Today in History - July 12

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c100BCE    Jul 12, Gaius Julius Caesar (d.44BC), Roman general and statesman, was born.
    (WUD, 1994 p.208)(AP, 7/12/97)(HN, 7/12/98)

783        Jul 12, Bertha "with the great feet", wife of French king Pippin III, died.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1096        Jul 12, Crusaders under Peter the Hermit reach Sofia in Hungary.
    (HN, 7/12/99)

1109        Jul 12, Crusaders captured harbor city of Tripoli.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1191        Jul 12, Richard Coeur de Lion and Crusaders defeated the Saracens at Acre.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1290        Jul 12, Jews were expelled from England by order of King Edward I.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1450        Jul 12, Jack Cade was slain in a revolt against British King Henry VI.

1536        Jul 12, Desiderius Erasmus (b.1469 in Rotterdam) died, humanist, priest (Novum instrumentum omne), died. His most famous works included "In Praise of Folly" and a Greek text of the New Testament. In 1999 Prof. Charles Trinkaus published "Collected Works of Erasmus: Controversies," an examination of the religious conflict between humanism and the Reformation.
    (V.D.-H.K.p.159-160)(SFC, 9/27/99, p.A26)(WSJ, 1/31/03, p.W13)(MC, 7/12/02)

1543        Jul 12, England's King Henry VIII married his sixth and last wife, Catherine Parr, who outlived him.
    (AP, 7/12/97)

1630        Jul 12, New Amsterdam's governor bought Gull Island from Indians for cargo and renamed it Oyster Island. It later became Ellis Island.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1645        Jul 12, In Russia Michael Romanov (b.1596), the first RomanovTsar (1613-1645), died.
    (Econ, 3/9/13, p.86)(

1679        Jul 12, Britain's King Charles II ratified Habeas Corpus Act.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1690        Jul 12, Due to British calendar changes in 1752, the July 1, 1690, Battle of Boyne (in Ireland) was adjusted for celebration on Jul 12.
    (SFEC, 9/27/98, BR p.5)(AP, 7/11/05)

1691        Jul 12, William III defeated the allied Irish and French armies at the Battle of Aughrim, Ireland.
    (HN, 7/12/98)

1712        Jul 12, Richard Cromwell (85), English Lord Protector (1658-59), died.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1730        Jul 12, Josiah Wedgwood, pottery designer, manufacturer (Wedgwood), was born in England.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1771        Jul 12, James Cook sailed Endeavour back to Downs, England.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1774        Jul 12, Citizens of Carlisle, Penn., passed a declaration of independence.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1776        Jul 12, Capt. Cook departed with Resolution for 3rd trip to Pacific Ocean.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1790        Jul 12, The French Assembly approved a Civil Constitution providing for the election of priests and bishops.
    (HN, 7/12/98)

1794        Jul 12, British Admiral Lord Nelson lost his right eye at the siege of Calvi, in Corsica.
    (HN, 7/12/98)

1804        Jul 12, Alexander Hamilton (47), US Sec. of Treasury, died in New York of wounds from a pistol duel in New Jersey with VP Aaron Burr. In 1920 Frederick Scott Oliver authored a Hamilton biography. In 2002 Stephen Knott authored "Alexander Hamilton and the Persistence of Myth." In 2004 Ron Chernow authored the biography "Alexander Hamilton." Lawyer Ambrose Spencer (1765-1848) said Hamilton “more than any man, did the thinking of his time."
    (WSJ, 2/4/04, p.A1)(SSFC, 4/25/04, p.M3)(WSJ, 10/20/04, p.D12)

1806        Jul 12, The Confederation of the Rhine was established in Germany.
    (HN, 7/12/98)

1812        Jul 12, United States forces led by General William Hull entered Canada during the War of 1812 against Britain. However, Hull retreated shortly thereafter to Detroit. Madison had called for 50,000 volunteers to invade Canada but only 5,000 signed up.
    (AP, 7/12/99)(ON, 9/02, p.2)

1817        Jul 12, Henry David Thoreau (d.1862), essayist, naturalist and poet, was born in Concord, Mass. His work included "On Walden Pond." He referred to the three Greek goddesses of fate: Clotho (spinner of the thread of destiny), Lachesis (disposer of lots) and especially Atropos (who holds the scissors that will cut endeavor short). "We have constructed a fate, an Atropos, that never turns aside." He was also the author of the essays "Civil Disobedience and Slavery in Massachusetts."
    (AHD, p.1339)(Civil., Jul-Aug., '95, p.66)(HFA, '96, p.34)(HN, 7/12/98)

1843        Jul 12, Mormon leader Joseph Smith said God encourages polygamy.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1849        Jul 12, William Osler (d.1919), physician, author (circulatory system), was born in Canada. "The philosophies of one age have become the absurdities of the next, and the foolishness of yesterday has become the wisdom of tomorrow."
    (AP, 10/15/98)(MC, 7/12/02)

1852        Jul 12, Dr. John Hudson Wayman camped at the City of Rocks in Idaho and called it “one of the finest places of its kind in the world." US Congress named the area a national reserve in 1988.
    (SFC, 7/6/06, p.E2)

1854        Jul 12, George Eastman (d.1932), inventor of the Kodak camera, was born in Waterville, N.Y.
    (AP, 7/12/99)

1859        Jul 12, William Goodale patented a paper bag manufacturing machine in Mass.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1861        Jul 12, Anton Stepanovich Arensky, composer, was born.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1862        Jul 12, The US Congress authorized the Medal of Honor. Between 1861 and 1999 the medal was awarded to 3,410 members of the US armed forces. The Web site for the US Army Center of Military History:   
    (AP, 7/12/97)(SFC, 5/31/99, p.A7)
1862        Jul 12, Federal troops occupied Helena, Arkansas.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1864        Jul 12, President Abraham Lincoln became the first standing president to witness a battle as Union forces repelled Jubal Early's army on the outskirts of Washington, D.C.
    (HN, 7/12/98)

1874        Jul 12, Start of Sherlock Holmes Adventure, "Gloria Scott."
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1878        Jul 12, A Yellow Fever epidemic began in New Orleans. It killed 4,500.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1884        Jul 12, Amadeo Modigliani, painter and sculptor (Reclining Nude), was born in Italy.
    (HN, 7/12/01)(MC, 7/12/02)

1892        Jul 12, In France flood waters burst from a lake buried under a glacier on Mt. Blanc killing at least 175 people in the St. Gervais valley.
    (SFC, 8/26/10, p.A4)(

1895        Jul 12, Kirsten Flagstad, Norwegian opera singer, was born.
    (HN, 7/12/01)
1895        Jul 12, R. Buckminster Fuller (d.1983), architect and engineer, was born. "The more we learn the more we realize how little we know."
    (AP, 7/1/97)(HN, 7/12/01)
1895        Jul 12, Oscar Hammerstein II, lyricist who worked with Richard Rodgers, was born in NYC.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1898        Jul 12, Xenon, an inert substance, was discovered in England by the Scottish chemist William Ramsay and English chemist Morris Travers.
    (Econ, 2/8/14, p.76)(

1904        Jul 12, Pablo Neruda (d.1973), Chilean poet and political activist (Residence on Earth-Nobel 1971), was born as Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto in Parral, Chile.
    (HN, 7/12/01)(SFC, 7/15/04, p.E11)

1906        Jul 12, French Captain Alfred Dreyfus was found innocent in France of his earlier court-martial for spying for Germany. Dreyfus had served over 4 years on Devil’s Island before a top French court rehabilitated his name in what came to be called the Dreyfus Affair.
    (PC, 1992, p.664)(SFC, 7/13/06, p.A16)

1908        Jul 12, Milton Berle (d.2002), comedian, was born as Mendel Berlinger in New York City.
    (SFC, 3/28/02, p.A15)(AP, 7/12/08)
1908        Jul 12, The Missouri Gazette began publishing under Joseph Charless.
    (SSFC, 1/4/04, p.M5)

1909        Jul 12, "Curly" Joe DeRita (Joseph Wardell) (The Three Stooges: The Outlaw is Coming, Snow White and the Three Stooges, Have Rocket, Will Travel; died July 3, 1993), was born.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1913        Jul 12, The 4-masted schooner J.H. Lunsmann sank on in the San Francisco Bay near Fort Mason following a collision with the steamer Francis H. Leggett. The crew of 12 were rescued.
    (SSFC, 7/14/13, p.47)(

1917        Jul 12, Andrew Wyeth, painter who focused on the northeastern United States, was born in Chadds Ford, Pa. In 1998 Beth Venn and Adam Weinberg published "Unknown Terrain," a companion piece to a Whitney Museum exhibition of his art.
    (HN, 7/12/98)(MC, 7/12/02)(

1918        Jul 12, A Japanese battleship exploded in the Bay of Tokayama and some 500 people were killed.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1925        Jul 12, Roger Smith, CEO (General Motors) ("Roger and Me" movie), was born.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1926        Jul 12, Gertrude Bell (b.1868), British archeologist and intelligence officer, died in Baghdad. From 1900 to 1913 she journeyed some 20,000 miles from Istanbul to the Syrian desert and on to Iraq. In 2006 Georgina Howell authored “Daughter of the Desert: The Remarkable Life of Gertrude Bell."
    (Econ, 9/9/06, p.79)(

1934        Jul 12, Van Cliburn, American concert pianist, was born.
    (HN, 7/12/01)

1935        Jul 12, Alfred Dreyfus, French officer of Jewish background, died in Paris. His trial and conviction in 1894 on charges of treason became one of the most tense political dramas in modern French and European history. It is still known today as the Dreyfus Affair.

1937        Jul 12, Bill Cosby, comedian, actor, was born.
    (HN, 7/12/98)

1940        Jul 12, Rufus Robinson and Earl Cooley (1911-2009) jumped out of a Travelair plane to fight a forest fire in Idaho’s Nez Perce National Forest. They were the first smoke-jumpers.
    (SFC, 9/14/96, p.B5)(Econ, 11/28/09, p.102)

1941        Jul 12, Moscow was bombed by the German Luftwaffe for the first time.
    (HN, 7/12/98)

1942        Jul 12, Richard Stoltzman, clarinetist (Tashi), was born in Omaha, Nebraska.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1943        Jul 12, The US submarine Pampanito was christened in New Hampshire. In 1982 the sub opened to the public at Pier 45 in San Francisco.
    (SFC, 9/24/03, p.A23)
1943        Jul 12, Pope Pius XII received Baron von Weizsacker, the German ambassador.
    (MC, 7/12/02)
1943        Jul 12, Russians beat Nazis in a tank battle at Prochorowka. Some 12,000 died.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1944        Jul 12, US government recognized the authority of General De Gaulle.
    (MC, 7/12/02)
1944        Jul 12, The Theresienstadt Family camp disbanded and some 4,000 people were executed.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1946        Jul 12, Benjamin Britten's "Rape of Lucretia," premiered in Glyndebourne.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1948        Jul 12, The Democratic national convention opened in Philadelphia.
    (AP, 7/12/98)
1948        July 12, The Marshall Plan Conference convened in Paris. It was attended by 16 European nations and established the Committee for European Economic Cooperation.
    (HNQ, 9/28/99)

1951        Jul 12, A mob tried to keep a black family from moving into all-white Cicero, Ill.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1954        Jul 12, President Dwight D. Eisenhower proposed a highway modernization program, with costs to be shared by federal and state governments.
    (HN, 7/12/98)

1957        Jul 12, The U.S. surgeon general, Leroy E. Burney (d.1998 at 91), reported that there is a direct link between smoking and lung cancer. Dr. John Altshuler (1931-2004) co-researched the "Joint Report of Study Group on Smoking and Health," published by the US Public Health Service.
    (HN, 7/12/98)(SFC, 8/5/98, p.A17)(SFC, 2/7/04, p.A20)
1957        Jul 12, Santa Susana in Los Angeles County began receiving the nation’s first commercial electricity from a small, civilian-owned, nuclear reactor. It was shut down in 1964 and scientists later reported that the plant might be responsible hundreds of cancer cases. PG&E had teamed with General Electric to establish the Vallecitos atomic energy plant, the world’s 1st privately owned and operated nuclear facility.
    (SFC, 4/7/01, p.A5)(SSFC, 4/8/07, p.A18)

1962        Jul 12, Mick Jagger (18), Keith Richards (18) and Brian Jones (20) played The Marquee Club with three others, the first time they performed under the Rolling Stones band name which later became synonymous worldwide with excess and musical flair.
    (AFP, 7/7/12)

1966        Jul 12, There were race riots in Chicago.
    (MC, 7/12/02)
1966        Jul 12, D.T. Suzuki (96), Zen Buddhism scholar, died in Tokyo, Japan.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1967        Jul 12, Blacks in Newark rioted. 26 were killed, 1500 injured and over 1000 arrested.
    (MC, 7/12/02)
1967        Jul 12, Greek regime deprived 480 Greeks of their citizenship.
    (MC, 7/12/02)

1971        Jul 12, Kristi Tsuya Yamaguchi, figure skater, was born in Hayward, Cal. In 1992 she won an Olympic gold medal.

