Today in History - December 8

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65 BC    Dec 8, Quintus “Horace" Horatius Flaccus (d.8 BC), Roman poet and satirist best known for his three books “Odes," was born.  “Drop the question what tomorrow may bring, and count as profit every day that Fate allows you."
    (HN, 12/8/98)(AP, 11/4/00)

899        Dec 8, Arnulf of Carinthia, last emperor of Austria-France, died.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1542        Dec 8, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland (1542-67), was born. She became the Queen of England when she was a week old, but was forced to abdicate her throne to her son because she became a Catholic. She was executed for plotting against Elizabeth I. [see Dec 7]
    (HN, 12/8/00)

1596        Dec 8, Luis de Carabajal, 1st Jewish author in America, was executed in Mexico. The nephew of Luis Carvajal, a Jewish convert to Catholicism and governor of the province of Nuevo Leon, was accused of relapsing into Judaism. He was tried by Spanish Inquisitors and under torture gave out 116 names of other Judaizers that included his mother and 23 sisters. They were eventually strangled with iron collars and burned to death. A 1997 opera by Myron Fink was composed based on his story. Monterey, Mexico, was founded by conquistador Don Luis de Carvajal. He fell in love the wrong man’s daughter and was later denounced to the Mexican Inquisition because of his Jewish heritage.
    (SFC, 8/16/96, p.A19)(SFC, 9/18/96, p.A11)(WSJ, 2/25/97, p.A20)(MC, 12/8/01)

1626        Dec 8, Christina (d.1689), queen of Sweden (1644-1654), was born. She negotiated the Peace of Westphalia (1648), ending the Thirty Years' War. "Fools are more to be feared than the wicked." "Dignity is like a perfume; those who use it are scarcely conscious of it."
    (AP, 7/8/97)(AP, 1/14/99)(HN, 12/8/99)

1643        Dec 8, John Pym (59), English House of Commons member, died.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1660        Dec 8, The first Shakespearean actress to appear on an English stage (she is believed to be a Ms. Norris) made her debut as 'Desdemona.'
    (HN, 12/8/99)

1709        Dec 8, Thomas Corneille (74), French dramatist, died.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1731        Dec 8, Frantisek Xaver Dusek, composer, was born.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1741        Dec 8, Vitus Bering, Danish-born explorer and commander in the Russian navy, died on an island off the Kamchatka Peninsula, later named Bering Island.
    (ON, 2/06, p.4)

1765        Dec 8, Eli Whitney (d.1825), American inventor and manufacturer, was born. He invented the cotton gin.
    (CFA, '96, p.60)(HN, 12/8/00)

1776        Dec 8, George Washington's retreating army in the American Revolution crossed the Delaware River from New Jersey to Pennsylvania.
    (AP, 12/8/97)

1777        Dec 8, Britain’s Gen. Howe withdrew to Philadelphia following a failed attempt on American forces encamped at Whitemarsh.
    (ON, 8/07, p.8)
1777        Dec 8, Captain Cook left the Society Islands (French Polynesia).
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1785        Dec 8, Antonio Maria Mazzoni (68), composer, died.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1792        Dec 8, The 1st cremation in US: Henry Laurens.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1813        Dec 8, Ludwig van Beethoven's 7th Symphony in A, premiered.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1830        Dec 8, Henri-Benjamin Constant de Rebecque (b.1767), Swiss-born thinker, writer and French politician, died. He was intimate with Anne Louise Germaine de Staël and their intellectual collaboration made them one of the most important intellectual pairs of their time. In 2008 Renee Winegarten authored the dual biography “Germaine de Stael & Benjamin Constant."

1849        Dec 8, Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Luisa Miller," premiered in Naples.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1854        Dec 8, Fr. Nicolas Congiato, SJ, arrived in San Francisco to serve as the superior of the Jesuit mission in California. He later served as the 2nd president of St. Ignatius College.
    (GenIV, Winter 04/05)
1854        Dec 8, Pope Pius IX proclaimed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. In an encyclical he stated that: "The Blessed Virgin Mary was, from the first moment of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege of almighty God… Preserved immune from all stain of original sin. Ineffabilis Deus."
    (AP, 12/8/97)(PTA, 1980, p.510)(WSJ, 6/3/99, p.A27)

1857        Dec 8, 1st production of Dion Boucicault's "Poor of NY."
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1859        Dec 8, Thomas De Quincey (b.1785), English essayist, died. In 2006 his essays on murder were collected and published under the title “On Murder." He is best know for his famous “Confessions of an Opium Eater" (1821).
    (WSJ, 6/9/07, p.P8)(

1861        Dec 8, Aristide Maillol, French painter and sculptor (Seated Woman), was born.
    (MC, 12/8/01)
1861        Dec 8, The American Bible Society announced that it would distribute 7,000 Bibles a day to Union soldiers.
    (HN, 12/8/98)
1861        Dec 8, CSS Sumter captured the whaler Eben Dodge in the Atlantic. The war began affecting the Northern whaling industry.
    (HN, 12/8/98)

1862        Dec 8, Georges Feydeau, French playwright (La Dame de Chez Maxim's), was born.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1863        Dec 8, President Lincoln announced his plan for the Reconstruction of the South. President Lincoln offered amnesty for confederate deserters.
    (AP, 12/8/97)(MC, 12/8/01)
1863        Dec 8, Averell’s cavalry destroyed railroads in the southwestern part of West Virginia.
    (HN, 12/8/98)
1863        Dec 8, A Jesuit church in Chile caught fire and 2,500 died in a panic.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1865        Dec 8, Jean Sibelius (d.1957), composer (Valse Triste, Finlandia), was born as Johan Julius Christian in Tavastehus, Finland: “Pay no attention to what critics say. There has never been set up a statue in honor of a critic.
    (SFC, 10/14/97, p.B3)(WUD, 1994, p.1323)(SFEC, 11/16/97, Z1 p.5)(MC, 12/8/01)

1874        Dec 8, The Jesse James gang took a train at Muncie, Kansas.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1881        Dec 8, Vienna's Ring Theater was destroyed by fire and 640-850 people were killed.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1886        Dec 8, Diego Rivera (d.1957), Mexican painter, was born in Guanajuato.
    (SSFC, 8/19/12, p.P2)
1886        Dec 8, The American Federation of Labor (AFL) was founded at a convention of union leaders in Columbus, Ohio, by some 25 labor groups representing about 150,000 members. The first president of the American Federation of Labor was Samuel Gompers, who had reorganized the Cigarmakers Union and participated in the founding of the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions in 1881.
    (AP, 12/8/97)(HNPD, 9/7/99)

1894        Dec 8, James Thurber (d.1961), American humorist, writer and editor, best known for “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," was born. “You can fool too many of the people too much of the time."
    (AP, 10/22/98)(HN, 12/8/98)

1902        Dec 8, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. became Associate Justice on Supreme Court.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1903        Dec 8, Zoltan Szekely, composer, was born.
    (MC, 12/8/01)
1903        Dec 8, Samuel P. Langley’s man-carrying Great Aerodrome collapsed right after takeoff from a houseboat on the Potomac River.
1903        Dec 8, Herbert Spencer (b.1820), English philosopher, died. He was later considered to be the father of Social Darwinism. He is best known for coining the phrase "survival of the fittest," which he did in “Principles of Biology" (1864).
    (WSJ, 1/9/09, p.A11)(

1906        Dec 8, Richard Llewellyn, author (How Green Was My Valley), was born.
    (HN, 12/8/00)

1907        Dec 8, Oscar II (78), the king of Sweden and former king of Norway, died in Stockholm.
    (AP, 12/8/07)

1910        Dec 8, In San Francisco the Jesuits of St. Ignatius broke ground on a new church at Parker and Fulton. This was the site of the old Masonic Cemetery Association.
    (GenIV, Winter 04/05)

1911        Dec 8, The 61-member SF Orchestra, later known as the SF Symphony, played its first performance before some 1400 people and featured works by Wagner, Haydn and Tchaikovsky. The performance featured violinist Fritz Kreisler.
    (SFC, 9/5/11, p.A12)

1913        Dec 8, Delmore Schwartz, poet and writer, was born.
    (HN, 12/8/00)

1914        Dec 8, "Watch Your Step," the first musical revue to feature a score composed entirely by Irving Berlin, opened in New York.
    (AP, 12/8/99)
1914        Dec 8, The German cruisers Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Nurnberg, and Leipzig were sunk by a British force under Adm. Sturdee in the Battle of the Falkland Islands. 1,800 German sailors were killed including Adm. Von Spee and his 2 sons. Over 2,500 lives were lost in a single day.
    (, 3/02, p.11)(SSFC, 10/6/02, p.C12)

1915        Dec 8, Jean Sibelius' 5th Symphony in E, premiered.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1918        Dec 8, Gerard Souzay, baritone (Le Nozze di Figaro), was born in Angers, France.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1920        Dec 8, President Wilson declined to send a representative to the League of Nations in Geneva.
    (HN, 12/8/98)

1921        Dec 8, Eamon de Valera publicly repudiated the Anglo-Irish Treaty.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1924        Dec 8, Franz X. Scharwenka (74), German pianist and composer (Mataswintha), died.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1925        Dec 8, Sammy Davis Jr, singer, dancer and actor (Ocean's 11, Candy Man), was born in NYC.
    (SFC, 9/9/00, p.A21)(MC, 12/8/01)

1930        Dec 8, Maximilian Schell, Austrian actor and director (Odessa File, Julia), was born.
    (MC, 12/8/01)
1930        Dec 8, Cole Porter's musical "NYCers," premiered in NYC.
    (MC, 12/8/01)
1930        Dec 8, In San Francisco Rosetta Baker, a wealthy widow with a taste for younger men, was found strangled in her California St. apartment. Liu Fook, her butler (63) and a secret opium addict, was suspected but found innocent at trial.
    (SSFC, 6/2/02, p.D3)(SFC, 2/17/09, p.A11)

1931        Dec 8, Coaxial cable was patented.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1932        Dec 8, Gertrude Jekyll (b.1843), English gardener and writer, died.
    (WSJ, 3/1/08, p.W16)(
1932        Dec 8, Japan told the League of Nations that it had no control over her designs in China.
    (HN, 12/8/98)

1933        Dec 8, Patrick Leigh Fermor (b.1915), London-born student, set off to walk the length of Europe, from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople. He later recounted his adventures in “A Time of Gifts" (1977) and “Between the Woods and the Water" (1986). He was later widely regarded as Britain’s greatest travel writer.
    (WSJ, 11/24/07, p.W8)(

1934        Dec 8, In China John and Betty Stam, Christian missionaries, were beheaded by communist soldiers in a village near Nanking.
    (WSJ, 1/17/03, p.W13)

1936        Dec 8, NAACP filed suit to equalize the salaries of black and white teachers.
    (MC, 12/8/01)
1936        Dec 8, Anastasio Somoza was elected president of Nicaragua. The Somoza family led Nicaragua until 1979.
    (SFC, 10/15/96, p.A1)(MC, 12/8/01)

1937        Dec 8, In San Francisco 5 men were sentenced to death at San Quentin for the Sep 19 Folsom Prison break that cost Warden Clarence Larkin his life.
    (, 12/9/12, p.46)

1938        Dec 8, The Graf Zeppelin, Germany's only aircraft carrier during World War II, was launched. It was taken over by Russia after the war and last seen in 1947. In 2006 a Polish oil company found the wreckage on the sea floor about 38 miles north of the northern port city of Gdansk.
    (AP, 7/27/06)
1938        Dec 8, L.P. Beria followed Nikolai Jezjov as head of Russian secret police.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1939        Dec 8, James Galway, flutist (18k gold flute, Royal Phil), was born in Belfast, Ireland.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1940        Dec 8, During the Battle of Britain, the German Luftwaffe launched a massive attack on London as night fell. For nearly 24 hours, the Luftwaffe rained tons of bombs over the city, causing the first serious damage to the House of Commons and Tower of London.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1941        Dec 8, The United States entered World War II as Congress declared war against Japan, a day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
    (WUD, 1944, p.1683)(SFEC, 12/15/96, p.T7)(AP, 12/8/97)
1941        Dec 8, A US tanker was shelled by a Japanese submarine off Cape Mendocino.
    (Ind, 1/27/00, 5A)(Ind, 2/2/02, 5A)
1941        Dec 8, Japanese bombers attacked Malaya.
    (AFP, 2/6/12)
1941        Dec 8, Japan attacked the Philippines.
    (WUD, 1944, p.1683)(SFEC, 12/15/96, p.T7)(AP, 12/8/97)
1941        Dec 8, Japanese troops occupied Hong Kong.
    (SFEC, 6/22/97, p.A14)
1941        Dec 8, Japanese General Yamashita began his attack against the British army at Singapore. General Tomoyuki Yamashita earned the name “Tiger of Malaya" for his masterful capture of Singapore and the whole Malay Peninsula from the British, who had a superior number of troops.  Yamashita’s forces landed on the northern Malay Peninsula and southern Thailand on December 8, 1941, and moved rapidly southward toward Singapore, which surrendered on February 15, 1942. The peninsula and Singapore remained under Japanese control throughout the war. Later in the war, while defending the Philippines from Gen. MacArthur‘s return, Yamashita's troops wantonly slaughtered more than 100,000 Filipinos in Manila. He was later tried and executed for war crimes.
    (HN, 12/8/98)(HNQ, 4/5/00)
1941        Dec 8, The Nazi Chelmno extermination camp opened in Poland.
    (WUD, 1994 p.252)(MC, 12/8/01)
1941        Dec 8, Russians took Krijukovo back from Germany.
    (DAL, 12/8/02)

