored "Washington's Crossing."
    (WSJ, 2/6/04, p.W8)

1777        Dec 2, British officers under Gen. Howe met in the Philadelphia home of Lydia Darragh to discuss plans to the attack American forces on December 5, just prior to Gen. Washington’s planned move to Valley Forge. Mrs. Darragh listened in on the plans and sent word to Whitemarsh of the impending attack.
    (ON, 8/07, p.8)

1804        Dec 2, Napoleon crowned himself emperor of France with Josephine as Empress as Pope Pius VII looked on. In 1807 Jacques-Louis David completed his painting of the event.
    (WSJ, 12/14/04, p.D10)(AP, 12/2/07)

1805        Dec 2, Napoleon Bonaparte celebrated the first anniversary of his coronation with a victory at Austerlitz over a Russian and Austrian army.
    (HN, 12/2/98)

1812        Dec 2, James Madison was re-elected president of US; E. Gerry was vice-pres.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1814        Dec 2, Marquis de Sade (74), writer, died.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1816        Dec 2, The first savings bank in the United States, the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society, opened for business.
    (AP, 12/2/99)

1823        Dec 2, President Monroe, replying to the 1816 pronouncements of the Holy Alliance, proclaimed the principles known as the Monroe Doctrine, "that the American continents, by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and maintained, are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by European powers." His doctrine opposing European expansion in the Western Hemisphere insured that American influence in the Western hemisphere remain unquestioned. Former US Pres. Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809) helped Monroe shape the Monroe Doctrine.
    (V.D.-H.K.p.232)(AP, 12/2/97)(

1837        Dec 2, Dr. Joseph Bell, British physician, was born. He is believed to be the prototype of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective 'Sherlock Holmes.'
    (HN, 12/2/99)

1840        Dec 2, William Henry Harrison was elected president of US. Whig candidate William Henry Harrison, Old Buckeye, and his running mate John Tyler ran and won in a landslide against Democrat Pres. Martin Van Buren. Depression and financial panic had marked Van Buren’s term. Fans of the Harrison Party rolled huge balls of paper, rope and tin through Midwestern towns and into the Pennsylvania convention. "Hard cider" Whigs disrupted the Democratic gathering in Baltimore.
    (HFA, ‘96, p.46)(Hem, 8/96, p.84)(WSJ, 8/15/00, p.A26)(MC, 12/2/01)
1840        Dec 2, Gaetano Donizetti's opera "La Favorita," premiered in Paris.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1845        Dec 2, Johannes Simon Mayr (82), composer, died.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1848        Dec 2, Austria’s Emperor Ferdinand I (1793-1875) abdicated in favor of Franz Joseph (1830-1916).

1852        Dec 2, Louis Napoleon, the little nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, established the Second Empire in France (1852-1870) and called himself Napoleon III. He married the Spanish beauty Eugenie and ran a semi-liberal autocracy for 18 years.
    (WUD, 1994, p.950)(WSJ, 3/14/95, p.A16)(MC, 12/2/01)

1859        Dec 2, George Seurat (d.1891), French artist, was born in Paris. He entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts in 1875. His method of painting with bright colors juxtaposed as tiny dots was called pointillism, often called Neo-Impressionism.
    (SFC, 5/6/97, p.E4)(WUD, 1994, p.1306)(DPCP 1984)(HN, 12/2/98)
1859        Dec 2, John Brown, US abolitionist, was hanged for his raid on Harper’s Ferry the previous October. Brown was convicted and executed at Charlestown for treason against the state of Virginia after his unsuccessful October 16-18 raid at Harpers Ferry. Six of Brown‘s men were later convicted and hanged. In 1910 Oswald Garrison Villard authored an account of Brown’s life. In 1972 Richard O. Boyer authored "The Legend of John Brown." In 1998 Russell Banks published his novel "Cloudsplitter," narrated by Owen Brown (1824-1889), the 3rd son of John Brown. In 2005 David S. Reynolds authored “John Brown: Abolitionist."
    (SFEC, 2/22/98, BR p.8)(ON, 7/02, p.8)(WSJ, 4/19/05, p.D8)(SSFC, 4/24/05, p.B1)

1863        Dec 2, Charles Ringling, one of the 7 Ringling brothers of circus fame, was born. Of the 7 Ringling brothers, five were involved in the founding of the famous Ringling Brothers Circus. The 5 Ringling brothers who founded the circus were Albert, Otto, Alfred, Charles and John. Two other Ringling brothers were never associated with the circus, which began as a wagon show in 1884. In 1907 they bought the Barnum & Bailey Circus and after 1918 called their circus the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows. John Ringling’s son, John Ringling North, sold the circus to interests outside of the family in 1967.
    (HN, 12/2/00)(HNQ, 1/22/03)
1863        Dec 2, General Braxton Bragg turned over command of the Army of Tennessee to General William Hardee at Dalton, Ga.
    (HN, 12/2/98)

1864        Dec 2, Major General Grenville M. Dodge was named to replace General Rosecrans as Commander of the Department of Missouri.
    (HN, 12/2/98)
1864        Dec 2, Skirmish at Rocky Creek Church, Georgia.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1867        Dec 2, People waited in mile-long lines to hear Charles Dickens give his first reading in New York City.
    (HN, 12/2/00)

1877        Dec 2, Camille Saint-Saens' opera "Samson et Dalila," premiered in Weimar.
    (WSJ, 2/20/98, p.A16)(MC, 12/2/01)

1880        Dec 2, Josephine Lang (65), composer, died.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1883        Dec 2, Johannes Brahms' 3rd Symphony in F, premiered.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1884        Dec 2, Ruth Draper, actress and writer, was born.
    (HN, 12/2/00)

1885        Dec 2, Nikos Kazantzakis (d.1957), Greek writer and lawyer, was born. His work included "Zorba the Greek." [see Feb 18, 1887]
    (HN, 12/2/00)
1885        Dec 2, George Richards Minot (d.1950), physician (Nobel-1934), was born.
    (WUD, 1994 p.913)(Internet)
1885        Dec 2, Karl Goldmark's opera "Queen of Sheba," premiered in Vienna.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1888        Dec 2, Mehmed N. Kemal Bey (47), Turkish writer and journalist (Vatan), died.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1892        Dec 2, Jay Gould (b.1836), American financier, died. In 1986 Maury Klein authored "The Life and Legend of Jay Gould." His fortune was estimated at $72 million.
    (WSJ, 3/21/00, p.A24)(

1893        Dec 2, Pauline C. Fryer (b.1833), stage performer and Union spy during the Civil War, died in San Francisco.

1896        Dec 2, Georgi Zukov, Soviet general during World War II who captured Berlin, was born.
    (HN, 12/2/98)

1899        Dec 2, John Barbirolli, English conductor (NY Philharmonic Orchestra), was born.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1900        Dec 2, John Hossack (b.1841), an Iowa farmer and a prosperous citizen of Warren County, was killed in his bed from two blows with an ax. His wife was accused of the murder. In 1927 Susan Gaspell (1876-1948), American novelist and playwright, authored “A Jury of Her Peers," a short story based on his murder trial.
    (Econ, 2/21/09, p.83)(

1901        Dec 2, King Camp Gillette, a former bottle-cap salesman, began selling safety razor blades. The story of Gillette was told in the 1998 book "Cutting Edge" by Gordon McKibben. Gillette went on to become a millionaire and a utopian socialist who believed that competition was wasteful.
    (WSJ, 2/13/98, p.A13)(WSJ, 7/26/99, p.A22)(MC, 12/2/01)

1903        Dec 2, The play “Kuolema" (Death), a drama by Finnish writer Arvid Järnefelt, was first performed. It included incidental music by Jean Sibelius. The opening number, Valse Triste (Sad Waltz), was later adapted into a separate concert piece.
    (SFC, 10/14/97, p.B3)(

1906        Dec 2, Peter Carl Goldmark (d.1977), engineer, was born in Budapest, Hungary. He developed the first commercial color television and the long-playing phonograph record.
    (HN, 12/2/00)(AP, 12/2/06)

1907        Dec 2, Spain and France agreed to enforce Moroccan measures adopted in 1906.
    (HN, 12/2/98)

1908        Dec 2, Emp. Zxuan Tong (Aisingyoro Henry Puyi, 2 1/2 years old) ascended the dragon throne and became China's Last Emperor.
    (SFC, 6/11/97, p.A24)(MC, 12/2/01)

1909        Dec 2, J.P. Morgan acquired majority holdings in Equitable Life Co. This was the largest concentration of bank power to date.
    (HN, 12/2/98)

1912        Dec 2, Henry Armstrong, the only boxer to hold three titles simultaneously, was born.
    (HN, 12/2/98)

1913        Dec 2, Woodrow Wilson re-established the tradition of delivering the US state of the union address in person. He was the first to do so since John Adams in 1800.
    (, 1/24/15, p.22)
1913        Dec 2, The US Senate passed the Raker Act which authorized SF rights to dam the Tuolumne River in Yosemite National Park for water-collection and power-generation facilities.

1914        Dec 2, Ray Walston, actor (My Favorite Martian), was born.
    (MC, 12/2/01)
1914        Dec 2, Austrian troops occupied Belgrade, Serbia.
    (HN, 12/2/98)

1915        Dec 2, Adolph Green, songwriter (married to Phyllis Newman), was born.
    (MC, 12/2/01)
1915        Dec 2, Millicent Hearst, wife of William Randolph Hearst (d.1951), gave birth to twin sons, David (d.1986) and Randolph (d.2000).
    (SFC, 12/19/00, p.A21)(MC, 12/2/01)

1916        Dec 2, Paolo Tosti, Italian-born composer and music teacher, died at the Hotel Excelsior in Rome. In 1894 Tosti joined the British Royal Academy of Music as a professor. In 1906, he became a British citizen and was knighted two years later by his friend, King Edward VII. In 1913 he returned to Italy to spend his last years there. Tosti wrote a total of 360 songs in his lifetime including: “Goodbye," “Forever," and “Mother."

1918        Dec 2, Armenia proclaimed independence from Turkey. An independent Republic of Armenia was established in Russian Armenia under Dashnak administration.
    (HN, 12/2/98)(Compuserve Online Enc. / Armenia)

1919        Dec 2, Henry Clay Frick (b.1849), coal and steel magnate, died in NYC. He partnered with Andrew Carnegie and built of the largest coke & steel operation of the time. In 1998 Martha Frick and Symington Sanger authored “Henry Clay Frick." In 2005 Les Standiford authored “Meet You In Hell," an account of the rivalry between Frick and Andrew Carnegie.
    (, 7/29/05, p.W8)(WSJ, 8/4/07, p.P9)

1923        Dec 2, Maria M. Callas (d.1977), opera singer (Norma, Traviata, Medea, Lucia, Tosca), was born in NYC.
    (MC, 12/2/01)(Internet)

1925        Dec 2, Alexander Haig, American army general and Secretary of State for President Ronald Reagan (1981-82), was born in Bala-Cynwyd, Pa.
    (HN, 12/2/98)(MC, 12/2/01)

1927        Dec 2, Ford Motor Co. unveiled its "Model A" automobile, the successor to its "Model T." The Ford Rouge plant employed 70,000 men. A vehicle was assembled in 3 1/2 days and the price for a Model T dropped to $290 per vehicle, down 65% from its original price. The Model A was introduced with a revolutionary teaser campaign and the 1st one sold for $385.  Production for the Model T was shut down for almost 6 months to retool for the Model A and compete with GM.
    (WSJ, 6/19/96, Adv. Supl)(AP, 12/2/97)(WSJ, 11/5/99, p.A1)(MC, 12/2/01)

1929        Dec 2, 1st skull of Peking man was found 50 km out of Peking at Tsjoe Koe Tien.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1931        Dec 2, Paul-Marie-Theodore-Vincent D'indy (80), French count and composer, died.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1932        Dec 2, "Adventures of Charlie Chan" was 1st heard on NBC-Blue radio network.
    (MC, 12/2/01)
1932        Dec 2, In Germany Pres. Hindenburg appointed Gen. Schleicher as Chancellor.