1974        Jul 12, President Richard Nixon's aides G. Gordon Liddy, John Ehrlichman and two others were convicted of conspiracy and perjury in connection with the Watergate scandal. They were convicted of conspiring to violate the civil rights of Daniel Ellsberg's former psychiatrist.
    (AP, 7/12/97)(HN, 7/12/98)
1974        Jul 12, The US Budget Control Act was signed into law. It stripped away from the president the power to withhold appropriated spending, and placed it in the hands of Congress. The Congressional budget Office was formed.
    (, 2/27/00, p.A1)

1975        Jul 12, The islands of Sao Tome and Principe achieved independence from Portugal.
    (AP, 7/18/03)

1976        Jul 12, Edward Charles Allaway, a campus janitor, killed 7 people in a library at California State Univ. at Fullerton. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity and was confined at a state mental hospital.
    (SFC, 12/22/01, p.A5)(

1977        Jul 12, President Carter defended Supreme Court decisions limiting government payments for poor women's abortions, saying, "There are many things in life that are not fair."
    (AP, 7/12/97)

1979        Jul 12, "Disco Demolition Night" at Comiskey Park, caused fans to go wild. It also caused the White Sox to forfeit 2nd game of a doubleheader to Tigers.
1979        Jul 12, Pop singer Minnie Riperton (b.1947), famed for her three-octave range, died of cancer. "Lovin’ You," Riperton’s international blockbuster, topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 1975. She was a member of Stevie Wonder's backup group, Wonderlove, in 1973.
1979         Jul 12, The Gilbert Islands gained independence from Britain and became a nation, the Archipelago of Kiribati. It is a chain of 35 islands that sprawls 1,860 miles from east to west. Fanning Island was renamed to Tabuaeran. Kiribati began using the Australia dollar for its currency.
    (, 7/1/97, p.A9)(SSFC, 4/21/02, p.C22)(Econ, 9/13/14, p.84)

1984        Jul 12, Madonna's "Like a Virgin" video premiered on MTV and became an instant hit.
1984        Jul 12, Democratic presidential candidate Walter F. Mondale announced he had chosen U.S. Rep. Geraldine A. Ferraro of New York to be his running mate; Ferraro was the first woman to run for vice president on a major party ticket.
    (AP, 7/12/97)(HN, 7/12/98)

1985        Jul 12, Doctors discovered what turned out to be a cancerous growth in President Reagan’s large intestine, prompting surgery the following day.
    (AP, 7/12/00)
1987        Jul 12, For the first time in 20 years, a delegation of Soviet diplomats arrived in Israel for what was described as a "technical mission" to document Soviet citizens and make an inventory of Soviet property.
    (AP, 7/12/97)

1988        Jul 12, The American League beat the National League 2-1 in the All-Star game played in Cincinnati.
    (AP, 7/12/98)
1988        Jul 12, Democratic presidential candidate Michael S. Dukakis tapped Texas Sen. Lloyd Bentsen as his running mate.
    (AP, 7/12/98)
1988        Jul 12, Russia’s PHOBOS 2 Flyby and lander was launched. It failed within 480 miles of Mar’s moon Phobos.
    (, 11/19/96, p.B1)

1989        Jul 12, President Bush continued his visit to Hungary, where he held talks with officials and made a speech at Karl Marx University in Budapest.
    (AP, 7/12/99)
1989        Jul 12, The European Space Agency launched an experimental communications satellite named Olympus. It malfunctioned in 1991 and was lost for a year before communication was re-established. It was damaged during a Perseid meteor shower in 1993 and was taken out of service.
    (Econ, 6/1/13, TQ p.17)(
1989        Jul 12, A farmer in eastern France went on a shooting rampage, killing 14 people before being captured.
    (AP, 7/12/99)

1990        Jul 12, CBS introduced the TV saga "Northern Exposure." The show ran to 1995. Margaret Phillips (d.2002) played general-store owner Ruth-Anne Miller.
    (SFC, 7/5/96, p.D5)(WSJ, 7/15/96, p.A9)(SFC, 11/12/02, p.A26)
1990        Jul 12, Russian republic president Boris N. Yeltsin shocked the 28th congress of the Soviet Communist Party by announcing he was resigning his party membership.
    (AP, 7/12/97)

1991        Jul 12, A Japanese professor who had translated Salman Rushdie’s "The Satanic Verses" was found stabbed to death, nine days after the novel’s Italian translator was attacked in Milan.
    (AP, 7/12/01)

1992        Jul 12, In an emotional farewell speech, Benjamin Hooks, outgoing executive director of the NAACP, urged the group's convention in Nashville, Tenn., to show the world that it remained vital.
    (AP, 7/12/97)
1992        Jul 12, Albert Pierrepont, last British hangman (433 men and 17 women), died.

1993        Jul 12, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "Sunset Boulevard" opened in London.
1993        Jul 12, 196 people were killed when an earthquake measuring a magnitude of 7.8 struck northern Japan.
    (AP, 7/12/98)
1993        Jul 12, In Somalia a mob avenging a deadly United Nations attack on the compound of Mohamed Farrah Aidid killed Dan Eldon (22), a US photo-journalist working for Reuters, and three colleagues. They were stoned and beaten to death at the scene of a bombing by UN forces of a house believed to be the headquarters of Gen’l. Aidid.
    (SFEM,11/16/97, p.30)(AP, 7/12/98)

1994        Jul 12, The National League won the US baseball All-Star Game, defeating the American League 8-7.
    (AP, 7/12/99)
1994        Jul 12, President Clinton, visiting Germany, went to the eastern sector of Berlin, the first president to do so since Harry Truman.
    (AP, 7/12/99)
1994        Jul 12, US confirmation hearings began for Supreme Court nominee Stephen G. Breyer.
    (AP, 7/12/04)
1994        Jul 12, The shareholders and employees of United Airlines approved a deal giving the majority ownership to the employees (76,000+).
    (Hem, Dec. 94, p.13)

1995        Jul 12, President Clinton spelled out school-prayer guidelines, asserting the First Amendment already guaranteed adequate freedom of religion.
    (AP, 7/12/00)
1995        Jul 12, US public debt said by the Treasury to be $4.93 trillion.
    (WSJ, 7/12/95, p.A-1)
1995        Jul 12, In Bosnia Momir Nikolic, an intelligence officer, was nearby when 80-100 prisoners were decapitated and their headless corpses loaded onto trucks. Nikolic was arrested in 2002 on charges that he was responsible for the killing of some 1,000 Muslim males (16-60), who were taken from a UN compound in Jul 1995. He was also charged for the deaths of 6,000 more prisoners captured while fleeing from Srebrenica. In 2003 Nikolic pleaded guilty to war crimes. In 2003 Nikolic accepted that he was on duty when 80-100 prisoners were decapitated and their corpses loaded onto trucks. Prosecutors recommended 20 years in prison.
    (SFC, 4/4/02, p.A8)(AP, 5/6/03)(AP, 10/28/03)

1996        Jul 12, The House voted overwhelmingly to define marriage in federal law as a legal union of one man and one woman, no matter what states might say.
    (AP, 7/12/97) 
1996         Jul 12, Hurricane Bertha hit North Carolina's Cape Fear near Wilmington, then moved on to batter a string of coastal towns.
    (SFC, 7/13/96, p.A1)(AP, 7/12/97)
1996        Jul 12, Lee Guthrie Jr., a member of the Aryan Republican Army, was found dead of an apparent suicide in a county jail in Kentucky. The group advocated killing Jews, deporting African-Americans and setting up a Bible-based nation.
    (SFC, 7/13/96, p.A7)
1996        Jul 12, John Chancellor (b.1927), news reporter, died. He had been an anchor reporter on NBC Nightly News from 1970-1982.
    (SFC, 7/13/96, p.A5)
1996        Jul 12, Gottfried von Einem (b.1918), Swiss composer, died in Oberduirnbach.
1996        Jul 12, The EU warned that it would freeze US assets and impose visa requirements on Americans if European companies are penalized for investing in Cuba.
    (SFC, 7/13/96, p.A9)
1996        Jul 12, A divorce settlement between Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, the Prince of Wales was agreed upon. Diana would be called "Her Royal Highness" and would receive about $22.5 mil plus an annual $600,000 to maintain her private office.
     (SFC, 7/13/96, p.A8)
1996        Jul 12, In Libya at least 20 people were killed in Tripoli at a soccer match. Bodyguards loyal to the sons of Moammar Ghadafi fired at spectators who shouted hostile slogans. A stampede resulted.
    (SFC, 7/15/96, p.A11)
1996        Jul 12, In Northern Ireland authorities relented and allowed the Orange Order to march through the village of Drumcree.
    (SFC, 7/12/96, p.A1)(SFC, 7/13/96, p.A8)
1996        Jul 12, Russian banks were undergoing a major shakeout. 2,132 banks were operating, a 20% decrease since 1994.
    (WSJ, 7/12/96, p.A8)
1996        Jul 12, In southern Sudan at least 700,000 people were facing starvation because of the Khartoum government’s refusal to allow large-scale food aid.
    (SFC, 7/12/96, p.A14)
1996        Jul 12, Venezuela was awarded a $1.4 billion credit from the Int’l. Monetary Fund.
    (SFC, 7/13/96, p.A10)

1997        Jul 12, In Copenhagen, the last stop of an eight-day European tour, President Clinton said political divisions in Europe were closing.
    (AP, 7/12/98)
1997        Jul 12, In Berlin, Germany, several hundreds of thousands gathered for the annual Love Parade, a big party for fans of the electronic dance music known as techno.
    (SFEC, 7/13/97, p.D8)
1997        Jul 12, In Spain, kidnapped Basque politician Miguel Angel Blanco was found mortally dead shortly after a deadline set by his militant Basque captors.
    (AP, 7/12/98)

1998        Jul 12, In Afghanistan Taliban forces captured Maimana, the provincial capital of the Faryab province from forces under Gen’l. Rashid Dostum.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 12, In Ecuador Jamil Mahuad, the mayor of Quito, won the election according to exit polls. His margin was 51.3% to 48.7 and he promised to fight poverty.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A7)(SFC, 7/14/98, p.A9)
1998        Jul 12, In France the French team beat Brazil, 3-0, for its first World Cup soccer championship.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A1) (AP, 7/12/99)
1998        Jul 12, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador agreed to join forces to build a $2 billion railroad network to link Central America with Mexico.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 12, It was reported that Japan burns 38 million tons of garbage a year compared to 34 million for the US. Japan’s air was reported to contain 10 times more dioxin that US air. Elections were held.
    (SFEC, 7/12/98, Par p.16)(SFC, 7/13/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 12, In Ballymoney, Northern Ireland a firebomb killed 3 young boys, Richard, Mark and Jason Quinn, who had been asleep in their beds. Garfield Gilmour (24) was later arrested, convicted of murder and sentenced to 3 life sentences for his role. Gilmour admitted that he drove an Ulster Volunteer Force gang to the house that night, but that he was coerced. He identified his companions but there was insufficient evidence for charges.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/12/99)(SFC, 10/30/99, p.A13)
1998        Jul 12, In Rwanda Hutu rebels hacked, shot or burned to death 34 people who had gathered in a hotel to watch the soccer finals.
    (SFC, 7/14/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 12, South Korea went on alert after discovering the body of a North Korean commando and a submersible boat that could carry five men.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A6)