1941        Dec 8-9, In Latvia a final sweep of the Jewish ghetto in Riga resulted in over 800 bodies burned and thrown into a mass grave at a cemetery next to the ghetto. These events were later recalled in the book “Endless Miracles," by survivor Jack Ratz, who was 14 at the time, but went with the men on Nov 29.
    (SFEC, 11/1/98, p.A15)

1943        Dec 8, Jim Morrison, singer (Doors), was born in Melbourne, Fla.
    (MC, 12/8/01)
1943        Dec 8, John Van Druten's "Voice of the Turtle," premiered in NYC.
    (MC, 12/8/01)
1943        Dec 8, U.S. carriers sank two cruisers and down 72 planes in the Marshall Islands.
    (HN, 12/8/98)

1944        Dec 8, The U.S. conducted the longest most effective air raid of the Pacific island of Iwo Jima.
    (HN, 12/8/98)
1944        Dec 8, American Olivia De Havilland won a California court of Appeal victory against Warner Bros. She had sued the studio using a California law, which limited the right of an employer to enforce a contract against an employee for more than seven years.

1948        Dec 8, Jordan annexed Arabic Palestine. The old city of East Jerusalem came under Jordanian control until 1968. Transjordan was given to a client Arab family, the Hashenites (led by King Hussein’s grandfather), and was run out of Mecca by the Saudis. The country now has an ethnic Palestinian majority. Elections chose a body evenly divided between Jordan and the Palestinian territories.
    (SFC, 6/24/96, p.A19)(WSJ, 4/9/97, p.A14)(AP, 1/23/13)
1948        Dec 8, UN approved the recognition of South Korea.
    (HN, 12/8/98)

1949        Dec 8, Jule Styne's "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" opened at the NYC Ziegfeld Theater for 740 performances.
    (MC, 12/8/01)
1949        Dec 8, The Chinese Nationalist government moved from the Chinese mainland to Formosa as the Communists pressed their attacks.
    (AP, 12/8/97)

1951        Dec 8, "Tree Grows in Brooklyn" closed at Alvin Theater, NYC, after 267 performances.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1952        Dec 8, French troops shot on demonstrators at Casablanca, Morocco, and 50 people were killed.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1953        Dec 8, Pres. Eisenhower delivered his "Atoms for Peace" address to the UN. He called on both the US and Soviet Union to abandon their nuclear arsenals. The "Atoms for Peace" program spread nuclear technology to nations that agreed not to use it for military purposes.
    (SFC, 5/28/98, p.A9)(SFC, 12/9/03, p.A10)

1954        Dec 8, Maxwell Anderson's "Bad Seed," premiered in NYC.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1956        Dec 8, In Hungary at least 46 civilians were shot dead during protests in the town of Salgotarjan.
    (AP, 3/18/14)

1962        Dec 8, A 114-day newspaper strike began in NYC.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1963        Dec 8, Three fuel tanks exploded when a jetliner, struck by lightning, crashed near Elkton, Maryland. 81 people died. This was the only case of a lightning caused crash.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1964        Dec 8, The UC Academic Senate passed resolutions that affirmed the rights of students to participate in political activity. It voted 842-115 that regulation of speech and advocacy is a function of the state, not the university. The FSM voted to support the faculty position.
    (SFC, 11/7/96, p.A15)

1965        Dec 8, Abe Burrows' "Cactus Flower," premiered in NYC.
    (MC, 12/8/01)

1967        Dec 8, Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" album was released in UK.
    (MC, 12/8/01)
1967        Dec 8, In the biggest battle yet in the Mekong Delta, 365 Vietcong were killed.
    (HN, 12/8/98)

1968        Dec 8, South Vietnam’s vice president Nguyen Cao Ky arrived in Paris for peace talks.
    (HN, 12/8/98)

1969        Dec 8, The Los Angeles Police made a surprise attack on Black-Panthers. At two separate locations, 400 officers arrested Party members and children. During one shoot-out, Roland Freeman's body was riddled with bullets, but he survived.

1973        Dec 8, In Chile soldiers shot Argentine primary school teacher Bernardo Lejderman and Maria Avalos, a Mexican citizen, in front of their 2-year-old child. In 2007 a retired general and two former sergeants were fined and sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing the leftist couple, and were ordered to pay $600,000 to Ernesto Lejderman, the son of the slain couple.
    (AP, 12/19/07)(

1974        Dec 8, The Greek monarchy was rejected by referendum. Constantine Karamanlis organized a referendum that abolished the monarchy.
    (SFC, 4/23/98, p.B4)(

1975        Dec 8, "Raisin" closed at 46th St Theater NYC after 847 performances.

1977        Dec 8, In Argentina Leonie Duquet, a French nun, was abducted in a commando-style operation by state security agents. Alice Domon, another French nun, was abducted later this month, but her remains were never recovered. They were killed after befriending mothers of detained dissidents, who were among the first victims of a crackdown on dissent against the 1976-83 dictatorship. In 2011 an Argentine court charged three former police officers with killing five women, including Duquet and Domon, during the country's 1976-1983 "dirty war" by throwing them out of an airplane while still alive. In 2011 Alfredo Astiz (59), a former navy spy known as "the Angel of Death," was convicted in the disappearances of French nuns Alice Domon and Leonie Duquet.
    (AP, 12/9/07)(AFP, 6/3/11)(AP, 10/26/11)

1978        Dec 8, Golda Meir (80), PM of Israel from 1969 to 1974, died of cancer in Jerusalem.
    (AP, 12/8/97)
1978        Dec 8, Harry Winston (b.1896), jeweler to the stars, died. He purchased the Hope diamond in 1949 and later donated it to the Smithsonian Institute.
    (WSJ, 2/14/96, p.A-1)(

1980        Dec 8, John Lennon, musician and one of the Beatles, was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman outside his New York City apartment building. Chapman was a schizophrenic with the delusion that he himself was John. In 1984 Prof. Jonathan M. Wiener wrote a book on Lennon and later got the FBI to surrender its secret files on Lennon.
    (SFC, 9/25/97, p.A2)(AP, 12/8/97)

1982        Dec 8, A man demanding an end to nuclear weapons held the Washington Monument hostage, threatening to blow it up with explosives he claimed were inside a van. After a 10-hour standoff, Norman D. Mayer was shot dead by police; it turned out there were no explosives.
    (, 12/8/07)
1982        Dec 8, Marty Robbins, American singer, died. His songs included “El Paso" (1959), “Devil Woman," and “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" (1970). He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1975.

1983        Dec 8, US Att. Gen. Edwin Meese said people go to soup kitchens "...because food is free and that's easier than paying for it."

1984        Dec 8, Robert Matthews (b.1953), co-founder for the neo-Nazi called The Order, was shot and killed by FBI agents on Whiebey Island, Washington. His “Silent Brotherhood" was a small extremist far right group that engaged in a multistate crime wave in this period. The group was also associated with the Aryan Nations Church. His life was fictionalized in the TV movie “Brotherhood of Murder" (1999).
    (SFC, 2/20/98, p.A9)(

1986        Dec 8, House Democrats selected majority leader Jim Wright to be the chamber's 48th speaker, succeeding Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill.
    (AP, 12/8/97)
1986        Dec 8, Sydney J. Harris (b.1917), London-born American journalist and author, died. “Most people are mirrors, reflecting the moods and emotions of the times; few are windows, bringing light to bear on the dark corners where troubles fester. The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows."

1987        Dec 8, President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev signed a treaty under which the superpowers agreed to destroy their arsenals of intermediate-range nuclear missiles.
    (AP, 12/8/97)
1987        Dec 8, Kurt Schmoke became the first African-American mayor of Maryland when he was elected the mayor of Baltimore. He was a Rhodes scholar and Harvard Law School graduate. He served 3 terms and decided to run for the Senate.
    (SFC, 12/4/98, p.A12)(HN, 12/8/98)
1987        Dec 8-1987 Dec 9, The first Palestinian intefadeh (Arabic for uprising) began as riots broke out in Gaza and spread to the West Bank, triggering a strong Israeli counter-response.
    (AP 12/8/97)(SFC, 4/24/98, p.A17)(AP, 12/9/07)

1988        Dec 8, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev cut short his U.S. visit in order to return home following a killer earthquake in Armenia.
    (AP, 12/8/98)

1989        Dec 8, Communist leaders in Czechoslovakia offered to surrender their control over the government and accept a minority role in a coalition Cabinet.
    (AP, 12/8/99)

1990        Dec 8, As former American hostages began leaving Iraq and occupied Kuwait, President Bush—wrapping up his South America tour in Caracas, Venezuela—said the evacuation made for “one less worry I’ve got" in deciding whether to go to war against Baghdad.
    (AP, 12/8/00)
1990        Dec 8, In Albania Tirana University students demonstrated in the streets and called for the dictatorship to end. Ramiz Alia met with the students 4 days later; a multiparty system was introduced; the Democratic Party, the first opposition party was established; the regime authorized political pluralism.
    (www, Albania, 1998)(SFC, 12/18/00, p.E2)

1991        Dec 8, AIDS patient Kimberly Bergalis, who had contracted the disease from her dentist, died in Fort Pierce, Fla., at age 23.
    (AP, 12/8/97)
1991        Dec 8, Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine declared the Soviet national government dead, forging a new alliance to be known as the Commonwealth of Independent States. Boris Yeltsin, Ukrainian Pres. Leonid Kravchuk, and Belarus Pres. Stanislav Shuskevich met in a hunting lodge to proclaim the Soviet Union null and void and to form a loose Commonwealth of Independent States. The declaration later became known as the "Belavezha Accords."
    (SFC, 9/9/98, p.A10)(AP, 12/8/01)(

1992        Dec 8, Americans got to see live television coverage of US troops landing on the beaches of Somalia as Operation Restore Hope began (because of the time difference, it was early December ninth in Somalia).
    (AP, 12/8/97)
1992        Dec 8, NBC announced that "Cheers" would go off the air in May, 1993.
1982        Dec 8, Marty Robbins, American singer, died. His songs included “El Paso" (1959), “Devil Woman" (1962), and “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" (1970). He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1975.
1992        Dec 8, William Shawn (85), US editor-in-chief (New Yorker, 1952-87), died.

1993        Dec 8, President Clinton signed into U.S. law the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which went into effect at the start of 1994.
    (AP, 12/8/98)
1993        Dec 8, In Algeria 30 people were killed at a religious rebellion.
    (MC, 12/8/01)
1993        Dec 8, A French-flag container ship, the Sherbro, bound for Nigeria from Rotterdam, lost containers of the chemical Apron-Plus (by Ciba-Geigy). This chemical was packed in sachets and purchased by the Nigerian state of Osun with funds from the World Bank development fund. The chemical was intended to be used to fight the ‘downy-mildew’ fungus that was seriously afflicting the maize crop. Four days later the packets began to wash up on the beaches of France in Normandy.
    (WSJ 6/21/95, p.A-22)
1993        Dec 8, Carlotta Monti (86), lover of WC Fields, died.

1994        Dec 8, In Los Angeles, 12 alternate jurors were chosen for the O.J. Simpson murder trial.
    (AP, 12/8/99)
1994        Dec 8, Bosnian Serbs released dozens of hostage peacekeepers, but continued to detain about 300 others.
    (AP, 12/8/99)
1994        Dec 8, Antonio Carlos Jobim (b.1927), Brazil-born composer (Girl From Ipanema), died in NYC.