1934        Dec 2, The 5.08-m (200") Mt. Palomar Observatory mirror was cast.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1938            Dec 2, Albert Kessel (29) and Robert Lee Cannon (30) became the first two people to die in California’s new gas chamber at San Quentin. Kessel and Cannon (30) were convicted of the 1937 murder of Folsom Prison Warden Clarence Larkin. Four other inmates were also executed in connection with this murder, three within two weeks.
    (, 12/1/13, DB p.46)

1939        Dec 2, New York's Municipal Airport began operations as an airliner from Chicago landed at one minute after midnight. The North Beach Airport opened in Queens, NYC, with 2 levels for passenger circulation. It was renamed LaGuardia on March 31, 1940.
    (Hem., 5/97, p.70)(AP, 12/2/98)
1939        Dec 2, British Imperial Airways and British Airways merged to form BOAC.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1941        Dec 2, Naval Intelligence ended the bugging of the Japanese consul.
    (MC, 12/2/01)
1941        Dec 2, Yamamoto ordered his fleet to Pearl Harbor.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1942        Dec 2, A self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction was demonstrated for the first time at the University of Chicago. On the squash court underneath a football stadium of the University of Chicago, the first nuclear chain reaction was set off. At 3:45 p.m., control rods were removed from the "nuclear pile" of uranium and graphite, revealing that neutrons from fissioning uranium split other atoms, which in turn split others in a chain reaction. The reaction was part of the Manhattan Project, the United States' top-secret plan to develop an atomic bomb. The group of scientists was led by Enrico Fermi and they proved that building an atomic bomb would be feasible. Dr. Alexander Langsdorf was one of the designers of the first 2 nuclear reactors that followed the first sustained nuclear chain reaction at the Univ. of Chicago. The first and last atomic bombs ever used in war were dropped on Japan in 1945.
    (TMC, 1994, p.1942)(SFC, 5/26/96, p.C-10)(AP, 12/2/97)(HNPD, 12/2/98)
1942        Dec 2, The Allies repelled a strong Axis attack in Tunisia, North Africa.
    (HN, 12/2/98)

1943        Dec 2, "Carmen Jones," a contemporary reworking of the Bizet opera "Carmen" by Oscar Hammerstein II with an all-black cast, opened on Broadway.
    (AP, 12/2/98)
1943            Dec 2, The 1st RSHA (Reichsicherheitshauptamt, the central SS-department) transport out of Vienna reached Birkenau camp (Poland). One of the powers of the RSHA was the imposition of "Protective Custody," which meant the deportation to a concentration camp without trial or the possibility of appeal for the victims.
1943        Dec 2, Italy’s Bari harbor was attacked by German bombers. They achieved a complete surprise bombing shipping and personnel operating in support of the Allied Italian campaign. 27 cargo and transport ships and a schooner were sunk. The release of mustard gas from one of the wrecked cargo ships added to the loss of life.
    (, 9/14/13, p.20)

1944        Dec 2, General Patton’s troops entered the Saar Valley and broke through the Siegfried line. US 95th Infantry division occupied bridge at Saar.
    (HN, 12/2/98)(MC, 12/2/01)
1944        Dec 2, Filippo Tommaso Emilio Marinetti (b.1876), Italian ideologue, poet, and editor, died in Bellagio, Italy. He was main founder of the Futurist movement [see 1909]. In 2006 Gunter Berghaus edited “Critical Writings by F.T. Marinetti," translated by Doug Thompson.
    (, 10/24/06, p.E2)

1946        Dec 2, Gianni Versace, fashion designer (Versace), was born.
    (MC, 12/2/01)
1946        Dec 2, The U.S. and Britain merged the German occupation zones.
    (HN, 12/2/98)
1946        Dec 2, The Protocol to the International Convention on the Regulation of Whaling (ICRW) was signed was signed in Washington, DC. The International Whaling Commission (IWC), formed in 1948, prohibited the hunting of gray whales worldwide when their numbers were down to the thousands. Scientific studies and the commercial reality of fewer whales led to the implementation of bans on hunting many whale species such as the humpback whale in 1963 followed in 1965 by a hunting ban on the blue whale (the largest creature known to have ever existed). The IWC adopted a moratorium on whaling in 1982. Although the IWC attempted to ban all commercial whaling in 1986, some countries refused to agree.
    (SFEM, 5/7/00, p.9)(, 5/26/07, p.65)

1947        Dec 2, 13th Heisman Trophy Award was awarded to John Lujack, Notre Dame (QB).
    (MC, 12/2/01)
1947        Dec 2, A Syrian mob burned a synagogue where the Aleppo Codex was hidden. This followed a UN resolution calling for the creation of Arab and Jewish states in Palestine Nearly two-thirds of the pages were retrieved by congregant, Mourad Faham. But 196 pages vanished, including books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations, Esther, Daniel, Ezra and Nehemiah, as well as pages from other books.
    (AP, 9/27/08)(SSFC, 6/28/09, p.A8)

1948        Dec 2, T. Corgaghessan Boyle, novelist and short story writer, was born. His work included "Water Music."
    (HN, 12/2/00)

1950            Dec 2, Dinu Lipatti (b.1917), Romania-born pianist, died of leukemia in Geneva, Switz.

1952        Dec 2, 1st human birth televised to public was on KOA-TV Denver, Colo.
    (MC, 12/2/01)

1954                Dec 2, The US Senate voted 67-22 to censure Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, R-Wis., for "conduct that tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute." This followed the McCarthy investigation of the Army. Roy Cohn was McCarthy’s aide and Joseph Welch was the attorney for the army. Army general counsel John G. Adams (d.2003) later authored "Without Precedent: The story of the Death of McCarthyism." In 1999 Arthur Herman published "Joseph McCarthy," a reexamination of McCarthy's accusations.
             (NYT, 12/3/54, p.1)(WSJ, 8/5/96, p.A10)(AP, 12/2/97)(WSJ, 12/6/99, p.A32)(SFC, 6/28/03, p.A1)

1956        Dec 2, Fidel Castro landed on coast of Cuba. Castro landed with a small armed force to overthrow dictator Fulgencio Batista. Che Guevara was one of the few who survived the disastrous landing of the rebels’ boat, the Granma. Guevara kept a diary for the next 2 years and in 2011 it was published in Cuba as “Diary of a Combatant."
    (TOH, 1982, p.1956)(SFC, 10/15/97, p.C2)(SFC, 6/14/11, p.A2)

1957        Dec 2, The Shippingport Atomic Power Station in Pennsylvania, the first nuclear facility to generate electricity in the US, went critical. [see July 12] It was taken out of service in 1982.
    (SSFC, 4/8/07, p.A18)(AP, 12/2/07)

1961        Dec 2, Cuban leader Fidel Castro declared himself a Marxist-Leninist who would lead Cuba to Communism.
    (AP, 12/2/97)

1963        Dec 2, Sabu Sabu (39), actor (Sabu Dastagir), died of a heart attack in Chatsworth, California. He was born in Karapur, Mysore, India, on January 27, 1924, beginning his movie career at the age of 13. His films included “Elephant Boy" (1937); “Drums" (1938); “The Thief of Baghdad" (1940); “Jungle Book" (1942) and “Arabian Nights" (1942).

1964        Dec 2, Mario Savio made a speech on behalf of the Free Speech Movement that caused hundreds of students to take over Sproul Hall in Berkeley. Police moved in the next day and arrested 780, which prompted a student strike. "There comes a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part, you can’t even passively take part. And you’ve got to put your bodies on the gears, and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve go to make it stop."
    (SFC, 12/3/97, p.A21)(SSFM, 4/29/01, p.13)
1964        Dec 2, Brazil sent Juan Peron back to Spain, foiling his efforts to return to his native land.
    (HN, 12/2/98)

1967        Dec 2, Cardinal Francis Spellman died in New York City at age 78.
    (AP, 12/2/97)
1967        Dec 2, In Gabon Pres. Omar Bongo began ruling upon the death of Leon M'Ba. Jacques Foccart, architect of French policy in Africa, helped to handpick Omar Bongo.
    (WSJ, 12/10/96, p.A22)(SFC, 3/20/97, p.A24)(AP, 11/30/05)

1968        Dec 2, Pres Nixon named Henry Kissinger (b.1923) security advisor.

1969        Dec 2, Kliment J. Voroshilov (b.1881), president USSR (1953-60), died.

1970        Dec 2, The US Senate voted to give 48,000 acres of New Mexico back to the Taos Indians.
    (HN, 12/2/98)
1970        Dec 2, The Environmental Protection Agency began operating under director William Ruckelshaus. Pres. Nixon appointed a 3-member Council on Environmental Quality that included journalist Robert Cahn (d.1997 at 80). It was the first centralized White House office to advise the president on environmental matters. He served to 1972.
    (SFC, 11/1/97, p.A17)(AP, 12/2/97)

1971        Dec 2, The British pulled out of the Trucial States (7 coastal Arab sheikhdoms that included Sharjah) in the Persian Gulf and these states formed the United Arab Emirates (UAR). Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Qaiwain, Ajman and Fujairah merged to form the new federation.
    (NG, 5/88, p.662)(HFA, '96, p.20)(SFC, 12/16/97, p.B1)(WSJ, 5/7/98, p.B16)
1971        Dec 2, The Mars 3 landed on Mars and failed after 20 seconds of video data. The orbiter returned date until August 1972.
    (SFC, 11/19/96, p.B1)

1972        Dec 2, In Australia Neville Bonner (1922-1999) became the first Aborigine to be elected to the federal Parliament. In 1971 he became the first Aboriginal person to sit in the Commonwealth parliament when he was chosen to fill a vacancy in the Senate caused by the resignation of a Liberal senator for Queensland.
    (SFC, 2/6/99, p.A21)(,_1972)
1972          Dec 2, Friedrich Christian Christiansen (92), German Luftwaffe general, died. He was born at Wyk on Foehr, Germany, on December 12, 1879. Christiansen was appointed officer commanding occupied Holland, a post he held until the end of the war when he was imprisoned by the Allies. On his release from prison he retired to West Germany and died at Innien.

1973        Dec 2, Monica Seles, tennis star (US Open 1992), was born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.

1974        Dec 2, Lucio Cabanas, leader of a communist rebel group called the Party of the Poor, was killed in a shootout with Mexican soldiers. In 2002 his remains were found in a makeshift grave in Atoyac de Alvarez, a city outside a major military base near the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco. Lino Rosas Perez and Esteban Mesino Martinez were killed along with Cabanas, in a gunbattle with authorities in the village of Otatal in southern Guerrero state. Perez and Martinez were identified in 2006 using DNA evidence.
    (AP, 8/13/02)(AP, 11/15/06)

1975        Dec 2, George Moscone (1929-1978) was elected mayor of San Francisco in a runoff election with electoral support from the neighborhoods rather than downtown interests.
    (SF E&C, 1/15/1995, SFE Mag. p.24)

1978        Dec 2, Streisand and Diamond's "You Don't Bring Me Flowers," went #1.
1978        Dec 2, Anti-Shah protesters poured through Tehran chanting "Allah is great."
1978        Dec 2, Pakistan’s General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq delivered a nationwide address on the occasion of the first day of the Hijra calendar. He did this in order to usher in an Islamic system.

1979        Dec 2, Some 2,000 Libyans ransacked the US embassy at Tripoli, Libya, chanting support for the radical Islamic regime that took power in Iran earlier in the year.
    (AP, 12/30/03)

1980        Dec 2, Pres. Carter signed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act and protected 104 million acres of wilderness. The size of Denali National Park was tripled to 6.2 million acres. Motorized access to the land was given for traditional activities such as hunting, fishing and camping. Peggy Wayburn’s book: "Alaska the Great Land" was credited with helping persuade Congress. The law directed the Interior Dept. to assess oil potential in 1.5 million acres of the coastal plain. A ban was put on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In 2002 Pres. Bush pushed to overturn the ban. Estimates on oil there ranged from 3.2 to at least 5.7 billion barrels.
    (WSJ, 5/13/99, p.B1)(SFC, 3/28/02, p.A24)(, 9/30/06, p.B6)(Econ, 12/20/03, p.38)(SSFC, 2/24/02, p.A9)(SSFC, 8/28/05, p.A13)
1980        Dec 2, Three American nuns and a lay worker were abducted, raped and shot in San Salvador. Peasants discovered their bodies the next day and buried them. Nuns Dorothy Kazel, Ita Ford, Maura Clark, and lay worker Jean Donovan were raped and shot by guardsmen. The murders occurred as the US began a 10-year $7 billion aid effort to prevent left-wing guerrillas from coming to power. Five national guardsmen were later convicted in the killings, and sentenced to 30 years in prison.
    (SFC, 4/3/98, p.B2)(SFC, 4/23/98, p.A16)(AP, 12/2/00)

1981        Dec 2, Hershy Kay (b.1919), composer, died.

1982        Dec 2, In the first operation of its kind, doctors at the University of Utah Medical Center implanted a permanent artificial heart developed by Dr. Robert K. Jarvik. Barney Clark, a retired dentist, lived 112 days with the Jarvic-7 heart, the first human to survive with a man-made heart.
    (TMC, 1994, p.1982)(AP, 12/2/97)(HN, 12/2/98)
1982        Dec 2, Marty Feldman (49), comedian, writer and actor (Young Frankenstein), died from a heart attack after suffering food poisoning in Mexico City, Mexico.  He was born July 8, 1933, in London, England.

1985        Dec 2, Philip Larkin (b.1922), English poet, died of esophageal cancer. He had received the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry in 1965. His books included “High Windows" (1974). In 2012 “The Complete Poems of Philip Larkin," edited by Archie Burnett, was published.
    (WSJ, 12/8/07, p.W18)(Econ, 1/21/12, p.94)(Econ, 1/21/12, p.94)
1985        Dec 2, The 2nd round of free elections in Guatemala gave a decisive majority of almost 70% to the centrist Christian Democratic Party candidate, Vinicio Cerezo (b.1942). The army still held much behind-the-scenes power.
    (NG, 6/1988, p.779)(

1986        Dec 2, Desi Arnaz (b.1917), Cuban-born musician and actor (played Ricky Ricardo in “I Love Lucy"), died from lung cancer in Del Mar, California. In 1949, Arnaz turned his efforts to developing the hit television series "I Love Lucy," which ran for six years on CBS and became the most successful television program in history.

1987        Dec 2, After a chaotic meeting that had begun the night before, the Chicago City Council elected Eugene Sawyer acting mayor, succeeding the late Harold Washington.
    (AP, 12/2/97)

1988        Dec 2, The film "Naked Gun," a movie based on TV's "Police Squad," was released.
1988        Dec 2, The space shuttle Atlantis was launched on a secret four-day mission.
    (AP, 12/2/98)(
1988        Dec 2, Benazir Bhutto was sworn in as prime minister of Pakistan.
    (AP, 12/2/98)
1988        Dec 2, The 5 gunmen, who hijacked Soviet Aeroflot jet, surrendered in Israel.