1999        Jul 12, President Clinton and Republican congressional leaders held their first face-to-face budget meeting of the year; the talk was described afterward as positive.
    (AP, 7/12/00)
1999        Jul 12, The US Justice Dept. sued Toyota Corp. for violating clean air standards after Toyota rejected a settlement for $100 million in penalties. A potential $60 billion in fines was reported.
    (SFC, 7/13/99, p.A6)
1999        Jul 12, In St. Louis several hundred workers and activists of MO-KAN blocked I-70 to demand that more minorities be hired for state construction jobs.
    (SFC, 7/13/99, p.A3)
1999        Jul 12, In Argentina stocks fell nearly 9% as investors worried over the local political and economic factors.
    (WSJ, 7/13/99, p.C16)
1999        Jul 12, In Belgium a new coalition government under Guy Verhofstadt took office.
    (SFC, 7/13/99, p.A10)
1999        Jul 12, In Colombia fighting subsided after a 4-day guerrilla blitz.
    (SFC, 7/13/99, p.A10)
1999        Jul 12, In Iran student protests spread to 18 cities across the country. In Tehran security forces and fundamentalist vigilantes emptied Tehran Univ. in a campaign to crush the demonstrations.
    (SFC, 7/13/99, p.A8)
1999        Jul 12, In Serbia some 7,000 people protested against Pres. Milosevic in Valjevo.
    (WSJ, 7/13/99, p.A1)
1999        Jul 12, From Sudan it was reported that heavy fighting had left 150,000 people without food after they fled their homes.
    (WSJ, 7/12/99, p.A1)
1999        Jul 12, In Taiwan Pres. Lee Teng-hui abandoned the operating "one China" principle in favor of "state-to-state" relations.
    (SFC, 7/13/99, p.A1,12)
1999        Jul 12, In Zimbabwe the trial for 3 American held on sabotage and weapons charges was scheduled. They were found guilty on Sep 10 and were sentenced to 1-year prison terms. They were released on Nov 6 and sent home.
    (SFC, 5/22/99, p.A16)(SFC, 9/11/99, p.A9)(WSJ, 9/16/99, p.A1)(SFC, 11/8/99, p.C14)

2000        Jul 12, The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to impeach Chief Justice David A. Brock for perpetuating misconduct and a culture of secrecy. It the first such action against an official in the state since 1790. He was later acquitted in a state Senate trial.
    (SFC, 7/13/00, p.A3)(AP, 7/12/01)
2000        Jul 12, In Philadelphia a WPVI News camera showed city police beat and kick Thomas Jones (30) over nationwide TV. Jones had stolen a patrol car and shot at an officer. Jones later pleaded guilty to carjacking and other crimes, and was sentenced to 18 to 36 years in prison. Ballistic tests later showed that Officer Michael Livewell was shot in the thumb by another officer during their struggle with Jones. 13 police officers were later suspended for up to 15 days in connection with the incident.
    (SFC, 7/14/00, p.A1,16)(SFC, 8/8/00, p.A5)(AP, 7/12/05)
2000        Jul 12, Gemstar, a pioneer in interactive TV, merged with TV Guide in a stock deal valued at $14.2 billion with Gemstar founder Henry C. Yuen as chairman and CEO. In 2003 the SEC filed fraud charges against Yuen for overstated revenues and Yuen erased the contents of his hard drive. In 2005 Yuen pleaded guilty to one criminal count of obstruction of justice. In 2006 a federal judge found Yuen liable on civil fraud charges and ordered him to pay $22 million in disgorgement, interest and fine.
    (WSJ, 4/25/07, p.A1,9)
2000        Jul 12, In Fiji coup leaders released the last 18 hostages and ended a standoff that began May 18.
2000        Jul 12, In India at least 71 people were killed after part of Balbati Hill collapsed in eastern Bombay. The death toll from monsoon rains over 2 days reached 135 for Maharashtra and Gujarat states.
    (SFC, 7/13/00, p.C4)(SFC, 7/14/00, p.D2)(SFC, 7/15/00, p.A13)    (SFC, 7/13/00, p.A12)
2000        Jul 12, Israel cancelled plans to sell an AWACS-equipped plane to China.
    (WSJ, 7/13/00, p.A1)
2000        Jul 12, The Russian-made Zvezda service module for the Int’l. Space Station was launched from the Baikonur site in Kazakstan.
    (SFC, 7/11/00, p.A8)(SFC, 7/12/00, p.A8)
2000        Jul 12, In Spain a car bomb exploded at the entrance of the Corte Ingles department store in Madrid. 10 people were injured.
    (SFC, 7/13/00, p.C4)
2000        Jul 12, In Togo 36 African heads of state signed a draft treaty seen as a step toward an African Union.
    (SFC, 7/13/00, p.C4)

2001        Jul 12, Abner Louima, the Haitian immigrant tortured in a New York City police station, agreed to an $8.7 million settlement.
    (AP, 7/12/02)
2001        Jul 12, In Virginia a woman delivered 5 boys and 2 girls by C-section. This was only the 3rd set of septuplets known to have survived birth.
    (SFC, 7/14/01, p.A3)
2001        Jul 12, The US space shuttle Atlantis took off with a crew of 5 to deliver a portal for spacewalks to the Int’l. Space Station Alpha.
    (SFC, 7/13/01, p.A3)(SFC, 7/14/01, p.C1)
2001        Jul 12, In Bulgaria Simeon Saxe-Coburgotski (64), the former King Simeon II, was chosen as Prime Minister. He promised to solve the country's problems in 800 days.
    (SFC, 7/13/01, p.A14)(Econ, 11/1/03, p.46)
2001        Jul 12, In Indonesia paramilitary officers guarded 2 top police commanders in defiance of demands by Pres. Wahid that they be arrested.
    (SFC, 7/13/01, p.A16)
2001        Jul 12, In Northern Ireland police fought with rioters following a day of marches by Protestants.
    (SFC, 7/13/01, p.A14)
2001        Jul 12, Israeli tanks shelled police posts in Nablus after Palestinian gunmen wounded Israeli motorists. One Palestinian police officer was killed.
    (SFC, 7/13/01, p.A14)
2001        Jul 12, In Russia Pres. Putin signed into law a bill that limited private donations to $100 per year and required political parties to have at least 10,000 members.
    (SFC, 7/13/01, p.A16)
2001        Jul 12, In Somalia fighting broke out between rival subgroups of the Abgal clan in the Suq-Fad’ad market of Mogadishu and at least 14 people were killed.
    (SFC, 7/14/01, p.A11)

2002        Jul 12, The Bush administration expected a $165 billion deficit mainly due to a falloff in tax revenues from stock market capital gains.
    (SFC, 7/13/02, p.A1)
2002        Jul 12, The US Senate adopted a ban on personal loans from companies to their top officials, a practice that had benefited executives from Enron to WorldCom.
    (AP, 7/12/03)
2002        Jul 12, The IRS named Bill Simon, GOP candidate for California state governor, in a case involving potentially illegal offshore tax shelters. Dozens of other wealthy investors were also named.
    (SFC, 7/13/02, p.A1)
2002        Jul 12, In Canada an Ontario court ruled that refusing legal recognition to gay and lesbian marriages in unconstitutional.
    (SFC, 7/13/02, p.A14)
2002        Jul 12, Chinese officials reported that nearly 1,000 schoolchildren in northeast China were rushed to hospital after being vaccinated in late June for encephalitis and two senior officials were arrested and charged with negligence.
    (Reuters, 7/12/02)
2002        Jul 12, A Colombia army spokesman said clashes across Colombia this week left at least 52 rebels and government soldiers dead.
    (AP, 7/12/02)
2002        Jul 12, In India's Kashmir region at least 10 people were killed and 15 wounded, some critically, in a shootout. Shops and businesses downed shutters in Srinagar, the summer capital of India's disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir, in response to a strike call by separatists to honor Kashmiri "martyrs".
    (Reuters, 7/13/02)(SFC, 7/13/02, p.A14)
2002        Jul 12, In Indonesia a woman was killed and four men were wounded when a bomb exploded near Poso, Central Sulawesi.
    (Reuters, 7/13/02)
2002        Jul 12, In Mexico farmers desperate to keep their land from being seized for a new Mexico City airport threatened to kill about a dozen hostages and spark uprisings across the country.
    (AP, 7/12/02)
2002        Jul 12, Palestinian free-lance photographer Imad Abu Zahra died of a gunshot wound in the northern West Bank, and a fellow photographer said the shots came from a machine gun on an Israeli tank July 11. 2 Palestinians were killed in an exchange of gunfire in the Gaza Strip.
    (AP, 7/12/02)(SFC, 7/13/02, p.A9)
2002        Jul 12, Ismail Cem, Turkey's former foreign minister, launched a new political party to topple Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, who is fighting to stay in power despite poor health and a mutiny within his Cabinet.
    (AP, 7/12/02)
2002        Jul 12, The UN Security Council agreed to exempt US peacekeepers from war crimes prosecution for a year, ending a threat to UN peacekeeping operations.
    (AP, 7/12/03)

2003        Jul 12, Pres. Bush met with Pres. Olusegun Obasanjo in Nigeria. They discussed the circumstances under which Liberian President Charles Taylor will live in exile in Nigeria, Wrapping up a five-day tour of Africa, President Bush said he would not allow terrorists to use the continent as a base "to threaten the world."
    (SFC, 7/7/03, p.A8)(AP, 7/12/04)
2003        Jul 12, Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer leaked the identity of a CIA operative (Valerie Plame) to Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus during a phone call. Pincus testified to this in 2007 as the first defense witness in the CIA leak trial.
    (AP, 2/12/07)
2003        Jul 12, The USS Ronald Reagan, the first carrier named for a living president, was commissioned in Norfolk, Va.
    (AP, 7/12/04)
2003        Jul 12, Benny Carter (95), jazz musician, composer and bandleader, died in Los Angeles. He was know as "The King." His work included arrangements for the 1943 film "Stormy Weather."
    (SFC, 7/14/03, p.B4)(WSJ, 7/16/03, p.D8)
2003        Jul 12, In Belgium PM Guy Verhofstadt took office as head of a new center-left government and immediately agreed to replace a war crimes law that has soured Belgium's relations with the United States.
    (AP, 7/13/03)
2003        Jul 12, In Germany Techno fans took part in the 15th Love Parade in Berlin. Hundreds of thousands fans of techno music were expected to join the event.
    (AP, 7/12/03)
2003        Jul 12, In southern Chechnya rebels ambushed a Russian military vehicle and staged hit-and-run attacks against federal positions, killing 16 soldiers and wounding 13.
    (AP, 7/13/03)
2003        Jul 12, Western Sahara's rebels unexpectedly accepted a peace plan for the mineral-rich region, but Morocco remained opposed.
    (AP, 7/12/03)

2004        Jul 12, President Bush defended the Iraq war during a visit to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, saying the invasion had made America safer.
    (AP, 7/12/05)
2004        Jul 12, The Bush administration announced a new rule to allow the nation’s governors to help decide whether roadless areas in their states should be opened for logging or other commercial activity.
    (SFC, 7/13/04, p.A1)
2004        Jul 12, Wall Street brokerage Morgan Stanley settled a sex discrimination suit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, agreeing to pay $54 million.
    (AP, 7/12/05)
2004        Jul 12, A foot or more of rain fell in parts of the Northeast. No injuries had been reported in the stricken areas of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.
    (AP, 7/13/04)
2004        Jul 12, Winter storms have violently struck several South American countries in recent days, leading to eight weather-related deaths in Argentina and Chile. Some 75,000 farm animals died in Peru and record below freezing temperatures in southern Brazil.
    (AP, 7/12/04)(SFC, 7/17/04, p.C8)
2004        Jul 12, Monsoon floods continued to wreak havoc across South Asia, killing 37 more people and forcing millions to flee their homes or seek emergency shelter. Flooding has killed 36 people in Bangladesh this year. A total of 47 people have died in Nepal since June. In India a total of 158 people have died in flooding since the beginning of June.
    (AP, 7/12/04)
2004        Jul 12, The Danish government upheld the clerical suspension of a Lutheran minister who proclaimed last year that there was no God or afterlife, and he now could be fired or fined for declaring his beliefs in the pulpit.
    (AP, 7/12/04)
2004        Jul 12, Iraqi police in Baghdad jailed over 500 criminal suspects in a large anti-crime offensive. 1 suspect was killed in the crime-ridden Bab al-Sheikh neighborhood.
    (USAT, 7/4/04, p.5A)
2004        Jul 12, A Sri Lankan woman was beheaded in the Saudi capital for murdering her employer. Bader el-Nisaa Mibari had been convicted of killing Sara bint Mohammed al-Haqeel, a Saudi woman, after trying to rob her with the help a male companion.
    (AP, 7/12/04)
2004        Jul 12, Newspapers in Senegal and the Central African Republic suspended publication to protest the jailings of leading journalists.
    (AP, 7/12/04)