1995        Dec 8, In New York, an arsonist killed seven workers and himself at a Harlem clothing store that had been the target of a racially charged lease dispute.
    (AP, 12/8/00)
1995        Dec 8, Four months after the death of founder Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead announced it was breaking up after 30 years of making music.
    (AP, 12/8/00)
1995         Dec 8, There was an accident at the Japanese Monju prototype fast-breeder nuclear reactor in the Fukui Prefecture that forced closure. Two tons of non-radioactive, but violently reactive liquid sodium leaked from the cooling system. Japan had 51 nuclear power plants that produced 33.8% of its energy needs.
    (WSJ, 12/27/95, p. A-7)(SFC, 3/13/97, p.A12)

1996        Dec 8, In the Central African Republic the government and army mutineers agreed to a 15-day truce. The rebel ranks were dominated by the southern Bayas.
    (SFC, 12/9/96, p.A22)
1996        Dec 8, In Ghana Rawlings defeated John Kufuor and his Great Alliance Party in elections 57% to 40%.
    (WSJ, 12/12/96, p.A13)
1996        Dec 8, The Serbian Supreme Court ruled against opposition parties who said Slobodan Milosevic had robbed them of an election victory in Belgrade.
    (AP, 12/8/97)
1996        Dec 8, In Zaire rebels surrounded Bunia, the last government held town in eastern Zaire. Government troops were looting and targeting Greek merchants and members of the Nande ethnic group.
    (SFC, 12/9/96, p.A18)

1997        Dec 8, LeAnn Rimes (15) won the artist of the year award at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.
    (SFC, 12/10/97, p.E5)
1997        Dec 8, Federal hearings opened in Baltimore into the TWA Flight 800 disaster that had claimed 230 lives.
    (AP, 12/8/98)
1997        Dec 8, The US HUD established a new program with a hotline to help the nations homeless estimated at 600,000 to 1 million people: 800-HUD-1010.
    (SFC, 12/9/97, p.A3)
1997        Dec 8, The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights reported that deaths in Rio, Brazil, attributed to police links with the military, averaged 20 a month last year.
    (SFC, 12/9/97, p.A9)
1997        Dec 8, At the UN conference on global warming in Kyoto, Japan, US Vice President Al Gore signaled a willingness on the part of the US to compromise and perhaps raise the amount of greenhouse gases it is willing to cut.
    (SFC, 12/897, p.A1)
1997        Dec 8, In Indonesia a fire gutted the top 3 floors of the central bank in Jakarta and at least 15 people were killed.
    (SFC, 12/9/97, p.B3)
1997        Dec 8, In Iran leaders of the 55-member Organization of the Islamic Conference gathered to overcome historic divisions and promote Islamic solidarity.
    (SFC, 12/9/97, p.B3)
1997        Dec 8, Iraq executed 4 Jordanians accused of smuggling $850 worth of auto parts. King Hussein of Jordan called and appealed for clemency to no avail.
    (SFC, 12/11/97, p.A18)
1997        Dec 8, In Malaysia the Rupiah dropped 10% on rumors that Pres. Suharto had suffered a stroke.
    (WSJ, 12/10/97, p.A16)
1997        Dec 8, Mexico agreed with the European Union to negotiate a trade pact.
    (SFC, 12/9/97, p.A13)
1997        Dec 8, In Somalia doctors reported that 31 children had died of cholera in recent days and that medicine was needed to prevent an epidemic.
    (SFC, 12/9/97, p.B10)
1997        Dec 8, In a $25 billion deal, Swiss Bank and Union Bank of Switzerland announced they would merge, forming Europe's largest and world's second largest bank.
    (SFC, 12/897, p.A16)(AP, 12/8/98)
1997        Dec 8, In Thailand the government announced that it will liquidate 56 of 58 insolvent finance companies shut down by the Central Bank earlier in the year. The move was part of the conditions of the $17.2 billion IMF bailout.
    (SFC, 12/897, p.A15)
1997        Dec 8, Leon Poliakov (87), French-Jewish historian, died. His books included “Harvest of Hate," one of the best narratives of the Holocaust.

1998        Dec 8, The White House opened its defense against the impeachment of Pres. Clinton. A 184-page defense, written by White House lawyers, held that Clinton’s actions were “immoral" and “misleading" but did not amount to impeachable offenses.
    (WSJ, 12/8/98, p.A1)(SFC, 12/9/98, p.A1)
1998        Dec 8, The Supreme Court ruled that police cannot search people and their cars after merely ticketing them for routine traffic violations.
    (SFC, 12/9/98, p.A8)(AP, 12/8/99)
1998        Dec 8, Paul Edward Hindelang Jr. (51) agreed to forfeit to the US government $50 million that he had acquired dealing drugs in the 1970s. He had helped pioneer the "mother ship" smuggling technique.
    (WSJ, 6/2/99, p.A1)
1998        Dec 8, In the SF Bay Area an electrician’s error in San Mateo caused a power outage along the northern peninsula that lasted more than seven hours before electricity was fully restored.
    (SFC, 12/9/98, p.A1)(AP, 12/8/99)
1998        Dec 8, In Greeley, Colo., state transportation worker, Robert S. Helfer (50), killed one person during a disciplinary hearing and wounded another. He was killed by police while trying to escape.
    (SFC, 12/9/98, p.A6)
1998        Dec 8, In Algeria 45 people were killed in Tadjena. Armed groups attacked three villages in the area and killed a total of 81 people. Security forces dug up 46 bodies from a well at a farm in Meftah, 10 miles from central Algiers.
    (SFC, 12/10/98, p.A12)(SFC, 12/12/98, p.B1)
1998        Dec 8, In Chechnya the severed heads of Darren Hickey, Rudolf Petschi, Stanley Shaw and Peter Kennedy were found lines up along a highway outside of Grozny. The mobile phone workers had been kidnapped Oct 3.
    (SFC, 12/10/98, p.C8)
1998        Dec 8, In Estonia the Parliament approved an amendment to its citizenship law that made it easier for its Russian-speaking minority to become citizens. It granted citizenship to some 6,500 children born in Estonia of Russian parents following the 1991 independence.
    (SFC, 12/9/98, p.B8)
1998        Dec 8, From Sierra Leone it was reported that Chief Samuel Hinga Norman, the deputy minister of defense, had founded a cult-based militia, the Kamajors, to help fight the rebels.
    (SFC, 12/8/98, p.A12,16)
1998        Dec 8, In Somalia at least 18 people were killed and 30 wounded in clashes between 2 rival clans in Baidoa.
    (SFC, 12/9/98, p.B8)

1999        Dec 8, US federal investigators arrested 8 alleged terrorist who they plotted attacks in Northern California and Nevada on public utilities, an abortion clinic and a synagogue.
    (SFC, 12/9/99, p.A3)
1999        Dec 8, In Washington DC the FBI arrested Stanislav Borisovich Gusevm, a Russian diplomat, for collecting information transmitted from a bug in the State Department headquarters.
    (SFC, 12/9/99, p.A3)
1999        Dec 8, A civil trial jury in Memphis ruled that the 1968 killing of Rev. Martin Luther King was a conspiracy. The jury concluded that Loyd Jowers, a former café owner, had conspired with elements of the Memphis Police Dept., the federal government and organized crime to kill King.
    (SFC, 12/9/99, p.A1) (SFC, 12/10/99, p.A15)
1999        Dec 8, In Chechnya Russian forces ousted rebels from Urus-Martan.
    (SFC, 12/9/99, p.A16)
1999        Dec 9, In France a court ruled that Seita, the maker of Gauloise and Gitane cigarettes, was partly responsible for the death of a Richard Gourlain, a 3-pack-a-day smoker.
    (SFC, 12/9/99, p.C8)
1999        Dec 8, Israel and Syria agreed to resume peace negotiations following a visit by Madeleine Albright to Damascus.
    (SFC, 12/9/99, p.A1)
1999        Dec 8, In Montenegro Serbian troops occupied the main airport for one day. Montenegro had planned to assume control of the airport Dec 9.
    (SFC, 12/9/99, p.A18)(SFC, 12/10/99, p.D8)
1999        Dec 8, In Morocco a shoddily constructed building collapsed in Fez and at least 47 people were killed.
    (SFC, 12/11/99, p.C2)
1999        Dec 8, In Northern Ireland Gerry Adams accused British spies of eavesdropping on secret discussions with IRA commanders using hidden surveillance gear in one of his party's cars.
    (SFC, 12/9/99, p.C4)
1999        Dec 8, Russia and Belarus signed a 3rd union agreement. It proposed combining currencies by 2005 and the introduction of a joint tax system in 2001.
    (SFC, 12/9/99, p.C4)
1999        Dec 8, Sudan and Uganda signed a peace agreement in a deal brokered by former Pres. Jimmy Carter.
    (SFC, 12/9/99, p.C8)

2000        Dec 8, The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) lifted California’s $250 per megawatt-hour price cap and prices skyrocketed. Enron Corp. issued internal memorandums that its schemes to boost profits had nearly caused the lights to go out in California.
    (SSFC, 2/4/01, p.A18)(SFC, 5/10/02, p.A1)
2000        Dec 8, The Florida Supreme Court ordered, four to three, an immediate hand count of about 45,000 disputed ballots and put Democrat Al Gore within 154 votes of George W. Bush.
    (SFC, 12/9/00, p.A1)(AP, 12/8/01)
2000        Dec 8, Richard Clarke, top cyberspace official of the US National Security Council, warned that several nations had already created information-warfare units for disrupting computer networks.
    (SFC, 12/9/00, p.A3)
2000        Dec 8, In Jerusalem and the West Bank 7 Palestinians and 3 Israelis were killed in the ongoing violence.
    (SFC, 12/9/00, p.A16)
2000        Dec 8, In Russia the pardons commission recommended to Pres. Putin that clemency be granted to Edmond Pope.
    (SFC, 12/9/00, p.A17)
2000        Dec 8, In Garaffa, Sudan, Abbas al-Baqer Abbas opened fire at the al-Sunna al-Mohammediya Mosque and killed 20 people. 40 others were wounded and police killed Abbas, a member of the Takfir wal Hijra militant Islamic group.
    (SFC, 12/9/00, p.A18)(SSFC, 12/10/00, p.A28)
2000        Dec 8, In Uganda the victims with Ebola reached 400 including 160 dead.
    (SFC, 12/9/00, p.A18)

2001        Dec 8, Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch was awarded the Heisman Trophy.
    (AP, 12/8/02)
2001        Dec 8, The U.S. Capitol was reopened to tourists after a two-month security shutdown.
    (AP, 12/8/02)
2001        Dec 8, John Walker Lindh, a Taliban soldier from Marin County, Ca., was held at Camp Rhino near Kandahar as a battlefield detainee. He was captured a week earlier following the prison revolt at Mazar-e-Sharif.
    (SSFC, 12/9/01, p.A1)
2001        Dec 8, In Ireland the bodies of 8 illegal immigrants, including 3 children, were found in a shipping container in Wexford. 5 people were still alive.
    (SSFC, 12/9/01, p.A16)
2001        Dec 8, Israeli police arrested 3 teenagers for creating and spreading the “Goner" computer worm.
    (SSFC, 12/9/01, p.A18)
2001        Dec 8, Malaysian authorities said they would expand a policy of caning illegal immigrants to include 1st-time offenders.
    (SSFC, 12/9/01, p.A18)

2002        Dec 8, Iraq's massive dossier detailing its chemical, biological and nuclear programs arrived in New York; the U.N. Security Council agreed to give full copies to the United States and the four other permanent council members — Britain, France, Russia and China.
    (AP, 12/8/03)
2002        Dec 8, Directors of 18 American and European art museums signed a "Declaration on the Importance and Value of Universal Museums."
    (WSJ, 12/12/02, p.D10)
2002        Dec 8, Painter and sculptor Keith Tyson, whose playful artwork is inspired by scientific theories and often ponders the role of computers in the modern world, won Britain's prestigious Turner Prize.
    (AP, 12/9/02)
2002        Dec 8, Devi Sridhar (18) of Coral Gables, Florida, was one of 32 recipients of the Rhodes scholarship and the youngest ever US recipient.
    (SFC, 12/13/02, p.J1)
2002        Dec 8, The Colombian air force bombed a rebel camp and claimed about 40 guerrillas were killed.
    (AP, 12/8/02)
2002        Dec 8, Typhoon Pongsona hit Guam with wind gusts of more than 180 mph. The U.S. territory was declared a federal disaster area.
    (AP, 12/11/02)
2002        Dec 8, In Karnataka, India, Hannur Nagappa, a former state minister, was found dead. He had been kidnapped Aug 25 by the bandit Koose Muniswamy Veerappan.
    (SFC, 12/9/02, p.A7)
2002        Dec 8, Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian woman and wounded her 3 children at the Tel Sultan refugee camp near the settlement of Rafiah Yam.
    (SFC, 12/9/02, p.A12)
2002        Dec 8, In Nepal 5 people were killed and more than 30 were injured when Maoist rebels blew up a bus in east Nepal.
    (Reuters, 12/8/02)
2002        Dec 8, In Serbia voters chose between a moderate nationalist and two extreme right-wing candidates to become president.
    (AP, 12/8/02)