1990        Dec 2, Composer Aaron Copland died in North Tarrytown, N.Y., at age 90. In 1999 Howard Pollack published "Aaron Copland: The Life and Work of an Uncommon Man."
    (AP, 12/2/98)(SFEC, 5/2/99, BR p.4)
1990        Dec 2, Bob Cummings (b.1908), film and TV star, died in Woodland Hills, California.
1990        Dec 2, Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s center-right coalition easily won the first free all-German elections since 1932.
    (AP, 12/2/00)

1991        Dec 2, American hostage Joseph Cicippio, held captive in Lebanon for more than five years, was released.
    (AP, 12/2/97)
1991        Dec 2, Testimony began in West Palm Beach, Fla., in the trial of William Kennedy Smith, accused of raping Patricia Bowman at his family's estate.
    (AP, 12/2/01)

1992        Dec 2, The space shuttle Discovery blasted off with five astronauts and a spy satellite aboard.
    (AP, 12/2/97)
1992        Dec 2, Germany's lower house of parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Maastricht Treaty on European unity.
    (AP, 12/2/97)
1992        Dec 2, Uzbekistan adopted its first constitution as an independent state.
    (AP, 3/30/04)

1993        Dec 2, Alan Winterbournem, an unemployed computer engineer, opened fire at a California unemployment agency in Oxnard, killing three workers; he killed a police officer during a chase that ended in Ventura, where he himself was gunned down.
    (AP, 12/2/03)
1993        Dec 2, The space shuttle Endeavour blasted off on a mission to fix the Hubble Space Telescope.
    (AP, 12/2/98)
1993        Dec 2, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar (b.1949), number 1 man in drug trafficking, was shot to death by Police Col. Hugo Aguilar in Medellin. Escobar's wife and children vanished from Colombia in 1995 and were arrested in Argentina in 1999 for money laundering. In 2001 Mark Bowden authored "Killing Pablo" a chronicle of the hunt for Escobar. In 2003 Aguilar ran for governor of Santander province.
    (SFC, 7/6/96, p.A10)(AP, 12/2/98)(SFC, 11/17/99, p.A18)(SSFC, 1/6/02, p.M3)(SSFC, 10/5/03, p.C1)

1994        Dec 2, The US government agreed not to seek a recall of allegedly fire-prone General Motors pickup trucks. GM agreed to spend more than $51 million on safety and research.
    (AP, 12/2/99)
1994        Dec 2, Reputed "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss was convicted in Los Angeles of three counts of pandering.
    (AP, 12/2/99)

1995        Dec 2, In Baumholder, Germany, President Clinton told four-thousand American troops who were on their way to Bosnia-Herzegovina for peacekeeping duty to strike "immediately and with decisive force" if threatened.
    (AP, 12/2/00)
1995        Dec 2, NASA launched a US-European observatory on a one billion-dollar mission to study the sun. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, SOHO, later detected rivers of charged particles flowing over the surface of the sun and sunquakes. In 2003 a motor failure crippled a high-gain antenna.
    (SFC, 9/4/98, p.A3)(AP, 12/2/00)(BS, 6/26/03, 3A)
1995        Dec 2, Robertson Davies, Canadian writer, died. His book "The Merry Heart: Reflections on Reading, Writing and the World of Books" was published posthumously in 1997. His 11 novels included "Fifth Business," "What's Bred in the Bone," "The Lyre of Orpheus" and “The Cunning Man." Just before his death he finished a libretto for the opera "The Golden Ass" based on the Metamorphoses by Apuleius.
    (SFEC, 7/6/97, BR p.1)(WSJ, 5/14/99, p.W8)(WSJ, 2/25/06, p.P6)

1996        Dec 2, Arizona financier Charles Keating Jr., a central figure in the most notorious savings-and-loan debacle of the 1980s, won a new federal trial because jurors had learned of his prior fraud conviction in state court before convicting him of fraud and racketeering. Keating negotiated a plea settlement in 1999 with no additional prison time and no admittance of swindling elderly investors. Charges against his son were also dropped.
    (AP, 12/2/97)(SFC, 4/7/99, p.A3)
1996        Dec 2, Scientists disclosed that a suspected pond of ice was found in a deep crater of the moon. Astronomers of Cornell Univ. in 1997 wrote that they saw no evidence for ice on the moon.
    (SFC, 12/3/96, p.A2)(WSJ, 6/1/97, p.A1)
1996        Dec 2, In Corsica four main separatist groups vied for power, the strongest of which was the FLNC (Corsican National Liberation Front), whose Cuncolta political arm was led by Francois Santoni. In the capital of Ajaccio, the French prefect was Claude Erignac.
    (SFC, 12/3/96, p.A15)
1996        Dec 2, In France the Roussel Uclaf SA, a pharmaceutical firm mostly owned by Hoechst of Germany, agreed to reduce the workweek for 7,000 domestic employees to 35 from 38 hours without pay cuts. Employees would also get less in profit sharing but more vacation.
    (WSJ, 12/3/96, p.A17)
1996        Dec 2, India and China agreed to troop withdrawals along their 2,500 mile border, and pledged not to use military force against one another.
    (SFC, 12/3/96, p.A13)
1996        Dec 2, In India a bomb on a train near Chandigarh in the Punjab region killed 12 and injured 37.
    (WSJ, 12/3/96, p.A1)
1996        Dec 2, In Mexico Pres. Ernesto Zedillo fired Attorney Gen’l. Antonio Lozano Gracia, the only non-PRI cabinet member. He was succeeded by Jorge Madrazo Cuellar, the head of the human-rights commission.
    (SFC, 12/3/96, p.A12)(WSJ, 12/3/96, p.A1)
1996        Dec 2, In Moldova Petru Lucinschi, a top Communist official in Soviet days, beat incumbent Mircea Snegur 53% to 47%.
    (WSJ, 12/3/96, p.A1)
1996        Dec 2, In Pakistan Imran Khan, former cricket player, led the Movement for Justice Party and planned to run for prime minister.
    (WSJ, 12/2/96, p.A1)

1997        Dec 2, Attorney General Janet Reno declined to seek an independent counsel investigation of telephone fund-raising by President Clinton and Vice President Gore, concluding they did not violate election laws, a decision that drew jeers from Republicans.
    (AP, 12/2/98)
1997        Dec 2, The US promised to donate $29 million over the next 3 years to an int’l. fund for Holocaust survivors at a conference in London on Nazi gold. Congress would have to approve the contribution. Britain pledged $1.7 million. Some 5.5 tons of gold were still held in New York and London. Over the last 50 years the Tripartite Gold Commission, established by the Allies, had returned over 300 tons of gold to ten countries whose treasuries were sacked.
    (SFC, 12/2/97, p.A10)(SFC, 12/3/97, p.C3)
1997        Dec 2, The US FDA approved irradiation as a safe way to rid meat of bacteria.
    (WSJ, 12/3/97, p.A1)
1997        Dec 2, In Texas Alberto Gonzales (b.1955), the general counsel to Gov. George W. Bush, began serving as the Sec. of State.
    (, 7/14/07, p.38)
1997        Dec 2, It was reported that the US life expectancy at birth has reached 76.1 years and that the 1996 infant death rate was 7.2 per 1,000.
    (WSJ, 12/2/97, p.A20)
1997        Dec 2, It was reported that video poker takes in $2 billion a year in South Carolina.
    (WSJ, 12/2/97, p.A1)
1997        Dec 2, In California Vanessa Lei Samson (22) was abducted while walking to work in Pleasanton. Her body was later found off Highway 88 in Alpine Ct. Michelle Michaud and her boyfriend, James A. Daveggio, were later picked up by police. The couple had a van converted into a "murder and abduction chamber." The couple were arrested on a kidnap and rape charge for a separate attack on a Reno college student in Sep. and faced charges for raping 12 and 13-year old girls in Sacramento. Michaud confessed to Samson’s murder. The pair were charged in 1998 for the kidnapping and murder of Samson. In 2001 Robert Scott authored "Rope Burns," an account of the case. Daveggio and Michaud went on trial in 2002 and were convicted in June. On Sep 25 they were sentenced to death.
    (SFC, 12/11/97, p.A21)(SFC, 11/7/98, p.A18)(SFC, 1/21/02, p.B1)(SFC, 9/26/02, p.A27)
1997        Dec 2, In India lower caste villagers of Lakshmanpur were attacked by some 300 armed men, who stabbed, shot and killed 61 people including 4 children under age 5. The gunmen were thought to be members of the Ranbir Sena paramilitary force, composed of higher caste landlords.
    (SFC, 12/3/97, p.A11)
1997        Dec 2, It was reported that Libya was constructing some 2,000 miles of tunnels with 13-foot concrete pipes. Libya called it the Great Man-Made River Project and it stretched from Tunisia to Egypt. Analysts feared it would be used for military purposes. The primary contractor was Dong Ah, a South Korean construction conglomerate and much of the equipment used was of US make.
    (SFC, 12/2/97, p.A11)
1997        Dec 2, In Peru Pres. Fujimori ended the yearlong ban on visits by the Red Cross to jailed leftist suspects.
    (SFC, 12/3/97, p.C5)
1997        Dec 2, In Rwanda Hutu rebels attacked a prison and released 103 jailed comrades at the Rwerere prison near the Congo border.
    (SFC, 12/4/97, p.C4)
1997        Dec 2, A mine in the Kuzbass region of southern Siberia exploded from methane gas and killed 67 miners.
    (SFC, 12/3/97, p.C5)
1997        Dec 2, In Spain the National Court found journalists Fernando Alonso and Andoni Murga guilty of weapons possession and membership in the ETA and sentenced them to 39 years each in prison.
    (SFC, 12/3/97, p.C5)
1997        Dec 2, Tajikistan forces killed Rizvon Sadirov, leader of the group that kidnapped Karine Mane, and a number of his associates.
    (SFC, 12/3/97, p.C5)
1997        Dec 2, In Istanbul, Turkey, 33 people were sentenced to death for their roles in a 1993 mob attack that left 37 intellectuals dead.
    (SFC, 12/3/97, p.C4)

1998        Dec 2, Former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy was acquitted of all counts in a corruption case for accepting sports tickets and travel from companies doing business with his department.
    (AP, 12/2/99)
1998        Dec 2, Bill Gates of Microsoft announced a $100 million gift to deliver vaccines against 4 childhood diseases in developing countries. The Seattle non-profit Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) would receive the money over a 10 year period.
    (SFC, 12/2/98, p.A3)(WSJ, 12/2/98, p.B6)
1998        Dec 2, In Bosnia US troops arrested Bosnian Serb Gen’l. Radislav Krstic for genocide in the 1995 takeover of Srebrenica.
    (SFC, 12/3/98, p.A16)
1998        Dec 2, Filanbanco, Ecuador’s largest bank, was turned over to the federal government with net losses of $661 million US dollars. Owners Roberto and William Isaias fled to the US owing $661 million to the state Deposit Guarantee Agency.
    (, 7/12/08, p.48)
1998        Dec 2, In the West Bank an Israeli soldier was beaten and an Arab man was stabbed to death in Jerusalem. Israel announced the suspension of further troops withdrawals.
    (SFC, 12/3/98, p.A16)
1998        Dec 2, Macedonia agreed to provide a base for NATO to get to Kosovo it the need should arise.
    (WSJ, 12/3/98, p.A1)
1998        Dec 2, New Zealand agreed to lease a number of F-16 fighter jets from the US that were originally intended for Pakistan. Some $105 million was to be paid over 10 years.
    (SFC, 12/3/98, p.A18)
1998        Dec 2, In Nigeria the military government uncovered a $2 billion fraud by members of Abacha’s family involving overpayment to Russia for a steel project.
    (WSJ, 12/3/98, p.A1)
1998        Dec 2, In Turkey Bulent Ecevit was asked to form a new government.
    (WSJ, 12/3/98, p.A1)

1999        Dec 2, All six Republican presidential hopefuls, including Texas Governor George W. Bush, debated in Manchester, New Hampshire.
    (AP, 12/2/00)
1999        Dec 2, Relative calm took over in Seattle, where a meeting of the World Trade Organization was greeted earlier with sometimes violent demonstrations.
    (AP, 12/2/00)
1999        Dec 2, Joey Adams, borscht belt comedian, died at age 88 in Manhattan. He wrote over 40 books which included "The Joey Adams Encyclopedia of Humor."
    (SFC, 12/4/99, p.C2)
1999        Dec 2, Charlie Byrd, jazz guitarist, died at age 74.
    (SFC, 12/3/99, p.D7)
1999        Dec 2, Tim Cole (b.1960), an army veteran convicted of a 1985 rape, died in a Texas prison from complications of asthma. In 2008 Cole was cleared by DNA evidence. In 2010 Texas Gov. Rick Perry pardoned Cole in the state’s first posthumous pardon.
    (SFC, 3/2/10, p.A4)(
1999        Dec 2, The Euro fell below $1 for the first time to 99.95 cents.
    (SFC, 12/3/99, p.A18)
1999        Dec 2, In Algeria 16 alleged Islamic militants were killed by government soldiers near Chlef, 148 miles west of Algiers.
    (SFC, 12/16/99, p.C2)
1999        Dec 2, In Australian a rail collision outside Sidney killed 7 passengers and injured over 50. A commuter train with 450 people slammed into the back of the transcontinental Indian Pacific with 159 passengers.
    (SFC, 12/3/99, p.D4)
1999        Dec 2, In Austria an explosion leveled a 3-story apartment building in Wilhelmsberg and 9 people were killed.
    (SFC, 12/3/99, p.D5)(WSJ, 12/3/99, p.A1)(SFC, 12/4/99, p.A14)
1999        Dec 2, In Brazil riot police killed one person and wounded 9 others during a worker protest at the Bandeirantes television station in Brasilia
    (SFC, 12/3/99, p.D5)
1999        Dec 2, Congolese rebels lost Bokungu as Zimbabwean soldiers broke through to save surrounded comrades at Ikela airport.
    (SFC, 12/4/99, p.A14)
1999        Dec 2-4, In Indonesia 3-days of violence in the Maluku Islands (Moluccas) left 31 people dead. Violence that began a year ago had left 700 dead.
    (SFC, 12/6/99, p.A14)
1999        Dec 2, In Mexico Pres. Zedillo suspended the controversial border car-deposit program under angry opposition.
    (SFC, 12/3/99, p.D5)
1999        Dec 2, In Northern Ireland, a power-sharing Cabinet of Protestants and Catholics sat down together for the first time.
    (AP, 12/2/00)