2005        Jul 12, Miguel Tejada and Mark Teixeira led the American League to a 7-5 win over the National League in Detroit for the AL's eighth straight All-Star victory.
    (AP, 7/12/06)
2005        Jul 12, In Brazil Luiz Gushiken, Pres. Lula’s communications wizard, was stripped of ministerial status following reports that his business partners had been blessed with fat federal contracts.
    (Econ, 7/16/05, p.33)
2005        Jul 12, British police closed Luton's train station and carried out 9 controlled explosions on a parked car, which the BBC reported contained explosives. At least 3 Britons from Leeds of Pakistani descent were suspected of carrying out the July 7 attacks that killed 54 and injured 700. Surveillance cameras captured the men as they arrived in the capital 20 minutes before the explosions began.
    (AP, 7/13/05)
2005        Jul 12, BP said it has sent teams to fix its 'Thunder Horse' oil platform, which has been listing since Hurricane Dennis hit the Gulf of Mexico. The platform, located 150 miles (250 kilometers) southeast of New Orleans, was slipping by around 20-30 degrees following the passing of the storm, but no injuries or leaks were reported.
    (AP, 7/13/05)
2005        Jul 12, In Costa Rica a fire at the Calderon Guardia Hospital killed 19 people. 2 more people died later from complications. The building lacked proper fire exits. On Oct 7 the country's top investigator said died the fire was set deliberately.
    (WSJ, 7/13/05, p.A1)(AP, 10/8/05)
2005        Jul 12, A raid by hundreds of Ethiopian bandits on a remote village in northern Kenya, left at least 45 people dead, including more than two dozen children. Kenyan security forces pursued the bandits, who numbered between 300 and 500, and killed 16 of them.
    (AP, 7/14/05)
2005        Jul 12, French company Technip SA said it has been awarded an $800 million contract by Chevron Corp. to develop its largest Nigerian oil project.
    (AP, 7/12/05)
2005        Jul 12, India’s Supreme Court scrapped a controversial immigration law, making it easier for authorities to crack down on illegal aliens, a move likely to curb Bangladeshi migrants in the country's northeast.
    (Reuters, 7/12/05)
2005        Jul 12, In Iraq armed men stormed a house in Baghdad, killing 4 Iraqi human rights activists and wounding another.
    (AP, 7/12/05)
2005        Jul 12, Antonio Fazio, governor of the Bank of Italy, informed his friend Gianpiero Fiorani, head of Banca Popolare Italiana (BPI), that BPI’s bid for the Antonveneta bank had received a go ahead before making the news public.
    (Econ, 7/30/05, p.67)(WSJ, 9/13/05, p.A1)
2005        Jul 12, A car bomb hit the motorcade of Elias Murr, Lebanon's outgoing deputy prime minister, wounding him and killing at least one other person.
    (AP, 7/12/05)
2005        Jul 12, Prince Albert II (47) was formally instated as ruler of Monaco.
    (AP, 7/12/05)
2005        Jul 12, Two gun attacks in Belfast left one man dead and another critically wounded on the eve of Northern Ireland's tensest day of the year — the divisive "Twelfth" holiday of mass Protestant marches.
    (AP, 7/12/05)
2005        Jul 12, Mohammed Bouyeri, a Muslim extremist on trial in the slaying of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, unexpectedly confessed in court, saying he was driven by religious conviction. Bouyeri was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.
    (AP, 7/12/06)
2005        Jul 12, Sami Abu Khalil (18), from the West Bank village of Atil, detonated 22 pounds of explosives strapped to his body outside a shopping mall in Netanya. He killed two 16-year-old girls and a 31-year-old woman. A 50-year-old woman died in the hospital the next day.
    (AP, 7/13/05)

2006        Jul 12, The US government announced a five-year, 547-million-dollar aid package to Ghana to help the African nation develop agriculture and alleviate poverty.
    (AFP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, A spokesman said computer break-ins at the US State Department that caused broad disruptions in recent weeks apparently originated in the East Asia-Pacific region.
    (AP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, The US FDA approved Atripla, a single pill, 3-drug combination, to fight AIDS. 2 of the drugs were made by Gilead Sciences and the 3rd by Myers Squibb.
    (SFC, 7/13/06, p.A2)
2006        Jul 12, An experimental spacecraft bankrolled by real estate magnate Robert Bigelow successfully inflated in orbit, testing a technology that could be used to fulfill his dream of building a commercial space station. Genesis I flew aboard a converted Cold War ballistic missile from Russia's southern Ural Mountains at 6:53 p.m. Moscow time.
    (AP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, The Afghan defense minister said it would take at least 150,000 troops to secure his country, more than 5 times what he commanded. In eastern Afghanistan a suicide attack on a US military convoy killed a boy playing nearby, while a market bombing in a southern border town left two people dead. British and Afghan forces repelled a brazen insurgent attack on a police headquarters in the southern town of Nawzad, killing at least 19 militants. In Musa Qala district insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns at coalition troops, who returned fire and killed local Taliban commander Mullah Saeef. In southern Zabul province, three Afghan border guards were killed in a clash with armed tribesmen crossing from Pakistan.
    (AP, 7/12/06)(AP, 7/13/06)(WSJ, 7/13/06, p.A1)
2006        Jul 12, Tony Blair's top fundraiser, Lord Levy, was arrested in an investigation into whether Labour Party leaders improperly nominated their financial backers for seats in the House of Lords.
    (AP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, In central Chile flooding and landslides triggered by heavy rain left at least 11 people dead and forced 30,000 to flee their inundated homes.
    (AP, 7/13/06)
2006        Jul 12, The EU fined Microsoft Corp. $357 million and threatened new penalties of $3.82 million a day beginning July 31 because it says the software maker failed to obey a 2004 antitrust order to share program code with rivals.
    (AP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, The EU joined the US in warning Iran it faced UN Security Council action if no solution could be found to a stand-off over its nuclear program. World powers agreed to send Iran back to the UN Security Council for possible punishment, saying the clerical regime has given no sign it means to negotiate seriously over its disputed nuclear program.
    (AP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, Hong Kong's supreme court struck down a ruling that allowed police to carry out controversial government wiretaps, a move activists hailed as a victory for freedoms in the Chinese city.
    (AFP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, The Iraqi Accordance Front, the largest Sunni bloc in parliament, lifted its legislative boycott. It thanked the parliament for its help in seeking the release of kidnapped legislator Tayseer al-Mashhadani and called for a new spirit of cooperation. Gunmen stormed a bus station in Muqdadiya, seizing over 24 people and killing 22 of them. A suicide bomber blew himself up in a restaurant in the southeastern mixed Sunni-Shiite neighborhood of New Baghdad, killing eight people and wounding 30. Gunmen on a motorcycles killed a former member of the ousted Baath Party and a taxi driver in separate attacks in Kut. The US military said Saddam Hussein and three of his co-defendants have been on a hunger strike for nearly a week to protest what the defense says is a lack of security for their attorneys. At least 45 people were killed across Iraq.
    (AP, 7/12/06)(SFC, 7/13/06, p.A10)
2006        Jul 12, Hezbollah militants captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid. 3 Israeli soldiers were killed in the raid along with one Hezbollah militant. Dozens of Israeli troops crossed the Lebanese frontier with warplanes, tanks and gunboats to hunt for the captives. 5 more Israelis were killed in a tank that hit a mine. Two Lebanese civilians were killed in an Israeli air strike on a coastal bridge at Qasmiyeh.
    (AP, 7/12/06)(Econ, 7/15/06, p.45)
2006        Jul 12, Israel killed 18 Palestinians in Gaza including nine members of one family in an air strike that destroyed a residential building where the army said top Hamas commanders were meeting.
    (Reuters, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, Tens of thousands of supporters of leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador headed to Mexico City, leaving mountain towns and sprawling industrial cities to demand a ballot-by-ballot recount.
    (AP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, In Nigeria 2 explosions hit oil installations belonging to an Italian oil company along two Agip pipelines in Baleysa state.
    (AP, 7/13/06)
2006        Jul 12, Protestants will share power with the Catholics of Sinn Fein "over our dead bodies," Ian Paisley thundered as tens of thousands of Protestant marchers celebrated the most divisive day on Northern Ireland's calendar.
    (AP, 7/13/06)
2006        Jul 12, Acting on behalf of Arab nations, Qatar circulated a revised draft UN Security Council resolution demanding Israel end its offensive in the Gaza Strip and release the Palestinian officials it has arrested.
    (AP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, President Vladimir Putin signed into law a bill cutting the length of military service in Russia, but also canceling many deferments from the draft. The legislation reduced the current two-year conscription term to 1½ years beginning next year, then to one year in 2008.
    (AP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, In South Korea some 70,000 people, including 13,000 farmers, rallied in a plaza in downtown Seoul on the third straight day of anti-FTA demonstrations.
    (AFP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, A UN official said rebels in Darfur are fighting each other with the Sudanese military apparently supporting one faction, sometimes with aircraft disguised as relief planes.
    (AP, 7/12/06)
2006        Jul 12, UNESCO, meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, added 8 sites added to its World Heritage list including a panda refuge in China and an agave producing region in Mexico.
    (AP, 7/12/06)