2003        Dec 8, Pres. Bush signed into law the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act (also called the Medicare Modernization Act or MMA). It was the biggest expansion of Medicare since its creation in 1965. The $400 billion Medicare overhaul bill included a provision to put away pre-tax money into interest bearing accounts to save for medical expenses.
    (SFC, 12/9/03, p.A1)(WSJ, 12/16/03, p.D1)
2003        Dec 8, The Bush administration joined European human rights officials in expressing concern about the fairness of Russian parliamentary elections on Sunday that delivered big victories to allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
    (AP, 12/8/03)
2003        Dec 8, Congress approved legislation to stem the flood of unwanted junk e-mail known as "spam."
    (AP, 12/8/04)
2003        Dec 8, US District Judge James Ware ruled that US toxic cleanup law doesn't apply abroad. A suit by Filipinos sought that the US government be required to assess pollution near 2 former military bases.
    (SFC, 12/12/03, p.A6)
2003        Dec 8, US Rep. Bill Janklow, R-S.D., resigned after being convicted in the traffic death of a motorcyclist, Randy Scott.
    (AP, 12/8/04)
2003        Dec 8, In Abbeville, S.C., Arthur Bixby and his son Stephen (36) killed 2 police officers during a 13-hour standoff. They refused to give up some of their land for a highway.
    (SFC, 12/10/03, p.A6)
2003        Dec 8, The US military launched its largest postwar offensive against Taliban and al-Qaida insurgents, sending 2,000 soldiers into a lawless swath of Afghanistan to put down a wave of attacks.
    (AP, 12/8/03)
2003        Dec 8, Cuban pianist Ruben Gonzalez (84), who found new fame in the mid-1990s playing with Compay Segundo's Buena Vista Social Club band, died in Havana.
    (AP, 12/9/03)
2003        Dec 8, In Greece a special tribunal convicted the mastermind, chief gunman and 13 other members of the November 17 cell for killings and attacks spanning a generation.
    (AP, 12/8/03)
2003        Dec 8, Russian military documents confirmed that dozens of rockets outfitted with dirty bombs appeared to be missing from the military airport at Tiraspol, the capital of Transdniestria.
    (SFC, 12/9/03, p.A13)(Econ, 7/2/05, p.46)
2003        Dec 8, In Nigeria the Commonwealth summit of 54-nations, representing nearly one-third of the world's 6 billion people, ended with Western nations blaming Zimbabwe for its own growing international isolation.
    (AP, 12/8/03)
2003        Dec 8, Three tourists were kidnapped in southeastern Iran while cycling from the historical city of Bam to Zahedan. Drug smugglers demanded $6 million in ransom.
    (AP, 12/9/03)

2004        Dec 8, The US Senate approved an intelligence restructure bill. The legislation called for a new director of national intelligence.
    (SFC, 12/9/04, p.A3)
2004        Dec 8, Disgruntled U.S. soldiers complained to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld during a question-and-answer session in Kuwait about long deployments and a lack of armored vehicles and other equipment.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2004        Dec 8, Treasury Secretary John Snow accepted President Bush's offer to remain in the Cabinet.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2004        Dec 8, In Columbus, Ohio, Nathan Gale (25) charged on stage and opened fire on a heavy metal band at a crowded bar, killing top heavy metal guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott (38) and 3 others and wounding two before being killed by police.
    (AP, 12/9/04)(SFC, 12/10/04, p.A3)
2004        Dec 8, The 738-foot freighter, Selendang Ayu, ran aground off Unalaska Island and began leaking oil. 6 crew members were missing following an attempted rescue in which a Coast Guard helicopter crashed. The ship carried some 500,000 gallons of bunker oil and diesel fuel.
    (SFC, 12/11/04, p.A3)
2004        Dec 8, Some 18,000 US troops in Afghanistan began Operation Lightning Freedom, a new offensive to hunt Taliban and al-Qaida militants through the country's harsh winter.
    (AP, 12/11/04)
2004        Dec 8, British and Irish leaders published a detailed plan for reviving a Catholic-Protestant administration in Northern Ireland.
    (AP, 12/8/04)
2004        Dec 8, Lord Scarman (93), English lawyer and judge, died. He investigated the 1981 Brixton riots and provided a report with ground breaking recommendations.
    (Econ, 1/1/05, p.68)
2004        Dec 8, China’s Premier Wen Jiabao repeated that China will move gradually to a flexible exchange rate.
    (WSJ, 12/9/04, p.A14)
2004        Dec 8, In Quito, Ecuador, inmates in the largest prison took 180 visitors hostage to protest what they called overcrowding, poor conditions and long sentences.
    (AP, 12/9/04)
2004        Dec 8, In Cairo, Egypt, several thousand Christians who packed a cathedral compound hurled stones at riot police to protest a woman's alleged forced conversion to Islam. At least 30 people were injured.
    (AP, 12/9/04)
2004        Dec 8, The European Union and China agreed to boost relations, but the EU made clear there can be no early lifting of its 15-year-old arms embargo until Beijing improves its human rights record.
    (AP, 12/8/04)
2004        Dec 8, In Iraq gunmen attacked the police headquarters in Samarra, killing an Iraqi policemen and a child who was caught in the cross fire. Insurgents detonated a car bomb in southern Baghdad, causing an unspecified number of casualties. 18 young Iraqi Shiites, aged 14-20, were shot and killed while seeking work at a U.S. base near Mosul. Their bodies were discovered Jan 5. Dale Stoffel, an American arms dealer and contractor, was killed along with Joe Wemple. Before Stoffel was shot dead in Baghdad, he had told of corruption and payoffs to senior military officers in the country’s reconstruction program. Stoffel and Wemple were reported to have been working on a $40 million dollar project in Iraq for a military facility in Taji which involved the arming of the 1st Iraqi Armored Brigade. Insurgents from the Brigades of the Islamic Jihad claimed they were responsible for the murder. However, the murders remain uninvestigated and unsolved.
    (AP, 12/8/04)(AP, 1/6/05)(, 2/15/09, p.A10)
2004        Dec 8, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi (30), son of leader Moammar Gadhafi, said Libya will soon pass new laws that limit capital punishment to a small number of crimes. Saif was currently enrolled in a doctoral program in governance at the London School of Economics.
    (SFC, 12/9/04, p.A3)(SSFC, 9/23/07, p.A22)
2004        Dec 8, Presidents and high-ranking officials from 12 South American countries gathered at the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco, Peru, to create a political and economic bloc. They hoped to establish a 12-nation South American Community of Nations.
    (AP, 12/8/04)(Econ, 12/11/04, p.36)
2004        Dec 8, Russian authorities slapped a back tax bill of almost 160 million dollars (121 million euros) on the number two mobile phone operator Vimpelcom, in what is widely seen as a government-linked campaign against the firm.
    (AFP, 12/8/04)
2004        Dec 8, Ukraine's parliament adopted electoral and constitutional changes in a compromise intended to defuse the nation's political crisis.
    (AP, 12/8/04)

2005        Dec 8, The US Supreme Court ruled that the government can seize part of a person’s monthly Social Security benefit to pay off old student loans.
    (SFC, 12/8/05, p.A5)
2005        Dec 8, US federal prosecutors announced six arrests of eco-sabotage suspects following a 9-year investigation in 4 arson cases in Oregon dating to 1998 and 2001 and a toppled power line in Bend, Oregon in 1999.
    (SFC, 12/9/05, p.A6)
2005        Dec 8, The US government reported that life expectancy in the US had risen to 77.6 years. Obesity and hypertension plagued the 55-64 cohort.
    (WSJ, 12/8/05, p.A1)
2005        Dec 8, Project Homeless Connect, a one-day homeless aid fair that began in SF a year ago, went national with attention given to some 6,000 homeless in 21 US cities.
    (SFC, 12/9/05, p.B3)
2005        Dec 8, In Chicago a Southwest Airlines jet trying to land amid heavy snow plowed off a runway at Midway airport and into a street, killing a 6-year-old boy in a car.
    (AP, 12/09/05)
2005        Dec 8, Firestone, a multinational rubber manufacturing giant known for its automobile tires, has come under fire from human rights and environmental groups for its alleged use of child labor and slave-like working conditions at a plantation in Liberia.
2005        Dec 8, The New England Journal of Medicine reported that the bacterial infection Clostridium difficile (D. diff) appeared to be spreading rapidly around the country. Patients taking new heartburn drugs like Prilosec, Prevacid, Pepcid and Zantac appeared to be more vulnerable to the bug.
    (SFC, 12/31/05, p.A14)
2005        Dec 8, Scientists said as wetlands disappear and shorelines are degraded, the Great Lakes are losing their ability to cope with environmental stress and ward off a catastrophic breakdown.
    (CP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, Scientists published the complete DNA sequence for dogs based on a boxer named Tasha. The gene count was estimated at 19,300, most of which resemble human genes. A preliminary sequence was announced in 2003.
    (SFC, 12/8/05, p.A4)(WSJ, 12/8/05, p.A1)
2005        Dec 8, The Int’l. Committee of the Red Cross decided to recognize Israel’s new “Red Crystal" medical emblem alongside the Red Cross and Red Crescent symbols.
    (SFC, 12/8/05, p.A1)
2005        Dec 8, In Afghanistan the election board certified Pres. Karzai’s 34 appointees for the upper house of parliament. The 1st meeting of parliament was scheduled for Dec. 19.
    (SFC, 12/9/05, p.A17)
2005        Dec 8, NATO foreign ministers approved plans to send up to 6,000 troops into southern Afghanistan, a major expansion of the alliance's peacekeeping mission into some of the most dangerous parts of the country.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, In the first visit to Australia by a Turkish leader, PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized military solutions to the so-called "war on terror", saying the US-led invasion of Iraq had transformed the country into a training ground for extremists.
    (AFP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, In Netrokona, Bangladesh, a suicide bomber on a bicycle rode into a crowd and detonated his explosives, killing 7 other people and wounding dozens. Police detained 8 suspects the next day.
    (AP, 12/09/05)
2005        Dec 8, In Barbados leaders of Caribbean nations held a summit to discuss health care cooperation and cultural exchanges, but a major focus was on Cuba and its thorny relationship with the United States.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, Britain's highest court ruled that evidence obtained in other countries through torture may not be used in British courts.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, After half a century, London's red Routemaster buses rattled into retirement. Thousands of fans said farewell to the hop-on, hop-off buses, this last full day of regular service for the icon.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, Paul Wolfowitz, head of the World Bank, issued a statement to Chad expressing serious concerns about proposed changes to the use of petrodollars.
    (SFC, 12/30/05, p.C2)
2005        Dec 8, China announced a fifth human case of bird flu, a 31-year-old female farmer who fell ill after contact with dead birds but has since recovered.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, Preliminary results in Egypt's elections gave the leading opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, a record 19% of the seats in parliament after a four-week election that counted 11 fatalities.
    (AP, 12/08/05)(Reuters, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, An Ethiopian court sentenced to death Major Melaku Tefera, one of Marxist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam's top soldiers, for genocide and abetting the murder of 971 people during the country's 1977-78 "Red Terror" campaign.
    (AP, 12/09/05)
2005        Dec 8, In Iraq a suicide bomber who jumped on a bus after security checks had been completed detonated an explosives belt among passengers heading to a Shiite city, killing 32 people and wounding 44.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, An Iraqi insurgent group said in an Internet posting that it killed a U.S. security consultant it had taken hostage.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, In Iraq a US soldier attached to a Marine unit died while on guard duty at a base near the town of Fallujah.
    (AP, 12/10/05)
2005        Dec 8, An Israeli airstrike in the northern Gaza Strip killed two Palestinian militants and a Palestinian stabbing attack killed an Israeli in the West Bank in a new spasm of violence.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, It was reported that a new Italian law required businesses, that offered Internet access to the public, to ask clients for ID and to log the owner’s name a document type.
    (SFC, 12/8/05, p.C5)
2005        Dec 8, In Japan a typing error caused Mizuho Securities Co. to lose at least 27 billion yen, or $225 million, on a stock trade. The next day the government rebuked the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Mizuho Securities, one of the country's biggest brokerage firms.
    (AP, 12/09/05)
2005        Dec 8, In northwestern Pakistan an explosion ripped through two munitions shops in a bazaar in a tribal town, killing at least 12 people and injuring more than 30.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, In Saudi Arabia leaders from more than 50 Muslim countries promised to fight extremist ideology, saying they would reform textbooks, restrict religious edicts and crack down on terror financing.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, Police in Singapore said they have arrested 13 foreigners, including an American, in an anti-drug operation, less than a week after an Australian was put to death for a narcotics conviction.
    (AP, 12/09/05)
2005        Dec 8, In South Korea international activists kicked off a conference on human rights abuses in North Korea by calling for the overthrow of Kim Jong Il's regime and accusing Pyongyang of enslaving its people.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, In northern Syria 8 Muslim militants died in a battle with security forces at a farmhouse.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, Ukraine said it had detected the highly pathogenic type of bird flu that is dangerous to humans, the strain known as H5N1. The September outbreak was located in several villages in the Crimean peninsula where about 2,500 birds died within hours.
    (AP, 12/08/05)
2005        Dec 8, An erupting volcano on the remote South Pacific island of Vanuatu burst into spectacular life shooting steam and toxic gases 9,845 feet into the sky.
    (AP, 12/08/05)