2000        Dec 2, Al Gore sought a recount in south Florida, while George W. Bush flatly asserted, "I'm soon to be the president" and met with GOP congressional leaders.
    (AP, 12/2/01)
2000        Dec 2, In India 2 trains collided at Sarai Banjara in the Punjab and at least 46 people were killed.
    (SFC, 12/4/00, p.E2)
2000        Dec 2, In Chiapas Subcommander Marcos announced that he would begin talks with the government in Mexico City in Feb.
    (SFC, 12/4/00, p.A12)

2001        Dec 2, Nicolas Escude gave France its ninth Davis Cup, defeating Australian Wayne Arthurs in the deciding fifth match.
    (AP, 12/2/02)
2001        Dec 2, US bombers hit Taliban defenses around Kandahar. US strikes at Tora Bora reportedly killed at least 8 civilians.
    (SFC, 12/3/01, p.A9)
2001        Dec 2, Enron Corp. under CEO Kenneth Lay filed for bankruptcy. Employee fury in Nov persuaded Lay to give up a severance package worth about $60 million. From 1999 to 2001 a group of 29 Enron executives sold 17.3 million shares and received $1.1 billion. Days earlier Enron paid $55 million in bonuses to some 500 employees. The Enron top corporate structure was published in 2002
    (SFC, 12/30/01, p.D8)(SSFC, 1/13/02, p.A12)(SSFC, 1/20/02, p.A18)(SFC, 2/11/02, p.A12)
2001        Dec 2, An outbreak of Ebola virus hit Gabon with the 1st death in Ekata, about 5 miles from the Congo border. Within weeks at least 15 people died. The virus spread to Congo and movement in the area was restricted.
    (SFC, 12/21/01, p.A5)
2001        Dec 2, The weekend’s 3rd Palestinian suicide bomber, Maher Habashi (21), sd’d in Haifa and 15 bus passengers were killed. Hamas took responsibility. Israel warned Arafat of his regime’s annihilation. Arafat condemned the attacks and declared a "state of emergency" in Palestinian territories.
    (SFC, 12/3/01, p.1,3,11)(WSJ, 12/3/01, p.A1)

2002        Dec 2, The US Supreme Court agreed to decide whether minorities can be given a boost to get into universities. In June, a divided Court allowed the nation's colleges and universities to select students based in part on race, but emphasized that race could not be the overriding factor.
    (AP, 12/2/03)
2002        Dec 2, Achille Castiglioni (84), Italian interior designer and architect, died in Milan.
    (AP, 12/2/03)
2002        Dec 2, Ivan Illich (76), former Catholic priest and author, died in Germany. His work included "De-Schooling Society" (1971).
    (SFC, 12/4/02, p.A28)
2002        Dec 2, Mal Waldron (77), jazz pianist, died. He was the last accompanist for Billie Holiday and composed "Soul Eyes," a ballad for John Coltrane.
    (SFC, 12/4/02, p.A28)
2002        Dec 2, A statement attributed to al-Qaida claimed responsibility for the Nov 28 car-bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel in Kenya and the attempted shoot-down of an Israeli airliner.
    (AP, 12/2/03)
2002        Dec 2, Belarus said its ambassador to Japan has refused an order to return to the ex-Soviet state in what the envoy's friends said could be an attempt to stage a "Cold War-style" defection.
    (Reuters, 12/2/02)
2002        Dec 2, In Beijing Russia's Pres. Putin and Jiang Zemin signed a 13-page declaration calling for a "multi-polar" world and peaceful solutions in Iraq and North Korea.
    (SFC, 12/3/02, p.A8)
2002        Dec 2, Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian gunman trying to enter a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip, and a Palestinian teenager was killed when a mob of stone throwers clashed with troops in the West Bank town of Jenin.
    (AP, 12/2/02)
2002        Dec 2, In Russia a car hit a land mine and exploded near a settlement housing Russian military personnel outside Moscow, killing a businessman and his two employees.
    (AP, 12/2/02)
2002        Dec 2, Venezuela's opposition launched a general strike to protest President Hugo Chavez's defiant refusal to call a referendum on his rule, closing hundreds of businesses in Caracas.
    (AP, 12/2/02)

2003        Dec 2, The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that after knocking, police don't have to wait longer than 20 seconds before breaking into the home of a drug suspect.
    (AP, 12/2/04)
2003        Dec 2, Authorities in Ohio announced that they had linked 12 shootings along a five-mile stretch of interstate around Columbus, including one that killed a woman and another that broke a window at an elementary school. A suspect was arrested the following March. Charles A. McCoy Jr., later pleaded guilty to manslaughter and 10 other charges, and was sentenced to 27 years in prison.
    (AP, 12/2/04)(AP, 12/2/08)
2003        Dec 2, In northern Afghanistan, Abdul Rashid Dostum and Atta Mohammed, 2 main feuding warlords, handed over tanks and cannons to the fledgling national army.
    (AP, 12/2/03)(SFC, 12/3/03, p.A3)
2003        Dec 2, British authorities arrested Babar Ahmad (29), a computer specialist and British citizen. He was accused by the US of running websites used to raise money for terrorists and for supplying them with gas masks and night vision goggles. The Metropolitan Police paid out £60,000 in compensation to Ahmad, following civil court action in 2009. In 2010 four British officers faced criminal charges for assaulting Ahmad during his arrest. On June 3, 2011, constables Roderick James-Bowen, Mark Jones, Nigel Cowley, and John Donohue were acquitted of claims that they assaulted Babar Ahmad. 
    (SFC, 8/13/10, p.A2)(, 6/3/11)
2003        Dec 2, Alan Davidson (79), a career diplomat who shared his knowledge of exotic cuisines in a series of best-selling books, died in London. His books included: "Mediterranean Seafood" (1972), "Seafood of South East Asia" and "North Atlantic Seafood" (1979).
    (AP, 12/5/03)
2003        Dec 2, Surging floodwaters killed three men and swept a woman off a bridge in storms that lashed southern France.
    (AP, 12/3/03)
2003        Dec 2, In northern India a bus skidded off a steep mountain road and fell into a river, killing at least 27 passengers and injuring 30 others.
    (AP, 12/2/03)
2003        Dec 2, US troops have captured or killed a "big fish" in a large military operation in Kirkuk. American soldiers arrested dozens of people there in an overnight raid.
    (AP, 12/2/03)
2003        Dec 2, Israeli troops killed an armed Palestinian trying to flee in the West Bank town of Jenin.
    (AP, 12/2/03)
2003        Dec 2, Nigeria dismissed a human rights report that accused the government of killing opposition activists and stifling free speech, calling the charges "jaundiced and misconceived."
    (AP, 12/2/03)
2003        Dec 2, A senior adviser to President Vladimir Putin said that Russia cannot ratify the Kyoto Protocol limiting greenhouse gas emissions, dealing a mortal blow to the pact that required Russia's ratification to take effect.
    (AP, 12/2/03)
2003        Dec 2, In Venezuela opposition leaders claimed that more than 3.6 million people had signed a petition demanding a recall referendum on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
    (AP, 12/2/03)

2004        Dec 2, Pres. Bush picked Bernard Kerik (49), a former NYC police commissioner, to take over the Dept. of Homeland Security. Kerik recently made millions from the sale of stock options granted when he joined the board of stun-gun maker Taser Int’l. in 2002. On Dec 10 Kerik requested that his name be removed from consideration saying he had not paid taxes for a recent nanny who may have been an illegal immigrant.
    (SFC, 12/3/04, p.A1)(SFC, 12/10/04, p.A8)(SFC, 12/11/04, p.A1)
2004        Dec 2, President Bush announced that Nebraska Gov. Mike Johanns was his choice as the next agriculture secretary, replacing Ann Veneman.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2004        Dec 2, UN ambassador John Danforth resigned after five months representing the U.S. at the world body.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2004        Dec 2, Mona Van Duyn (b.1921), US poet laureate (1992), died at her home in University City, Missouri.
    (SFC, 12/4/04, p.B7)
2004        Dec 2, In Chile an appeals court ruled to strip former dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet of immunity from prosecution for a 1974 car bombing that killed an exiled Chilean general and the man's wife.
    (AP, 12/2/04)
2004        Dec 2, Dame Alicia Markova (b.1910 as Alice Marks), eminent ballerina and founder of the English National Ballet, died.
    (SFC, 12/3/04, p.B6)(Econ, 12/11/04, p.85)
2004        Dec 2, The European Union began its biggest-ever military operation, formally taking over NATO's peacekeeping mission in Bosnia with 7,000 troops (EUFOR).
    (AP, 12/2/04)(Econ, 3/19/05, p.60)
2004        Dec 2, In Iraq a mortar barrage hammered the heavily fortified Green Zone and elsewhere in central Baghdad, killing at least one person.
    (AP, 12/2/04)
2004        Dec 2, From Italy it was reported that a mob turf war claimed more than 20 lives in the last month in the Naples area, prompting police to launch an emergency security clampdown.
    (AP, 12/2/04)
2004        Dec 2, Interior Secretary Santiago Creel announced authorities had arrested 224 street gang members during a weeklong sweep across Mexico.
    (AP, 12/3/04)
2004        Dec 2, In the Philippines back-to-back storms killed more at least 842 people and left 751 missing. 1,100 were feared dead in the wake of Typhoon Nanmadol.
    (AP, 12/4/04)(SFC, 12/10/04, p.A26)

2005        Dec 2, In North Carolina Kenneth Lee Boyd, a double murderer who said he didn't want to be known as a number, became the 1,000th person executed in the United States since capital punishment resumed 28 years ago.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, The G-7 finance ministers and central bankers discussed interest rates, high energy prices, inflation and trade imbalances for the final time under Britain's leadership. The meeting was Alan Greenspan's last G-7 appearance as Federal Reserve chairman.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, In southern Afghanistan a remote-controlled bomb ripped through a vehicle killing a district government chief and two police officers and wounding three others.
    (AP, 12/03/05)
2005        Dec 2, Peter Menegazzo, one of Australia's main cattle barons, was among four people killed in a light plane crash in the Outback.
    (AP, 12/03/05)
2005        Dec 2, Belarus' lower house of parliament passed legislation that would make it a crime to discredit the state, be a member of the political opposition or an advocate for human rights.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, Manfred Nowak, the first UN torture investigator to visit China said that abuse was still widespread and authorities subjected detainees to electric shocks, beatings and sleep deprivation. He also accused the government of obstructing his work.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, China’s state news said police in southern China have arrested 16 people allegedly involved in kidnapping and selling baby girls as young as newborns to foreigners.
    (AP, 12/03/05)
2005        Dec 2, Jiamusi, a second city in northeast China, shut down a water plant on a poisoned river, fearing contamination from the approaching toxic chemicals. The slick on the Amur River, which is fed by the Songhua River, originally 50 miles long, now stretched for 90 miles.
    (AP, 12/03/05)
2005        Dec 2, In China 16 workers were killed and 42 others trapped in two separate coal mine accidents.
    (AFP, 12/03/05)
2005        Dec 2, In Colombia officials said several hundred members of a right-wing paramilitary militia that held sway for years over much of Colombia's coffee-growing region have agreed to lay down their arms in exchange for a government amnesty.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, Election officials said that Egypt's leading opposition group did not win any seats outright in the final round of parliamentary voting, which was marred by violence and police barring thousands from casting ballots.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, A Finnish man was jailed for 11 years for sexually abusing dozens of boys during trips to Thailand in what the court called the biggest pedophile case in Finland's history. Jouko Jaatinen (43) was detained in April on suspicion of molesting at least 445 Thai boys aged 13 or younger over the last 15 years and creating massive amounts of pornography.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, In eastern Germany a fire at a shelter for the homeless killed nine people.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, Honduras' ruling party said it had enlisted 300 lawyers to check results of the country's disputed presidential election for evidence of fraud. Officials still hadn't declared Honduras' new president, five days after the country's contentious election.
    (AP, 12/02/05)(AP, 12/03/05)
2005        Dec 2, India’s hybrid species of national affiliation called Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) became operational. It was made available to anyone who was an Indian citizen post 1950, and to their children and grandchildren wherever they were born. The Citizenship (Amendment) Ordinance 2005 was promulgated by the President of India and came into force on 28 June 2005.
    (, 12/15/06, p.B1)(
2005        Dec 2, In Iraq 3 US soldiers from the 48th Brigade Combat Team were killed in a traffic accident south of Baghdad.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, Former Iraqi PM Muhammad Hamza al-Zubaydi (67), one of the top Saddam Hussein-era leaders captured in Iraq, died at a U.S. military hospital in Baghdad.
    (AP, 12/05/05)
2005        Dec 2, Israeli officials said Palestinians have allowed up to 15 militants wanted by Israel to return to the Gaza Strip, violating a U.S.-brokered agreement that was to have let Israel monitor who enters the area from Egypt.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, African leaders and French President Jacques Chirac converged on Mali for a two-day summit expected to focus on Africa's conflict hotspots, immigration and the problems of African youth.
    (AFP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, The Mexico City government said 5 federal agents arrested in connection with the videotaped torture and killing of drug hitmen have been released from prison for lack of evidence.
    (AP, 12/03/05)
2005        Dec 2, In Nepal tens of thousands of people marched in Kathmandu to demand restoration of democracy.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, In the Netherlands a broad coalition of political parties unveiled a pilot program to regulate marijuana farming on the model of tobacco, which opponents say would be tantamount to legalizing growing the drug.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, In Nigeria rebel leaders from the western Sudanese region of Darfur rejected an African Union draft agreement on power-sharing between their forces and the government in Khartoum, pushing the sides' seventh session of peace talks close to stalemate.
    (AFP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, Russian media reported that Russia plans to sell more than $1 billion worth of tactical surface-to-air missiles and other defense hardware to Iran.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, It was reported that a money-laundering scandal that started in Germany has spread to other countries and implicated Leonid Reiman, Russia’s telecommunications minister and close Putin ally. Prosecutors suspected that Mr. Reiman had set up a network of shell companies and trusts to conceal over $1 billion in assets.
    (WSJ, 12/2/05, p.A3)(WSJ, 1/19/06, p.A8)
2005        Dec 2, Singapore executed 25-year-old Australian Nguyen Tuong Van for drug trafficking, after he had a "beautiful last visit" with his family. Australia's leader protested the sentence, saying it would damage ties.
    (AP, 12/02/05)
2005        Dec 2, In Kiev 9 presidents from Baltic and Black Sea nations pledged to strengthen democracy in a region traditionally considered Russia's neighborhood. They included Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Slovenia, Romania and the Ukraine.
    (AP, 12/02/05)