2007        Jul 12, A Bush administration assessment said Iraq had achieved only limited military and political progress toward a democratic society; Iraqi leaders responded by insisting they were making progress.
    (AP, 7/12/08)
2007        Jul 12, Defying a White House veto threat, the US House of Representatives approved legislation to bring combat troops out of Iraq by April 1, 2008.
    (Reuters, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, A US government report was released saying undercover investigators, working for a fake firm, had obtained a license to buy enough radioactive material to build a "dirty bomb," amid little scrutiny from federal regulators.
    (Reuters, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, In New Jersey former Newark Mayor Sharpe James (71) was indicted on corruption charges. James stepped down as mayor in 2006 to serve as a state senator. Prosecutors alleged that James arranged the sale of 9 city-owned properties at a discounted rate to former girlfriend Tamika Riley from 2001 to 2005. Riley quickly sold the properties at a profit without required rehabilitation work. On April 16, 2008, James and his ex-mistress were convicted of corruption charges.
    (SFC, 7/13/07, p.A5)(WSJ, 4/10/08, p.A2)(SFC, 4/17/08, p.A4)
2007        Jul 12, The city of Oakland, Ca., sued garbage hauler Waste Management in an attempt to force the company to pick up trash during its 11-day lockout of truck drivers. Isaac Haqq, founder and principal of Oakland’s University Preparatory Charter Academy (2001), resigned amidst a cheating scandal. Several Uprep teachers blamed him for a culture of cheating and intimidation.
    (SFC, 7/13/07, p.B9)(SFC, 7/13/07, p.A1)
2007        Jul 12, In Oakland, Ca., Michael John Wills, a sous chef, was shot and killed. Police later determined that his killer used an AK-47 assault rifle linked to Your Black Muslim Bakery.  In 2009 an indictment accused Yusuf Bey IV (23), the leader of the bakery, of murder for allegedly ordering the killing.
    (SFC, 10/15/07, p.A1)(SFC, 4/30/09, p.A1)
2007        Jul 12, Robert Quill (52) of Florida filed a federal lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by Rev. Francis G. DeLuca, who worked for the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware, for 35 years. The suit alleged that church officials knew DeLuca was abusing boys as early as 1958.
    (SFC, 7/13/07, p.A3)
2007        Jul 12, Philip Lum Jr., former mayor of Colma, Ca., was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for failing to report numerous free airline tickets from the Lucky Chances Casino in 1999 and 2000.
    (SFC, 7/13/07, p.B6)
2007        Jul 12, A coalition of US and Canadian cities along the Great Lakes and St Lawrence River, including Toronto and Chicago, vowed to cut water consumption 15% by 2015.
    (Reuters, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, Jim Mitchell, co-founder of the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theater in SF, died of an apparent heart attack in Sonoma County, Ca. He and his brother Artie had opened the adult theater in 1969 and went on to pioneer pornographic films. In 1991 Jim shot Artie to death in Corte Madera and served just under 3 years at San Quentin Prison for voluntary manslaughter.
    (SFC, 7/14/07, p.A7)
2007        Jul 12, Arthur J. Kobacker (83), discount shoe store entrepreneur, died at his home in Florida. He set up his first dozen self-service shoe stores in 1960 starting with one in Pittsburgh. “I’ve run into customers who say they have 200 pairs of shoes in their closet because of us."
    (WSJ, 1/21/07, p.A4)
2007        Jul 12, HM Capital Partners LLC, a leading, Dallas-based private equity firm, and Booth Creek Management Corporation sold Swift & Company to Brazil’s JBS S.A., the largest beef processor in South America and one of the largest worldwide beef exporters. Swift was the 3rd largest processor of beef and pork in America and the biggest processor of beef in Australia.
    (Econ, 10/31/09, p.74)(
2007        Jul 12, Anglo-Australian miner Rio Tinto launched a 38.1-billion-dollar offer for Canada's Alcan, trumping US rival Alcoa in a mammoth bid to create the world's largest aluminium company.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, In eastern Afghanistan US-led coalition and Afghan troops clashed with suspected Taliban militants, killing 11 rebels in Uruzgan province. A roadside bomb targeting a police patrol vehicle left 6 officers dead in Khost province. In an overnight operation in the Girishk district of Helmand province, the Afghan army and air strikes by multinational forces killed 20 rebels. A British soldier was killed and two others were wounded during an operation in southern Afghanistan.
    (AP, 7/12/07)(AFP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, Burkina Faso and Taiwan renewed a commitment to boost their diplomatic ties during a visit to the west African nation by Taiwan's Foreign Minister James Huang.
    (AP, 7/13/07)
2007        Jul 12, China’s state media said nearly a half-million people fled a flood zone surrounding the swollen Huai River, while high waters in the south unleashed a plague of an estimated 2 billion field mice that were ravaging crops.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, French legislators approved a measure championed by President Nicolas Sarkozy that would encourage people to work beyond the 35-hour workweek by cutting taxes on overtime pay.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, France told Serbia its EU bid depends on letting Kosovo break away.
    (WSJ, 1/13/07, p.A1)
2007        Jul 12, In Athens, Greece, a suburban passenger train collided with a freight train, injuring at least 53 people.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, An influential and conservative Islamic theological school in India said marriages of Muslim couples using Internet Web cameras were acceptable and legal.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, Iranian artillery shelled near Iraqi Kurd villages as Iranian troops clashed with Kurdish guerrillas making an incursion across the border.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, US troops raided a Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad in a hunt for militiamen linked to Iran, sparking exchanges of fire and a mortar attack. 9 insurgents and two civilians were killed. Iraqi police said 19 people were killed, and residents said some of the casualties were caused by US helicopter fire. Reuters photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen (22) and his assistant Saeed Chmagh (40) were killed in Baghdad in an area where US forces were battling militants. In southern Iraq, clashes erupted between Shiite militants and the Iraqi army, killing a soldier and a civilian in the city of Diwaniyah. Aircraft struck a group of militants planting a roadside bomb before dawn, killing five of the militants. A suicide bomber detonated an explosives belt near a wedding party in Tal Afar. 5 people were killed and 5 wounded. Robbers overnight stole about $680,000 from a bank in central Baghdad. The theft at the private Dar al-Salam bank was discovered by the bank manager when it opened in the morning, and suspicions fell on overnight guards. A detainee died from injuries after apparently being assaulted by other inmates at a US detention facility in Baghdad. On June 7, 2010, the US military said it is holding Army Specialist Bradley Manning of the 2nd Brigade 10th Mountain Division in pretrial confinement in Kuwait and that he is suspected of releasing classified information. A video released in April, 2010, showed US Army helicopters killing two journalists in the July 12, 2007, shooting.
    (AP, 7/12/07)(AP, 7/13/07)(AP, 4/6/10)(SFC, 8/23/13, p.C1)
2007        Jul 12, Israeli forces moved into the Gaza Strip in a hunt for weapons and wanted militants, sparking a fierce battle with Hamas militants that killed one Israeli soldier.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, The Lebanese army pounded a Palestinian refugee camp with artillery fire, but the military denied reports that the action was part of a final assault on the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic militants barricaded inside.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, News reports said Mexico’s Pres. Felipe Calderon has dispatched a new 5,000- strong elite military unit to guard strategic sites, including oil refineries and dams in the wake of recent guerrilla attacks on pipelines operated by Pemex.
    (SFC, 7/13/07, p.A10)
2007        Jul 12, Authorities announced a major crackdown on organized crime in Amsterdam's Red Light District, for the first time bringing national police investigators and tax authorities to bear on what had long been seen as a local problem.
    (AP, 7/13/07)
2007        Jul 12, In Nigeria the 3-year-old son of town chief Eze Francis Amadi was grabbed by gunmen who smashed a window of his father's SUV in the fourth child kidnapping in the oil-rich south in less than two months. The boy was returned the next day.
    (AP, 7/12/07)(AP, 7/13/07)
2007        Jul 12, Tens of thousands of Protestant hard-liners marched without trouble through Northern Ireland's streets in an annual event that once ignited conflict with Catholics, but passed peacefully this year, thanks to a succeeding peace process. An estimated 75,000 Orangemen accompanied by fife-and-drum units popularly known as "kick the pope" bands paraded through Belfast and 17 other cities and towns.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, In Pakistan a suicide bomber blew himself up, killing three people and wounding three more in Miranshah. A bomb killed 5 people, including 3 police, and wounded several others outside a religious centre in the Himalayan tourist town of Mingora. Islamist protests broke out in several parts of Pakistan following the army raid on the pro-Taliban Red mosque.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, A Philippine ferry sank southeast of Manila. At least 129 people survived the sinking of the MV Blue Water Princess. 15 bodies were recovered and divers said they found many more.
    (AP, 7/13/07)
2007        Jul 12, In Somalia insurgents fired more than two dozen mortar shells at government targets in Mogadishu overnight, including the president's home, in an apparent attempt to disrupt this weekend's reconciliation talks. At least 3 men were killed.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, South Africa banned the import of poultry products from Germany after an outbreak of the potentially fatal H5N1 strain of bird flu.
    (AFP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, In Spain charging bulls gored 7 people and seriously injured several others as this year's San Fermin festival in Pamplona served up its longest and most dangerous run yet.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, Spanish Civil Guards heightened a battle over a $500 million treasure of gold and silver coins from a shipwreck when they seized the Ocean Alert, a vessel belonging to a Tampa, Fla.,-based company. The ship was released a week later.
    (AP, 7/12/07)(Econ, 7/21/07, p.51)
2007        Jul 12, Sudan’s Interior Ministry said flash floods across central and eastern Sudan have killed 30 people and destroyed 25,000 houses.
    (AFP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, In the Swiss Alps 6 soldiers on an alpine training exercise were killed when an avalanche sent them plummeting thousands of feet into a valley.
    (AP, 7/12/07)
2007        Jul 12, In southern Thailand suspected rebels killed five people.
    (AFP, 7/12/07)

2008        Jul 12, Les Crane, pioneer talk radio and TV host, died in Marin, California. In 1964 he hosted the “The Les Crane Show," a late night TV talk show on ABC that ran for 4 months.
    (SFC, 7/17/08, p.B5)
2008        Jul 12, Bobby Murcer (62), former Yankee baseball player and broadcaster, died from a malignant brain tumor in Oklahoma City. The only person to play with Mantle and Mattingly, the popular Murcer hit .277 with 252 home runs and 1,043 RBIs in 17 seasons with the Yankees, San Francisco and the Chicago Cubs. He made the All-Star team in both leagues and won a Gold Glove.
    (AP, 7/13/08)
2008        Jul 12, Tony Snow (53), a conservative writer and commentator who cheerfully sparred with reporters in the White House briefing room during a stint as President Bush's press secretary, died of colon cancer.
    (AP, 7/12/08)
2008        Jul 12, In central Afghanistan Taliban militants executed two women just outside Ghazni city after accusing them of working as prostitutes on a US base. A soldier serving with ISAF died of wounds caused by an explosion in northern Afghanistan. NATO troops killed Bismullah Akhund, an insurgent leader in Helmand's Naw Zad district.
    (AP, 7/13/08)(AP, 7/17/08)
2008        Jul 12, NATO said a recent border clash that wounded several Pakistani and Afghan security personnel was sparked by insurgents in Afghanistan who fired at targets in both countries, apparently to stoke cross-border tensions.
    (AP, 7/12/08)
2008        Jul 12, The Arab League said it will hold crisis talks on Sudan after reports the International Criminal Court may seek Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir's arrest, amid fears for peace efforts in Darfur. It would mark the first-ever bid by the ICC, based in The Hague, to charge a sitting head of state. The African Union said that plans by the ICC could jeopardize peace efforts in Darfur.
    (AFP, 7/12/08)
2008        Jul 12, Ethiopia said it has arrested eight "Eritrean-trained" rebels suspected of carrying out bombings that rocked the capital Addis Ababa and killed eight people earlier this year.
    (Reuters, 7/13/08)
2008        Jul 12, French President Nicolas Sarkozy met his Egyptian counterpart Hosni Mubarak, kicking off a round of diplomacy with Middle East leaders ahead of an EU-Mediterranean summit. Sarkozy said that Syria and Lebanon will open embassies in each other's countries for the first time. Syria's leader cautioned there was still work to be done before that could happen.
    (AP, 7/12/08)(AP, 7/13/08)
2008        Jul 12, In Jakarta, Indonesia, Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono pledged cooperation on biofuels during talks in a bid to take advantage of surging oil prices.
    (AFP, 7/12/08)
2008        Jul 12, In western Nepal about 500 riot policemen took senior officers hostage in a revolt over ill treatment and poor food. They released their captives and surrendered after a two-day standoff.
    (AP, 7/13/08)(AP, 7/14/08)
2008        Jul 12, In Nigeria a truck drivers strike to protest soaring fuel prices entered its 2nd day. At least 17 people died at a prayer meeting in rural Nigeria after apparently breathing noxious fumes from their power generator while asleep. Their bodies were discovered on July 15.
    (AFP, 7/12/08)(Reuters, 7/16/08)
2008        Jul 12, North Korea agreed to completely disable its main nuclear facilities by the end of October and to allow thorough site inspections to verify that all necessary steps had been taken as the latest round of six-nation disarmament talks concluded in Beijing.
    (AFP, 7/12/08)
2008        Jul 12, In northwestern Pakistan at least 13 paramilitary forces and three militants were killed in an ambush and shootout when militants attacked a Frontier Constabulary convoy in the Zargari area of Hangu district. Provincial police in Hangu arrested half a dozen Taliban including Rafiuddin, a lieutenant of Baitullah Mehsud. The militants in response captured 29-49 hostages.
    (AP, 7/13/08)(SFC, 7/19/08, p.A5)
2008        Jul 12, In Sri Lanka 18 rebels and a soldier were killed in Mannar district; 7 rebels and a soldier were killed in Vavuniya and six guerrillas died in Welioya. Each side often exaggerates the casualties and damage inflicted on its enemy while underreporting its own losses.
    (AP, 7/13/08)
2008        Jul 12, Pope Benedict XVI left Rome on a flight to Australia for a 10-day pilgrimage. The Pope said he will use his visit to Australia to apologize for sexual abuse by priests and to examine how the Church can "prevent, heal and reconcile".
    (AFP, 7/12/08)
2008        Jul 12, President Hugo Chavez said that he is expanding his Venezuela's Petrocaribe oil-supply pact to include Guatemala.
    (AP, 7/13/08)
2008        Jul 12, Thousands of Venezuelans protested in the capital demanding that the Supreme Court overturn a "blacklist" blocking key opponents of President Hugo Chavez from running in upcoming elections.
    (AP, 7/12/08)