2006        Dec 8, President George W. Bush and visiting South African President Thabo Mbeki pressed for urgent deployment of international peacekeepers in violence-torn Darfur.
    (AFP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, The House ethics committee concluded that Republican lawmakers and aides failed for a decade to protect male pages from sexual overtures by former Rep. Mark Foley, but that they broke no rules and should not be punished.
    (AP, 12/8/07)
2006        Dec 8, In Chicago a man carrying a cache of weapons into the Citigroup Center chained a law firm's doors closed and fatally shot three people before a police sniper killed him as he held a hostage at gunpoint. Authorities said Joe Jackson (59) felt cheated over an invention.
    (AP, 12/9/06)(AP, 12/10/06)
2006        Dec 8, McAfee, an Internet security firm, reported that organized gangs have adopted "KGB-style" tactics to hire high-flying computer students to commit Internet crime.
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, Heelys, a company that produced wheeled footwear, went public. Roger Adams (b.1954) founded the company following an inspired idea in 1998.
    (WSJ, 2/14/07, p.B11)
2006        Dec 8, Scientists said that the forests of the American West are under siege from bark beetles, miniscule but mighty foes that are ravaging the region's leading trees in record numbers. Experts said the region has failed in recent years to register the sustained periods of sub-zero temperatures that once dealt a fatal blow to beetle populations.
    (AFP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, Laura Gainey, the daughter of hockey great Bob Gainey, was washed overboard in the North Atlantic during a storm while working on a sailing ship bound for the Caribbean; she remains lost at sea.
    (AP, 12/8/07)
2006        Dec 8, Thousands of firefighters rushed to contain more than a dozen wildfires burning across southern Australia amid fears that high temperatures and gusty winds forecast this weekend could further stoke the blazes, threatening farms and towns.
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, The wife of Alexander Kozulin, a Belarusian opposition leader imprisoned since last spring's protests, said her husband has entered the 50th day of a hunger strike and is in critical condition.
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, PM Tony Blair stoked a simmering debate over religious tolerance and cultural assimilation, saying it was the duty of all immigrants to integrate into British society.
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, Government forces in the Central African Republic, bolstered by French and African support, recaptured the northeastern town of Sam Ouandja from rebels without incident.
    (AFP, 12/9/06)
2006        Dec 8, China launched its Fengyun-2D weather satellite. Its priority mission was forecasting weather for the 2008 Olympics.
    (Econ, 12/16/06, p.42)
2006        Dec 8, Former San Francisco Giants shortstop Jose Uribe was killed in a car crash in his native Dominican Republic.
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group announced Fiji is to be immediately suspended from the Commonwealth following a military coup there earlier this week. The Commonwealth of Nations is a successor to the British Empire and brings together some 53 nations, around a third of the world's countries and a quarter of the world's population.
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, In Finland officials said alcohol is now the leading killer of Finnish adults, with consumption reaching an all-time high last year.
    (AP, 12/9/06)
2006        Dec 8, US-led coalition forces killed 20 insurgents, including two women, in fighting and airstrikes that targeted al-Qaida in Iraq militants northwest of Baghdad. The final death toll in the US attack on the Sunni village of al-Ishaqi in Salahuddin province stood at 8 children, 7 women and 4 men. Key Iraqi officials and others familiar with the flow of cash were reported to have said that private Saudi citizens are giving millions of dollars to Sunni insurgents in Iraq and much of the money was used to buy weapons, including shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles. At least 47 Iraqis were killed or found dead, including 25 who were struck in a mortar attack that night on a poor Shiite neighborhood on the outskirts of Baghdad.
    (AP, 12/8/06)(AP, 12/9/06)
2006        Dec 8, Israeli police captured Benny Sela (35), an escaped serial rapist in northern Israel, ending a two-week saga that caused nationwide panic.
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, In Madagascar police searched the property of former President Albert Zafy as part of an ongoing investigation into the whereabouts of Gen. Randrianafidisoa and opposition politician Pety Rakotoniaina.
    (AP, 12/9/06)
2006        Dec 8, In Mexico more than 100 prisoners escaped from a state penitentiary a few miles from Cancun's resort zone after hundreds of inmates overpowered guards with knives and bats. Police quickly recaptured most of the men, but there were still 17 at large. More than 250 federal police agents surrounded the offices of the Oaxaca state police force and seized its weapons to determine whether any were used in shootings during six months of demonstrations in Oaxaca City. Assailants shot dead an Indian activist in Mexico's conflict-ridden state of Oaxaca. The bullet-ridden corpse of Raul Marcial Perez was found on a road near the Mixtec Indian community of Agua Fria about 120 miles north of Oaxaca City.
    (AP, 12/9/06)(AP, 12/10/06)
2006        Dec 8, A Nigerian court ruled that Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s suspension from the dominant political party was unconstitutional, potentially clearing the way for him to run for president on the party's ticket in the upcoming election.
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, The MAP news agency said Qatar will invest 335 million dollars in tourist development schemes in the northern Moroccan city of Tangiers.
    (AFP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, Palestinian PM Ismail Haniyeh told thousands of Iranians that his Hamas-led government will never recognize Israel and will continue to fight for the "liberation of Jerusalem."
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, In Moscow local media said Andrei Lugovoy, a second Russian businessman who met murdered ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko on the day he fell ill, is now sick from radiation poisoning.
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, Vojislav Seselj, a Serb war crimes suspect, ended his nearly monthlong hunger strike after UN Yugoslav tribunal judges allowed him to conduct his own defense.
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, Singapore awarded its second casino resort contract to Genting International, whose $3.38 billion proposal promises to lure family tourists with a Universal Studios theme park and a huge outdoor marine park.
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, a top Islamic official, said that militiamen are fighting Ethiopian troops in Dinsor, a southern Somalia town. He called on Somalis to defeat "the enemies who have invaded our land."
    (AP, 12/8/06)
2006        Dec 8, In Basel, Switzerland, a 3.4 magnitude tremor was accidentally triggered by engineers drilling deep into the Earth's crust to tap its inner heat, in the world's search for new sources of energy.
    (AP, 8/4/07)

2007        Dec 8, The US Justice Department and CIA announced a joint inquiry into the spy agency's destruction of videotapes of interrogations of two suspected terrorists.
    (AP, 12/8/08)
2007        Dec 8, The chief US negotiator at the climate conference in Bali, Indonesia, said the US will come up with its own plan to cut global-warming gases by mid-2008 and won’t commit to mandatory caps.
    (SSFC, 12/9/07, p.A17)
2007        Dec 8, Talk show host Oprah Winfrey publicly endorsed Barack Obama for president during appearances in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
    (AP, 12/8/08)
2007        Dec 8, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow became the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy.
    (AP, 12/8/08)
2007        Dec 8, Ann Lisa Nguyen (35), a program manager in San Jose, Ca., went missing. Her body was found Dec 19 at the Newby Island Landfill in Milpitas. Anthony Dale Evans (45), a convicted felon who worked at the same gym that Nguyen frequented, was later arrested on suspicion of murder.
    (SFC, 12/20/07, p.B2)
2007        Dec 8, Worldwide demonstrations began to draw attention to climate change and push their governments to take stronger action to fight global warming.
    (AP, 12/8/07)
2007        Dec 8, A NATO and Afghan operation to retake Musa Qala, a Taliban-controlled town in southern Afghanistan, left at least 12 Taliban fighters and two children dead. A Nato soldier killed in a mine explosion during the operation, which began Dec 7. Taliban militants armed with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns ambushed a district chief's vehicle in western Farah province, killing him, his son, nephew and three bodyguards.
    (AP, 12/8/07)(AFP, 12/8/07)
2007        Dec 8, A suicide truck bomber attacked a police station in Beiji, one of Iraq's major oil hubs, killing at least seven people and injuring 13 in a neighborhood home to many refinery workers and engineers. In southeastern Kut a rocket landed on the home of a senior member of the local Sadrist bloc of Shiite politicians, killing him, his wife and their two children. Ten suspected militants were killed in a gunfight and airstrike outside Youssifiyah. In a raid outside Jalula US forces moving against a suspected al-Qaida in Iraq member killed one suspect and discovered an ammunition cache. Two other raids in Mosul and Samarra left one suspected militant dead and 11 detained.
    (AP, 12/8/07)
2007        Dec 8-2007 Dec 11, US soldiers carrying out operations in volatile Diyala province north of Baghdad found graves containing 26 bodies next to what they called a torture center where chains were attached to blood-spattered walls and a metal bed frame was still connected to an electrical shock system. Soldiers found a total of nine caches containing a surface-to-air missile launcher, sniper rifles, 130 pounds of homemade explosives and numerous mortar tubes and rounds, among other weapons.
    (AP, 12/20/07)
2007        Dec 8, In Naseerabad, Pakistan, gunmen killed three people in an attack on a party office of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, the first reported deaths apparently linked to the current election campaign. Pakistan's army claimed it has cleared almost all militants from embattled northwestern Swat valley after killing 290 rebels and arresting another 143 in recent weeks.
    (AP, 12/8/07)(AFP, 12/8/07)
2007        Dec 8, South Korea's worst-ever oil spill reached the country's southwest coastline, polluting beaches with pungent sludge and threatening valuable sea farms.
    (AP, 12/8/07)
2007        Dec 8, In Spain 53 African and 27 European countries began a summit to bury old colonial relationships in favor of something more modern. German Chancellor Angela Merkel challenged European and African leaders to confront human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, putting the country's president Robert Mugabe in the spotlight at an EU-Africa summit.
    (Econ, 12/8/07, p.54)(AP, 12/8/07)
2007        Dec 8, Soldiers and Tamil Tiger rebels exchanged mortar and gunfire in northern Sri Lanka, leaving 16 rebels dead.
    (AP, 12/9/07)
2007        Dec 8, Taiwanese director Ang Lee's erotic spy thriller "Lust, Caution" swept the top honors at the Golden Horse Film Awards, seen as the Chinese-language "Oscars."
    (AFP, 12/8/07)
2007        Dec 8, An overcrowded boat carrying at least some 85 illegal migrants sank off Turkey's Aegean coast and at least 43 died. The migrants were mostly Palestinians, Somalis and Iraqis.
    (AP, 12/10/07)
2007        Dec 8, Venezuela’s Pres. Hugo Chavez promised to supply the oil needs of Belarus for years to come and dismissed Western accusations that Pres. Alexander Lukashenko is a dictator. Chavez presented Lukashenko with a medal, and they signed an agreement pledging military cooperation.
    (AP, 12/9/07)