2006        Dec 2, The National World War I Museum opened in Kansas City, Missouri. The $26.5 million museum at the Liberty Memorial joined the ranks of The National World War II Museum in New Orleans and other definitive repositories for key events in history.
    (, 11/29/06, p.D10)
2006        Dec 2, Thousands of US homes and businesses had no electricity for heat and lights after the Midwest's first big snowstorm of the season.
    (AP, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, In Oakland Mayor-elect Ron Dellums (71) said he would appoint a young person to every board and commission in the city.
    (SSFC, 12/3/06, p.B1)
2006        Dec 2, A sport utility vehicle driven by actor Lane Garrison hit a tree in Beverly Hills, killing a 17-year-old passenger; Garrison was later sentenced to three years and four months in prison for drunken driving.
    (AP, 12/2/07)
2006        Dec 2, A civilian helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan. Militants attacked a NATO convoy in southern Helmand province's Nawzad district. NATO troops fired back and called in airstrikes that left five militants dead. In Zabul province, suspected Taliban militants attacked a police checkpoint, sparking a gunbattle that left four insurgents dead and one police officer wounded. NATO troops also battled militants near Musa Qala in Helmand province for four hours. The fighting, including airstrikes, killed or wounded "a significant number of insurgents." Militants tried to block the main highway linking Kandahar and Helmand province, and a clash with police left three militants dead and eight wounded.
    (AP, 12/3/06)
2006        Dec 2, In Bahrain the 2nd round run-off election for the lower house of parliament pitted the Shiite-led opposition against Sunnis backed by the island kingdom's government in a tight race. Islamic hardliners dominated the Sunni supporters of Bahrain's government who defeated an opposition led by the kingdom's majority Shiites in parliamentary elections. Ali Salman (41) led Wifaq, the main Shia-based opposition party.
    (AP, 12/2/06)(Econ, 11/25/06, p.46)
2006        Dec 2, A US-based election monitor said Bangladesh's list of voters contains 12.2 million false names.
    (Reuters, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, At least 15,000 demonstrators marched through Brussels in protest at planned job cuts at the Belgian factory of German car maker Volkswagen.
    (AP, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, A bomb exploded in southwest Bhutan near the border with India, seriously injuring four people and shattering the calm of the isolated Himalayan kingdom.
    (AP, 12/3/06)
2006        Dec 2, Stephane Dion (51), a former environment minister who criticized PM Harper for modeling himself after President Bush, won leadership of Canada's Liberal Party.
    (AP, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, Government troops in the Central African Republic said they have recaptured the town of Sam Ouandja on the sixth day of a counter-offensive supported by French troops, leaving rebels with only one major northeastern town, Ouadda Djalle.
    (AFP, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, China’s Xinhua news said underground water reserves in around 9 out of every 10 Chinese cities are polluted or over-exploited, and could take hundreds of years to recover.
    (AP, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, A 50-year-old battle to evict squatters from one of Egypt's most renowned archaeological sites, the West Bank of Luxor, ended as authorities began demolitions. The fate of Qurna's 10,000 residents was sealed when authorities gave the demolition order for the mud-brick houses erected over ancient Egyptian tombs.
    (AFP, 12/3/06)
2006        Dec 2, In eastern India at least 14 soldiers died when a landmine planted by suspected Maoist guerrillas exploded near the steel-producing town of Bokaro, Jharkhand state. A colonial-era footbridge collapsed onto railroad tracks in eastern India, burying a train beneath tons of red rock and killing at least 34 passengers.
    (AFP, 12/2/06)(AP, 12/3/06)
2006        Dec 2, In Baghdad the death toll from a triple car bombing at a food market in a predominantly Shiite area rose to 53 civilians dead and 121 wounded. Gunmen attacked the main gate of Yarmouk Hospital, killing one policeman and wounding three, and the bodies of 12 people who had been handcuffed and shot to death were found by police. US and Iraqi forces began an offensive operation in Baqouba. One al-Qaida in Iraq insurgent was killed and 43 detained, including two foreigners. Drive-by shootings in two towns near Baqouba killed 2 civilians and wounded 5. A truck driving at high speed slammed into a bus stop in al-Wahada, 22 miles south of Baghdad, killing about 20 people waiting for buses to the capital and wounding 15. US forces killed an insurgent who was caught planting a roadside bomb on a major highway about 40 miles south of Baghdad. A roadside bomb also hit a police patrol in Youssifiyah killing one policeman and wounding six. In the town of Karmah coalition ground and air forces killed six insurgents while destroying two buildings that militants were using. Gunmen in two cars intercepted a vehicle carrying Haithem Yassin, a Shiite adviser to Iraq's minister of electricity, in northeast Baghdad, kidnapping him, his driver and two bodyguards. 3 American soldiers were killed by roadside bombs.
    (AP, 12/2/06)(AP, 12/3/06)
2006        Dec 2, In Rome some 700,000 supporters of Silvio Berlusconi demonstrated against the government’s planned tax increases. Pier Ferdinando Casini’s Union of Christian Democrats (UDC) held its own rally in Palermo.
    (Econ, 12/9/06, p.56)
2006        Dec 2, In Lebanon thousands of Hezbollah supporters camped out in tents in central Beirut as the Shiite Muslim guerrilla group and its allies kept up the pressure on the US-backed government of Fuad Saniora to resign.
    (AP, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, Mexico's new president pledged to substantially raise the wages of the armed forces, calling them a crucial weapon against heavily armed drug gangs terrorizing the nation.
    (AP, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, In Nigeria press reports said Abubakar Audu, a former governor of Nigeria's central state of Kogi (1999-2003), has been charged in a high court with corruption and money laundering. Audu was slammed with 80 counts of corruption and money laundering during his tenure.
    (AFP, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, Hamas rejected demands by PLO leaders that its government resign over the failure to form a moderate coalition acceptable to the West, a sign of an intensifying power struggle between Islamic militants and moderate President Mahmoud Abbas.
    (AP, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, In the Philippines rescuers scouring mountain villages buried under mud and boulders loosed by a powerful typhoon discovered more bodies, raising the death total to more than 300, with another 300 missing.
    (AP, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, Saudi news said authorities have arrested 136 suspected militants over the past three months, accusing some of plotting to carry out suicide attacks inside the kingdom.
    (AP, 12/3/06)
2006        Dec 2, About 30,000 Serbs protested in front of the United States embassy in defense of Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj, now 22 days into a hunger strike at The Hague's war crimes tribunal.
    (AP, 12/2/06)
2006        Dec 2, A UN official said days of fighting between former rebels and government forces killed more than 150 people and wounded at least 400 in a southern Sudanese town.
    (AP, 12/2/06)

2007        Dec 2, Singer and song writer Brian Wilson, filmmaker Martin Scorsese, actor Steve Martin, singer Diana Ross and pianist Leon Fleisher were honored at the White House for their contributions to American culture. The five were named in September as members of the 30th class of Kennedy Center honorees.
    (AP, 12/2/07)
2007        Dec 2, A snow storm headed to the US Northeast after plastering a wide area of the Midwest the day before, disrupting airport and highway traffic. At least 10 people were killed in weather-related traffic accidents.
    (AP, 12/2/07)(SFC, 12/3/07, p.A4)
2007        Dec 2, Robert O. Anderson (b.1917), oil man and creator of the Atlantic Richfield Co. (1966), died in Roswell, NM.
    (WSJ, 12/8/07, p.A7)
2007        Dec 2, In southern Afghanistan coalition forces killed five suspected Taliban militants in an operation targeting a commander believed to be involved in the kidnapping of an Italian journalist earlier this year.
    (AP, 12/3/07)
2007        Dec 2, In Australia night time thieves stole 17.6 tons of ham and bacon from a warehouse in suburban Sidney and left behind a message saying “Thanks" and “Merry Christmas." The stolen meat was worth up to $88,000.
    (AP, 12/3/07)
2007        Dec 2, China and Japan amicably wrapped up their first high-level trade and economic talks on Sunday by pledging greater overall cooperation, but left the touchy issue of gas exploration in the East China Sea unresolved.
    (AP, 12/2/07)
2007        Dec 2, Police in northern Greece seized hundreds of ancient coins, some dating back 2,300 years, allegedly stashed away by a 70-year-old barber.
    (AP, 12/3/07)
2007        Dec 2, Two outspoken political veterans faced off in one of Hong Kong's most keenly watched legislative elections. Pro-democracy candidate Anson Chan, a hugely popular former government official, won a seat in Hong Kong's legislature, a win she hailed as a victory for democracy in the southern Chinese territory. Her closest opponent, former security chief Regina Ip, who had the backing of Beijing-allied parties, received 137,550, or 42.7% of votes.
    (AP, 12/2/07)(AP, 12/3/07)
2007        Dec 2, The number of Iraqis killed last month fell to 718. A roadside bomb targeting a police patrol in a Sunni-dominated neighborhood of Baghdad killed two officers. A roadside bomb targeting an Iraqi army patrol near Samarra killed three soldiers and injured four. Gunmen in two cars fired on a Sunni Interior Ministry aide, Maj. Gen. Fauzi Hussein Muhammed, as he returned home, killing him and wounding his driver. A mass grave with the remains of 12 people, including a paramedic who disappeared more than a year ago, was unearthed near Lake Tharthar, an area long controlled by al-Qaida in Iraq.
    (AP, 12/2/07)(AP, 12/3/07)
2007        Dec 2, In Mexico Sergio Gomez, lead performer for the top-selling group K-Paz de la Sierra, was abducted, tortured and strangled to death. His body was found the next day. A day earlier Zayda Pena of the group Zayda and the Guilty Ones was killed execution-style at the hospital where she was recovering from neck surgery for a shooting on Nov 30, in which 2 other people were killed.  Fears rose that singers, whether they have any links to drug cartels or not, get routinely "adopted" by drug gangs, which post Internet videos showing their members torturing and executing rivals to soundtracks of popular tunes.
    (AP, 12/5/07)(SFC, 12/5/07, p.E3)
2007        Dec 2, Hamas officials shut down the Gaza census office, saying the surveyors had violated an agreement to share their data with Hamas as it is collected.
    (AP, 12/3/07)
2007        Dec 2, About two dozen protesters angry over a rape case involving a Marine stormed the American Embassy. The protesters demanded the transfer to a Philippine jail of Marine Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith, who was convicted a year ago of raping a Filipino woman but has remained under U.S. government custody.
    (AP, 12/2/07)
2007        Dec 2, Russians voted in a parliamentary election. Putin's United Russia party swept 70 percent of seats in parliament.
    (AP, 12/2/07)(AP, 12/3/07)
2007        Dec 2, A Somali human rights group said violence in Mogadishu has killed 5,960 civilians this year.
    (AP, 12/2/07)
2007        Dec 2, Defense lawyers said Sudan has authorized the release of Mubarak al-Fadil, a high-profile opposition leader detained for more than four months. Fadil is the leader of the opposition Umma Party for Renewal and Reform and the cousin of former PM Sadig al-Mahdi.
    (AP, 12/2/07)
2007        Dec 2, In Ukraine 5 workers looking for the bodies of miners killed in the country’s worst mine explosion since the Soviet collapse were killed in a new explosion. A day earlier 44 people were injured in an explosion in the same section of the mine.
    (AP, 12/3/07)
2007        Dec 2, Venezuelans voted in a referendum on granting President Hugo Chavez expanded powers and ending term limits under sweeping constitutional changes. Voters narrowly rejected changes to 69 of 350 articles in the 1999 constitution by 51% to 49%.
    (AP, 12/2/07)(AP, 12/3/07)(Econ, 12/8/07, p.30)