2009        Jul 12, In Novato, California, James Raphael Mitchell (27) allegedly bludgeoned to death Danielle Keller, the mother of his one-year-old daughter. He was arrested late the same day. Mitchell’s father, Jim Mitchell, was the co-founder of San Francisco’s x-rated O’Farrell Theater. In 2011 Mitchell testified he did not kill Keller and had fought off two attackers at her home on the day of her death. Mitchell was convicted of 1st degree murder on July 12, 2011. On Aug 16 Mitchell was sentenced to 35 years in prison.
    (SFC, 7/14/09, p.A1)(SFC, 7/6/11, p.C5)(SFC, 7/13/11, p.C3)(SFC, 8/17/11, p.C3)
2009        Jul 12, Ben Novack Jr. (53) was killed in a NY hotel room. His mother was killed at her Fort Lauderdale home three months earlier on April 4. In 2012 Narcy Novack (55), the Fort Lauderdale wife of Ben, and her brother, Cristobal Veliz (58), were found guilty in White Plains, NY, of orchestrating the murders in a grab for the family estate. On Dec 17, 2012, Narcy Novack was sentenced to life in prison.
    (SFC, 6/21/12, p.A8)(, 12/18/12, p.A7)
2009        Jul 12, Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe delivered reparations totaling nearly $1 million to 279 victims of Colombia's long-running conflict.
    (AP, 7/13/09)
2009        Jul 12, The Republic of Congo held elections. Pres. Denis Sassou-Nguesso was re-elected with 78.6% of the vote.
    (SFC, 7/16/09, p.A2)
2009        Jul 12, Hondurans enjoyed their first night of unfettered freedom in two weeks after the interim government lifted a curfew imposed following the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya.
    (AP, 7/13/09)
2009        Jul 12, Indian Maoists killed at least 30 policemen, including a senior officer, in two separate ambushes in the eastern state of Chhattisgarh. A section of a bridge being built for the New Delhi metro rail system collapsed, crushing to death 5 workers and injuring 13 in a major setback to the project that officials hope to complete before the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
    (AFP, 7/12/09)
2009        Jul 12, In Indonesia gunmen killed a security guard working for US mining conglomerate Freeport, then ambushed police responding to the attack blamed on separatist rebels in one of Indonesia's most underdeveloped and remote regions.
    (AP, 7/12/09)
2009        Jul 12, Five Iranian officials held in Iraq for more than two years by US forces returned home after the US released them under pressure from the Iraqi government. They were handed over to Iraqi officials on July 9. The Iranians were detained in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil in January 2007. At the time, US authorities said the men included the operations chief and other members of Iran's elite Quds Force, which is accused of arming and training Iraqi militants.
    (AP, 7/12/09)
2009        Jul 12, In Iraq bombings in or near churches killed at least four people, including one that happened as worshippers were leaving Mass in eastern Baghdad. It was reported that below-average rainfall and insufficient water in the Euphrates and Tigris rivers have left Iraq bone dry for a second straight year, wrecking swaths of farm land, threatening drinking water supplies and intensifying fierce sandstorms that have coated the country in brown dust. The severity of the drought has resulted in a testy water dispute between Iraq and Turkey, which has built five dams along the Euphrates upstream from where it enters western Iraq.
    (AP, 7/13/09)
2009        Jul 12, In Kyrgyzstan government critic Almaz Tashiyev (Tashiev) died of complications from head injuries after surgery. Relatives said he told them before the operation that he had been beaten by eight police officers earlier in the week. His death came after a series of attacks on reporters and shortly before next week's presidential election, reinforcing concerns about the risks faced by independent journalists in the Central Asian nation. Junior lieutenant Shukurbek Nurmatov was arrested July 16 on suspicion of being involved in the beating.
    (AP, 7/13/09)(AP, 7/17/09)(Econ, 8/1/09, p.38)
2009        Jul 12, Mexican federal agents captured 2 suspects in connection with a series of attacks on federal forces across Michoacan state that left 5 officers and 2 soldiers dead.
    (AP, 7/13/09)
2009        Jul 12, Nigerian rebels took their battle with the government into the country's main city, targeting an oil tanker loading facility in Lagos harbor in an unprecedented attack there.
    (AFP, 7/13/09)
2009        Jul 12, Pakistani fighter jets pounded suspected militant hide-outs in the South Waziristan tribal region as part of ongoing operations against Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud. At least 8 militants were killed. A military statement described continued reports of unrest in the Swat valley, including a remote-controlled bomb that wounded 7 tribal police officers in the past 24 hours.
    (AP, 7/12/09)
2009        Jul 12, Somali government forces with the help of African Union tanks fought Islamic militants in the capital, with clashes killing at least seven people. Witnesses said dozens of people were killed and some 150 wounded.
    (AFP, 7/12/09)(AP, 7/13/09)
2009        Jul 12, In Spain 10 people were injured, two of them seriously, in the Pamplona bull run, two days after a man was gored to death by a bull.
    (AP, 7/12/09)
2009        Jul 12, Swiss police divers harpooned a zander fish, which was 70 centimeters (two feet three inches) long and weighed eight kilos (17.5 pounds), after it bit six swimmers over the weekend in Lac Majeur.
    (AFP, 7/13/09)
2009        Jul 12, Thailand's swine flu death toll rose to 18 as the government confirmed three more fatalities and opened a vaccine plant to prevent tens of thousands of infections across the country.
    (AFP, 7/12/09)

2010        Jul 12, Shahram Amiri, a missing Iranian nuclear scientist who Tehran claims was abducted by the US, took refuge at the Pakistani embassy in Washington and asked to return to his homeland. Amiri (32) disappeared while on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in June 2009.
    (AP, 7/13/10)
2010        Jul 12, Police in Los Angeles County discovered thousands of pounds of marijuana in a railroad car that entered this month from Mexico.
    (SFC, 7/13/10, p.A6)
2010        Jul 12, In New Jersey Lassissi Afolabi (47), a man from the West African nation Togo, was sentenced to more than 24 years in prison for his role in the smuggling of girls and women who were forced to work at local hair braiding salons. He pleaded guilty last year to conspiring with his ex-wife and her son to commit forced labor.
    (AP, 7/13/10)
2010        Jul 12, The American branch of the YMCA announced that it would become “The Y."
    (Econ, 7/17/10, p.72)
2010        Jul 12, In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Robert E. Reza (37), angered by a child custody dispute, shot and wounded his girlfriend and killed 2 employees at her place of work before killing himself.
    (SFC, 7/13/10, p.A6)
2010        Jul 12, BP Engineers worked to replace a cap over a gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico after reporting good progress in attempts to contain the worst environmental disaster in US history. Expected to take between four and seven days, the round-the-clock work began at midday on July 10 when the old, less efficient cap was ripped off a fractured pipe a mile down on the sea floor by robotic submarines.
    (AFP, 7/12/10)
2010        Jul 12, In Utah a list of over 1,300 alleged illegal immigrants living in the state was received by law enforcement and politicians around the state. On Jul 16 the ACLU of Utah commended the swift action of Governor Gary Herbert and Attorney General Mark Shurtleff in responding to the legitimate public outcry and widespread demand that they investigate the extraordinary breach of privacy by state employees, which became publicly known earlier this week. 2 women, working for the state’s main welfare agency, had recently sent the stolen names, addresses, Social Security numbers - and even the due dates of expectant mothers - of some 1,300 mostly Latino people whom they suspected of being in the state illegally, to newspapers along with a letter urging their immediate deportation.
    (, 8/7/10, p.25)(
2010        Jul 12, Harvey Pekar (70), creator of the “American Splendor" comic book series, died. His friend R. Crumb helped him illustrate the first issue in the series in 1976. In 2003 it was made into an acclaimed film that starred Paul Giamatti as Mr. Pekar.
    (SFC, 7/13/10, p.C3)
2010        Jul 12, A Bangladesh government minister said 40 people, suspected of killings, rape and arson during its 1971 independence war, have been barred from leaving the country ahead of a planned war crimes trial.
    (AP, 7/12/10)
2010        Jul 12, In Brazil Paulo Moura (77), clarinet jazz great and Latin Grammy winner, died after a fight against cancer.
    (AP, 7/13/10)
2010        Jul 12, Britain sentenced the three final conspirators in a plot to bomb trans-Atlantic airliners and kill thousands of people to at least 20 years each in prison, bringing a long-running legal saga to an end.
    (AP, 7/12/10)
2010        Jul 12, The Church of England national assembly decided that women should be allowed to become bishops, making only minor concessions to theological conservatives who have threatened to break away over the issue.
    (AP, 7/12/10)
2010        Jul 12, A Canada Steamship Lines vessel ran aground near the Cote Sainte-Catherine canal lock south of Montreal. The Montreal Gazette newspaper said the accident punctured the ship's fuel tank, leaking between 50 and 200 tons of oil into the surrounding waters.
    (Reuters, 7/13/10)
2010        Jul 12, In China a strike began at the Atsumitec Co. in the city of Foshan, with about 90 of the plant's 200 workers stopping work to demand a nearly 60% pay increase. The plant supplied parts for Japan's Honda Motor. On July 14 nearly all of the remaining employees joined the stoppage in response to a threat from factory management to fire the strikers.
    (AP, 7/15/10)
2010        Jul 12, In Honduras 4 people were killed and another injured following a week of heavy rains. 3 people died in various parts of the country after being hit by lightning last week.
    (AP, 7/13/10)
2010        Jul 12, Iran said it has reached a final agreement with merchants on raising taxes following protests that flared in Tehran's main bazaar earlier this week. The new rate would set a top tax bracket of around 17 percent. The strike continued into a 2nd week.
    (AP, 7/12/10)(SFC, 7/16/10, p.A2)
2010        Jul 12, A group of 91 Israelis, wounded by Hezbollah rockets during the 2006 war, sued the Arab news network Al-Jazeera for $1.2 billion in a New York court for allegedly aiding the Lebanese guerrillas. The suit claimed the Qatar-based news network intentionally violated Israel's military censorship regulations and reported the precise locations of rocket strikes in Israel in live broadcasts during the monthlong 2006 war.
    (AP, 7/13/10)
2010        Jul 12, Israeli archaeologists said a newly discovered clay fragment from the 14th century BC is the oldest example of writing ever found in antiquity-rich Jerusalem. Dig director Eilat Mazar of Hebrew University said the 2-centimeter-long fragment bears an ancient form of writing known as Akkadian wedge script.
    (AP, 7/12/10)
2010        Jul 12, In Indian Kashmir shops, schools and offices were shut for a second day as politicians met to discuss how to end weeks of violent and deadly street protests against security forces.
    (AFP, 7/12/10)
2010        Jul 12, In Mexico 3 assailants died in a shootout with soldiers in the border city of Reynosa. The soldiers reportedly came under fire while on patrol, returned fire and seized three rifles at the scene.
    (AP, 7/14/10)
2010        Jul 12, In Northern Ireland more than 50,000 Protestants assembled at 18 marching locations across this British territory of 1.8 million. They paraded under banners depicting the July 12, 1690, victory of Protestant King William of Orange versus the forces of his rival for the British throne, James II, at the Battle of the Boyne south of Belfast. Some Protestant areas suffered violence early in the morning during eve-of-parade celebrations around hundreds of makeshift bonfires. 27 officers suffered mostly minor injuries during street clashes the previous evening with more than 200 masked Irish Catholics. Fresh rioting by Catholics opposed to Protestant marches in Belfast injured another 28 police officers.
    (AP, 7/12/10)(AFP, 7/13/10)
2010        Jul 12, In the Philippines when Canadian Geoffrey Alan Bennun (60) and his Filipino girlfriend were shot to death after a robber broke into their hotel room. Four days later, Briton James Bolton Porter (51) and his girlfriend were killed by a gunman in their house in Angeles' Malabanas village. About a week later a gunman killed American Albert Mitchell (70), a veteran of the US Air Force, along with his Filipino wife, Janet (53), and three Filipino staff inside their Angeles home [see July 27].
    (AP, 7/27/10)
2010        Jul 12, Polish priest Henryk Jankowski (73), who gained prominence in the 1980s by supporting Lech Walesa's Solidarity movement but who later saw his reputation marred by anti-Semitism and suspicions of pedophilia, died in Gdansk.
    (AP, 7/12/10)
2010        Jul 12, Two Russian curators who angered the Russian Orthodox Church with an exhibition that included images of Jesus Christ portrayed as Mickey Mouse and Vladimir Lenin were convicted of inciting religious hatred and fined, but not sentenced to prison.
    (AP, 7/12/10)
2010        Jul 12, In Russia's Dagestan region gunmen killed two policemen in separate shootings, including Lt. Rasul Magomedov, whose father, mother and sister died in previous attacks.
    (AP, 7/13/10) 
2010        Jul 12, The International Criminal Court charged Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir with three counts of genocide in Darfur, a move that will pile further diplomatic pressure on his isolated regime.
    (AP, 7/12/10)
2010        Jul 12, The Swiss government declared renowned film director Roman Polanski a free man after rejecting a US request to extradite him on a charge of having sex in 1977 with a 13-year-old girl. The Swiss mostly blamed US authorities for failing to provide confidential testimony about Polanski's sentencing procedure in 1977-1978.
    (AP, 7/12/10)
2010        Jul 12, In Uganda investigators found an unexploded suicide vest with ball bearings in a disco hall in Kampala, suggesting that militants had planned a third bombing during the World Cup final. Four foreign suspects were arrested in connection with the find.
    (AP, 7/13/10)
2010        Jul 12, In the US Virgin Islands a Puerto Rican tourist (14) was killed in front of her horrified family when she was caught in the crossfire of a gunfight attributed to warring gangs.
    (AP, 7/12/10)
2010        Jul 12, Venezuelan intelligence agents detained Alejandro Pena Esclusa, a government opponent, on suspicion of links to a Salvadoran man accused of bombings in Cuba. His wife accused authorities of planting explosives while her husband was handcuffed and she was in another part of the apartment.
    (AP, 7/14/10)
2010        Jul 12, A Zimbabwean high court released Farai Maguwu, a rights activist charged with endangering Zimbabwe's economic interests by highlighting abuses at diamond mines. He had been arrested on June 3.
    (AFP, 7/12/10)(Econ, 6/26/10, p.48)