2008        Dec 8, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and 4 co-defendants, charged with plotting the Sept. 11 attacks, told a military judge that they want to immediately confess at their war-crimes tribunal at Guantanamo Bay.
    (AP, 12/8/08)(WSJ, 12/9/08, p.A1)
2008        Dec 8, Marc Dreier (58), owner of a prominent NYC law firm, was indicted with criminal charges and civil complaints alleging he defrauded investors of some $115 million by selling them phony financial instruments. On Dec 23 federal prosecutors charged Kosta Kovachev (57), a former stockbroker, for his role in Dreier’s 2006 Ponzi scheme. In 2009 the indictment was amended and estimated the alleged fraud at about $700 million.
    (WSJ, 12/9/08, p.A3)(WSJ, 12/24/08, p.A3)(WSJ, 3/18/09, p.A7)
2008        Dec 8, In San Diego The F/A-18D Hornet crashed into a street about two miles from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar as the pilot was returning from a training flight. 4 people, a mother, 2 children and a grandmother, were killed in one house. Two homes were destroyed.
    (AP, 12/9/08)(WSJ, 12/9/08, p.A1)(SFC, 12/10/08, p.A6)
2008        Dec 8, The Chicago-based Tribune Co. filed for bankruptcy as it struggled with $13 billion in debt and a drop-off in advertising.
    (SFC, 12/9/08, p.D2)
2008        Dec 8, Dow Chemical Co. said it will slash 5,000 full-time jobs, about 11 percent of its total work force, close 20 plants and sell several businesses to rein in costs amid the economic recession.
    (AP, 12/8/08)
2008        Dec 8, Robert Prosky (77), American theater, film and TV actor, died.
    (SFC, 12/12/08, p.B9)
2008        Dec 8, In Brazil Police chief Paulo Fernando Fortunato reported that 13 gay men were killed in a park in suburban Sao Paulo between February 2007 and August 2008.
    (AP, 12/8/08)
2008        Dec 8, British car parts maker Wagon PLC said it planned to file for a form of bankruptcy protection after a global slump in demand for cars crippled its business.
    (AP, 12/8/08)
2008        Dec 8, British and French leaders met with European business executives to discuss plans for major government spending on infrastructure and energy projects aimed at helping Europe to beat the downturn.
    (AP, 12/8/08)
2008        Dec 8, Quebec's ruling Liberals strengthened their grip on power in a provincial election, winning a parliamentary majority and defeating separatists who want independence for the predominantly French-speaking Canadian province.
    (Reuters, 12/9/08)
2008        Dec 8, In China Liu Xiaobo (53), a dissident, was detained hours before releasing Charter 08, the China democracy movement's most comprehensive call yet for peaceful reform. Liu had cut short a visiting scholar stint at Columbia University to join the Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing in 1989. He and three other older activists famously persuaded students to peacefully leave the square hours before the deadly June 4 crackdown.
    (AP, 10/2/10)
2008        Dec 8, Congolese rebels opened peace negotiations with a government delegation in Nairobi in their first direct talks on ending the conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
    (AP, 12/8/08)
2008        Dec 8, The EU formally launches its anti-piracy task mission off the Somali coast, preparing to take over from the NATO flotilla guarding one of the world's most important shipping lanes.
    (AP, 12/8/08)
2008        Dec 8, The EU joined calls for President Robert Mugabe to step down after 28 years ruling Zimbabwe, where spreading cholera and food shortages have worsened a desperate humanitarian crisis.
    (AP, 12/8/08)
2008        Dec 8, French police arrested the suspected military chief and "No. 1 member" of ETA, a new blow to the banned Basque militant group just weeks after his alleged predecessor was caught.
    (AP, 12/9/08)
2008        Dec 8, The National Bank of Hungary cut its key interest rate by half a percentage point to an annual rate of 10.5% due to the deteriorating economy outlook.
    (WSJ, 12/9/08, p.C2)
2008        Dec 8, The US military captured four suspected members of a Shiite militant group in Iraq allegedly trained and funded by Iran.
    (AP, 12/8/08)
2008        Dec 8, Victor Hugo Moneda, a senior Mexico City police commander, was slain in a drive-by shooting outside his home. He had overseen raids in the capital's gang-filled Tepito neighborhood.
    (AP, 12/10/08)
2008        Dec 8, In Pakistan armed militants launched a second raid in as many days on NATO depots, torching nearly 100 more vehicles destined for the alliance's forces in Afghanistan.
    (AFP, 12/8/08)
2008        Dec 8, In the Philippines suspected extortionists armed with automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades attacked two cargo ships docked at a southern port, wounding two crew members.
    (AP, 12/9/08)
2008        Dec 8, In northern Vietnam a blast at a coal mine killed at least seven workers and injured 15.
    (AP, 12/8/08)

2009        Dec 8, President Barack Obama outlined new multibillion-dollar stimulus and jobs proposals, saying the nation must continue to "spend our way out of this recession" until more Americans are back at work.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, The US government announced that it intends to pay $3.4 billion to settle claims that it has mismanaged the revenue in American Indian trust funds. The tentative settlement would resolve a 13-year-old lawsuit over hundreds of thousands of land trust accounts that date to the 19th century.
    (SFC, 12/9/09, p.A6)
2009        Dec 8, Ratings agency Moody's warned of a "fiscal crisis" lasting "several years" in Britain, France, Germany and the United States, but saw no immediate threat to their top AAA credit assessments.
    (AFP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, Ohio executed Kenneth Biros (51) by performing the nation's first lethal injection using a single drug, sodium thiopental, a supposedly less painful method than previous executions that required 3 drugs. Biros killed Tami Engstrom (22) in 1991 after offering her a ride home from a bar. He then scattered her body parts in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
    (AP, 12/8/09)(SFC, 12/9/09, p.A10)
2009        Dec 8, CBS canceled "As the World Turns," putting the company that coined the phrase "soap operas" out of the business of making daytime dramas for the first time in 76 years.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, The Afghan government said NATO forces killed six civilians during a pre-dawn operation in eastern Afghanistan. NATO disputed the allegation, saying only militants died.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, Human Rights Watch issued a report saying police in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have killed more than 11,000 people in the past six years, many execution-style.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, Brazil's largest city of Sao Paulo was been hit by severe floods for the second time in less than a week. Local media reported that six people have died in mudslides caused by heavy rain.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, In Cambodia Siwaraks Chothipong (31), a Thai employee of the Cambodia Air Traffic Service, was ordered to serve seven years in prison for spying on Thailand's former prime minister while he was in Cambodia as a guest of the government. Chothipong was accused of stealing Thaksin's flight schedule before his Nov. 10 arrival and sending it to the Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh.  The case threatened to worsen a diplomatic feud between the two neighbors. On Dec 11 Cambodia's king pardoned Chothipong.
    (AP, 12/8/09)(AP, 12/11/09)
2009        Dec 8, China executed Yang Yanming, a former securities trader, for embezzlement. He became the first person in the industry to be put to death, but millions of yuan remained missing. He was the general manager of the Beijing securities trading department of the China Great Wall Trust and Investment Corp., which became Galaxy Securities, from 1997 to 2003.
    (Reuters, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a New York based media rights watchdog, said that Eritrea tops the list of African countries that jail journalists for their work.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, EU nations agreed that Jerusalem should be the capital of both Israel and a future Palestinian state, assuaging Israeli anger over earlier mention of east Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital. An earlier proposal by the Swedish EU presidency, to explicitly support the idea of east Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state, was dropped by the foreign ministers.
    (AFP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, Honduras' president-elect Porfirio Lobo said he wants amnesty for ousted Pres. Manuel Zelaya and for all of those involved in the June 28 coup that deposed him. 2 gunmen riding motorcycles shot and killed retired Gen. Julian Aristides Gonzalez, the country's top anti-drug official.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, In Iraq a series of coordinated attacks struck Baghdad, including two suicide car bombers and another vehicle that blew up near government sites. At least 127 were killed and over 500 hundred wounded in the worst wave of violence in the capital in more than a month.
    (AP, 12/8/09)(AP, 12/9/09)
2009        Dec 8, In Iran pro-government militiamen assaulted university students demonstrating for a second straight day and hard-liners on motorcycles harassed the top opposition leader at his office Tuesday, signs of a possible intensified crackdown after the biggest anti-government demonstrations in months.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, Amnesty International released a report that said Mexican soldiers have carried out torture and forced disappearances while fighting drug cartels. A student's body was found in a truck at an intersection in Ciudad Juarez. He was the second student from the Autonomous University of Chihuahua to be killed since Dec 5.
    (AP, 12/9/09)(AP, 12/9/09)
2009        Dec 8, In central Pakistan a team of militants launched a gun, rocket and suicide attack on an intelligence office in Multan, killing 12 people in a strike that showed the insurgents can hit deep in the heart of the country.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, The Palestinians announced a boycott of Israeli products made in the West Bank, stepping up their campaign against Israeli settlements.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, Russia's highest court upheld a ruling halting the activities of a regional branch of Jehovah's Witnesses and banning dozens of its publications in what the group deplored as an unfair move.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, Somali pirates hijacked the MV Shahbaig, a Pakistan-flagged fishing vessel with 28 crew members aboard.
    (AP, 12/9/09)
2009        Dec 8, Swedish telecom giant Ericsson said it would cut 946 jobs in Sweden in an effort to downsize its production staff as it strives to improve efficiency.
    (AFP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, The UN weather agency reported that this decade is on track to become the warmest since records began in 1850, and 2009 could rank among the top-five warmest years, on the second day of a pivotal 192-nation climate conference.
    (AP, 12/8/09)
2009        Dec 8, In Venezuela a group of college students ended a hunger strike after 17 days following a meeting with Organization of American States representatives to air their concerns about human rights. A dozen students started the protest Nov. 21 outside the OAS office in Caracas, aiming to press the body to look into their complaints, including allegations that President Hugo Chavez's government abuses the legal system to persecute opponents. Jesus Ramirez Bello (20), a student, was shot and killed during a protest in the southwestern city of San Cristobal, Tachira state. 2 suspects were later detained in the killing.
    (AP, 12/9/09)(AP, 12/11/09)