2008        Dec 2, Detroit’s Big Three auto makers presented turnaround plans to Congress and sought $34 billion in aid.
    (WSJ, 12/3/08, p.A1)
2008        Dec 2, The new Washington, DC, Capitol Visitor Center opened to the public. The 580,000 square-foot structure ended up costing $621 million, over twice the budgeted amount.
    (Econ, 12/20/08, p.53)(
2008        Dec 2, In Arkansas a federal indictment was unsealed accusing evangelist Tony Alamo (74) of sexually abusing five girls on separate occasions beginning in 1994, including a period when he was serving a tax-evasion sentence at a halfway house in Texarkana. Alamo was convicted on July 24 of taking girls as young as 9 across state lines for sex. On Nov 13 Alamo was sentenced to 175 years in prison.
    (AP, 12/3/08)(SFC, 7/25/09, p.A3)(SFC, 11/14/09, p.A4)
2008        Dec 2, Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss trounced Democrat Jim Martin, winning his second term by a margin of more than 10 percentage points. The victory in the runoff denied Democrats a filibuster-proof majority and cemented the state's reputation as a GOP bastion.
    (AP, 12/3/08)
2008        Dec 2, In Chicago federal prosecutors unveiled a series of elaborate sting operations aimed at officers who hired out to ride shotgun for drug deals and other criminal activities. Those charged include 10 Cook County sheriff's correctional officers, four Harvey police officers and one Chicago police officer.
    (AP, 12/3/08)
2008        Dec 2, Hawaii unveiled plans to be first in the nation to roll out electric car stations statewide, a move Gov. Linda Lingle hailed as a major step toward weaning the islands off oil.
    (AP, 12/3/08)
2008        Dec 2, Eric Von der Porten (50), SF Bay Area hedge fund manager, committed suicide at his home in San Carlos, Ca.
    (SSFC, 1/4/09, p.A1)
2008        Dec 2, Odetta Holmes (b.1930), African-American folk singer, died. Her fame peaked in 1963 when she marched with martin Luther King and performed for Pres. Kennedy.
    (SFC, 12/3/08, p.A4)
2008        Dec 2, Henry Molaison (82), a native of Connecticut, died. In the 1950s he had his medial temporal lobes removed by surgery to alleviate his grand mal epileptic seizures. From that point on he was unable to form new memories. Scientists learned from Molaison that the hippocampus is crucial in forming some long term memories, but not for maintaining or retrieving them.
    (Econ, 12/20/08, p.146)
2008        Dec 2, US troops killed 10 Taliban militants during operations in southern and central Afghanistan, while five more witnesses testified at a hearing over allegations that two American soldiers mistreated a detainee.
    (AP, 12/3/08)
2008        Dec 2, Australia cut its key interest rate by one percentage point to 4.25%.
    (WSJ, 12/3/08, p.A12)
2008        Dec 2, A British judge ordered Abu Qatada, a radical Muslim cleric, to be jailed because of fears he was preparing to abscond. Qatada was once described as Osama bin Laden’s ambassador in Europe.
    (SFC, 12/3/08, p.A14)
2008        Dec 2, Mike Terry (61), anti-apartheid activist, died. He led Britain's anti-apartheid movement for nearly two decades and played a pivotal role in turning British public opinion against South Africa's white minority rule.
    (AP, 12/5/08)
2008        Dec 2, A Burundi soldier serving with African Union forces in Somalia was killed in fighting with Islamist insurgents in the war-torn capital Mogadishu.
    (AFP, 12/3/08)
2008        Dec 2, Canadian governor-general Michaelle Jean, the acting head of state, said she would cut short a foreign trip to help resolve one of the worst political crises in Canada's history.
    (AP, 12/2/08)
2008        Dec 2, Ted Rogers (75), founder of Rogers Communications, died in Toronto. He transformed a single FM radio station into a North American broadcasting, publishing and wireless telecommunications conglomerate.
    (AP, 12/2/08)
2008        Dec 2, India demanded Pakistan hand over 20 of its most wanted fugitives as a sign of good faith, while both sides tried to cool tensions over the Mumbai attacks before a visit by Washington's top diplomat. India named Yusuf Muzammil, the senior leader of Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba, as the mastermind of the attacks in Mumbai. A bomb exploded in a train coach in India's insurgency-hit northeast, killing at least three people and injuring another 29.
    (AP, 12/2/08)(WSJ, 12/3/08, p.A1)
2008        Dec 2, A special Iraqi court sentenced Saddam Hussein's notorious cousin, "Chemical Ali" Hassan al-Majid, to death after convicting him of crimes against humanity for his part in crushing the 1991 Shiite uprising in southern Iraq. A series of bombs in northern and southern Iraq killed at least 14 Iraqis.
    (AP, 12/2/08)(SFC, 12/3/08, p.A17)
2008        Dec 2, Dozens of Jewish settlers rioted in the West Bank town of Hebron, clashing with the Israeli troops who guard them but who may also soon evict them from a disputed building they've occupied.
    (AP, 12/2/08)
2008        Dec 2, In Kenya a government anti-corruption watchdog said it is suing seven current and former Kenyan officials for a total of a quarter of a million dollars, saying they obtained the money dishonestly.
    (AP, 12/2/08)
2008        Dec 2, In Nigeria authorities in central Plateau state announced the arrest of 16 alleged "mercenaries" from neighboring Niger. Isa Ibrahim, the Nigerien Ambassador to Nigeria, said that those arrested had been living in Jos for several years as water vendors.
    (AFP, 12/2/08)
2008        Dec 2, In Switzerland Alex Widmer (52), head of private banking at Julius Baer Holding AG, committed suicide.
    (, 2/2/09, p.C4)
2008        Dec 2, In Tanzania Simon Bikindi, Rwandan singer-songwriter, was sentenced to 15 years in prison by the Tanzania-based UN war crimes court for inciting the killings of ethnic Tutsis during the 1994 genocide. In 2010 a court upheld his 15 year sentence. The time Bikindi has already spent in prison since his arrest in July 2001 will be deducted from the 15 years.
    (AFP, 12/2/08)(AFP, 3/18/10)
2008        Dec 2, Thailand's PM Somchai Wongsawat resigned after weeks of protests closed the capital's airports, stranding 300,000 travelers. Protesters promised to lift their siege, and international flights were expected to resume on Dec 5. Deputy PM Chaowarat Chandeerakul will become the caretaker prime minister. Parliament will have to pick a new prime minister within 30 days.
    (AP, 12/2/08)
2008        Dec 2, Zimbabwe slipped deeper into crisis as the death toll from a cholera epidemic neared 500 and members of President Robert Mugabe's armed forces were accused of taking part in a looting spree.
    (AP, 12/2/08)

2009        Dec 2, Court documents filed in Boston said Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has agreed to pay $40 million to 87,500 Massachusetts employees who claimed the retailer denied them rest and meals breaks, manipulated time cards and refused to pay overtime.
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, Albania’s PM Sali Berisha announced an agreement to accept former Guantanamo detainees following talks with special envoy Daniel Fried.
    (SFC, 12/3/09, p.A2)
2009        Dec 2, Australia's plans for an emissions trading system to combat global warming were scuttled in Parliament, handing a defeat to a government that had hoped to set an example at international climate change talks next week.
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, Cambodian police confiscated two tons of live snakes and tortoises and arrested two men trying to smuggle the slithering cargo up a river from Cambodia to Vietnam. Police arrested two Cambodians, aged 17 and 20, who said they were hired to transport the cargo but did not know the identities of their employers.
    (AP, 12/3/09)
2009        Dec 2, Canadian PM Stephen Harper arrived in Beijing for what Chinese experts are touting as a fence-mending trip to repair ties damaged by Ottawa.
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, Canadian National Railway said it had reached an agreement with striking locomotive engineers to end their walkout, as the government prepared to step in with back-to-work legislation.
    (AP, 12/3/09)
2009        Dec 2, An Italian-led team of scientists said a robotic hand has been successfully connected to an amputee, allowing him to feel sensations in the artificial limb and control it with his thoughts. A video was shown of Pierpaolo Petruzziello (26) as he concentrated to give orders to the hand placed next to him.
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, In France the Pompidou Center modern art museum and the Musee d'Orsay, with its famed paintings by the Impressionists, closed after workers angry about a government cost-cutting measure voted to strike. Workers at the Louvre also voted to strike, but by mid-morning parts of the sprawling complex had been opened to visitors. The Rodin Museum, the Arc de Triomphe and the Palais de Versailles were also affected.
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, Honduras' Congress ended hopes of reversing a coup that has isolated one of the poorest countries in the Americas, voting 111-14 against reinstating ousted President Manuel Zelaya despite intense international pressure to do so.
    (AP, 12/3/09)
2009        Dec 2, The World Bank said it will give India at least one billion dollars to help clean up the heavily polluted holy river Ganges as part of moves to sharply hike lending to the country.
    (AFP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran would enrich uranium to a higher level itself, apparently ruling out a UN-brokered deal meant to dispel fears Tehran is pursuing nuclear weapons capability.
    (Reuters, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, Iran freed five British sailors detained last week when their racing yacht drifted accidentally into Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf. Britain said it was delighted with the release and praised Tehran's handling of the incident. The Fars agency reported that analyst Saeed Leilaz, known for his criticism of the government, was sentenced to nine years in prison for possession of classified documents. The Revolutionary Court also slapped the brother-in-law of opposition leader Mir Houssein Mousavi with a one-year sentence.
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, In northeast Iraq an American airstrike killed one gunman after a joint US-Iraqi foot patrol was attacked in what a police official described as a case of mistaken identity. A police official said the gunmen opened fire on the soldiers in Sadiyah, believing they were insurgents.
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, Israeli police arrested the mayor of a West Bank Jewish settlement after protesters blocked security forces from entering the community to enforce a construction freeze. The Haaretz daily reported that Israel's Interior Ministry revoked the residency of 4,577 east Jerusalemites in 2008, more than 20 times the annual average of the previous 40 years.
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, Researchers from the International People's Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice, an Indian Kashmir-based rights group, issue a report titled “buried Evidence." It said nearly 2,600 bodies have been discovered in single unmarked and mass graves throughout mountainous Indian Kashmir. They found the graves in 55 villages during a three-year survey that concluded last month.
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, Lebanon's new government endorsed Hezbollah's right to keep its weapons.
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, Mexican President Felipe Calderon said that cartels are seeking to control territory by sinking drug money into political campaigns and buying off officials before they are even elected. Gunmen shot and killed Lawyer Eleuterio Cachu Ortiz, a former police commander and opposition politician, in his office in the Mexican border town of Tijuana.
    (AP, 12/2/09)(AFP, 12/3/09)
2009        Dec 2, NATO's chief Fogh Rasmussen said European and other US allies will contribute more than 5,000 more troops to the international force in Afghanistan, declaring that "this is not just America's war."
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, In Pakistan a suicide bomber attacked the navy headquarters in Islamabad, killing a naval policeman and injuring 11 others, one of whom died the next day.
    (AFP, 12/2/09)(AP, 12/3/09)
2009        Dec 2, Poland said it plans to send 600 more troops to Afghanistan next year.
    (AP, 12/2/09)
2009        Dec 2, Somali pirates on speedboats tried to board the Antigua and Barbuda-flagged BBC Togo, but were repelled after firing on the vessel. 13 pirates then fled to a larger fishing boat 150 nautical miles (280km) south of Salalah where a Dutch frigate captured them.
    (AP, 12/3/09)
2009        Dec 2, Turkish diplomat Ahmet Uzumcu was elected to be director of the 188-nation Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, based in The Hague. He takes over next July. He said that he will pursue the last seven holdouts (Angola, Egypt, Israel, North Korean, Myanmar, Somalia and Syria) to get them to sign a disarmament treaty and submit weapons stockpiles for inspection.
    (AP, 12/3/09)