2011        Jul 12, Pedro Pimentel Rios (54), a former member of an elite Guatemalan military force suspected of carrying out a 1982 massacre, was extradited from the United States and was flown on a government-chartered plane to Guatemala and turned over to authorities.
    (AP, 7/12/11)
2011        Jul 12, A federal indictment unsealed in St. Louis said The Wheels of Soul motorcycle club, with a "Mother Chapter" in Philadelphia, was responsible for killings, robberies, drug distribution and other crimes. The indictment accused 18 men in seven states of racketeering, with some of the men also accused of crimes that include murder, attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping.
    (AP, 7/12/11)
2011        Jul 12, Ahmad Wali Karzai, the younger half-brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai and one of the most powerful and controversial men in southern Afghanistan, was shot dead at his home by Sardar Mohammad, a senior and highly trusted bodyguard. A NATO soldier in the south was killed in a bomb attack.
    (AP, 7/12/11)(AFP, 7/13/11)
2011        Jul 12, Australia's major alcohol brands launched voluntary health warnings on their labels targeting children, pregnant women and excessive boozing in a country famed for its binge-drinking culture.
    (AFP, 7/12/11)
2011        Jul 12, Lottery operator Camelot announced that a British ticket holder has won a record £161 million (185 million euros) in the Euromillions lottery.
    (AFP, 7/13/11)
2011        Jul 12, Egypt's ruling military council insisted that it will not cede control over the transition from ousted president Hosni Mubarak's regime amid mounting anger over its handling of it. Anti-government protesters said about 30 assailants carrying knives and sticks stormed their tent camp in Cairo's central square, injuring six people. The official MENA news reported that saboteurs have bombed a gas pipeline in the Sinai peninsula for the fourth time since February, cutting supplies to Israel and Jordan.
    (AP, 7/12/11)(AFP, 7/12/11)
2011        Jul 12, President Nicolas Sarkozy said that France would withdraw a quarter of its 4,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of next year.
    (AFP, 7/12/11)
2011        Jul 12, In Germany a plane being used by Thailand's Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn was been impounded as part of a long-running battle over payments for a building project in Thailand. The Thai government allegedly owed the now-bankrupt German construction firm Walter Bau AG builder 30 million euros because of a contract agreed to more than 20 years ago to build and operate a toll highway to Bangkok's Don Muang airport. On July 20 a German court ordered the release of the impounded jet upon receipt of a hefty bank guarantee. On July 21 Thailand's foreign minister ruled out paying a multi-million dollar bank guarantee to secure the release of the prince's jet.
    (AP, 7/13/11)(AFP, 7/20/11)(AFP, 7/21/11)
2011        Jul 12, One of India's oldest rebel groups announced a unilateral ceasefire to push forward formal peace talks aimed at ending three decades of insurgency in the northeast state of Assam.
    (AFP, 7/12/11)
2011        Jul 12, In Iraq a suicide bomber killed five members of a government-backed Sunni militia at a security checkpoint just outside Baghdad in the western suburb of Abu Ghraib.
    (AP, 7/12/11)
2011        Jul 12, Israeli air raids hit what the military called two "weapons manufacturing sites" in northern Gaza.
    (AFP, 7/16/11)
2011        Jul 12, In Italy Giovanni Strangio, the ringleader of a gangland style massacre of six people in Germany, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the Aug 15, 2007, attack that highlighted the international reach of Italy's Calabrian mafia. He was one of eight people convicted and given Italy's stiffest sentence for their roles in the violent feud that culminated in Duisburg. Three other people were convicted and sentenced to terms ranging from nine to 12 years, while three more were acquitted.
    (AP, 7/12/11)
2011        Jul 12, Aid organization CARE said that cases of rape and violence against women and girls fleeing to an overcrowded refugee camp in Kenya have risen sharply this year. CARE said 136 cases had been reported since January in two of three camps in Dadaab in the east of Kenya, compared to 66 in the same period in 2010.
    (AFP, 7/13/11)
2011        Jul 12, In Mexico at least 21 people, including a preteen boy, were killed in a single day of cartel violence in Ciudad Juarez. Soldiers found the largest marijuana plantation ever detected in Mexico, a huge field covering almost 300 acres (120 hectares) on the floor of the Baja California desert. Two men were caught in the camp and 56 others were rounded up.
    (AP, 7/13/11)(AP, 7/14/11)(AP, 7/15/11)
2011        Jul 12, In Nigeria the University of Maiduguri said it is closing indefinitely after receiving bomb threats from Boko Haram, a radical Muslim sect. spokesman Ahmed Mohammed said the school could no longer guarantee the safety of its 35,000 students.
    (AP, 7/12/11)
2011        Jul 12, In Northern Ireland the Protestant brotherhood's parades themselves passed peacefully, but several hundred Catholic youths attacked police both before and after the sectarian demonstrations.
    (AP, 7/13/11)
2011        Jul 12, In northwestern Pakistan suspected US missile strikes killed at least 18 alleged militants. A car was struck in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan killing 4 alleged militants.
    (AP, 7/12/11)(SFC, 7/13/11, p.A3)
2011        Jul 12, In the Philippines Abu Sayyaf militants snatched Gerfa Yeatts Lunsmann (41), her son Kevin (14) and her nephew, Romnick Jakaria, while they were vacationing with relatives on an island near southern Zamboanga city. The Filipino-American woman was freed On Oct 2 after 2½ months of captivity. Jakaria (19) escaped on Nov 13. Her son was freed on Dec 10.
    (AP, 10/3/11)(AP, 11/13/11)(AP, 12/10/11)
2011        Jul 12, Scottish couple Colin Weir (64) and his wife Chris (55), who have been married for 30 years and live in the seaside town of Largs near Glasgow, became Europe's biggest ever lottery winners, scooping £162 million ($262 million) in the EuroMillions jackpot.
    (AFP, 7/16/11)
2011        Jul 12, Sudan's Pres. Omar al-Bashir said his country will issue a new currency following the loss of oil revenues resulting from South Sudan's independence last week.
    (AP, 7/12/11)
2011        Jul 12, In northeastern Syria an explosion hit a gas pipeline in the first attack on the country's energy infrastructure since protests erupted in March.
    (AFP, 7/13/11)
2011        Jul 12, A Yemeni security official said a government air strike killed 5 militants in the south between the towns of Jaar and Zinjibar.
    (SFC, 7/13/11, p.A2)

2012        Jul 12, The US Treasury reported that the US budget deficit grew by nearly $60 billion in June, remaining on track to exceed $1 trillion for the fourth straight year.
    (AP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, Wells Fargo Bank agreed to a $175 million settlement with the US Justice Dept., which alleged that the bank had steered minorities into more expensive subprime loans with higher interest rates when they qualified for lower ones.
    (SFC, 7/13/12, p.D1)
2012        Jul 12, In Oakland, Ca., Tianna Leui (19) was shot and killed by her pimp after she expressed a desire to leave him and the world of prostitution. Andre Moncreuse was arrested two month later and in 2014 was convicted of second-degree murder.
    (SSFC, 2/2/14, p.C3)
2012        Jul 12, In Brazil scientists released millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in the northern city of Juazeiro in an effort to end dengue fever.
    (SSFC, 7/15/12, p.A4)
2012        Jul 12, The BBC World Service transmitted its final bulletin from Bush House in London, ending 71 years of radio broadcasts from the building that kept millions informed across the globe. Since March, the service has gradually moved to the new east wing attached to Broadcasting House in Portland Place, two km away.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, Airbus, a subsidiary of EADS, said it booked a potential $6.35 billion worth of orders. The four deals, if completed, take Airbus' total by the fourth day of the UK airshow to $16.9 billion for a total of 115 aircraft.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, In Canada 3 horses were killed and a 4th seriously injured during a chuckwagon race at the Calgary Stampede.
    (Reuters, 7/14/12)
2012        Jul 12, Chile's President Sebastian Pinera signed an anti-discrimination law following the killing of a gay man beaten by attackers who carved swastikas into his body.
    (AP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, France issued an arrest warrant for the son of Equatorial Guinea's President Teodoro Obiang Nguema after he refused to be interviewed by magistrates on graft charges. He declined to be interviewed claiming immunity as Equatorial Guinea's vice president.
    (AFP, 7/13/12)
2012        Jul 12, Struggling French carmaker PSA Peugeot-Citroen, facing diving sales in crisis-hit southern Europe, announced a drastic cost-cutting plan to slash 8,000 jobs in France and close a major factory north of Paris.
    (AP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, A slab of ice broke off high in the French Alps, sparking an avalanche that swept nine Europeans to their deaths as they tried to climb Mont Blanc. 11 other climbers were hospitalized and at least four are still unaccounted for.
    (AP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, Hong Kong's anti-corruption watchdog said it has arrested four people including a minister and a senior civil servant for allegedly violating their government housing allowances.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, Work at Indian courts was disrupted for a second day as Indian lawyers went on strike to protest against a controversial draft law on legal education in the country.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, In Israel an Eritrean man was badly burned and his heavily-pregnant wife suffered smoke inhalation after attackers tried to burn down their apartment close to the Mahane Yehuda market in central Jerusalem.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, An Islamist rebel group in northern Mali said it had freed three of seven Algerian diplomats kidnapped in Gao on April 5.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, In southern Japan heavy rain triggered flash floods and mudslides, causing at least 20 deaths. At least 6 people remained missing.
    (AP, 7/12/12)(AFP, 7/13/12)
2012        Jul 12, In Jordan the Muslim Brotherhood's shura advisory council voted to boycott parliamentary elections because of "lack of political reform."
    (AFP, 7/13/12)
2012        Jul 12, In Mali gunmen abducted Saouti Haidara, the director of a private newspaper, from his office in Bamako and beat him "to a pulp" before releasing him.
    (AFP, 7/13/12)
2012        Jul 12, In Mauritania 7 people were killed in the crash of a YAK-12 military plane chartered by a Canadian mining company to transport gold.
    (AP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, The Mexican army found an incomplete tunnel in a Tijuana warehouse with more than 40 tons of marijuana at the entry. The passage extended nearly 400 yards, including more than 100 yards into the United States. It was the second, major incomplete tunnel discovered in the San Diego-Tijuana area in two days and the third along the US-Mexico border since July 9, when a completed passage was found in a vacant strip mall storefront in the southwestern Arizona city of San Luis.
    (AP, 7/13/12)
2012        Jul 12, Myanmar's Pres. Thein Sein told the UN that refugee camps or deportation was the "solution" for nearly a million Rohingya Muslims in the wake of communal unrest in the west of the country.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, A Nepalese court jailed Bajir Singh Tamang (37) for a record 170 years for trafficking teenage girls to work as prostitutes in India.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, In Nigeria a truck carrying fuel caught fire and exploded after it veered off the road into a ditch in the Niger Delta, killing over 100 who had rushed to the scene to scoop fuel.
    (AP, 7/12/12)(AFP, 7/13/12)
2012        Jul 12, In Northern Ireland tens of thousands of Protestants from the Orange Order brotherhood marched from their lodges in an annual demonstration that often ends in violence. More than 20 officers were hurt in overnight violence following rival Protestant and Catholic marches through Belfast that saw up to 10 shots fired at them.
    (AP, 7/12/12)(Reuters, 7/13/12)
2012        Jul 12, Pakistan’s Supreme Court ordered PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to reopen an old corruption case against President Asif Ali Zardari, a demand that the premier's predecessor, Yousuf Raza Gilani, ignored, leading the judges to convict him of contempt of court and remove him from office.
    (AP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, In Pakistan dozens of militants coming from Afghanistan took scores of villagers hostage in the northwest Bajur tribal area, sparking fighting that killed at least 10 people. Pakistani Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was revenge for police torture of their fighters in prison. The militants fled that night leaving their hostages behind. Gunmen in Lahore shot dead nine Pakistani police prison staff as they slept. Pakistan's main umbrella Taliban faction claimed responsibility.
    (AP, 7/12/12)(AFP, 7/12/12)(AP, 7/13/12)
2012        Jul 12, A Palestinian militant, Mahmud al-Hiqi (27), from the ruling Hamas movement was killed and two others wounded in an Israeli air strike on eastern Gaza City.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, South African scientists said they have uncovered the most complete skeleton yet of an ancient relative of man, hidden in a rock excavated from an archaeological site three years ago. Other parts of the A. sediba skeleton, dubbed Karabo, were first discovered in 2009 and were thought to be about 2 million years old.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)
2012        Jul 12, Syrian troops shelled and then stormed the village of Treimsa in the central province of Hama. Pressure mounted on President Bashar al-Assad after Nawaf Fares, his ambassador to Iraq, became the first senior diplomat to defect and Western powers drew up a 10-day sanctions ultimatum. Fares urged the army to turn its guns on the regime. Syrian government troops using tanks and helicopters massacred more than 150 people in the central province of Hama, bringing the day's total death toll to over 200. Syria later denied its armed forces carried out a massacre in Treimsa but said 37 gunmen and two civilians were killed in clashes with rebels.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)(AFP, 7/13/12)(AFP, 7/15/12)
2012        Jul 12, UN helicopters were deployed to stop a rebel advance on Goma after rebels seized a number of towns on DR Congo's border with Uganda.
    (AFP, 7/24/12)