2010        Dec 8, Pres. Obama signed legislation to pay American Indians and black farmers some $4.6 billion for government mistreatment over many decades. The legislation settled 4 long-standing Native American water rights in Arizona, New Mexico and Montana.
    (SFC, 12/9/10, p.A18)
2010        Dec 8, The Middle East peace process lay in tatters after Washington admitted defeat in its efforts to secure an Israeli freeze on settlement building, the Palestinians' condition for resuming talks.
    (AFP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, US State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said the self-determination referendum on Sudan's oil-rich Abyei region will not take place as planned on January 9.
    (AFP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, The US Senate voted to convict Louisiana district court Judge Thomas Porteous on charges of corruption and perjury. The Senate acted for the 8th time in American history to remove a federal judge through the impeachment process.
    (SFC, 12/9/10, p.A20)
2010        Dec 8, The US Business Roundtable published “Roadmap for Growth," a 26-page manifesto on what the nation’s biggest multinational companies want from government before they start hiring again.
2010        Dec 8, In Maryland federal authorities arrested Antonio Martinez (21) for attempting to blow up a military recruitment center in Catonsville, with what he thought was a vehicle bomb.
    (SFC, 12/9/10, p.A22)
2010        Dec 8, The Giving Pledge campaign, launched by Microsoft founder Gates and investor Buffett in June, announced 17 new pledges bringing the total to 57 billionaires pledging to give away at least half their fortunes.
    (Reuters, 12/9/10)
2010        Dec 8, Cyber attacks apparently organized by Internet activists sympathetic to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange shut down the website of credit card company Mastercard and two Swedish sites. WikiLeaks published a new set of cables, and in a defiant message posted online the secret-spilling website promised that the leaks would keep on flowing despite the arrest and jailing of its founder on sex allegations.
    (Reuters, 12/8/10)(AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, US scientists published a study of stem cell technology used to create mice from two fathers, an advance that they say could help preserve endangered species and even help same-sex couples have their own genetic children one day.
    (AFP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, Space Explorations Technologies, aka SpaceX, successfully launched its Falcon 9 test rocket from Cape Canaveral. Its Dragon capsule was retrieved in the Pacific ocean 3 hours later after it had circled the globe 2 times.
    (SFC, 12/9/10, p.A18)
2010        Dec 8, In Afghanistan a Taliban leader and three of his family members were killed in a coalition airstrike on their car, which was traveling in Nad Ali district.
    (AP, 12/9/10)
2010        Dec 8, Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said that the US government is responsible for the leaking of hundreds of thousands of classified diplomatic memos and cautioned against blaming the website that published the secret cables and its founder.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, In eastern Bangladesh a speeding train slammed into another moving slowly through a station, killing as many as 19 people and injuring scores more.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, Brazilian mining giant Vale made its Hong Kong trading debut, the first South American firm to list in the city, as the company ramps up its exposure to resource-hungry China.
    (AFP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, In Chile a fire set off by rioting inmates in a severely overcrowded prison killed at least 81 prisoners and seriously injured at least 14 others at the San Miguel prison south of Santiago. In March, 2011, a Chilean court ordered three prison guards held on negligent homicide charges for the deaths of 66 of the 81 inmates. 5 senior officers were charged with manslaughter and ordered to remain in the country.
    (AP, 12/8/10)(AFP, 3/28/11)
2010        Dec 8, The EU competition watchdog fined 5 Taiwanese and South Korean electronics companies euro649 million ($857 million) for fixing prices on LCD panels between 2001 and 2006. Samsung Electronics Co., also participated in the price fixing but escaped a fine because it blew the whistle on the cartel.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, A French court put 14 former Chilean officials on trial in absentia over the 1973-1975 disappearance of four French citizens under the regime of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, In France heavy snowfall forced the closure of Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport and shut down the Paris bus system.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, German prosecutors filed war crimes charges against two Rwandan men suspected of issuing orders to a mostly ethnic Hutu militia involved in killings of Congolese civilians. Ignace Murwanashyaka (47) and Straton Musoni (49) were charged with crimes against humanity, war crimes and membership in a foreign terrorist group. Murwanashyaka allegedly served as FDLR's president from 2001 and Musoni served as vice president from 2004, and the pair controlled the militia group from Germany.
    (AP, 12/17/10)
2010        Dec 8, In Haiti Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly urged his backers to nonviolently protest results from Nov 28 presidential elections that demonstrators say were rigged. His campaign manager later said they would formally challenge the tallies released the previous evening to Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council. Thousands of protesters rampaged in Haitian towns, torching buildings in armed clashes that left four dead after election results triggered bitter accusations of vote-rigging.
    (AP, 12/9/10)(AFP, 12/9/10)
2010        Dec 8, In Iraq a car bomb outside a restaurant killed 3 people in Taji. Scattered bombings and gunfire left a total of 5 people dead and 24 wounded. A roadside bomb in Baghdad wounded 7 Iranian pilgrims on a bus traveling to a Shiite religious festival. In southern Iraq a US soldier was killed during operations.
    (AP, 12/8/10)(AP, 12/9/10)(SFC, 12/9/10, p.A2)
2010        Dec 8, Israel decided to allow increased exports from the Gaza Strip, further easing its blockade of the territory run by the militant Palestinian Hamas group.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, A top Israeli official said his government is holding talks with Turkey aimed at mending relations, seven months after a deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla sent ties into a chill.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, The top UN envoy in Ivory Coast said that opposition candidate Alassane Ouattara had won the disputed presidential election by an "irrefutable margin" as the international community stepped up pressure on the incumbent to concede defeat.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, Japan’s space agency said its “Akatsuki" space probe has hurtled past Venus after failing to enter the planet's orbit as planned, but it voiced hope for a successful rendezvous six years from now.
    (AFP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, Mexican federal police investigating a tip about the presence of armed men in Apatzingan in Michoacan state came under fire from La Familia gunmen. Gunmen fired on civilian cars and used the sometimes-burning vehicles as barricades in Apatzingan. An 8-month-old baby, riding in a taxi with his mother, was killed as was the teenage daughter of a former city mayor, and a local police officer.
    (AP, 12/10/10)(SFC, 12/10/10, p.A12)
2010        Dec 8, In Mexico a federal police helicopter that had transported two inmates to a Mexican prison crashed in Veracruz state, killing four people and injuring two others.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, A Mozambican judge sentenced two former government officials to 12 years in prison for stealing 3.6 million meticais ($103,000) from the government. The court ordered the government data center's former director Orlando Come and former head of administration and finance Manuel Vilanculos to repay the stolen money.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, In Pakistan a teenage suicide bomber killed 15 people at a busy market in Kohat, in the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This was the third attack in three days blamed on Islamist extremists bitterly opposed to the US-allied government. The Taliban kidnapped 7 teachers and the watchman of a government school travelling near Orakzai. 5 teachers were recovered in a shootout that left one policeman dead.
    (AFP, 12/8/10)(SFC, 12/9/10, p.A2)
2010        Dec 8, In Panama historic flooding forced the closure of the Panama Canal for the first time in 21 years.
    (SFC, 12/9/10, p.A2)
2010        Dec 8, In the Philippines Pres. Benigno Aquino III lashed out at a Supreme Court decision rejecting an investigative body he created to look into alleged corruption during his predecessor's administration, vowing his anti-graft battle would not be deterred by the setback.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, In Russia drug control agencies from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and Tajikistan agreed to step up cooperation to stop the flow of drugs through Afghan borders.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, Serbia's decision to boycott the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony honoring imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo triggered criticism from human rights activists and the EU, which expressed shock that the candidate for EU entry would meet China's demands. Serbia feared its attendance could anger China, which has supported Belgrade in opposing the 2008 independence declaration of its former province of Kosovo.
    (AP, 12/8/10)
2010        Dec 8, South African President Jacob Zuma announced a 210 million rand ($30 million) credit package for Cuba and forgave Cuba's debt to South Africa during a state visit to the island nation, a decision his opponents criticized.
    (AP, 12/8/10)

2011        Dec 8, In Washington DC former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine testified before the House Agricultural Committee about the bankruptcy of MF Global, which followed disastrous bets on European debt. Corzine said he did not know what happened to an estimated $1.2 billion that went missing and blamed his predecessors for the company’s precarious finances.
    (SFC, 12/9/11, p.A17)
2011        Dec 8, The Washington Post reported that the US Air Force dumped the cremated, partial remains of at least 274 troops in a landfill before halting the secretive practice in 2008.
    (AFP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, The US Environmental Protection Agency announced for the first time that fracking, a controversial method of improving the productivity of oil and gas wells, may be to blame for causing groundwater pollution. The EPA found that compounds likely associated with fracking chemicals had been detected in the groundwater beneath Pavillion, a small community in central Wyoming where residents say their well water reeks of chemicals.
    (AP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, The US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry accepted local claims that there is a higher incidence of cancer and other health ills on Vieques island compared with neighboring Puerto Rico, but said there is no proof the problem is linked to US military activity. The bombing range closed in 2003 following years of protests about environmental risks and the 1999 killing of a Puerto Rican civilian guard by an errant bomb.
    (AP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, Researchers at the Univ. of Chicago reported experiments demonstrating that a rat would free a fellow rat trapped in a restrictive cage even without a payoff, indicating empathy and selfless behavior.
    (SFC, 12/9/11, p.A16)
2011        Dec 8, In Virginia Ross Truett Ashley (22) shot and killed police officer Derrick Crouse on Virginia Tech's campus during a routine traffic stop, putting the campus on lockdown for several hours. Ashley, who then took his own life, used a legally purchased handgun in the shooting.
    (AP, 12/8/11)(SFC, 12/14/11, p.A8)
2011        Dec 8, In Argentina Ali Miguel (80), his wife, Sara Garcia (83), their daughter Monica Miguel (49) and Miguel's son (10) were found dead with multiple stab wounds in their house in Mendoza province. A 13-year-old neighbor claimed he killed the 10-year-old in self-defense because the younger boy attacked him after killing his own mother and grandparents. Authorities said the adolescent may have killed the entire family.
    (AP, 12/9/11)
2011        Dec 8, Britain’s Defense Secretary Philip Hammond announced that women will be allowed to serve on British navy submarines, with female officers taking up roles from late 2013.
    (AFP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, British ministers ordered an urgent inquiry into England's exam system, after undercover reporters recorded examiners advising teachers on what questions were likely to come up.
    (AFP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, In the Dominican Rep. hundreds of people protested in front of the Supreme Court against what they say is a government practice of confiscating or annulling birth certificates for residents of Haitian descent.
    (AP, 12/9/11)
2011        Dec 8, Egypt's biggest political group the Muslim Brotherhood clashed with the country's army leaders on Thursday, accusing them of trying to "marginalize" parliament over the writing of a new constitution.
    (AFP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, In El Salvador Hector Silva (64), a Boston-born Salvadoran physician, died of a heart attack.  He had helped the Central American nation recover from its 12-year civil war. In 1997 he became the first leftist mayor of the capital following the civil war, earning a reputation for moderation during six years in office.
    (AP, 12/9/11)
2011        Dec 8, The European Central Bank (ECB) lowered its benchmark rate from 1.25 to 1 percent, the second quarter point cut in as many months.
    (Econ, 12/17/11, p.127)
2011        Dec 8, A German man (27) was arrested by a police special-ops team in the western city of Bochum on charges he was part of an al-Qaida bomb plot in Europe. Suspect Halil S. is accused of being part of the so-called "Duesseldorf Cell." The group was allegedly plotting the bombing before its three main members were swept up by police in April. Another suspect, identified only as Florian M., was arrested in Kiel on charges of involvement with Halil S.'s criminal activities.
    (AP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, German authorities said a letter bomb has been intercepted by Deutsche Bank employees intended to chief executive Josef Ackerman. They it was apparently sent by an Italian anarchist organization.
    (SFC, 12/9/11, p.A4)
2011        Dec 8, The Honduran Congress passed bills allowing authorities to wiretap the telephone conversations, emails and bank accounts of suspected criminals and banning motorcycles from carrying passengers for 6 months. The bills were aimed at stemming a wave of drug violence. President Porfirio Lobo was expected to sign both bills.
    (AP, 12/9/11)
2011        Dec 8, An Israeli strike killed 2 Gaza militants. Israel said one of them, Issam al-Batsh, had planned a deadly bombing in Eilat in 2007. The Israeli military said the two men had also been planning another attack on southern Israel by infiltrating from the Sinai peninsula.
    (AFP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, Ivory Coast officials said 5 people have died since the start of the campaign for legislative elections, warning against a repeat of the poll that tore the country apart last year.
    (AFP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, The World Bank said high food and fuel prices, the Horn of Africa drought and the euro crisis will dampen Kenya's economic growth in 2011, and possibly into 2012.
    (AFP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, Liberia and Senegal pledged to reform their laws so that women can confer citizenship on their children. They were among at least 30 countries that let only fathers pass their citizenship to children from marriages with a foreigner.
    (AP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, In Mali 4 people were arrested over the Nov 24 kidnapping of two French citizens. The suspects were reportedly "subcontracted" to an al-Qaida group and appear to be Malian.
    (AP, 12/12/11)(AFP, 12/12/11)
2011        Dec 8, Mexican authorities say they have seized 226 tons (205 metric tons) of a chemical used in synthetic drugs. The methylamine was found over several days this month in the port of Lazaro Cardenas in 11 containers shipped from China.
    (AP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, NATO informed Iraq that it will withdraw its training mission at year-end after Baghdad refused to grant it legal immunity, mirroring the nearly-complete pullout of US forces.
    (AFP, 12/11/11)
2011        Dec 8, In Pakistan assailants torched more than 20 tankers carrying fuel for US and NATO troops in neighboring Afghanistan, in the first reported attack since Islamabad closed the border to protest coalition airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani troops last month.
    (AP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, In Somalia planes bombed bases belonging to al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab militants in the southern town of Bardhere, killing at least 1 person.
    (AP, 12/8/11)
2011        Dec 8, Syrian activists launched a campaign of civil disobedience to pile pressure on President Bashar al-Assad, after he drew a stinging rebuke from the US for denying he ordered a deadly crackdown. A major Syrian pipeline carrying oil to a refinery in the restive Homs province was blown up. Security forces reportedly killed up to 14 people, most of them in Homs.
    (AFP, 12/8/11)(AP, 12/8/11)(SFC, 12/9/11, p.A6)
2011        Dec 8, In Thailand Joe Gordon, an American who translated a banned biography of Thailand's king and posted the content online while living in Colorado, was sentenced to two and a half years in a Thai prison for defaming the country's royal family. On July 10, 2012, Gordon (55) was granted a royal pardon.
    (AP, 12/8/11)(AFP, 7/11/12)
2011        Dec 8, Togo authorities temporarily shut down the country's two public universities after security forces fired teargas to break up student protests over a new financial aid policy. The government last month introduced a new policy awarding payouts only to brilliant students instead of all scholars as was in the past.
    (AFP, 12/9/11)
2011        Dec 8, Kiev's Shevchenkivsky Court ordered former PM Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko arrested as part of a probe into the activity of an energy company she headed 15 years ago.
    (AP, 12/9/11)
2011        Dec 8, The UN's World Food Program said meager rains and diminished harvests have left between five and seven million people in Africa's Sahel region facing food shortages. The countries of Niger, Mauritania, Mali and Chad were worst hit.
    (AFP, 12/9/11)
2011        Dec 8, Yemeni tribesmen killed two suspected Al-Qaeda militants as they tried to infiltrate Mudi in southern Abyan province.
    (AFP, 12/9/11)