2010        Dec 2, A US government report said nearly 50,000 prison inmates claimed over $130 million in tax refunds this year without providing and wage information to the IRS.
    (SFC, 12/2/10, p.A13)
2010        Dec 2, NYC Rep. Charles Rangel (80) was censured by the US House of Representatives for financial misdeeds.
    (SFC, 12/3/10, p.A14)
2010        Dec 2, PepsiCo agreed to buy one of Russia's top drinks companies in a deal that would make the US food giant a dominant force in the Russian market and extend its reach deep into former Soviet lands. Pepsi announced that it will buy 66% Wimm-Bill-Dann for $3.8 billion and launch a tender offer for the rest of the company.
    (AFP, 12/2/10)(Econ, 12/11/10, p.75)
2010        Dec 2, NASA researcher Felisa Wolfe-Simon (33) reported that a strange bacterium, Halomonadaceae, found in California's Mono Lake, thrives on arsenic and redefines life as we know it. She said the bacterium does not merely eat arsenic, but incorporates the toxic element directly into its DNA. Her finding stirred much controversy. In 2012 scientists reported that the bacteria is just resistant to arsenic and actually dependent for life on phosphorous.
    (Reuters, 12/2/10)(SFC, 5/28/11, p.C1)(SFC, 7/10/12, p.C3)
2010        Dec 2, In Afghanistan 2 coalition service members were killed by bombs and insurgent fighting in the south and east. Afghan and coalition forces detained numerous suspected insurgents during two security operations in the south and east.
    (AP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, Australia's PM Julia Gillard slammed WikiLeaks' publication of classified documents as "illegal," in the country's strongest condemnation yet of the website's ongoing release of sensitive data.
    (AP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, Australian contractor Leighton Holdings said it had won a 22-year coal mining contract with India's state-owned NTPC power company worth 5.5 billion dollars (5.3 billion US).
    (AFP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, Heavy snow caused travel chaos across much of northern Europe, keeping London's Gatwick airport closed for a second day and disrupting road and rail travel in France, Germany and Switzerland. Freezing temperatures and often blinding snowfall killed 12 people, 10 in Poland and 2 in Germany. Poland had already reported 8 dead due to the cold. Some of the worst floods in a century devastated parts of the Balkans. Authorities declared a state of emergency in Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro.
    (Reuters, 12/2/10)(AP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, A CAR spokesman said 71 people, including 65 rebels, were killed last week in clashes between insurgents and government troops in northeastern Central African Republic.
    (AFP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, Dominican Rep. authorities detained 18 military officials and two US pilots, Kevin Kuranz (31) and Christopher Smith (28), after stopping a cocaine-laden airplane from taking off. The plane was owned by Wisconsin-based Air Cargo Carriers LLC. The pilots were freed on bail on Dec 20 pending further investigation.
    (AP, 12/3/10)(AP, 12/21/10)
2010        Dec 2, Egypt's second biggest opposition bloc said it would refuse to take up the two seats it won in a parliamentary election it said was faked, in addition to refusing to take part in a second round.
    (Reuters, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, In Greece police clashed with demonstrating students outside the parliament in the latest protest against austerity measures.
    (AP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, Guinea's Supreme Court validated Alpha Conde's victory in a presidential race considered the country's first democratic contest, but which was tainted by the ethnic divide it exposed.
    (AP, 12/3/10)
2010        Dec 2, Iraqi officials said security forces have arrested 39 suspected Al-Qaeda members in the mostly Sunni western province of Anbar. 2 insurgents were killed and 2 others wounded in an army raid in the northern province of Salaheddin. One of those wounded was a Moroccan fighter. Violence in Baghdad and the restive northern city of Mosul left three dead, including an 18-year-old girl, and nine wounded.
    (AP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, In northern Israel at least 41 people were killed in a massive forest fire. At least 37 of the dead were prison guards on board a bus, who had been trying to evacuate prisoners from a facility in the forest.
    (AP, 12/2/10)(AFP, 12/3/10)(SFC, 12/3/10, p.A4)
2010        Dec 2, Retired Naples Cardinal Michele Giordano (80), the highest ranking church official to ever stand trial in Italy, died. The cardinal was acquitted in 2000 of charges that he supplied about $800,000 (€600,000) to finance a loan-shark ring run linked to his family. He was also accused of misappropriating another $500,000 in church funds. He had always proclaimed his innocence.
    (AP, 12/3/10)
2010        Dec 2, In Ivory Coast military policemen killed four people at an office of the opposition presidential candidate, as the country tensely waited for the release of election results that were being blocked by the president's followers. Election commission chief Youssouf Bakayoko announced that opposition candidate Alassane Ouattara had won with 54.1% of the vote, compared to 45.9% for Pres. Gbagbo. Shortly thereafter, two decrees read on state TV announced that the country's air, land and maritime borders had been closed and that all foreign radio and TV broadcasts were banned indefinitely.
    (AP, 12/2/10)(AP, 12/3/10)
2010        Dec 2, In Kuwait City a two-day conference on east Sudan ended. Donors and investors pledged 3.55 billion dollars for the development of resource-rich but neglected area.
    (AFP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, Mexico’s army detained a 14-year-old suspected of working as a killer for a drug cartel. The alleged young assassin, nicknamed "El Ponchis," was captured at the airport in Cuernavaca with his 19-year-old sister as they were trying to catch a flight to Tijuana. The siblings' mother was arrested in her San Diego apartment on Dec 6 and charged on Dec 8 with entering the US illegally. On Dec 9 US officials said the boy, Edgar Jimenez Lugo, was born in San Diego. On Feb 9, 2011, Jimenez was charged with the homicides and other crimes, including arms possession and transporting cocaine. On July 26, 2011, Jimenez was sentenced to 3 years in prison.
    (AP, 12/3/10)(AP, 12/9/10)(AP, 2/10/11)(AP, 7/26/11)
2010        Dec 2, Nigeria's anti-corruption police said they planned to file charges against former Vice President Dick Cheney in a $180 million bribery case involving a former unit of oil services firm Halliburton.
    (Reuters, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, ExxonMobil said management staff in Nigeria have begun an indefinite strike after dozens of local employees were sacked, but that oil production has not been affected.  A military taskforce (JTF) comprising the army, navy and air force began raiding three camps which are believed to belong to a notorious gang leader in Delta state. The next day local residents said several civilians were killed and scores displaced during the raids against armed gangs in the Niger Delta. At least 9 people were reported killed and houses were found burned after the military raids. Activists and witnesses said as many as 150 people were killed around the village of Ayakoromo.
    (AFP, 12/2/10)(Reuters, 12/3/10)(AFP, 12/4/10)(SFC, 12/4/10, p.A3)
2010        Dec 2, Qatar was selected as host of the 2022 World Cup, beating out a bid by the United States to bring soccer's showcase back to America for the first time since 1994.
    (AP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, Russia won the bid to host the 2018 World Cup following a vote by FIFA's executive committee members.
    (AFP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, In Somalia clashes between Islamic fighters and government soldiers killed at least five people in Mogadishu. Fighting between two Islamist groups in the southern town of Burhakaba entered a second day and left 9 dead and 15 wounded.
    (AP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, Spanish police and media said hooded thieves have stolen a van containing some 20 pieces of art reportedly including works by Picasso, Colombian artist Fernando Botero and Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida. The art was valued at least €5 million ($6.6 million).
    (AP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, In Sudan a protest outside a Western Darfur university against peace mediators ended violently when police fired gunshots to disperse the crowd, leaving two civilians dead.
    (AP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, Former Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian was moved from a jail to a nearby penitentiary to formally begin serving a 19-year sentence, after the Supreme Court upheld his conviction on wide-ranging graft charges.
    (AP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, The UN appealed for $415 million (€315 million) to feed almost two million Zimbabweans facing near immediate malnutrition.
    (AFP, 12/2/10)
2010        Dec 2, Vanuatu PM Edward Natapei was replaced by deputy premier Sato Kilman following a vote of no confidence in the nation’s Parliament.
    (SFC, 12/3/10, p.A2)

2011        Dec 2, In Santa Clara, Ca., city officials announced that they have secured $850 million in funding for a new 49ers football stadium now estimated to cost $1.02 billion.
    (SFC, 12/3/11, p.A1)
2011        Dec 2, In Florida Michele O'Dowd (67) was found beaten, strangled and hidden beneath the Christmas presents in her Jacksonville home. Authorities soon charged Patty Michelle White (40) of York, S.C., who had been befriended by the victim.
    (AP, 12/6/11)
2011        Dec 2, In Canton, Georgia, Puerto Rico-born Jorelys Rivera (7) disappeared from a playground after her babysitter went home to fetch sodas for friends. The girl’s body was found on Dec 5 in a trash container and she appeared to have been severely beaten and sexually assaulted. On Dec 7 Ryan Brunn (20), a maintenance worker, was arrested for her murder. Brunn was found dead of an apparent suicide in his prison cell on Jan 19.
    (SFC, 12/6/11, p.A12)(SFC, 12/8/11, p.A14)(AP, 12/13/11)(AP, 1/19/12)
2011        Dec 2, Michigan Rep. Gov Rick Snyder’s administration said it would begin a review of Detroit’s finances. Managers in Michigan were already overseeing Benton Harbor, Flint, Pontiac and the Detroit public schools. On Dec 6 Michigan took the first legal steps toward a state takeover of Detroit.
    (SSFC, 12/4/11, p.A24)(, 12/10/11, p.36)
2011        Dec 2, In eastern Afghanistan a suicide bomber blew up a truck full of explosives outside a joint Afghan-NATO combat outpost, killing one Afghan civilian and wounding dozens of other people in Logar province.
    (AP, 12/2/11)   
2011        Dec 2, It was reported that former British police boss John Yates and US ex-cop John Timoney will oversee reforms to Bahrain's security force after a report found it guilty of human rights abuses. Yates, who quit as head of Britain's Metropolitan police force in July over a phone-hacking scandal, and Timoney, former head of Miami police, were asked to modernize Bahrain’s police force in order to meet international human rights standards.
    (AFP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, Britain’s PM David Cameron held emergency talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, while France and Germany tried to drum up support for a new EU treaty to enforce budget discipline.
    (AFP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, Christopher Logue (85), English poet, died.
    (Econ, 12/17/11, p.166)
2011        Dec 2, In Colombia flooding over the last 3 months has caused 114 deaths with another 21 people missing.
    (Econ, 12/10/11, p.42)
2011        Dec 2, Human Rights Watch said CongoDRC election-related violence has already killed 18 civilians, amid fears that fresh unrest could erupt over alleged fraud. A UN report on March 20, 2012, said security forces killed at least 33 people among other "serious human rights violations" during the November elections.
    (AFP, 12/2/11)(AFP, 3/21/12)
2011        Dec 2, In Haiti a dump truck slammed into a bus in a western coastal town, killing at least five people.
    (AP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, In Iraq the Camp Victory base complex, at its height was home to 46,000 people, was handed over to the Iraqi government as part of American efforts to move all US troops out of the country by the end of the year.
    (AP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, Kosovo and Serbia agreed on normalizing border procedures, one of the thorniest issues in current talks between the two rivals. An EU statement said, "The parties will gradually set up the joint, integrated, single and secure posts at all their common crossing points."
    (AP, 12/3/11)
2011        Dec 2, In Mexico Humberto Moreira the head of Mexico's former ruling party (PRI) resigned over a financial scandal in Coahuila that threatened the party's efforts to rebrand itself as corruption-free and retake the presidency in 2012. The case against two of Moreira’s associates was dropped in 2013 due to lack of evidence.
    (AP, 12/2/11)(Econ, 3/10/12, p.50)(AP, 4/24/13)
2011        Dec 2, In Mexico Norma Andrade (51), an activist representing relatives of women slain or missing in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, was shot in what authorities called an apparent robbery attempt. She was shot twice outside her home and was in stable condition in a hospital.
    (AP, 12/3/11)
2011        Dec 2, Myanmar's Pres. Thein Sein formally approved a bill allowing citizens to protest peacefully if they have permission, in one of a series of reformist moves by the regime. Shan State Army-South rebel group, one of the main ethnic rebel groups battling Myanmar’s government, was reported to have signed a preliminary cease-fire.
    (AFP, 12/3/11)(AP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, The Environmental Rights Action (ERA)/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (FoEN) visited Kalaba community, Bayelsa state, and observed five spill points on the pipeline which was spewing oil into the environment. The pipeline was operated by Agip, the local subsidiary of Italian oil group Eni.
    (AFP, 12/3/11)
2011        Dec 2, In Peru Jose Flores Hala, one of two remaining leaders of the Shining Path guerrilla group, said his troops will cease attacks and is calling for a truce to start peace negotiations with the government.
    (AP, 12/7/11)
2011        Dec 2, In the Philippines 6 fishermen, from China's southern island province of Hainan, were arrested in waters off western Palawan province's Balabac township, for catching endangered sea turtles. Officials said the fishermen's mother ship may have escaped when their speedboat was intercepted.
    (AP, 12/4/11)
2011        Dec 2, In Puerto Rico a man opened fire inside an unemployment office in Caguas, killing Luis Lopez Rodriguez (27) and wounding another in what an official said appeared to be targeted attack.
    (AP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, A Russian court found Golos, the country’s only independent election watchdog, guilty of violations, casting doubt on its ability to monitor the Dec 4 parliamentary election as voters complain of record violations by the Kremlin party.
    (AP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, Royal Bank of Scotland said it has sold its 918 tenanted pubs in Britain to Dutch brewer Heineken for 422 million pounds, another step in its exit from non-core businesses following a government bailout.
    (Reuters, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, The Seychelles invited Beijing to set up a military base on the archipelago to beef up the fight against piracy there.
    (AFP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, Spanish police said they have arrested L. Morris (66), a British man, suspected of raping his step-daughter when she was nine years old and years later abusing her daughter as well. He had moved to Spain from Kent where the alleged rapes took place.
    (AFP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, In Syria hours of intense shooting and clashes killed at least four people and wounded dozens more, including an 11-year-old girl who was struck by stray bullets that whizzed across the border into Lebanon. The European Union released the names of Syrian officials and companies to be added to a growing sanctions blacklist.
    (AP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, Tunisia closed the second main border post into Libya following attacks on Tunisians on the Libyan side, two days after the first closure.
    (AFP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, Yemeni government troops shelled residential areas in the restive southern city of Taiz for a fourth straight day, killing three people.
    (AP, 12/2/11)
2011        Dec 2, Venezuela’s Pres. Hugo Chavez hosted leaders from across the Americas at a two-day summit. Chavez described the new regional bloc that excludes the US as a tribute to his idol Bolivar, saying the time has come to put an end to US hegemony. The 33-nation Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) includes every country in Latin America and the Caribbean. Plans for the new organization, which grew out of the 24-nation Rio Group, have been in the works since a 2008 summit hosted by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
    (AP, 12/2/11)