2013        Jul 12, The US military said most prisoners on the hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay have resumed eating, suggesting a possible end, or at least a pause, to a protest that brought renewed attention to their indefinite detention at the base in Cuba.
    (AP, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, The Univ. of California announced that Janet Napolitano, US Homeland Security Secretary, will become its 20th president and the first woman to lead the 10-campus system.
    (SFC, 7/13/13, p.A1)
2013        Jul 12, In San Francisco 2 women were killed at a jewelry store in the 5-story Gift Center and Jewelry Mart at 888 Brannon. The blood-soaked suspect, later identified as Barry White (23) of Antioch, surrendered to police.
    (SFC, 7/13/13, p.C1)(SSFC, 7/14/13, p.A14)
2013        Jul 12, The Oregon Fish and Wildlife commission adopted provisions of a lawsuit settlement that will make the state the only one in the West where killing wolves that attack livestock must be a last resort.
    (SFC, 7/13/13, p.A4)
2013        Jul 12, The Texas Senate passed sweeping abortion restrictions sending them to Gov. Rick Perry to sign.
    (SFC, 7/13/13, p.A7)
2013        Jul 12, Astronomers said they have for the first time managed to determine the color of a planet outside the solar system, a blue gas giant some 63 light years away. An international team working with the Hubble Telescope made the discovery observing HD 189733B, one of Earth's nearest planets outside the solar system.
    (AP, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, In Britain a fire erupted on a Boeing Dreamliner at London's Heathrow airport. The fire broke out on the plane, operated by Ethiopian Airlines, when it was parked at a remote stand with no passengers on board, eight hours after arriving from Addis Ababa.
    (Reuters, 7/13/13)
2013        Jul 12, Cambodian PM Hun Sen engineered a pardon for his most prominent rival, Sam Rainsy, clearing the way for the self-exiled politician to return home and campaign in this month's general election.
    (AP, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, In Cameroon Eric Ohena Lembembe, a prominent gay rights activist, was last seen in the capital, Yaounde.
    (SFC, 7/31/13, p.A3)
2013        Jul 12, In China hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Jiangmen, Guangdong province, demanding that a project for a uranium processing plant be scrapped. The next day plans for the plant were abruptly canceled.
    (Reuters, 7/13/13)(SFC, 7/13/13, p.A2)
2013        Jul 12, In Egypt Islamist supporters of ousted Pres. Mohamed Mursi protested in Cairo after a week of violence in which more than 90 people were killed in a bitterly divided nation. Militants fired an RPG at an armored car at the checkpoint, killing Lt. Col. Ahmed Mahmoud (40) in el-Arish.
    (AP, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, In central France a train derailment killed at least six people at the station of Bretigny-sur-Orge. The next day French train operator SNCF said it may have been caused by a loose steel plate at a junction.
    (Reuters, 7/13/13)
2013        Jul 12, India's legendary actor Pran (93) died of pneumonia at a Mumbai hospital. He played some of Bollywood's most memorable villains in a career that spanned six decades, and was especially remembered for his supporting role as a villain-turned-hero in 1973's smash hit "Zanjeer" (Shackles).
    (AP, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, In Indonesia security forces regained control of a Tanjung Gusta prison in Medan where inmates had set fires and started a deadly riot that left 5 people dead and hundreds of prisoners, including convicted terrorists, on the loose.
    (AP, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, In Iraq a suicide car bomber struck a police patrol outside Mosul, killing 4 policemen, a police officer and a medical official. Outside Tikrit drive-by shooters armed with pistols fitted with silencers killed a senior police officer in the town Shirqat. A suicide attack in Kirkuk killed 39 people when a bomber detonated his explosives in a crowded coffee shop.
    (AP, 7/12/13)(AP, 7/13/13)
2013        Jul 12, Irish lawmakers voted 127-31 to back the country’s first bill on abortion, legalizing the practice in exceptional cases where doctors deem the woman's life at risk from her pregnancy.
    (AP, 7/12/13)(SFC, 7/12/13, p.A2)
2013        Jul 12, Italian police conducted raids on companies across the country linked to the construction of Venice's flood barrier. They arrested 7 people, suspected of rigging lucrative contracts for the multi-billion euro  Moses Project.
    (Reuters, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, Myanmar's president disbanded a security force accused of rights violations against Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State in the west of the country, scene of deadly violence between Muslims and majority Buddhists in the past year. His one-line statement was dated July 12, but posted on his website on July 14.
    (Reuters, 7/15/13)
2013        Jul 12, In Northern Ireland protestant hardliners attacked lines of Belfast riot police as the annual mass marches by the Orange Order brotherhood reached a furious, chaotic end with running street battles at several conflict zones.
    (AP, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, Romania's Transport Minister Relu Fenechiu was handed a five year prison sentence for corruption, becoming the country's first government minister convicted while in office.
    (Reuters, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, In Russia Edward Snowden, former NSA analyst, said he was ready to meet Pres. Putin’s condtion to stop leaking secrets if it means Russia would give him shelter that could eventually help him get to asylum in Latin America.
    (SFC, 7/13/13, p.A3)
2013        Jul 12, In Somalia a suicide bomber detonated his explosives near a moving convoy of African Union troops in Mogadishu, killing himself and at least 3 people walking by.
    (AP, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, It was reported that initiation ceremonies in South Africa have led to the deaths of 60 young men and the hospitalization of hundreds since May, sparking concern from officials about regulations surrounding a national tradition that determines when a boy becomes a man.
    (AP, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, In Spain an American and two Spaniards were gored during a danger-filled sixth bull run of the San Fermin festival, with one loose bull causing panic in the packed streets of the city of Pamplona.
    (AP, 7/12/13)
2013        Jul 12, It was reported that hundreds of Shiites have been quietly expelled from the United Arab Emirates on suspicion of being supporters of Hezbollah.
    (SFC, 7/12/13, p.A2)
2013        Jul 12, Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 16th birthday on the world stage at the United Nations, defiantly telling Taliban extremists who tried to end her campaign for girls' education in Pakistan with a bullet that the attack gave her new courage and demanding that world leaders provide free education to all children.
    (AP, 7/12/13)

2014        Jul 12, In southern California 3 people were killed and two wounded in a late night shooting in a working class neighborhood in Pasadena. The shooter (35) was talked into surrendering.
    (AP, 7/13/14)
2014        Jul 12, Afghanistan's two rival candidates reached a breakthrough agreement to a complete audit of their contested presidential election and, whoever the victor, a national unity government in a deal brokered by US Sec. of State John Kerry. A UN-supervised recount of all eight million votes cast will follow. Under the agreement the loser or his nominee will become “chief of the executive council," a new position implying power sharing.
    (AP, 7/13/14)(Reuters, 7/15/14)(Econ, 7/19/14, p.10)
2014        Jul 12, In Afghanistan roadside bombs killed at least 10 people. The deadliest attack happened in southern Kandahar province when a bomb struck a civilian car, killing 8 people.
    (AP, 7/12/14)
2014        Jul 12, In Algeria a remote-controlled homemade bomb exploded and killed 7 security officers aboard a military truck in the northwest.
    (AP, 7/13/14)
2014        Jul 12, In Buenos Aires Russian and Argentine delegations signed a series of bilateral deals, including one on nuclear energy that comes as Argentina ramps up work on its fourth nuclear plant, the $3-billion Atucha III reactor. Russia’s President Putin and Argentine counterpart Cristina Kirchner called for a multipolar world order as Moscow sought to boost ties with Latin America amid heightened East-West tensions.
    (AFP, 7/13/14)
2014        Jul 12, It was reported that Chinese regulators have banned the country's journalists from sharing information they have obtained on the job with overseas media or publishing it in any venue, such as blogging sites, outside the media they are employed. The regulations were detailed in a June 30 document but released this week.
    (AP, 7/12/14)
2014        Jul 12, Egyptian police said they have arrested a driver for raping a Russian tourist in a resort town. Cairo police said they have arrested a low-ranking officer who groped a Tunisian woman at Cairo airport.
    (AP, 7/12/14)
2014        Jul 12, The EU moved to impose sanctions on 11 leaders of Ukraine’s pro-Moscow rebellion. Targets of the asset freeze and travel ban included two Russian spin doctors, Alexander Borodai, prime minister of the separatist Donetsk People's Republic, and his counterpart in the Luhansk People's Republic, Marat Bashirov.
    (AP, 7/12/14)
2014        Jul 12, In India a crude bomb exploded in the troubled northeast, wounding at least six passersby in Manipur state.
    (AP, 7/12/14)
2014        Jul 12, Iraqi forces and tribal fighters beat back a fresh assault by Sunni militants on the town of Haditha. The fighting left 13 militants and four police dead. In Diyala province security forces and civilian volunteers launched a push to retake militant-held areas north of Muqdadiyah. The reported dead included 7 civilians, 15 militia fighters and 24 “terrorists." A UN envoy warned of chaos if divided lawmakers do not make progress toward naming a government.
    (AFP, 7/12/14)(Reuters, 7/12/14)
2014        Jul 12, In Iraq gunmen stormed two buildings in Baghdad's residential district of Zayouna, known in the area for housing rented flats where a notorious pimp kept a "stable" of up to 60 women. At least 31 people were killed, two of them men.
    (AFP, 7/14/14)
2014        Jul 12, Israel widened its air assault against the Gaza Strip's Hamas rulers. An Israeli warplane flattened the home of Gaza police chief Taysir al-Batsh and damaged a nearby mosque as evening prayers ended, killing at least 18 people. Today’s air strikes killed 22 as the death toll from the five-day offensive rose to 127.
    (AP, 7/12/14)(AFP, 7/12/14)(AP, 7/13/14)
2014        Jul 12, In Kenya Mohamed Shahid Butt, a prominent businessman who was facing terrorism-related charges, was shot and killed by unknown gunmen in Mombasa.
    (SSFC, 7/13/14, p.A7)
2014        Jul 12, Libya’s state firm National Oil Corp (NOC) said protesters have shut down the eastern oil port Brega.
    (Reuters, 7/12/14)
2014        Jul 12, In Malaysia masked gunmen stormed Mabul Water Bungalow Resort, Sabah state, shot a policeman and kidnapped another then sped away in a boat toward the southern Philippines, where Muslim militants have carried out similar raids in the past.
    (AP, 7/13/14)
2014        Jul 12, In Nigeria suspected Islamic extremists bombed a major bridge on a northeastern highway, further limiting access to base camps in the Sambisa Forest where scores of kidnapped girls are believed to be held captive.
    (AP, 7/14/14)
2014        Jul 12, In Pakistan some 60 militants crossed over from Afghanistan and attacked an army post in the Ghakhi area of the Bajur tribal region, killing an army captain and two soldiers. Airstrikes targeting Mir Ali, North Waziristan, killed 13 suspected extremist fighters.
    (AP, 7/12/14)
2014        Jul 12, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin made a surprise stop in Nicaragua after visiting Cuba. His six-day trip will also take him to Argentina and Brazil, where he will take part in a summit of the BRICS group of emerging countries.
    (AFP, 7/12/14)
2014        Jul 12, In Singapore a children's book inspired by a real-life story of two male penguins raising a baby chick in New York's zoo has been deemed inappropriate by state-run libraries. The conservative city-state's information minister said he supports the decision to destroy all copies of “And Tango Makes Three" alongside two other titles: “The White Swan Express: A Story About Adoption" and “Who’s in My Family: All About Our Families."
    (AP, 7/12/14)(SSFC, 7/13/14, p.A7)
2014        Jul 12, In eastern Ukraine artillery fire killed at least 4 people in an overnight attack on a residential area, spurring more people to flee the besieged city of Donetsk and its suburbs.
    (AP, 7/12/14)
2014        Jul 12, Yemeni tribesmen blew up the country’s main oil pipeline, halting deliveries from oilfields in the interior to the Ras Isa export terminal on the Red Sea.
    (AP, 7/12/14)

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