2012        Dec 8, In Porterville, Ca., Hector Celaya (31), a member of the Tule River Indian Reservation, went on a shooting rampage that left a daughter, his mother and her two brothers dead. The suspect died of a self-inflicted gunshot in a shootout with police.
    (AP, 12/10/12)(SFC, 12/28/12, p.D5)
2012        Dec 8, Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent was arrested for drunk driving and charged with manslaughter after a car he was driving crashed and killed teammate Jerry Brown Jr, in the second tragedy involving NFL players in a week.
    (Reuters, 12/8/12)
2012        Dec 8, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said that the Dec 6 assassination attempt on the country's intelligence chief was planned in Pakistan, but vowed it would not stop him from seeking Islamabad's help in coaxing militants to the negotiating table.
    (AP, 12/8/12)
2012        Dec 8, In Ghana about 413 polling stations reopened for an unexpected second day of voting after there were technical breakdowns on the first day of voting.
    (AP, 12/8/12)
2012        Dec 8, Itallian media mogul Silvio Berlusconi confirmed that he's running to be premier again for a fourth term.
    (AP, 12/8/12)
2012        Dec 8, An official with the rebel Free Syrian Army said commanders from all over the country have elected a new Supreme Military Council and named Brig. Gen. Salim Idriss as the group's chief of staff.
    (AP, 12/8/12)
2012        Dec 8, Eight Yemeni soldiers, including a senior officer, were killed in an ambush by militants while visiting a main oil pipeline that had been destroyed in an earlier attack.
    (AP, 12/8/12)

2013        Dec 8, In Washington DC the Kennedy Center Honors were awarded to Carlos Santana, Billy Joel, Herbie Hancock, Martina Arroyo and Shirley McClaine for their impact on Amereican culture.
    (SFC, 12/9/13, p.A8)
2013        Dec 8, In Connecticut a man shot and killed 3 women and then killed himself in front of police officers at an apartment complex in Manchester.
    (SFC, 12/9/13, p.A8)
2013        Dec 8, A Bangladesh court ordered authorities to hang Islamist leader Abdul Quader Molla (65), months after he was sentenced to death, raising fears of a new wave of clashes. On Dec 10 a late-night reprieve saved his life just hours before he was to be hanged.
    (AFP, 12/8/13)(AP, 12/11/13)
2013        Dec 8, British MPs lined up to condemn plans by an independent body to grant them an 11-percent pay rise, embarrassed at how such largesse will be perceived at a time of deep public spending cuts.
    (AFP, 12/8/13)
2013        Dec 8, Britain's National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested three people following fresh allegations of match-fixing at English non-league games.
    (AFP, 12/8/13)
2013        Dec 8, The mostly Muslim fighters who control Central African Republic patrolled neighborhoods across Bangui despite an order to return to their barracks, reflecting the sectarian tensions still rippling across the impoverished nation. The French foreign minister said violence had killed at least 394 people in the past few days.
    (AP, 12/8/13)   
2013        Dec 8, India's Congress party headed for a bruising defeat in key state elections, in early results underlining the struggle it will face to cling to power in a national election due by May. The main Hindu nationalist party trounced the nationally ruling Congress in four heartland states and knocked them out of New Delhi in a ballot contest closely watched for clues to next year's general election.
    (Reuters, 12/8/13)(AP, 12/8/13)
2013        Dec 8, In Iraq a series of bombings across the country, including 14 blasts in and around Baghdad, killed 39 people and wounded over 130.
    (AP, 12/8/13)(AFP, 12/9/13)
2013        Dec 8, North Korea’s state TV showed Jang Song Thaek, the uncle of Kim Jong Un, being stripped of all his titles at a party meeting led by Kim Jong Un.
    (AP, 12/9/13)
2013        Dec 8, The Philippine government and the MILF, the main Muslim rebel group, signed a crucial power-sharing accord, paving the way for a final peace agreement.
    (AFP, 12/8/13)
2013        Dec 8, Chevron said it has resumed activities to build its first shale gas exploration well in Romania, a day after protests forced the US energy giant to suspend work.
    (AFP, 12/9/13)
2013        Dec 8, Saudi authorities beheaded Mohammed Zayer Khan Qol, a Pakistani man, after he was convicted of smuggling drugs into the ultra-conservative Gulf state. An AFP count put this as  no. 73.
    (AFP, 12/8/13)
2013        Dec 8, In Singapore an hour-long fracas was triggered when an Indian construction worker was struck and killed by a private bus in the Little India district. The rampage that left 39 police and civil defence staff injured, and 25 vehicles -- including 16 police cars -- damaged or torched.
    (AFP, 12/9/13)
2013        Dec 8, South Korea said it has extended its air defense zone to partially overlap with a similar zone declared by China two weeks ago that has sharply raised regional tensions.
    (Reuters, 12/8/13)
2013        Dec 8, Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir replaced his two vice-presidents and unveiled a new cabinet after urgent calls for reform in the 24-year-old regime.
    (AFP, 12/8/13)
2013        Dec 8, The Sudan People's Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N) launched attacks in Bau district of Blue Nile state. Insurgents later said one rebel fighter was reported killed and three wounded during attacks against military convoys that also left several government troops dead.
    (AFP, 12/10/13)
2013        Dec 8, Syrian regime forces made gains in the key town of Nabuk, one of the last rebel-held areas in the Qalamoun region bordering Lebanon. Ali Bazzi, a high-ranking Hezbollah military commander, was killed in a combat zone.
    (AFP, 12/8/13)
2013        Dec 8, Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra proposed a referendum on her future and promised to resign if that was what the people wanted, as anti-government protesters prepared for a final push to try to force her from power. Thailand's main opposition party resigned from Parliament.
    (Reuters, 12/8/13)(AP, 12/8/13)
2013        Dec 8, UN inspectors visited an Iranian plant linked to a planned heavy-water reactor that could yield nuclear bomb fuel, taking up an initial offer by Tehran to open its disputed nuclear program to greater scrutiny.
    (Reuters, 12/8/13)
2013        Dec 8, Several hundred thousand Ukrainians occupied a central square in the capital, denouncing President Viktor Yanukovych's decision to turn away from Europe and align with Russia. Protesters in the square knocked down a 3.4 meter statue of Vladimir Lenin, erected in 1946.
    (AP, 12/8/13)(AFP, 12/8/13)
2013        Dec 8, Venezuela held municipal elections. The opposition saw this as a referendum on Pres. Maduro’s performance amid soaring crime, high inflation, and shortages of basic household items. Early results gave Socialists and their allies 49 percent of votes, compared to 43 percent for the opposition coalition and its partners.
    (AFP, 12/8/13)(Reuters, 12/9/13)
2013        Dec 8, In Yemen gunmen in car ambushes shot dead the head of security of the presidential palace in Taiz, Brigadier General Saddam Hussein al-Dhahri. In a separate incident Police Colonel Abdullah Gaithallah was similarly killed in the southern province of al-Baida.
    (Reuters, 12/8/13)

2014        Dec 8, Protesters with signs bearing names of black Americans killed by police marched outside the US Capitol and the Justice Department in peaceful demonstrations demanding a human rights investigation.
    (AP, 12/9/14)
2014        Dec 8, US federal authorities said a dolphin was lethally shot by a hunting arrow in the northern Gulf of Mexico, the second violent killing of the protected animal in recent weeks. Harming, harassing or feeding a wild dolphin is prohibited under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972.
    (Reuters, 12/10/14)
2014        Dec 8, In Berkeley, Ca., more than 150 protesters were arrested after shutting down a major freeway in another outbreak of nationwide demonstrations against police use of deadly force on minorities.
    (Reuters, 12/9/14)
2014        Dec 8, In southern California a fire destoryed the wooden framing of the new Da Vinci complex in downtown Los Angeles causing an estimated $20-30 million in damage. Arson was later determined as the cause.
    (SFC, 12/19/14, p.A9)
2014        Dec 8, In Maryland a small private jet crashed into a house in Gaithersburg, Md. A woman, her two young sons and 3 people in the plane were killed.
    (SFC, 12/9/14, p.A6)
2014        Dec 8, Jewel thieves pulled off a $500,000 heist at a rest stop in Marion Township, Minn. Investigators believed they trailed a diamond dealer and employees returning from a trade show in Chicago.
    (SFC, 12/9/14, p.A6)
2014        Dec 8, The International Criminal Court's 122 member states opened their annual meeting at UN headquarters in NYC with Africa the focus.
    (AP, 12/9/14)
2014        Dec 8, Amazon Indians on the Peru-Brazil border say they continue to receive death threats from loggers after the September murder of four local chiefs in a remote forest region overrun by illegal felling.
    (Reuters, 12/8/14)   
2014        Dec 8, Belgian workers striking against government austerity plans badly snarled rail and air service to and from the capital city of Brussels.
    (AP, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, In Afghanistan the US and NATO closed their combat command, more than 13 years after invading the country in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. A drone strike killed 6 Taliban fighters in Nuristan province. Taliban fighters backed by a suicide bomber attacked a police headquarters, killing 5 people in Kandahar province.
    (AP, 12/8/14)(Reuters, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, In Bahrain a Jordanian officer on a security exchange program was killed in the village of Damistan.
    (Reuters, 12/9/14)
2014        Dec 8, The body of British financier Scot Young (52) was found impaled on railings outside his luxury London apartment. During a drawn-out divorce court battle, Young claimed he was bankrupt and couldn't pay his wife a 27,500-pound monthly maintenance fee ordered by a judge. He said he had suffered a financial "meltdown" and was heavily in debt.
    (AP, 12/11/14)
2014        Dec 8, A Chinese court sentenced eight people to death on charges of leading terror groups and setting off explosives in two attacks that left 46 people dead in the far western region of Xinjiang. The Urumqi Intermediate People's Court in Xinjiang also handed out suspended death sentences to five others.
    (AP, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, In eastern China 5 middle school students were killed after a wall collapsed on them at Tongren Middle School in Huaibei city.
    (AP, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, In Dresden, Germany, some 10,000 people protested in a ralley organized by a group calling itself “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West." A counter demonstration numbered some 9,000.
    (SFC, 12/9/14, p.A2)
2014        Dec 8, In India US online ride-hailing service Uber was banned from operating in New Delhi after a female passenger accused one of its drivers of rape on Dec 5. Uber employed Shiv Kumar Yadav even though he had been arrested on allegations of sexual assault three years ago.
    (Reuters, 12/8/14)(SFC, 1/14/15, p.A2)
2014        Dec 8, In Indonesia at least 4 people, including 3 high school students, were killed in the volatile Papua region in clashes between protesters and security forces. The clash had started the previous night when the youths reprimanded a soldier who was riding a motorcycle without the headlights on.
    (Reuters, 12/8/14)(AP, 12/9/14)
2014        Dec 8, An Israeli court indicted Adam Everett Livix (30), an American Christian, for plotting to blow up Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem. He was charged with illegal weapon possession and overstaying his visa by more than a year.
    (AP, 12/9/14)(SFC, 12/10/14, p.A6)
2014        Dec 8, A Dutch court ruled in a preliminary judgment that Uber, a California-based ride-sharing service, must stop working with drivers who charge fares but do not possess a taxi license.
    (AP, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, In Pakistan demonstrations in Islamabad turned deadly as one person was killed in clashes between protesters and security forces.
    (AP, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, In the Philippines Typhoon Hagupit weakened into a tropical storm after leaving at least 21 people dead and forcing more than a million into shelters, while sparing most of a central Philippine region still reeling from last year's monster Typhoon Haiyan.
    (AP, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, Poland said it has decided to refuse a toxic waste shipment from a pesticide plant in El Salvador that was to be destroyed at an incineration plant in a southern town, after the local community in Dabrowa Gornicza raised concerns.
    (AP, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, Saudi King Abdullah announced a Cabinet shakeup, naming new ministers to key portfolios overseeing the kingdom's universities and mosques where ultraconservative clerics and their supporters hold sway.
    (AP, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, A South African court cleared British businessman Shrien Dewani of charges that he paid hitmen to kill his wife while they were on honeymoon in Cape Town in Nov, 2010.
    (AP, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, In northern Syria the militant Islamic State group beheaded a man in Solouk, Raqqa province, after accusing him of blasphemy. 3 journalists from the opposition television channel Orient News were killed in the southwest when a missile hit their vehicle in Deraa province.
    (AP, 12/9/14)(Reuters, 12/10/14)
2014        Dec 8, Thailand ordered US online taxi booking company Uber to cease operations, on the same day taxi apps were banned in the Indian capital New Delhi.
    (Reuters, 12/9/14)
2014        Dec 8, A Ugandan maid pleaded guilty to charges of torturing a child who was under her care in a case that shocked Ugandans and sparked debate about the role of maids raising children. Jolly Tumuhiirwe (22) was sentenced on Dec 15 to four years in jail.
    (AP, 12/8/14)(AP, 12/15/14)
2014        Dec 8, The UN appealed for $16.4 billion to pay for global humanitarian needs in 2015, saying it needs that money to help 57.5 million of the world's most vulnerable people.
    (AP, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, Uruguay said six Guantanamo Bay prisoners sent to there to be resettled as refugees underwent medical checkups before being released to begin new lives.
    (AP, 12/8/14)
2014        Dec 8, Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe fired his deputy, Joice Mujuru, and seven government ministers, in the latest twist in a power struggle over the choice of his successor.
    (Reuters, 12/9/14)

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