2012        Dec 2, In Alaska Israel Keyes (34), who had also confessed to killing a Vermont couple, was found dead in his jail cell in Anchorage. Investigators later said Keyes had confessed to killing 8 people before he committed suicide.
    (AP, 12/3/12)(SFC, 12/8/12, p.A4)
2012        Dec 2, In southern California a smuggling vessel rammed a small US Coast Guard boat killing Terrell Horne III (34) near the Channel Islands west of Malibu. Two Mexican suspects were detained.
    (SFC, 12/3/12, p.A6)(SFC, 12/4/12, p.A14)
2012        Dec 2, In southern California the bodies of 4 people, 2 men and 2 women, were found at an unlicensed boarding house in Northridge, LA County.
    (SFC, 12/3/12, p.A6)
2012        Dec 2, In eastern Afghanistan Taliban suicide bombers attacked Forward Operating Base Fenty, a joint US-Afghan air base in Jalalabad city, detonating explosives at the gate and sparking a gunbattle that lasted at least two hours. 9 attackers and 3 Afghan security members were killed.
    (AP, 12/2/12)(SFC, 12/3/12, p.A3)
2012        Dec 2, Burkina Faso voters lined up for parliamentary and municipal elections.
    (AP, 12/2/12)
2012        Dec 2, Colombia’s military killed at least FARC fighters in the pre-dawn attack near the town of Ricuarte, Narino state.
    (AP, 12/3/12)
2012        Dec 2, Egypt's top court said it was suspending its work indefinitely to protest "psychological and physical pressures" after supporters of the country's Islamist president prevented judges from entering the courthouse to rule on the legitimacy of a disputed constitutional assembly.
    (AP, 12/2/12)
2012        Dec 2, In Hungary thousands of people attended an anti-Nazi rally in Budapest to protest a call by far-right lawmaker Marton Gyongyosi to screen Jews for national security risks.
    (SFC, 12/3/12, p.A2)
2012        Dec 2, In Iraq gunmen broke into the house of an anti-al-Qaida militiaman near Samarra and killed him and his two sons.
    (AP, 12/2/12)
2012        Dec 2, Israel roundly rejected the UN endorsement of an independent state of Palestine, announcing it would withhold more than $100 million collected for the Palestinian government to pay debts to Israeli companies.
    (AP, 12/2/12)
2012        Dec 2, In Italy somebody broke into the estate of Gianfranco Soldera in tuscany and emptied the massive oak casks of 62,600 liters of his 2007-2012 Sangiovese winve.
    (Econ, 12/8/12, p.70)
2012        Dec 2, In Japan 9 people were killed after about 150 concrete panels fell from a 130-meter stretch of roof of the Sasago Tunnel 80 km (50 miles) outside Tokyo.
    (AP, 12/2/12)(SFC, 12/3/12, p.A2)(Econ, 1/12/12, p.64)
2012        Dec 2, In Kenya Deputy PM Uhuru Kenyatta and former minister William Ruto announced an alliance to run for the presidential and vice presidential seats in the country's March election. They both faced crimes against humanity charges at the International Criminal court. Kenyatta faced charges of committing murder, forcible deportation, persecution and rape against supporters of the prime minister after the 2007 election. Ruto has been charged with the murder, forcible deportation and persecution of supporters of the president's party.
    (AP, 12/2/12)
2012        Dec 2, In Kuwait opposition groups hailed their election boycott as a success after officials said voter turnout a day earlier was sharply lower than during the last parliamentary races earlier this year. The results pointed to a solidly pro-government chamber. Three women were among the new 50-seat parliament.
    (AP, 12/2/12)
2012        Dec 2, In northeast Nigeria at least 10 people were killed in attacks likely carried out by a radical Islamist sect in Chibok village, Borno state.
    (AP, 12/2/12)
2012        Dec 2, Pacific island nations and environmentalists raised an alarm over destructive fishing methods and overfishing that they say are threatening bigeye tuna, at the start of a weeklong tuna fisheries conference in Manila.
    (AP, 12/2/12)
2012        Dec 2, Slovenia held a presidential runoff pitting anti-austerity incumbent Danilo Turk against former PM Borut Pahor, who has supported some of the government's budget measures during his campaign.
    (AP, 12/2/12)
2012        Dec 2, Syria forces bombarded rebel strongholds in Damascus. A car bomb exploded near a mosque in the city of Homs, killing at least 15 people. The official SANA news agency claimed that, the Syrian army killed scores of rebels in an attack on their hideouts on the outskirts of Homs.
    (AP, 12/2/12)(SFC, 12/3/12, p.A3)
2012        Dec 2, The Syrian conflict spilled into Lebanon, after Lebanese troops exchanged fire with rebels across the border late today.
    (AP, 12/3/12)
2012        Dec 2, A Tunisian labor union suspended a nearly weeklong strike in Siliana after the national government agreed to remove a local governor.
    (AP, 12/2/12)
2012        Dec 2, In Vietnam a mortar shell left from the Vietnam War has exploded in a southern village, killing four children and seriously injuring five other people. Government figures showed that unexploded ordnance killed more than 42,000 people since the war ended in 1975.
    (AP, 12/2/12)

2013        Dec 2, US Pres. Obama announced a $100 million initiative in pursuit of a cure for HIV at a White House event marking World Aids Day.
    (SFC, 12/3/13, p.A7)
2013        Dec 2, NASA said solar observatories saw something emerge from around the sun following the comet ISON’s close approach.
    (SFC, 12/3/13, p.A7)
2013        Dec 2, In Hawaii a shark attack killed a kayak fisherman off Maui.
    (SFC, 12/3/13, p.A7)
2013        Dec 2, The Satanic Temple, a New York-based group, launched a campaign to donate a monument to stand next to Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma City.
    (Econ, 12/14/13, p.41)
2013        Dec 2, In Afghanistan a suicide truck bombing killed 4 police officers in Wardak province.
    (AP, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, In Armenia some 500 people marched through Yerevan to denounce visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin and to protest against plans to join a Moscow-led customs union.
    (Reuters, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, In Australia a class action over birth defects linked to the morning sickness drug thalidomide was settled in a court, with the British distributor agreeing to pay victims Aus$89 million (US$81 million).
    (AFP, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, China government said it has punished almost 20,000 officials in the last year for breaching rules to cut down on bureaucracy as well as pomp and ceremony.
    (Reuters, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, A producer for China's state broadcaster CCTV said that he had been fired after he criticized the network's role in a controversial crackdown on online rumors. Wang Qinglei made the statement in an open letter, which has since been scrubbed from Chinese social media.
    (Reuters, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, Zhang Yimou (62), one of China's top movie directors, admitted having three children with his current wife, according to a studio media posting, apologising after months of speculation he broke the country's controversial family planning laws.
    (AFP, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, China launched Chang’e-3, its first moon rover mission, the latest step in an ambitious space program seen as a symbol of its rising global stature.
    (AFP, 12/2/13)(Econ, 12/7/13, p.82)
2013        Dec 2, Egyptian police fired tear gas as more than two thousand students backing ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi entered Cairo's Tahrir Square to demonstrate against July's military "coup."
    (AFP, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, French police arrested 45 people in a vast sweep against international arms traffickers.
    (AFP, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, Indonesia's anti-graft agency questioned the energy minister over a corruption scandal that has ensnared top oil officials and threatened to tarnish President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's final year in office.
    (Reuters, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, In Iraq bombings near the homes of government employees killed 3 people in a Sunni suburb west of Baghdad.
    (AP, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, Lebanon’s government authorized the army to take control of Tripoli following three days of sectarian clashes that left 12 dead.
    (SFC, 12/3/13, p.A2)
2013        Dec 2, Mexican authorities said a total of 64 bodies have been found in mass graves in the western state of Jalisco, as they wrapped up a probe of alleged victims of a drug cartel.
    (AFP, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, In Mexico a truck carrying cobalt-60, used for radiotherapy treatment to combat cancer, was stolen. The IAEA later said the heist occurred in Tepojaco, a town near Mexico City, and described the load as "extremely dangerous" if damaged or removed from its protective shielding. The truck was found abandoned on Dec 4. The highly radioactive material had been removed from its container and was found near the truck.
    (AP, 12/4/13)(AP, 12/5/13)
2013        Dec 2, In northeastern Nigeria hundreds of Islamic militants in trucks and a stolen armored personnel carrier attacked an air force base on the outskirts of Maiduguri before dawn. 24 insurgents were reported killed along with 2 air force personnel. Authorities imposed a 24-hour curfew following the attack.
    (AP, 12/2/13)(Reuters, 12/2/13)(SFC, 12/3/13, p.A3)
2013        Dec 2, At a ceremoney in Lomndonderry, Northern Ireland, French artist Laure Prouvost won Britain's Turner prize for contemporary art for her video installation set among a mock-tea party setting entitled "Wantee."
    (AFP, 12/3/13)
2013        Dec 2, In central Poland a priest (49) was sentenced to more than eight years after being convicted of sexually abusing five boys.
    (AP, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, Somalia's parliament voted to sack PM Abdi Farah Shirdon and his Cabinet in a no-confidence vote, after a row with the president that has paralyzed the state and threatened a shaky recovery from war.
    (Reuters, 12/2/13)(SFC, 12/3/13, p.A2)
2013        Dec 2, In Syria opposition fighters abducted 12 nuns from Maaloula, a predominantly Christian village near the capital that was overrun by rebels. The nuns were reported freed on March 9.
    (AP, 12/3/13)(Reuters, 3/9/14)
2013        Dec 2, Thailand's PM Shinawatra said she is willing to do anything it takes to end violent protests against her government and restore peace, but cannot accept the opposition's "unconstitutional" demand to hand power to an unelected council.
    (AP, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, Turkey said it stood by a bilateral oil deal with Iraq's Kurdistan region that bypassed central government but sought to appease Baghdad by drawing it into the arrangement.
    (Reuters, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, In Ukraine about 1,000 protesters blocked off the government's main headquarters and surrounding streets, preventing employees getting to work, in further protests at Kiev's policy U-turn away from integration with Europe.
    (AP, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, Venezuela's second massive power outage of the year plunged much of the nation into darkness, prompting renewed talk of sabotage from President Nicolas Maduro's government and cries of incompetence from its foes.
    (Reuters, 12/2/13)
2013        Dec 2, In southern Yemen suspected al-Qaida militants attacked a military checkpoint in Hadramawt province sparking a clash that left 3 militants and 2 soldiers dead.
    (AP, 12/2/13)

2014        Dec 2, New York-based Corning announced that it is buying Samsung Electronics' fiber optics business to help bolster its portfolio of optical communications products in Asia.
    (AP, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, Saxophonist Bobby Keys (70) died at his home in Franklin, Tenn. He had toured with Buddy Holly, played on recordings by John Lennon, and laid down the blowout a solo on the the Rolling Stones’ Brown Sugar" album.
    (SFC, 12/3/14, p.E4)
2014        Dec 2, In northwest Afghanistan Taliban insurgents killed 6 Afghan soldiers in Badghis province. 3 insurgents were killed in the attack in Bala Murghab district. An American drone killed 5 insurgents in Shirzad district in Nangahar province.
    (AP, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, Chinese state media reported that China has adopted pilot programs for circuit courts and courts with jurisdiction across different regions designed to reduce local officials' interference in the judiciary.
    (Reuters, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, France’s lower house of Parliament in a non-binding vote (339-151) urged the government to recognize a Palestinian state.
    (SFC, 12/3/14, p.A2)
2014        Dec 2, Pilots at German airline Lufthansa extended their two-day strike to long-haul flights in an ongoing dispute over retirement benefits.
    (AP, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, In Greece anarchists burned a bus and several cars in Athens following a demonstration in support of Nikos Romanos, a young anarchist convicted of involvement in an armed bank robbery. Romanos was on a hunger strike.
    (SFC, 12/3/14, p.A2)
2014        Dec 2, Three founders of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protest movement called for an end to street demonstrations to prevent more violence and take the campaign to a new stage. Professors Benny Tai Yiu-ting and Chan Kin-man and Pastor Chu Yiu-ming said they planned to surrender to police on Dec 3 to take responsibility for the protests.
    (AP, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, Indian soldiers killed 6 militants near the border with Pakistan in Kupwara, northern Kashmir.
    (Reuters, 12/3/14)
2014        Dec 2, Iraqi ministers agreed to take a 50 percent pay cut while the country grapples with a financial crisis brought about by falling oil prices and a war with Islamic State militants.
    (Reuters, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, The Iraqi government reached a deal with the Kurdish local authorities in the country's north to exchange oil from the autonomous region for a nearly 20 percent share of the national budget.
    (AP, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu fired Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni.
    (SSFC, 12/7/14, p.A2)
2014        Dec 2, In Italy a probe of ties between gangsters and allegedly corrupt city politicians. netted 37 arrests. Dozens of other suspects, including Gianni Alemanno, Rome's previous mayor, were notified they are being investigated.
    (AP, 12/3/14)
2014        Dec 2, In northeast Kenya Somali al Shabaab Islamist militants killed 36 non-Muslim workers at a quarry near the Somali border. Thus prompted Pres. Uhuru Kenyatta to sweep out his top security officials to tackle a relentless wave of violence.
    (Reuters, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, Kosovo authorities destroyed more than 2,000 small arms and rifles as part of an ongoing effort to increase security in the Balkan country.
    (AP, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, Lebanese security officials said that Lebanon’s army detained Saja al-Dulaimi, an alleged wife and daughter of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as they crossed from Syria nine days ago. They said authorities have also detained the wife of Anas Shirkas, senior Nusra Front leader from Syria. On Dec 3 a statement by Iraq's Interior Ministry spokesman Saad Maan said Saja al-Dulaimi is not a wife of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and that she is the sister of a terror suspect being held in Iraq.
    (Reuters, 12/2/14)(AP, 12/3/14)
2014        Dec 2, In Libya army airstrikes hit a warehouse and a factory in the western city of Zwara, killing 8 people and wounding 24. One strike reportedly hit a warehouse used to store food and the other a chemical factory. An army spokesman said the buildings were arms depots.
    (AP, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance member countries have approved a new interim quick-reaction military force to protect themselves from Russia or other threats. Foreign ministers from the 28 NATO countries and Ukraine condemned a Russian military build-up in Crimea and what they called Russia's "deliberate destabilization" of eastern Ukraine.
    (AP, 12/2/14)(4, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, Pakistan army's jets and ground forces killed 24 militants as part of ongoing operations in North Waziristan.
    (AP, 12/2/14)
2014        Dec 2, Portugal's national airline endured its fifth walkout this year, with a 24-hour strike by cabin crew grounding around 200 flights.
    (AP, 12/2/14)

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